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The One With Marc P Summers – PPP035

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with a brilliant entrepreneur, a good friend, and Infusionsoft’s Top Sales Partner for two years in a row (2012 and 2013), Marc P Summers. Tenacious, passionate, and always ahead of the curve, Marc’s unwavering drive is quite evident in his entrepreneurial journey—from talking his way into a web design job, to running his own web development company, to becoming one of the most successful Infusionsoft Certified Partners. Aside from sharing...


The One With Matt Vosburgh – PPP Bonus

Today's episode is the first bonus one, where I sit down and chat with an Infusionsoft employee who is closely involved in the partner program and community. Matt Vosburgh is part of Infusionsoft’s Partner Training and Onboarding team. He is responsible for providing newly certified partners with the training, resources, and tools to help them grow their businesses successfully. Aside from giving us insight into what he does, Matt also talked about his 12-year stint as a band member, his...


The One With Cindy Eagar — PPP034

In today’s episode, the last of season one, I had the pleasure to sit down with an old friend and one of the people who helped kickstart the partner program back in 2011, Cindy Eagar. Cindy was with Infusionsoft for 10 years, working her way up from Affiliate Marketing Manager to Director of Elite Programs. And although she is not [currently] an Infusionsoft Partner, Cindy's instigation of, and intimate involvement with the ICC/ICP program over the last 7 years is enough to earn her an...


The One With Brett Farr — PPP033

In today’s episode, I sat down with Brett Farr, the founder and marketing automation guru of Blick Digital. Having worked in the marketing automation space for almost a decade now, he’s undoubtedly brilliant when it comes to implementing topnotch automation campaigns for his clients. The warm-hearted and doting family man shared some interesting and amusing anecdotes: what it’s like growing up on an island; his experiences while living in Switzerland and Germany, and the funny mess he got...


The One With Brian Keith — PPP032

This episode is probably one of the longest I have done. The reason becomes apparent once you start listening and see how easy it is to lose track of time when you’re chatting with someone as cultured and eloquent as Brian Keith. Brian is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and has been referred to as the “Infusionsoft McGyver” because of his unparalleled creativity and skills. He’s also the brains behind Red Beard Consulting, a company that helps small businesses earn seven figures using...


The One With Sarah Laws — PPP031

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the person who has won the “Most Helpful Partner of the Year” award three times in a row, Sarah Laws. Sarah describes herself as a marketing nerd, mastermind leader, and entrepreneur. Sarah is passionate about helping others and has helped many people grow their businesses through sales and marketing automation. The self-confessed “introverted extrovert” came from an entrepreneurial family and learned the value of working hard and...


The One With Nathan Paris — PPP030

Nathan Paris is the CEO and founder of On The Fuze, a seasoned team composed of Infusionsoft specialists. To date, they have successfully helped over 1,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft and they’re always looking to help more! Fun-loving and witty, Nathan has always been passionate about self-improvement and self-growth and it’s evident not just in the way he lives his life but also in the way he approaches his business. During our chat, I learned about his adventures in Japan, why he...


The One With Jeremy Shapiro — PPP029

Jeremy Shapiro has not only been an invaluable part of the Infusionsoft community since 2008, he is also the founder and brains behind FuseDesk, a leading Infusionsoft helpdesk add-on designed to make taking care of customers easy and straightforward. Ever since he was a boy Jeremy has loved to build and create, and was already running a consulting business while still in high school. Jeremy then went on to launch an e-commerce company during his first year at University. Like many...


The One With Jean Christofferson — PPP028

Jean Christofferson is a computer science engineer and has been involved in technology and the Internet for quite some time. She came from an academic household, with a dad who was a physics professor and, while she’s only been an Infusionsoft partner for two years, there’s no doubt she’s a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry. A voracious reader and a doting mum, Jean also has a fervent love for travelling as it allows her to learn something new and feel invigorated. The same...


The One With Benji Rabhan – PPP027

I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with one of the top sponsors of SuccessCon and the man hailed as the "appointment optimisation innovator" by Benji Rabhan has not done a 'personal interview' for quite a while, so it was an honour to be given the chance to get to know him better - and to bring that conversation to you. Since he was a child, Benji has been described as an "old soul". His innate curiosity and love of exploration has taken him far - from writing...


