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The Pedalshift Project 141: Previewing the GAP bicycle tour by Brompton

Previewing the GAP bicycle tour with the little clown bike itself, my orange Brompton! What's in store for this tour... here is how it all started. More next week with how it went! --- Cheap bus to PGH! I'm looking forward to trying out Megabus as a bike touring possibility. Bought an extra ticket to be safe Skipping the C&O Trail conditions have improved, but there are too many question marks for how the Brompton would handle the muddy parts, so I'm going to condense the trip....


Best of Pedalshift 026: Bike touring New York on the Erie Canal

Originally released July 23, 2015 as The Pedalshift Project 026. Bicycle touring New York Tour Journals listenersRochelle in Albany@lilithnyFOTS Ethan GeorgieFOTS Tony S


The Pedalshift Project 140: Doing laundry on bike tour

You can't escape the grime when you're on a long trip, so on this episode of the Pedalshift Project we cover many of the different ways to do laundry on bike tour. Follow Ups Next tour of the GAP by Brompton is heating up! I’m pulling together the pack list and further modifying the setup for an epic fall ride. Foliage is super delayed around here so it’s possible I may have inadvertently set myself up for a beautiful ride! Tour journals volume 12 kicks off in two weeks with the ride...


The Pedalshift Project 139: Dealing with loose dogs on bike tour

What's the most controversial subject in bike touring? No not bike helmets... no, not earbuds... it's how to deal with loose dogs on bike tour! On this episode, I give my two cents on how to deal with an angry canine that interrupts your pedaling. Follow Ups Pedalshift Society The Lab: Tips to Handle Loose Dogs on Bike Tour DazerPlease do not Oregon Loop Tour Journal Video Series Pedalshift Society Help support...


The Pedalshift Project 138: Bike touring Canada, designs, and hacks

An interview with Jesse Herbert on his experiences bike touring Canada (and around the world), plus a ton of great ideas, hacks and tips on all things bicycle touring, from lightening your load to braving a chilly night in a hammock. Follow Ups If you signed up for the newsletter or paid attention to Pedalshift socials last week, yes I screwed up and promo'd the best of... for next month! Hope you enjoyed the best of on hiking traditions we should adopt in bike touring... next month is...


Best of Pedalshift 085: Hiking traditions bike touring should adopt

Originally released June 29, 2017 as The Pedalshift Project 085. Three great hiking traditions bicycle touring should adopt Inspired by following the adventures of 2017 AT hiker Brad of Bike Hike Safari and 2017 PCT hiker Dixie over at Homemade Wanderlust. Bounce Boxes Tips from a through hiker Post offices in the US will hold packages for up to a couple of weeks using general delivery. YOUR NAME c/o General Delivery CITY, STATE ZIP Attn: Please Hold for Bicyclist Estimated...


The Pedalshift Project 137: Fall bicycle touring (Live)

Recorded live from Hedgesville, WV, this episode of the Pedalshift Project includes my fall tour reveal and gear tips for your fall bicycle touring. Plus banter with you... because this was live! The Journal: fall bicycle touring announcement My next tour is... The Great Allegheny Passage by BROMPTON. And maybe more. Ever see those Megabus ads? The ones that say fares start at $1? Yeah I never got one of those until the other day when I scored a DC to Pittsburgh ticket for a...


The Pedalshift Project 136: A Tropical Ride on the C&O Towpath

A free weekend in September around the DC area usually means perfect weather for a multi-day ride on the C&O Towpath. But will a renegade hurricane and a summer's worth of historic rains put a damper on the ride? Sometimes you end up on Plan C in bike touring... Opening ramble Live Show! Tuesday, September 25th at 9pm ET Join us at Oregon Coast Loop Videos Look for one more to finish up the trilogy before the end of the month, but check them out on YouTube or...


The Pedalshift Project 135: Lessons from riding the TransAm across America

He's no longer a beginner, but Pedalshift Beginners Series alum James Rosenberg checks in after his (spoiler alert) epic and successful ride across the United States on the TransAm. We cover his favorite experiences, best and worst gear choices, and much more. Opening ramble Live Show! Tuesday, September 25th at 9pm ET Join us at Oregon Coast Loop Videos Look for one more to finish up the trilogy before the end of the month, but check them out on YouTube or...


Best of Pedalshift 045: Bike tour budgeting

Originally released March 17, 2016 as The Pedalshift Project 045. Bike tour budgeting Camping over hotels… wild camping or free camping when you can. I would recommend getting an account on Warm Showers because they can be helpful on the TransAm for a free place to stay in places that don’t have good camping options. Making your own food is another thing that can save money… sometimes I prefer the convenience of eating at towns along the route, but you can make your own meals for a lot...


