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The Pedalshift Project is a series of conversations, thoughts, and experiments around the bike touring lifestyle. It's the companion show to, bringing stories from the road, interviews from fellow bike tourists, plus tips, tricks and ideas on how to tour more. Let's shrink the world by bike.


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The Pedalshift Project is a series of conversations, thoughts, and experiments around the bike touring lifestyle. It's the companion show to, bringing stories from the road, interviews from fellow bike tourists, plus tips, tricks and ideas on how to tour more. Let's shrink the world by bike.






354: Space Coast Loop - Part 2

Day 2 of the Space Coast Loop, starts with another early morning, and nearly twice the mileage of the previous day. Riding on the Spring to Spring and East Central Regional Rail Trails promised to be great, along all the Spanish moss and unique wildlife central Florida has to offer. But ah those pesky headwinds coming off the coast I’m trying to reach… will my less-than-robust pre-ride conditioning do me in? Space Coast Loop - Part 2 Evening reflections and campsite experiences Statistics Trip Overview


353: Space Coast Loop - Part 1

Packing up and getting myself and my trusty Brompton to central Florida is a well-practiced mid-winter routine for me at this point. But this year, we’re mixing it up with a new route and (finally?) some actual camping in the sunshine state. But would the unfamiliar route and lack of decent conditioning through the holidays put the brakes on this adventure before we even start? Space Coast Loop - Part 1 Statistics Trip Overview


352: Space Coast Loop Preview

The first tour of 2024 is a little bit of an old friend, but with brand new parts. Central Florida in early winter has treated me well, but things need to be shaken up. How about crossing a chunk of the state on a fantastic trail and mixing in some camping for the first time on one of these adventures? On this episode, we preview all of the excitement to come! Space Coast Loop Preview Trip Overview Announcement of returning to Florida for the Space Coast Loop Brief mention of the Brompton setup and intention for a different kind of trip Trip Details The loop trip's basic structure and logistics Emphasis on Central Florida as the chosen location Decision to include camping and the planning involved Discussion about flight logistics and bicycle transportation, focusing on using a Brompton for ease of travel Gear and Preparation Explanation of the gear-hauling strategy using a backpack Mention of potential weather challenges and preparations Details on packing light and meal planning Itinerary and Route Planning Start of the trip from Orlando, moving towards Winter Garden, Florida Exploration of the Florida Coast to Coast Trail Details of each day's ride, including camping locations and daily mileages Inclusion of a roofed lodging stay and the reasons behind it Plans for entering Disney World property and the anticipated challenges Personal Insights and Anticipations Reflection on the uniqueness of this trip compared to past adventures Mention of new bicycling setup and excitement for the camping experience Anticipation for the Florida Coast to Coast trail and potential challenges Wrap-Up and Look Ahead Concluding thoughts on the upcoming trip Plans for future episodes covering the day-to-day experiences of the tour


Best of Pedalshift 113: Training for your first bike tour

So it’s your first bike tour and you have no idea where to begin… that’s where the Pedalshift Beginners Series comes in! On this edition, we cover training (especially when you’re off the bike) plus raising funds if your ride has a charitable component! Originally podcast April 12, 2018.


351: Building an eBike

The big project for 2024 is building the ultimate custom ebike. On this episode we go over the three key components to the build, from picking the perfect frame, the right mid-drive motor and a battery that gives range and power. What’s better than a project that blends tech with cycling? Building an eBike The Ebike Build Plan Overview - Intentions and possibilities for the ebike build, including cost considerations and potential delays. Inspiration and Goals for the Custom Ebike - Aim for a custom battery build to cover more ground in less time, inspired by Biking Brian’s rig. Bicycle Selection Criteria - Choosing a durable and compatible frame, with considerations for material (steel vs. aluminum) and geometry. Mid Drive Motor Choice - The importance of selecting an efficient mid-drive motor, focusing on power output and brand reliability. Custom Battery Build Exploration - Options for a custom battery build, prioritizing safety and capacity, and the possibility of a prebuilt battery. Roadmap and Next Steps for the Ebike Project - The complex process and interdependencies among bicycle selection, motor choice, and battery build. Listener Engagement and Feedback - Encouraging listener experiences and advice on ebike builds. Programming Note! - Preview of future episodes, including bike tour previews and training for a first bike tour.


