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Episode 0033 - Ain't That Some Shit

What's happennin' fools, It's ya host who be be doing the most, the Asthmatic Aztec himself, Morada Mario in the place to be. On this episode we'll get into: - Mesut Ozil meeting w/Erdoğan - KD shitting on McCollum - UFC 227 review: Cejudo w/the belt, Dillashaw's cements his legacy - Upcoming UFC fights: Mystic Mac & Stockton's finest back in it - A's en fuego - Esteban Loaiza (?!?!?!) cocaine smugglin' - NFL HOF class of 2018, aka when I knew I was getting old - Patriotism in profesional...


Episode 0032 - Yin & Yang ft. The homie Massimo

What's up folks, today we've got my good friend Massimo on today's episode to bring his Egyptian/Italian flair to the show. We get into the following: - New futuristic/dystopian movie reviews - Social media through the years - experiences w/drinking & smoking weed - Grand Canyon on acid experience - The War on Drugs (I know, again) - The effects of WWII/old family war stories - Human nature/tendencies toward conflicts - Me Too Movement w/o due process - Troll culture/changes in society...


Episode 0031 - Back Like We Never Left

Ya'll miss me??? Nah, well screw it then, I'm still coming at ya. Welcome into another episode of The Puro Caballero Show. On this episode we catch up over the last 3 weeks including: - recap of Summertime in the LBC concert - World Cup review, allez les Blues! - RL Grime at Union/last B&L at the venue - MLB all-star game, mid-season check in on the standings - Josh Heder's tweets/Milwaukee's reaction - Kawhi in Canada, Melo making his money & dipping to H-Town - NFL hold outs - James Gunn...


Episode 0030 - It Is What It Is

Welcome once again to another episode of The Puro Caballero Show, as unfortunately you get to feel my pain today as my Mexican fútbol squad got bounced in the knockout round by Brazil & that devilish Neymar, failing to reach the quinto partido for the 7th world cup in a row. Oh yeah, and LeBron moved to my nesis Lakers yesterday. Things are kinda crazy for me right now folks. We mostly get into those two things plus: - more World Cup breakdowns - more NBA free agency news - Alexandria...


Episode 0029 - Nada Nos Detiene

What's good folks, welcome to another addition of The Puro Caballero Show, ya'll know the deal by now. So tonight as draft night & my Kings had the 2nd pick overall, needles to say I was all up in my feelings over them taking Marvin Bagley III over Luka Doncic. I basically go through the 7 stages of grief on air before getting DEEP into the World Cup action so far. I have I told you that I'm Mexican? Yeah dude, we did that shit forreal, I lowkey don't believe it either, but here we are! We...


Episode 0028 - World Cup Fever ft. The Homie Miguel Talavera

It's been 4 long years but finally, THE FIFA WORLD CUP AKA LA COPA MUNDIAL YA FEEL ME FOLKS?!?!?! This year's tournament has some new and surprising participants, & I figured I'd have none other than my good homie Miguel on this episode to help break down the action. We delve deep into each group one by one and look at some of the players & matchups to watch as well as give our predictions on who will be advancing & who will have a short stay in Russia (which some might argue isn't all that...


Episode 0027 - You're Not Listening

Wassup ya'll, back at it again with some Finals recap through 3 games. Who woulda guessed it, but the dubs are up 3-0 **sad trombone plays meekly in the background** Here's what we talk about: - NBA Finals damn near done - Watching Coco for the first time - Prayers for Nicaragua - Fresh rap releases (definitely no Ye) - Eagles not invited to the White House (yes, this is real life) - Rosanne Bar/Samantha Bee controversies Follow ya boy on twitter & instagram @purocaballero Subscribe & follow...


Episode 0026 - Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated

What's happenning, we've got a late night sleepy head podcast coming to ya. Lots of stuff to get into, I think the title strings it all together. Topics include: - Sexual assault in the club (me too?) - Eating/living right - Champions League Review: Not What We Asked For - Till vs. Wonderboy: High level problem solving with dire physical consequences - Cavs vs. Warriors for 4th straight year - Luka Doncic rumors - Bryan Colangelo burner accounts??? - The Story of Adidon (Pusha vs Drizzy) -...


Episode 0025 - You Never Walk Alone ft. @swiff_89

Happy Friday folks, we've got an extra long, extra special podcast with my good homie Allen Miller aka @swiff_89 on IG & twitter. This dude is the biggest Liverpool fan I know out here in Cali, so we go in depth into the huge Champions League Final match tomorrow in Kiev, Ukraine against the 2-time defending champ Real Madrid. It definitely has the making for an epic finale. As with most of these episodes we end up rambling on the following topics: - Bankrolled European fútbol clubs - Good...


