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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.
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Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.




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TRC #502: Mashup: Dunning-Kruger Effect + Matilda Effect + McGurk Effect

A mashup episode all about ‘effects’. Darren discusses the sometimes misunderstood cognitive bias called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Inspired by the movie Hidden Figures, Cristina digs into the Matilda Effect and highlights some groundbreaking women scientists who were famously and shamelessly snubbed for their achievements. Pat explains an illusion known as the McGurk Effect which demonstrates the interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception.


TRC #501: Mail Bag + Einstein Rejection Letter + Grapefruit and Drugs Don’t Mix? + U.S. Lost 1500 Migrant Children?

With all the hoopla of episode 500 done, the TRC crew gets back to business. First we reach into our mailbag for a couple of listener’s letters. Next Darren looks into the authenticity of a rejection letter Albert Einstein supposedly received from the University of Bern. Cristina asks can grapefruit juice be lethal when mixed with drugs? Lastly Adam checks out recent headlines that the U.S Government lost 1,500 immigrant children.


TRC #500: Segments That Were True + Name That: Spot The Fake

The Reality Check celebrates its 500th episode in style! First the crew looks back on segment topics that sounded fishy but actually turned out to be true. Next, Pat tests the gang’s ability to ‘spot the fake’ in another addition of everybody’s favourite mostly guessing game. Lastly, we reflect on 500 episodes. We couldn’t have done it without you, dear listeners. Well, we could have but it probably would have been a little weird and certainly not as much fun.


TRC #499: Yanny vs Laurel + Video Compression ft Dr. Stuart Robbins + Do You Have Genghis Khan DNA?

This week, the crew (minus Adam) come at you live from TRC Studio in Toronto! Cristina takes a poll of Checkers ahead of taping the show to see who is on Team Yanny or Laurel then breaks down what experts are saying about the “audio illusion” currently dividing the internet. Dr. Stuart Robbins takes a fascinating deep dive into HD, video and image compression and how it relates to conspiracies. Finally, Darren looks into a long-standing claim that 5% of the world is related to Genghis Khan.


TRC #498: Bulverism Fallacy + Dr. Oz + Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Another fact-filled show is here! First, Darren digs into his skeptical toolbox to bring us an interesting overview of Bulverism Fallacy. But that’s probably because he wants you to think better to act better. Adam looks closely at everyone’s favourite peddler of pseudoscience Dr. Oz and asks, how often is he pretty much full of it? Finally, Cristina explores the research into delayed onset muscle soreness and tries to answer why we feel sore 2 days after exercise.


TRC #497: Mosquitoes Choosy Biters? + Humboldt: Value Of Life + Streisand’s Cloned Dogs

Spring is finally here, Checkers! Does it seem like you get bitten by mosquitoes way more than others around you? Cristina explores whether the pesky bloodsuckers are choosy about who they bite. Next, Darren ponders the sensitive topic of life and death and offers suggestions of questions to ask ourselves when tragedy strikes. Lastly, Adam looks into Barbra Streisand’s supposedly cloned dogs and asks what’s involved in cloning pets.


TRC #496: Snake Bites + Are Nature Documentaries Fake? + Vasectomies

A fact-astic new episode of TRC is here! First, Darren doles out some surprising stats about snake bite deaths. Next, Cristina digs into how nature documentaries are filmed to determine what’s real and what’s fake. Lastly, Adam talks about his recent experience getting a vasectomy and what the medical procedure is, and isn’t.


TRC #495: Treason Tags + The Atacama Mummified Skeleton + Godwin’s Law

Hey, Checkers, the TRC crew is back with a mixed bag of facts! First, Pat brings us an entertaining segment after investigating an image macro dubbed ‘treason tags’ making the rounds on social media. Next, Adam takes a second look at the claim that the Atacama Mummified Skeleton found in Chile was not of this world. Lastly, Darren goes down a rabbit hole to school us on Godwin’s Law.


TRC #494: Talking Clean Meat With Paul Shapiro

This week’s show is dedicated to an interview with author and animal protection advocate Paul Shapiro. Adam and Darren talk with Paul about cellular agriculture and his Washington Post bestseller book ‘Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World.’


TRC #493: Cadbury’s War On Easter? + Jordan Peterson + Lebron Gained 7lbs During A Game?

