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An international disc golf podcast, located in Europe. Bringing the best of disc golf to the world, with interviews, news, tips, small talk and more from two disc golf loving guys: Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig.

An international disc golf podcast, located in Europe. Bringing the best of disc golf to the world, with interviews, news, tips, small talk and more from two disc golf loving guys: Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig.
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An international disc golf podcast, located in Europe. Bringing the best of disc golf to the world, with interviews, news, tips, small talk and more from two disc golf loving guys: Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig.




Putting fitness into disc golf - a talk with Seth Munsey

The sports keeps moving forward in new and excited direction, and in the last few years we have start talking about disc golf fitness. And there is one person that really have been the spearhead for this move, and that is Seth Munsey. He is the man behind Disc Golf Strong, focusing on helping both pro`s and am`s in building their body to be the best it can be, within the sport. This is a talk about how and why he started this journey.


Seppo V2 - a talk with Seppo Paju

After a very successful start to the 2019 season, Seppo Paju had to drop the President Cup and European Open. We had a talk with him about this situation just before Worlds, and his way back after a tougher tournament at Tyyni than he planned. We also talk about his impressive vlog streak, as well as his new favorite US candy. Thank you to our Patron supporters, a great pro tip from Seppo will be launched exclusively to you soon.


The Bazooka Breakout - a talk with Albert Tamm

European Open 2019 was one of the most epic tournaments we have seen in a very long time, and with all the usual suspect there was one name everyone was talking about in the end: Albert Tamm from Estonia. We sat down and talk to this young estonian, about his experience, fighting on the leadcard, his development the last few years and of course: his signature move: The Bazooka. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and please consider supporting us for less than e euro a month.


#12 - Not so tiny Tyyni

This is the 12 episode of The Perfect Flight, recorded after a long Tyyni week. This year we do not talk about the results, the players or the course that much, as the media team of Tyyni have done a great job covering all of that both in audio and video. But we rather talk to some of the more interesting characters at the tournament, that have a big impact but maybe not in the most public eye. So we talked to Terry Miller, The Disc Golf Guy, about Tyyni, his coverage of female disc golf...


Pusing the limits with Tyyni 2019

972. 972 people will invade the small suburbs of Sipoo, Finland for the third biggest disc golf event IN THE WORLD; Dynamic Discs Tyyni 2019 presented by Latitude 64. So we talked to the man behind the madness, Juha Kyto about it all; the journey, the development of the tournament, the challenges and the excitement that awaits 972 disc golfers in just a few days time. Thank you to our Patron supporters, for under a euro a month they help us make the best disc golf podcast from Europe come...


#11 - The Perfect Write

Its been a really busy start to the season, and this is a big summary to grasp. Its been 2 The Perfect Flight Tour tournaments, 3 PDGA EuroTours AND a brand new outro! We got uDisc and PDGA writer Alexander Brett Williamson with us in this episode, and he gives us a look behind the scene of disc golf media. He also talks about how he did re-do his form before last season, and is now seeing the benifits of throwing better. Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Instagram, or on...


#10 - The comeback putt

On the premiere episode of Season 2 of The Perfect Flight, Jørn Idar and Dean discuss the beginning of the disc golf season in the USA with a strong European presence, two new manufacturers on the continent, The Perfect Flight Tour, and a Dutch Open side bet! All that and more on the return of The Perfect Flight Podcast! Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Instagram, or on


The Beer Flight #1 - Berliner Weisse and Discraft

This episode is something different, lets call it a spin-off. This is Jørn Idar talking about his passion craft beer and disc golf, paired together in "The Beer Flight". In this first episode he talks about the old beer style berliner weisse, a tart and refreshing style that have been re-discovered and evolved into something new and exciting. And there is a easy comperance to Discraft comes in, which he talks about. So if you are NOT a beer fan, this episode is not for you and you can...


The Perfect Flight Tour - HUGE Announcement

This is a really special bonus episode, as Dean announces The Perfect Flight Tour! 5 countries - 5 tournaments - one tour. The Perfect Flight Tour is five tournaments in Europe, with some of the most skilled TDs in the game. The tour has a mission of creating a professional tour for amateur players, supported by some of the best companies in the sport. The main sponsor of the tour is the premium producer of plastic, our friends in Latitude 64. The tour will be held in the following places:


#9 - The peoples champ

Let's finish the year strong, as Jørn Idar and Dean talk about the latest rumours, PDGA EuroTour announcements AND two PDGA Europe jobs, how to create funds for tournaments and much more. We also had a great interview with the 2018 World Champion - Gregg Barsby - The People's Champ. He talks about his past, his battles with injuries, the 2017 heartbreaker finish to the European Open and how the world title has (or has not) changed his life. As always we've got to shout out our fantastic...


