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The Pedalshift Project 124: Katy Trail, Chapter 5

This chapter covers day five of my Katy Trail adventure across Missouri. It started in Hermann, MO and continues to Augusta, MO. If you missed the other chapters, they're at Pedalshift Projects 118, 119, 121 and 123! Day five in some ways made day 2 seem like a walk in the park. Let's just say weather apps prove to be a bit unreliable as I head out of Hermann, leading to a mad dash, a scramble, and eventually... beer. The penultimate day of riding had it all on the Katy Trail... Miles:...


The Pedalshift Project 123: Katy Trail, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 in a series of podcasts on my Katy Trail adventure! On this edition… I get a nice surprise in camp that has me reflecting on gratitude in bike touring, a wet but not disruptive day, and I look for some oom pah pah at Maifest in Hermann! My day started with a nice surprise with a return hello from Mike and his son as they helped hook me up with some replacement gear left in Sedalia. Riding through a town called Portland portends some wet weather, and it all wraps up in a very...


The Pedalshift Project 122: 1000 Miles of Portraits touring Alaska

Annalisa van den Burgh returns with her touring partner Erik Douds to chat about the new iteration of their Miles of Portraits project as they tackle 1000 miles touring Alaska. We talk about their plans, dealing with bears, touring with Type 1 Diabetes and much more. The Interview – touring Alaska on Miles of Portraits Annalisa van den Burgh – Did the Northen Tier in 2008 with Teen Treks. Seattle to New York. – Did the TransAm in 2017 – mix of solo and cycling with friends....


The Pedalshift Project 121: Katy Trail, Chapter 3

Chapter 3 in a series of podcasts on my Katy Trail adventure! Sometimes a good night's rest is all you need. That and an overpriced, but gratefully available, lightning cable and some dry shorts can reset things from a less-than-optimal day to one that makes your tour. Plus, I got to do a meetup and enjoy some beer for the first time in Jeff City... They say the third time's the charm. Sometimes the third day is. Tour Journals Volume 10: Katy Trail, Chapter 3 This chapter covers day...


The Pedalshift Project 120: Touring Alaska on and off a tandem

Ella Embree is a born and bred Alaskan with a big sense of adventure. Recently Ella was inspired by Lael Wilcox to tackle a new adventure - bicycle touring 1000 miles around her home state, some on a tandem. On this episode, we chat on the eve of the first leg! Opening ramble chapter 1 chapter 2Pedalshift Society The interview: Touring Alaska with Ella Embree Ella Embree is a born and bred Alaskan with a big sense of adventure. Her blog, Thrive Outside chronicles her adventures in and...


The Pedalshift Project 119: Katy Trail, Chapter 2

Windsor, MO to Pilot Grove, MO on day 2 was... a bit of a challenge. In three distinct parts. See how I handled it in chapter 2 of Pedalshift Tour Journals, Katy Trail.


The Pedalshift Project 118: Katy Trail, Chapter 1

I have SO much to say about this ride. It was fun, it was exciting, it was challenging, it had downs and ups... and even a dose of drama. It was great. And for the next month, you're coming along for the ride. Pedalshift Tour Journals Volume 10 will be serialized in at least 6 chapters throughout May and June, taking you along for my ride across Missouri. And because I don't want to stretch things out too much, my intention is to put out two shows per week for the run of the Journal, plus...


Best of Pedalshift 008: The Sweater

Originally podcast in episode 008 of The Pedalshift Project, this is the story I like to tell people when they ask me why I'm into bike touring. It's called The Sweater. See you next week with a new pod!


The Pedalshift Project 117: Final preparations for riding the Katy Trail across Missouri

It's the final tune-up before my big tour riding the Katy Trail across Missouri! On this episode, we cover some of the last minute alterations, plans for handling quirks of the ride, mileage, and how the train fits into the whole adventure. Plus, mid-tour meetup details! The Journal: riding the Katy Trail across Missouri Rock Island Trail route on RidewithGPS Plans for the show I'll be recording audio journal segments for Tour Journals Vol 10. Not sure...


The Pedalshift Project 116: A final check-in before riding the Trans-Am across America

The final installment of this edition of the Pedalshift Beginners Series with James Rosenberg as he sits with me in Washington, DC a few days before he begins his ride across the United States on the Trans-Am. We cover final prep plans, things you might not think about as a first-timer and more! Opening ramble Dipping my big toe into Reddit... kind of fun! Revised the pod schedule for the month: New show now (hi!) New show next week (Katy preview) Best of the following week New show...


The Pedalshift Project 115: Women Who Dare - seeking stories of inspiring women by bike

Kerry Gross wanted more stories of inspiring women. So, she decided to ride her bike from California to Maine in search of women who inspire others. Now she brings those stories to us via the Women Who Dare podcast, the story of Kerry’s 5,700-mile bike ride and the interviews with these remarkable women. The Interview - Women Who Dare's Kerry Gross You're the creator and host of the podcast Women Who Dare, which is a fantastic show that focuses as much on the amazing women you met on a...


