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6: The Paragon

Jaideep wasn't really given an option to figure out what he liked or what he wanted to do. The conventional career path awaited him as his parents thought it to be a fitting start to his journey. (he had very different plans for himself which we will find out in a short while) The impact of one of Jaideep's teachers (Mrs. Rashmi) cannot be understated as she was the one who posed faith and confidence in his ability to study and perform. We see so many such stories that with just a single...


5: The Artisan

**7% discount for all listeners who've got cravings for the artisan chocolate that Earth Loaf makes at Coupon Code - PASSIOPEOPLE1018** Food and drink professional, pastry chef, Chocolatier, Earth Loaf - First bean to bar chocolate house in India. David is a fan of harmony and does a brilliant job blending in his different interests ranging from math, geometry and alcohol to baking and making chocolates. For me, he is a great example of how going broad helps you go...


International Podcast Day - Bonus

We get together with the gang from #TheMusafirStories and #WriterandGeek Show to interview Naga from the Passion People Podcast on the very special occasion of International Podcast Day. This episode focuses on the genesis of the podcast and how we make this magic happen on a regular basis. You can tune into the Musafir Stories here - Writer and Geek - Tune in to find out more!


4: The Royal Biker

**_Royal Brothers Discount Coupon!!! - RBABHIPOD10 - 10%_** **_www.royalbrothers.com_** You may find somebackground noise due to the recording location, I trust it would add to the overall feel of the episode :) "My passion to travel manifested with my mobility start-up, Royal Brothers where we're disrupting the way people move within and across cities on motorbikes." An impression was created when dad elaborated on the responsibility of having familes who's livelihood is dependant on...


3: The Ascender

Software engineer by profession, mountaineer by passion Never scolded for falling down or getting a cut. A rugged childhood. Asthma diagnosis at an early age of 17 made a drastic change in life, things being done to reduce dependency. If someone had told me at this point of time that I am going to Mount Everest, it would have been a cruel joke, but it's funny how life comes around! Inflection point when a friend showed a picture of a trek in Tamil Nadu, Parvathmalai in 2005, it was the first...


2: The Mover

Intro - Welcome to podcast, customary introduction, how I know abhishek, some thoughts on a gap year. "I started with fitness but now I test the limits of my own body and I help others test their own limits." - Abhishek on what his Passion is. Interesting to note the transition from an engineer to a fitness coach and the requirement to engage with people that Abhishek initially found tough but managed to get around with time. Abhishek has a very unique perspective around what it means to be...


Bonus - An Appeal to help

Kerala has been hit with torrential rains over past few weeks and things are getting really difficult down there. In this short conversation, we request you to be a part in helping to rebuild the God’s own country. Below are the details on how you can contribute to this cause. Here is the link to Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund -


1: The Emissary

Books as a leading force for change. As I edit the episode, a smile spreads on my face just because of the sheer number of times that we laughed or smiled while recording this episode. My greatest fear was whether I could sustain myslef, atleast have enough financially for things like food and shelter. You know, the basics. When I computed the amount and how low it was, it made me feel really good. Always days of self doubt where I think whether I am crazy for doing what I am doing and my...


32: Season 2 - Preview and Crossover Special

In this episode we give you an update of what is in the works and give you a behind the scenes look at what happens when a bunch of podcasters meet. We are with the very special and amazing Saif Omar from The Musafir Stories Podcast and Shankar and Vishnu from the Writer and Geek Show. Tune in to find out more and listen to our guests, visit - The Musafir Stories - Writer and Geek Show - Season...


31: Children of the Soil

As we wind up Season 1, we are in conversation with Anjali and Kabir from Yarroway Farms talking about how farming brought them together, life on a farm, being passionate about growing food and living a sustainable life. A breakout of the various topics discussed is given below for quick reference - 03:06 to 06:42 - Turning back the Clock - Kabir - Upbringing of being Home schooled and self learning on the Farm - Accounts/Mechanics/Milking Cows/Hunt; 06:43 to 11:32 - Turning back the Clock -...


30: The Wayfaring Yogi

Meet Namita, a Lawyer turned Yogi, Traveller, Painter and Blogger! The grit, determination and the kind of work she has put in will inspire anyone! She's come a long way from escaping a Cult to travelling the world and blogging about her adventures. As humble as she is successful, Namita is a delight to listen to as she takes us from Bombay to Bolivia and back in a story with a lot of passion, courage and laughs! To know more, check out her blog - or send her...


29: The Doodler

Heta started something that would end up being her passion as a means to cope, during a difficult time. Listening to her talk, we understand the kind of life that our passion can provide in our lives and how being open to new ideas and course correcting on the way is another part of the journey of passion. To know more about Heta or her initiative Doodlistic check out the links below - FB - Insta - Passion People...


28: The Altruist

Stories of people who's passions and professions are so intricately intertwined that one cannot figure out where the profession ends and where passion beings. This is a state of flow. The energy that keeps us going beyond the 100%. Dr. Vaibhav Kumar BDS and Masters in Dental Public Health talks about the various initiatives he has taken in his field, the recognition he has got so far and Dental Public health is his passion. Find out more here -


27: The Art Preceptors

Travelling to different parts of the country to learn art forms that are under threat to bring them and let them spread in the city. Is there a story more beautiful than this? In this episode, we delve into the minds of the Aunt and Niece combo who run the Durva Art Academy in Mumbai and how the work they do impact their own lives as well as the life of people around them! To know more check out -


26: The Speedster

The Fast and the Furious showed us all how much we loved cars. But for Anant Pithawalla, it was more than that. It was a passion and a calling that he would successful transform into a thriving business along with becoming a championship racer. This is a story of true and unbridled passion and hard-work over the last decade and more! You can reach out to Anant at, N1 Racing -, Naga Subramanya the podcast curator at


25: The Mixer

This is it! We spend time picking apart the ins and outs of being an Accountant, taking a gap year and overcoming hurdles in our 25th special episode interviewing our Podcast Curator Naga Subramanya! To know more about the journey, check out - or send an email directly to #Passion #India #Podcast #PassionPeople #Curator #Mixer #PeoplePassion #Mysore


24: The Funster

Rupen has been doing comedy for more than 3 years now, but in our conversation he has insights to share about various parts of life including how comics see through how flimsy things are, benefits of having a job while setting up our passion and of course working on something that is close to our hearts! This funny guy surely has more than jokes to share with us. #Podcast #PodcastingIndia #RupenPaul #StandUp #Bengaluru #Passion #PasssionPeoplePodcast


Ep 23 - The Potter

Listening to Mahima, you cannot resist but get overcome with warmth just like the ceramics that her studio makes. We discussed how having a liberal arts education molded her world-view, her first trails with pottery along with a full time job and how the support of her family has provided the emotional support she needed to take her passion full time with RadioPots. #Potter #India #RadioPots #PodcastsinIndia #Passion #PassionPeoplePodcast #Bangalore


Ep 22 - The Contriver

Food technology is something extremely hot right now. Mohit is in the middle or shall I say, in the driver's seat of that with his Chai Making machine that is now run by Chaayos. He is an experimenter and a builder who loves to know how things work. He has done various stints before he landed up doing earth shattering stuff with Chai :) This conversation is very close to my heart and it instantly brings a broad smile due to way Mohit puts across points that are extremely serious and...