The Pedalshift Project 133: Oregon Coast Loop, Chapter 3

Pedalshift Tour Journals - Volume 11: Oregon Coast Loop, Chapter 3 Port Orford, Oregon to the California Border... and back to Portland This trip was kind of like climbing a mountain... you get to the goal, but then you have to turn around and go back. The California border is within reach, but will this nutty transit-aided return work? This is the penultimate chapter of the Oregon Coast Loop... I'll have another pod come out as a coda to the trip, talking about my takeaways and...


The Pedalshift Project 132: Oregon Coast Loop, Chapter 2

Days 2 and 3 of my trip took me from Florence, Oregon to Port Orford, Oregon including some stunning coastline, a big bridge to North Bend, unusual headwinds for the time of year, an odd late night experience at a disappointing campground, my favorite climb of the entire coast and much more. Oregon coast loop, chapter 2 (Florence-Port Orford) Most of the Journal speaks for itself, but from time to time I might jump in and give some additional context on top of or around the stuff I...


The Pedalshift Project 131: Oregon Coast Loop, Chapter 1

The Oregon Coast is a hilly, foggy, amazing adventure that is a part of the larger Pacific Coast bicycle touring route. It is almost exclusively on US Highway 101, with a few deviations I'll mention. My plan was to combine local transit with bike touring to do a loop of the coast, tag the California welcome sign and return to Portland, relatively unscathed. On this edition of the pod we follow along on Days 0 and 1 of the adventure as I ride the buses from Portland to Newport, and get...


Best of Pedalshift 029: Extreme transit-aided bicycle touring

Originally released September 3, 2015 as The Pedalshift Project 029. See for images and links. For the full tour journal, check out Pedalshift Tour Journals, Volume 4. Digesting the transit-aided ride – takeaways: – I love the Dahon (check out the review), but I’m getting a Brompton – Transit in the NE US is pretty reliable (small sample size!) – NYC, particularly 8th Avenue is a really challenging place to ride, but awesome. – Just because you can do it doesn’t...


The Pedalshift Project 130: Oregon coast bicycle tour prep

Pulling together the final touches on my upcoming Oregon coast bicycle tour, we cover the final details for the ride. The northbound return trip features a new twist since we last chatted, plus more detail on the modified bikepacking setup I'll be testing out. Oregon coast bicycle tour prep Schedule 1 - Bus to Tillamook, bus to LC, bus to Newport South Beach SP 2 - Honeyman SP (Fred Meyer in Florence) 3 - Sunset Bay SP (Safeway in North Bend) 4- Humbug Mountain SP (Rays in Port...


The Pedalshift Project 129: Bicycle touring France

Bonjour from France! Although I'm in Paris for a non-bike touring related work trip, being in the City of Light has me thinking about a future trip out here with my bike. On this episode, we cover all things bike touring France... tips on camping, traveling, handling language differences, and much more. Bonjour! Bicycle touring France I have *not* toured in France yet, but I've done a fair amount of research on it... so much of this pod is about a brain dump of things I discover and...


The Pedalshift Project 128: Must-have bicycle tour tools

If you're going on a bike tour, you're usually confronted with a situation that requires a fix or an adjustment. On this episode of The Pedalshift Project we explore bicycle tour toolkits: what you must bring, what you should bring, and maybe a few things you haven't thought about. Followup FOTS Preston Piper has another video out on the C&O washout that was a topic of last week's episode. He reports that a C&O safety officer confirms that the washout detour is being worked on by them and...


The Pedalshift Project 127: Summer bike tour with a twist (Live)

Recorded live from Washington, DC, this episode of the Pedalshift Project includes my summer tour reveal, including the interesting twist to make it end where I start. Plus, amazingly good news on two big closures on important touring gems, the C&O and the Pacific Coast route. Plus banter with you... because this was live! Watch the video version, including banter with the room and stuff that hit the cutting room floor: Summer bike tour with a...


Best of Pedalshift 018: A campfire chat on simplicity and bike touring

Originally released April 16, 2015 as The Pedalshift Project 018. Note, Nathan's website and social media accounts are no longer active. See for images and links to some of the things we talked about. --- Listen in on a campfire chat about simple touring by bike on location at Marble Quarry campground on the C+O towpath. Hear the crickets and frogs chirping… the occasional owl hooting… sip on a beverage of your liking (maybe something strong?) from your cup. It’s the...