350: 2024 Bike Adventure Goals

Just like last year, let's set some goals for bike adventures in 2024! Studies show you are more likely to achieve your goals if they are specific and measurable, plus you write them down and share them with others. As a nudge to get you to do the same, I'm sharing my goals for bike adventures in 2024 here on the pod! 2024 Bike Adventure Goals 1. New Experiences in Bike Travel Goal Plan at least three bike trips to destinations never visited before, including local hidden gems and longer journeys. Measurable Aspect Track and document the number of new places visited with photos and a travel journal. 2. Exploring and Enjoying the Trips More Incorporate Unique Activities or Experiences Goal Add at least one unique activity or experience to each trip, like local cuisine tasting, community event participation, or historical site exploration. Measurable Aspect Record and rate each unique experience on a scale of 1-10 for enjoyment. Plan a Low-Mileage, Slow-Paced Tour Goal Conduct a bike tour emphasizing slow travel and low daily mileage, focusing on scenery enjoyment and local culture engagement. Measurable Aspect Implement a daily mileage limit (e.g., no more than 30 miles) to allow for exploration and rest. Engage with Local Communities Goal Interact with local communities during tours, including staying at local guesthouses and dining at family-owned restaurants. Measurable Aspect Document interactions, including names of stays, dining places, and community events. Document the Journey Goal Capture the tour's essence through photography, journaling, or video blogging, focusing on storytelling. Measurable Aspect Create a travel log or digital album of key moments and stories. 3. Building a New Ebike with Long Range Battery Capacity and Range Goal Install a high-capacity battery system for a range of about 120 miles per charge, similar to Biking Brian's setup. Measurable Aspect Choose a battery with around 1500Wh capacity. Motor Efficiency and Power Goal Select a mid-drive motor that balances efficiency and power, suitable for various terrains and distances. Measurable Aspect Opt for a mid-drive motor with 250-750 watts power output. Overall Design for Comfort and Durability Goal Build a bike focusing on comfort and durability, including a comfortable seat, ergonomic handlebars, and a robust frame. Measurable Aspects Frame and Suspension Select a frame that balances weight and strength, with front suspension for terrain comfort. Seating and Handlebars Ensure high-quality, ergonomic seating and adjustable handlebars.


349: Filmmaker Interview - We Are All in This Together

We kick off 2024 with an interview of filmmaker Daniel Troia on his award-winning documentary, We Are All in This Together which tracks a cross-country bicycle journey with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the human connection, relying on the kindness of strangers. Filmmaker Interview - We Are All in This Together - Introduction - The Documentary - Social Issues and Cycling - Route and Experiences - Previous Cycling Adventures - Dumpster Diving and Food Waste - Encounters and Human Connection - Bicycling Mechanics and Gear - Reflections on Social Division in the U.S. - Closing and Additional Information Links and Resources Daniel’s YouTube: The Travelin Dude Daniel’s Instagram: @the_travelin_dude


Best of Pedalshift 223: Bike Tour Packing Strategies

You’ve got our bike, you know where you’re going… the next biggest thing is what to bring and how to pack it! On this edition of the pod, my top five strategies for packing for a bike tour. Originally podcast October 29, 2020.


348: An AI Boost for Your Bike Adventures

For the final epsiode of 2023, we take a peek at the future at the intersection of technology and cycling. It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing everything else, so how could it help with bicycle travel? On this edition we dream up AI-assisted route planning, gear selection and maintenance tips from our robot overlords (kidding!) to help keep your ride smooth. AI in Route Planning for Bike Touring AI-Driven Gear Recommendations Maintenance and AI Assistance SAM as a tool for future episodes of the show


347x: The Aftershow (feat. Brock & Aaron)

Dude, this is the aftershow if you want more of the Holiday Spectacular conversation with Tim, Brock and Aaron.... listen to this second. - Shifty the Elf


347: The Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular 2023

The annual tradition continues! Did you know that during this special season of giving I often visit the old retired podcasters home to spread some holiday cheer? Why don't you come visit with me? You never know who we might run into! (If you like the conversation, there's an aftershow in your feed too!)


346: Slow Travel by Bike

On this episode of The Pedalshift Project, we explore slow travel and its relevance to your bicycle adventures. We also circle back to our previous discussion on eBikes, reflecting on some listener feedback and exploring the evolving role of eBikes on the future of bicycle travel. E-Biking Adventures Follow-Up Slow Travel by Bike


Best of Pedalshift 074: Fast Forward Your Bike Adventures

On this edition, how to fast forward your bike adventures. It’s your ride… make it the best you can by bypassing parts you don’t want, catching up on a schedule or accommodating an extra day in a cool spot! Originally podcast March 23, 2017.


345: eBike Adventures with Biking Brian

On this episode of The Pedalshift Project, we welcome eBike expert Biking Brian to chat about his eBike touring and adventures. We discuss his background in bicycling and touring, his experiences with building eBikes and battery packs, and the future potential of eBike travel. eBike Adventures with Biking Brian Brian's eBike touring experience Brian's charger and battery pack Brian's background and early bicycling experience Building eBikes and battery packs The ease of installing eBike components Potential future eBike tour routes The challenges of finding charging spots during the day The availability of online videos for guidance in installing eBike components The future of eBike touring and its potential popularity The complexity and process of building eBikes and battery pack Future adventures Watch this conversation Biking Brian on YouTube - Brian's Indiana to Boston ride route -


344: Delaware Double Cross + Takeaways

As an aficionado of crossing states by bicycle, there's big ones on my list like NY, CA and OR... and then there's less impressive ones that still absolutely count. Welcome to the Delaware Double Cross! Delaware Double Cross 00:03 Intro 01:05 The Start of the Delaware Double Cross 02:01 Challenges of the Journey 02:49 Exploring the Eastern Shore 07:45 The Journey Continues: Crossing the State 15:56 Arrival at Delaware City 17:52 The Return Journey 25:16 Takeaways on the Adventure 27:04 Closing STATISTICS Miles biked 30 Wheels on Brompton when I left Chesapeake City 6 Wheels when I got to Delaware City 5 Numbers of people who asked me how much my bike weighed 2 Melty ice creams eaten 1 Beers imbibed 1 States crossed 1 (x2) Flats 0