Episode 0024 - The World Is On Fire ft. @aeriel_ (IG)

What's up folks!?!? We've got another jam packed show for ya'll, this time with my good friend Aeriel blessing us with her presence. We discuss the following: - Hawaiian volcanoes - The Great Pacfic Garbage Patch - The Royal Wedding - Santa Fe, TX school shooting - Trump's shady business dealings - Nazi's/Fascists in South America - The origins of MS-13 - Palestinian protests/history of Israel - Childish Gambino's "This Is America" music video - The Prison Industrial Complex - The War on...


Episode 0023 - To Infinity & Beyond ft. the homegirl Maritza

Waddup mi gente! We're back again with my friend Maritza as a guest, this time discussing the latest Marvel movie releases (Black Panther & Avengers: Infinity War), why I should/should not watch the DC comic films, & her conflicting feelings towards Kanye West. Follow ya boy on twitter & instagram @purocaballero Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, & TuneIn Radio now! Recorded on 5/4/18


Episode 0022 - Free Thinking vs Critical Thinking

What's good fam, we've got a short episode on deck for ya. I had a busy week so had to squeeze this one in when I could, no excuses tho. Here's what we get into: - Random killing across the street from my work - Smoker's Club Fest recap: Wiz & Cudi killing shit - Kanye on TMZ - Bron doing Bron things (fadeaway city in game 2) - Kevin Hart's bad karma for the Sixers - Joe Ingles en fuego in game 2 Follow ya boy on twitter & instagram @purocaballero Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud,...


Episode 0021 - Hella QBs/I Miss the Old Kanye

It's draft night! Trades! Quarterbacks! It's all happening! We break down the first round of the draft, plus go over some more NBA basketball, the Pacific Garbage Patch, & the craziness around Kanye West rocking with the MAGA love (cannot believe I'm actually typing this, smh Ye!). Follow ya boy on twitter & instagram @purocaballero Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, & TuneIn Radio now! Recorded on 4/22/18


Episode 0020 - Back from Nor-Cal

What's up ya'll, back again with a short recap of my weekend back up home in Northern California. We get into the following: - 4/20 recap - My family pizza get together - The Throwin' Samoan aka Sean Manaea's no-no against the Sawx - Old Man Manu! - LeBron vs. Lance - The future of my grandparents' ranch - & more! Act Now! Follow ya boy on twitter & instagram @purocaballero Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, & TuneIn Radio now! Recorded on 4/22/18


Episode 0019 - Taurus SZN

What's good folks, it's another solo show with ya host with the most Morada Mario aka Tree Trevino aka the Mestizo Michaelangelo. Tonight we get into the following: - My past weekend djing, getting tatted, doing some volunteering - NBA playoffs updates - Cold weather baseball/early season standouts - Political & criminal headlines (what's the difference, hyuck hyuck hyuck) etc. etc. Follow ya boy on twitter & instagram @purocaballero Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google...


Episode 0018 - Make the Exceptional Seem Average

Happy Retirement Jerry Reynolds, you'll be missed for sure. Bienvenidos homies to another episode, this the Asthmatic Aztec back again w/another solo show. We talk some NBA hoops, early season baseball storylines, a lil' Stanley Cup action, NFL offseason news, & the latest slappers I've got in rotation. Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, & TuneIn Radio now! Recorded on 4/7/18


Episode 0017 - ft. @dacuddyvj209/@dacuddyvj, @swiff_89, & @davidtimothy_chao/@dahveeeeeeeed

Episode 0017 - ft. @dacuddyvj209/@dacuddyvj, @swiff_89, & @davidtimothy_chao/@dahveeeeeeeed by The Puro Caballero Show


Episode 0016 - Melancholy Monday

What's up fools, we got another solo show for you on this Monday, feeling a lil' melancholy & whatnot so I had to get it on wax. We get into the following: - A recap of my weekend - A-Trak's b'day - Easter Sunday - Self-improvement - Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker recap - Congrats to 'Nova Subscribe & follow along on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, & TuneIn Radio now! Recorded on 4/2/18


Episode 0014 - Dinner & A Podcast

Back again like we never left on this Talk 'Bout It Tuesday. The world get a glimpse of my culinary skills as I whip up some chicken stir-fry like my last name's Huncho (Quavo!). We also get some international friendly action, some NBA talk, celebrity shoutouts on social media & so much more.


Episode 0013 - Olvera Street Dreams ft. @mari_caballero26

Episode 0013 - Olvera Street Dreams ft. @mari_caballero26 by The Puro Caballero Show