The One With Jordan Hatch – PPP026

Jordan Hatch knows Infusionsoft better than anyone, having been with them for almost 12 years — in fact, he was their 10th employee. I had the privilege to train under him way back in 2011 so it was a welcome treat to be able to sit down and get to know him a little more. A doting family man, he was forthright when it came to sharing the experiences that have helped shape the man he is today. From what he appreciates about his Dad, his experience of doing missionary work, down to the...


The One With Claudia Sheridan – PPP025

Claudia Sheridan is a driven, competent, and insightful Infusionsoft partner who knows what she wants and how to make things happen. She is also the brains behind Small Business Breakthrough, a business that allows her to do two of the things she’s truly passionate about — teaching and helping others. How she transitioned from a youngster who didn't consider "no" an option, to a successful digital marketing coach who can deliver results, has been fascinating. Eloquent and wise, she also...


The One With Scott Stroud – PPP024

Scott Stroud is not only a remarkable Infusionsoft partner, he has also been an avid Infusionsoft user for 11 years. Scott has many passions including a love of music and he was such a pleasure to talk, openly discussing the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship and how he personally resolved them. Both a wise and shrewd entrepreneur, Scott has come a long way from his first entrepreneurial venture at the tender age of 9. From building houses to helping people build their businesses, he...


The One With Ted Moskovitz – PPP023

Ted is a successful Infusionsoft partner, and part of the core team behind the award-winning Infusionsoft add-on, AppointmentCore. Initially training in Micro Molecular Biology, he eventually became a successful corporate lawyer. However, the humble Canadian who has an insatiable love for travelling, learned about his life’s true calling the hard way. His journey from someone who cared more about the outside appearance of success to someone who places more value on the inward one, has been...


The One With Sarah Boyle – PPP022

Sarah Boyle has evolved dramatically from being a social chameleon during her younger years to a grounded and proficient Infusionsoft partner. While she was a bit nervous at the start of our conversation, she shared a lot of amusing stories and anecdotes once she got past her nerviness. As she takes us on a journey from her childhood to where she currently is today, we can see how she has progressed from an animated youngster to a patient and competent woman who’s always eager to learn...


The One With Chris Kent – PPP021

Working on his PhD and having published a book, there’s no denying Chris Kent is a smart man. However, my conversation with him revealed there is much more to the man than just his impeccable intellect. Fortunately for us, he candidly shared many of his life’s turning points—from his move to the Isle of Man, his massive failure as an entrepreneur at 24, the health scare he experienced, down to him helping other people as an Infusionsoft partner—Chris never held anything back and we’re all...


The One With Alison Boyle – PPP020

Alison Boyle has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and is a successful Infusionsoft partner. She works with small business owners, helping them with marketing automation, digital marketing, and training - specifically where WordPress is involved. During our chat, Alison shared how her life growing up played an important part in her career journey. We talked about how she evolved from someone who had low self-confidence and not knowing what to do, to someone who doesn't hold...


The One About The Impact Of Millie’s Death

Millie Guymer was my cousin, who I stayed with when I was in San Diego at the end of March to record episodes for this podcast. Sadly, just before I was about to record my last conversation on Thursday 29th March, I found out that Millie had tragically lost her life earlier that day, following a fall from a beach cliff in Encinitas, California. This 'non-episode' of The Partner's Partner Podcast is about the impact of Millie's death. If you only ever listen to one episode of this podcast,...


The One With Tania Jones – PPP019

Tania is a successful Infusionsoft partner whose career revolved around a strong desire to help make things better for people. Aside from sharing the career highs and lows she experienced, we also talked about her childhood—moving from one place to another and wanting to reconnect with her once adventurous and fearless 6-year-old self. Her openness and vulnerability is truly laudable. But its her resilience and impeccable drive that makes her an amazing Partner’s Partner. Please remember to...


The One With Neil Sinclair – PPP018

Neil has had a varied career, from 20 years in the New Zealand Air Force, to establishing, growing and ultimately selling a successful franchise in the UK, to becoming an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. He won't mind me encouraging you to tune into his distinctive Kiwi accent, and when you do... this chat is well worth a listen. It's chock full of stories, lessons and 'advice from the trenches'. Neil's 'been there, done it, and got the t-shirt' in business... and I know you'll get at least...