This week, Adam looks into a viral post suggesting that confectionery company Cadbury is waging war on Easter. Next Darren takes a deep dive into Jordan Peterson and his book ‘12 Rules For Life’. Lastly Cristina checks into headlines suggesting that Lebron James gained 7 pounds during a single basketball game. Enjoy!


TRC #492: Gun Violence In Canada Increasing? + Name That: ‘Easter’ + Fake Passport Website

Happy Spring Equinox, Checkers! This week, Adam questions whether gun violence in Canada is really increasing by targeting the facts. Pat challenges the crew to an Easter-ish version of everybody’s favourite mostly guessing game. Lastly, Darren warns us about an online passport service taking advantage of unsuspecting Canadians.


TRC #491: Hawaiian Islands + Euthanasia Drugs In Dog Food + Amelia Earhart’s Bones

Aloha Checkers! The whole crew is here for a brand new show. Back from a trip to Hawaii, Darren discusses how the islands that make up the State came to be. Cristina, once again, looks into the question: are euthanasia drugs showing up in dog food? Lastly, Adam looks into some recent headlines claiming that Amelia Earhart’s bones have been found.


TRC #490: Mashup: Brian Tomasik on Wild Animal Suffering

Brian Tomasik from discusses ethics, animal welfare and far-future scenarios from a suffering-focused perspective. Here is his interview from 2015 presented in its entirety for the first time. This was one of the more controversial interviews on TRC and generated quite a bit of conversation. As always, we’re interested to hear what you think. The crew will be back next week with a freshly minted show. Enjoy!


TRC #489: Busting History Myths With Professor Buzzkill

Did Mussolini make the trains run on time? Was Rosa Parks just ‘too tired’ to give up her seat? The crew is off this week so Cristina and Pat seize the opportunity to chat with fellow podcaster, author and historian extraordinaire Professor Buzzkill, aka Joseph Coohill. Joe schools us on history myths, ‘good’ evidence, and some interesting topics he’s covered on Professor Buzzkill: History 101.


TRC #488: Urine-Based Test For Sex Of Fetus + How Many Neurons?

The crew has the week off but still brings you a new fact-filled TRC! Cristina and Pat chat with Ryan Armstrong from Post-Truth Health and Bad Science Watch. He tells us whether urine-based tests coming to Canada can determine the sex of a fetus during pregnancy. Next Darren delivers a promised follow-up to his segment about neurons asking how many neurons does the human brain have?


TRC #487: Solar Eclipse Fallout + The Bicameral Mind + eHarmony Backed By Science?

This week, Darren looks into the potential downside of watching a solar eclipse and asks, ‘Is it worth it?’ Adam gets all ‘Darren’ on us with an interesting segment about consciousness and the bicameral mind. Lastly, Cristina investigates whether an online dating site has the evidence to back up their claims that they use science to match people.


TRC #486: Valentine’s Day Myths + Name That: V-Day Edition + The Heart

Another theme-filled show coming at you! First, Cristina combs through widely-held Valentine’s Day myths to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction. Pat challenges the panel with another game of Name That: V-Day Edition. Finally, Darren rounds out the show with a ‘heartfelt’ segment about the amazing organ behind Valentine’s Day.


TRC #485: Neurons + YouTube Copyright Claims + Why Does February Only Have 28 Days?

Another week, another great episode of TRC! On this week’s show, Darren follows his impulses and takes a deep dive on neurons. Adam looks into YouTube’s content ID system to find out why a video of white noise could possibly set off a copyright claim. Finally, Cristina explains the real reason that February is the shortest month of the year.


TRC #484: Contact Lenses + Vegetarianism Rates + Plastic vs Reusable Bags

After a recent run-in with a rogue contact lens Cristina asks, what would happen if you never took your contacts out? Darren looks at the rates of vegetarianism and what the statistics really mean. Finally, Adam breaks downs how many times you need to use reusable bags to offset the use of plastic ones.


TRC #483: Mailbag + Raw Water + Do Bears Hibernate?

The Fab Four is back this week! Adam kicks off the show with some interesting listener email. Cristina dives into the latest raw water fad to bring you the raw facts. Finally, Darren ponders whether bears really hibernate.