The Pedalshift Project #114: Katy trail bike tour + camp cooking ideas

Recorded live before a remotely located and geographically dispersed studio audience across the country and around the world... on this episode, the big reveal of my next tour of the Show Me State, plus a bike tour camp cooking ideas. The Journal - the Katy Trail bike tour I'll be bicycling across Missouri on the Katy Trail this May! Things I'm excited about Challenges Gear Total mileage Weather Trail Pod plans The Lab - bike tour camp cooking ideas Making a...


The Pedalshift Project 113: Training for your first bike tour

So it's your first bike tour and you have no idea where to begin... that's where the Pedalshift Beginners Series comes in! On this edition, we cover training (especially when you're off the bike) plus raising funds if your ride has a charitable component! Live Baby Live Next live show is Thursday, April 12, 8 pm ET... a new tour announcement... a live cooking demo and more! The Interview - training for your first bike tour + more Is training is overrated? Riding into shape as a...


The Pedalshift Project 112: Tour Journals Vol 9: Olympic Peninsula (Part 2)

In the second of a two-parter, it's Pedalshift Tour Journals: Vol. 9: Olympic Peninsula! Join me and my trusty Brompton for 4 days of transit-aided bicycle touring from Washington, DC to Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula and wrapping things up in Astoria, Oregon. This week features a more-challenging-than-expected short mileage day, a visit to Kurt Cobain's riverfront hangout, and a long bridge serving as a finish line. Live Baby Live Tentative date: Thursday April 12, 8pm ET... in the...


The Pedalshift Project 111: Tour Journals Vol 9: Olympic Peninsula (Part 1)

In the first of a two-parter, I thought I'd bring Pedalshift Tour Journals: Vol. 9: Olympic Peninsula directly to The Pedalshift Project! Join me and my trust Brompton for 4 days of transit-aided bicycle touring from Washington, DC to Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula and wrapping things up in Astoria, Oregon. This week features the machinations of getting from DC to a tent in the shadows of the Olympic Mountains (if there were, y'know... sun) and the first very soggy day of riding. Live...


The Pedalshift Project 110: Fine tuning the Olympic Peninsula bike tour plus another beginner series installment

The Olympic Peninsula bike tour by Brompton shapes up with some snags to share with you all, complete with happy ending solutions. Plus, the second installment of the Pedalshift Beginners Series with James from NY, focusing on route planning and handling people who think you're nuts for bike touring in the first place! Live Baby Live Coming in April... in the meantime, let me know what you want the topic on the next live show to be! PEDALSHIFT LIVE SURVEY The Journal - Olympic...


The Pedalshift Project 109: Bicycle travel with Russ Roca of The Path Less Pedaled

Big thanks to everyone who turned out for last week's Pedalshift Live! Totally fun and we'll plan on doing another one in early spring. Fill out this 1 question survey so you can tell me what topic you'd like. Super fast and helpful to make the show better. NEXT WEEK... we continue our beginner series, checking in with James plus an update on the Puget Sound Brompton tour. In fact, about the time ep 110 drops, I should be in a tent within a stone's throw of the water, resting up for the...


The Pedalshift Project 108: Preparing to Bicycle Puget Sound by Brompton

Recorded live before a (mostly) well-behaved studio audience, from Costa Rica, to Australia and across the United States! I unveiled my plans to bicycle Puget Sound by Brompton in a few weeks, including the crazy transit plans, the route, the campgrounds, the pack list and much more. Big thanks to everyone who participated live - we will do it again this spring! Packlist Adds if possible (in order of priority) Setup NEXT EPISODE A chat with Russ Roca from The Path Less...


The Pedalshift Project 107: Cross country adventures and working while on bike tour

Live The Interview - working while on bike tour and more Annalisa van den Burgh - Did the Northen Tier in 2008 with Teen Treks. Seattle to New York. - Did the TransAm in 2017 – mix of solo and cycling with friends. Yorktown, VA to Seattle. - Took pictures of the people I met in a project called 4000 Miles of Portraits. - Her blog is called Work from Bike – it's a blog and design studio on wheels I'm sharing my journey and spreading awareness on the power of...


The Pedalshift Project 106: Bicycle touring beginners

Opening thoughts Live Bicycle Tour Beginners Series New on the pod! We'll be following a brand new bike tourer through all the stages of planning and riding, learning along the way. Our subject is James from NY who's tackling his first tour this summer. Hey let's follow James' adventure! Tune into the beginner series every month on Pedalshift! Read more about the tour he's basing this on: Connections Bobby and Isaac bike the...