The disc golf tourist Paige Pierce

On this bonuspodcast we had a talk with four time world champion, Paige Pierce, before here one month trip to Europe this Christmas. Even with Spain and Iceland on the menu, the big one is a disc golf trip to Croatia which is the big one to talk about. She also talks about her recent work with Alyssa Van Lanen, Disc Golf Tourist, which is a unique look into the touring life. Picture for this podcast is by Alyssa Van Lanen.


Disc golf engineering - Henrik Johansen

On this episode we have the most Swedish disc golf in the studio, and also one of the nicest: Henrik Johansen. He and Dean go some time back, back to when Dean was under 800 rated and a mere beginner. A lot have happened since then, with Henrik going from Prodiscus to Dynamic Discs, a baby on the way, injury and much more is covered in the talk with The Perfect Flight. Big thank you to our Patreons that makes this show happen, check out for some exclusive...


#8 - Big shakeups

On this episode Dean and Jørn Idar have some big news to discuss, and some big shakeups. Some of the topics we cover is: Dean got a great idea for "Hey Jørn Idar, have you thought about this", and keeps on firing knowledge with a solid TD tip. We want to thank our Patreons for making this episode possible, for less than a euro a month they help us cover the costs of running the show. Please consider giving us some support on


#7 - Winter is coming

Ladies and gentleman - here is a brand new episode for ya`ll! We got Natalie Holloköi and Seppo Paju with us, when they where fresh of the European Championship. We talk about Worlds, the impressive performance from the Europeans and much more. Huge shoutout to all our Patreons supporting us, we got something exclusive coming your way from the Danish legend KJ Nybo! So if you havent already, please consider supporting our work for less than a Euro a month, on...


European Disc Golf Championship 2018 - grow the sport with Romain Warembourg

The European Disc Golf Championship 2018 is rolling on, and we keep bringing you talks with some of the most best AND most interesting disc golfers from Europe. This time we talk with the french player Romain Warembourg, about growing the sport and having fun while doing it. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting us on


European Disc Golf Championship 2018 - a true gentleman of the sport - KJ Nybo

In contention for the win, the veteran KJ Nybo gives his insight on the challenging course, disc golf dad life and the development of his game. Well worth a listen to one of the nicest guys in disc golf. If you like our content, please consider supporting us on


European Disc Golf Championship 2018 - a talk with the Spliids

Second day of the European Disc Golf Championship is under way, in sunny Croatia. Dean had the opportunity to talk to Martin and Kristian Spliid, who are both tied for 6th place just three throws from the lead. If you like our content, please consider supporting us through Patreon.


#6 - Championship mode

We are in full European Championship mode, and in this episode we talk to event coordinator Dinko Šimenc who is in full steam to get everything done before the biggest tournament in Europe this year. Jørn Idar and Dean gives their pick for winners, as well as discuss what to expect. Dean talks about his biggest win so far in his career, with the W at the EuroTour Creeksea Classic. While Jørn Idar talks about his experience at the Norwegian Championship, with a sprained ankel. But wait -...


The Open - a worthy finish for EuroProTour

This last weekend some of the best players in the world where gathered on one of the best disc golf courses in the world - at Ale DiscGolfCenter. Nothing but praise have been given from the players and the big crowd that had gathered to see players like KJ Nybo, Devan Owens, Jeremy Koling, Ricky Wysocki and Simon Lizotte. This was also the final event in the PDGA EuroProTour, well worthy some of the best players on the teepad. The winner in FPO, Kristin Tattar talked to us about the...


Talking European Championships with TD Jonathan Baldwin

This is the first in our bonuspodcast series about the European Championship 2018, as Dean talks to Jonathan Baldwin, the TD and course designer for the European Championships in Croatia. The 2011 Pro Masters World Champion talks a little about the road from California to Croatia, then host of the EC2018 as well as the challenges going into the planning and setup for the course.. They go through some of the mental processes of setting up a course like this, and of course give you a sneak...