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Episode 63| The Evening Dash

This week I jacked the format of my favorite podcast @the-evening-jones-1 for fun. Until he starts making new episodes I hope this holds us all over. No spoilers just a Q&A session with some of my social media friends.


Episode 62 | Fashion Killa

I consider this my crossover episode to appeal to the ladies. I had the chance to have an amazing blogger/influencer Nneka come to talk everything from high fashion to kicks. She enlightened me to some stuff I would have never thought of. *Baggy Jeans aka dad jeans are making a comeback...I just got used to skinny leg *Versace is still gonna be cool even with Michael Kors as the owner *Its ok to recycle pieces of an outfit for the gram!


Episode 61 | The Magic Box

What happens when you put 3 men in a room with microphones? A conversation that revolves around the mythical box and who's got it. Is it good for you, should you be scared of it, and what makes it so special. 1. Erykah Badu 2. Rihanna 3. Jaqueline 4. Paris Morton 5. Random Crazy Girl From Every Hood Spoiler Alert: If you have not finished Season 2 of Ozark Skip from 39:01-40:25. This episode was a lot of fun to record. Thanks to Chinky and Deek


Episode 60 | Black Movies

Finally, we have made it out of the 50's. Huge Accomplishment but this week I had a great guest Ms Cult Classiq on to discuss everything we saw with the blackest summer for movies that I can remember in a very long time. Sounds of the summer for this weeks soundtrack. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did recording it.


Episode 59 | The Pop Up Rant Episode

This is the interlude before a longer episode that I'm releasing tomorrow but I needed to get some stuff off my chest. Did nike promote Colin for them or us? Are you as tired of think pieces on TV shows as I am? Can we just enjoy entertaintment without overthinking everything. Well listen to my thoughts and tell me if i'm wrong. This weeks background is inspired by Rocafella Records


Episode 58 | Made in America

Yes, This week I hijacked the title from everyone's favorite east coast music festival. When you get the chance to work with people on the ground floor and watch them succeed this is literally what the American Dream is all about. I had the opportunity to sit down with Anngela (yes that's the correct spelling) to talk about her journey in creating a "Level Up: A Songwriting and Music Business Summit. She tells her story and why music has literally been a lifelong passion of hers. Find out...


Episode 57 | State of the Pod Vol 2

This week I get introspective about where my platform stands and how my thoughts have changed about it over the past year. This is my "My First Song" or "Last Call" it doubles as a bunch of stories and shoutouts to everyone that has helped me get this far.


Episode 56 | Gladiathers

No, My track title isn't a typo. This week my guest is the founder of Gladiathers, Ms. Ceclia Townes. I see the amazing work that she puts in every day to advance causes that are much greater than my own. As a former college athlete, she was the perfect guest to discuss some of this week's topics. Lebron's I promise school, TO's decision to skip the formal Hall of Fame induction, & Whats the real reason that Serena doesn't get the endorsement money that she believes she should get. Please...


Episode 55 | Sports & Life

This week I got the chance to sit down with 1/2 of the @crewminutewarning. DJ and I have rapped offline about all kinds of things but mostly focus this week on loyalty in sports, his life as a Division 1 baller, and his life and experiences being a black man in the real south. Music this week is brought to you by his love of all thing Rick Ross.


Episode 54 | World Meet Carla

This week I'm joined by none other than Carla from @shitim30podcast. We jump on topics that range from my stupid mouth on twitter to twitter trolls to her own podcast and story. Since shes repping Florida this week's soundtrack is brought to you by Weezy F Baby. Yeah I know he's from NO but he's lived in Miami so long I'm claiming it for him.


Episode 53 | Trolling Blackness

Released this a day earlier than normal. My release schedule has been awful lately and I only want to give you guys great content and this episode is just that. Are all of this life vigilantes racist? BBQ lady, Kid selling Water Lady and Pool Pass Guy deserve another chance. Why I'm really upset with Kanye West 1 month later. Salute to my guest Temi this week. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too.


Episode 52 | Where Have You Been?/Perception

This may just be my first live recording in 6 weeks. Life happens and it just so happened that I lacked inspiration. Nothing was moving me content wise and I refuse to give you guys trash for the sake of keeping a release schedule. So on my return from Hiatus, I give you some updates on me(I know you care), Drizzy in blackface, Ye in his Maga greatness, while I’m tying this all together with a central theme. I'm the MC this week but my DJ is none other than @chandon_thedj. She is def here to...


Episode 51 | Sex, Love and The Game

I know I know i'm 2 weeks late, I recorded this episode about a week ago but you're in for a good one. Why does DJ Khaled not bless his wife? Can you really be woke if you're wife isn't black? Short answer is yes but it's complicated. Why dont men take i'm not interested for an answer in DM's? I finally gave some words to Kanye West. I miss the guy from graduation but here is my take and 2 cents on this.


Episode 50 | Cole World

What's better than 1 episode about music? 2, this is part 2 of the series MUSIC IS JUST WHAT FEELINGS SOUND LIKE. KOD is the focus of our topic this week. It allows us to touch on everything from Kanye to cheating. TRACKS 1. False Prophets 2. Photograph 3. Kevin's Heart 4. 1985 Bonus Track Arin Ray - Never Find Me


Episode 49 | Blue Check Marks

There was this time that I was scared that I was going to go viral getting played by Miko Grimes...Hear my side of the story. New Jobs come with new responsibilities and I still think I'm the fly guy at work. Funny Tale from my first week on the Job. Last but not least thanks for the Suggestion Groove Mix provided by @djtheddc


Episode 48 - Nas Wipp

This week I'm a proud member of Nas Whipp Niggas against smoking weed in public places. If you're not hip go listen to Redman - Muddy Waters(Smoke Buddah) Random Ish My OG isn't old but has old ears My Best friend is moving When the Beat stops This week I wanted to get serious and talk about how much I hate the amount of control of jobs have on our lives.


Episode 47 | The Finesse

I pray you watched Atlanta last week because the first half of my episode is directly from that. People typically judge a book by its cover and no matter how much cash you got people will take your cash and still not respect you. Part 2 talks about us living in a world full of hate...I hate that we have to discuss this all the time but we have to learn how to find something positive in the darkness. These thoughts inspired by @vado - Hate off Sinatra 2.5


Episode 46 | Music is Just What Feelings Sound Like

This week I didn't watch a single piece of news. So instead of current events for which there will be none discussed this is my foray into discussing the way music makes you feel. I broke this down into 3 segments so please listen along and let me know how they make you feel. Music With A conscience 1:44 Love vs Lust 12:14 Long Live The Trap 24:12


Episode 45 |The Art Hype Episode

This week I'm joined by none other than my guy @thearthype. We joined forces to have a crazy art-centric episode. These questions need answers? 1. After an outfit hits the gram once can you ever show it on the gram again? 2. Did you like Get Out? 3. A celebration of culture or star wars level costume play for people going to see black panther? 4. Presidential portraits of Barack & Michelle Obama ****New Segment For This Week**** Heavy Rotation is all about our love of music. This week I...


Episode 44 | Dont Call Me Daddy

I'm all over the place this week. I touch on everything from not looking at twitter for 2 days after Safaree happened to why the 2nd amendment was racist then and still works the same way now. I touch on a couple other things in between but stay for the topics and the cool instrumentals. Like and Subscribe on your favorite platform