343: Delaware Double Cross Preview

My fall 2023 adventure checks the box on one of my goals from the beginning of the year... I love crossing states by bike, and is it my fault that some of them are very, very skinny? Ok, fine I'll cross it TWICE to make it count! Previewing my next ride... the Delaware Double Cross! Delaware Double Cross Preview 2023 goal... cross a new state by bike DELAWARE! First plan... the one I didn't choose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All transit and bike MARC to the northern terminus in Perryville Bus to Elkton Ride across to Delaware City Ride to Wilmington Amtrak to DC Why didn't I choose this? Safety! Bike situation near Elkton was even dicier than the Florida sidewalk and shoulder riding I've done that is pretty marginal Google Street View revealed possible options, but the more I scratched at the surface, the worse it looked What I chose - the LaCrosse! and a simpler off-road option Drive to Chesapeake City MD Ride the Mike Castle Trail to Delware City along the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal to the Delaware River AND BACK! 30 miles of riding Brompton Very minimal gear (snacks and water) Weather - could be hot, could be rainy... will dress as appropriate Some cool towns to explore - all new to me! No camping or overnighting... just a day tour that checks a box. Twice in fact! Skinny state? #notcheating


342: Solo vs. Group Riding

On this episode... why you might choose solo touring compared to group bicycle adventuring (or vice versa!) Solo Riding Freedom and independence Opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth during solo tours. Much easier to plan - no schedule coordinations with other riders Much easier to pace Solo Touring Challenges Safety concerns Loneliness Gear watching when inside stores Expenses not split Mitigating these challenges Listen to episode 340 on safety - planning and prep is key Listen to episode 341 on mental side and lonliness - be present and in the moment and have ways to connect when you need to Your gear is safer than you think, but choose where you stop mindfully Find ways to reduce costs - check out Pedalshift 045 (camping over hotels, cook your food, etc.) Group Riding Camaraderie and sense of community Benefits of sharing experiences and responsibilities with fellow cyclists. Memories maybe deeper? Group Touring Challenges Logistics of planning and executing a group tour Clashing personalities Differing speeds Differing expectations Differing priorities Mitigating the challenges Importance of communication, leadership, and teamwork within a group. Tips from our chat with Guthrie Straw in Pedalshift 163 Making the Decision: Solo, Group, or Both? Solo or group touring is a personal fit for your preferences and goals. Consider best of both worlds - combining solo and group touring on the same journey. Conclusion There is no one size fits all answer The choice between solo and group touring depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Reflect on their touring goals and consider trying both solo and group touring at different times. November on the Pod Fall tour preview next week - a box checker! Tour journal! Interview in the works on a topic I've been really wanting to cover!


Best of Pedalshift 228: My Bike Tour Planning Process

On this edition, I open up my bike tour planning process and technique for a tour I’ve been mulling over for years. Originally podcast December 24, 2020.


341: The Mental Side of Bikepacking and Bicycle Touring

On this edition, we explore the mental challenges that bikepackers and touring cyclists face during their journeys, and some tips on how to handle them. The mental side of bikepacking and bike touring Intro Exploring the mental challenges that bikepackers and touring cyclists face during their journeys. I am not a mental health professional - these are tips from my experiences. Work with a therapist or other mental health professional for deeper connection on these issues! Mental stamina is possibly more important than physical ability when it comes to long-distance cycling adventures. The Psychological Side of Bikepacking and Bike Touring Mental and emotional aspects of bikepacking and touring highs and lows of the journey loneliness and isolation Setbacks and adversity Post adventure depression Loneliness and Isolation If this is an issue, consider group adventures If you encounter this, find ways to connect but know that can sometimes reinforce the feelings after a call, etc. Find ways to deflect - focus on what's around, be present... or connect with what grounds you (work on the bike, listen to music or podcasts) Dealing with Setbacks and Adversity equipment failures adverse weather navigation errors maintaining a positive mindset and resilience in the face of adversity mindfulness, positive self-talk, and visualization in maintaining mental stamina. Finding Inspiration and Joy - scenery, encounters with locals, and personal growth The power of gratitude and staying present to enhance the touring experience Post adventure depression Stunningly common Readjusting to normal life after long tours is challenging Give yourself some buffer time rather than just jump back in


340: Staying Safe on Bicycle Adventures

Look, we all know there’s some inherent risk in bikepacking, bike touring and even bike commuting. Between bad infrastructure and inattentive drivers, we assume some degree of risk every time we’re in the saddle. But as with anything, there are things we can do to make our bicycle adventures safer than by doing nothing. On this episode, some thoughts on all the things you can do to have a safer ride! Safety Considerations on Bicycle Adventures Route and Destination Safety Traffic and Road Safety Gear and Equipment Health and First Aid on the Road Wildlife and Environmental Safety Personal Security and Theft Prevention Emergency Preparedness