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The Podcast About Broadcast






Episode 103: Will Sterrett Building Rockcastle

Will Sterrett is the founder and owner of Rockcastle Media. The Kansas based network launched its first offering Think Fast! in May 2016 on just a handful of affiliates, including KWIX/Moberly, MO, where Sterrett was first heard twenty years prior. Think Fast! quickly grew as did the opportunities for Rockcastle Media Networks, with the following month’s syndication launch of Neon Beat with John Christopher. Since then, the network has grown to the point where it has offerings for every...


Episode 102: Ruby Carr

Ruby Carr from Z95.3 in Vancouver is the winner of the Allan Waters Young Broadcaster of the Year in memory of Steve Young. Runners up were Lauren Hunter 102.9 Sonic Edmonton, and Jax from Kiss 92.5 Toronto. Ruby's name came up briefly back in episode 74 where Dave Bannerman was talking about some of the great talent who had flowed through Nova Scotia Community College over the years. (Which also included Jax) We talked about Ruby's love for performing and found out her brother is also in...


Episode 101: This is Julie Adam

Julie Adam is the Senior VP of Radio at Rogers. Often I will receive suggestions about who they want on the podcast and her name comes up often. This episode was recorded on a morning when radio ratings for the diary markets were released so we talked methodology and ratings returns, Radioplayer Canada, Making mistakes, and how radio and podcast can coexist. I had a half hour of questions scheduled but we carried the conversation on to cover talent, why Julie asked me a few questions about...


Episode 100 - Whatever Happened to Matt & Jake?

This is Episode 100. My years in radio taught me to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments. No more so than the time I spent at 100.3 the Bear in Edmonton. Some background on why I decided to do this show. Back in January when I was planning out the shows for the next few months, I wanted to have Greg Brown aka Jake Daniels on. He and I worked together on 100.3 the Bear in Edmonton from 1994 to 2002, working on the afternoon show for close to 5 years. I never had more fun on the...


Episode 99: Randi Chase Up and Down the Dial

Randi Chase epitomizes the lyric in the WKRP theme song, "Town to Town; Up and Down the Dial." The lyric conjures up images of jocks, successful or fired, who shuffle on to the next gig with a new town and call letters. Randi worked in 6 of Canada's top 10 markets before turning 30. After taking a year off to find out what happens when you take the radio out of Randi, she is back on air and having fun with in her favourite province with Vinnie Taylor on Newcap's Real Country 95.5. I had...


Episode 98: Brian Munz Growing Up Humboldt

The Humboldt bus accident that claimed the lives' of 16 people on April 6, 2018 led to a worldwide outpouring of grief and support. In the hours after the crash, the lives of players, coaches, team support staff like a statistician and therapist were also lost; as well as a Tyler Bieber who was the play-by-play host and worked at 107.5 Bolt-FM in Humboldt. Brian Munz grew up in Humboldt. I spent some time with him to talk about what calling Junior hockey is like and to find out more about...


Episode 97: Gerry Forbes: Retired and Lovin' It!

When Gerry Forbes announced his retirement, you can forgive CJAY 92's competitors for letting out a silent cheer. For over 25 years in Calgary, Gerry's morning show has been in the top three in a market that is sharply country. In preparing this episode, I reached out to some of the people who had worked with and against Gerry. People like Bob Harris who was his program director throughout the 90's; Terry Dimonte who went up against him from 2008-2012; and Gerry's brother Marty who spent...


Episode 96 : Sales Strategies with Scott Howard of WOWO

When Scott Howard made the change from on air to sales, he will be the first to tell you that he didn't get it right away. His first opportunity came at WMUZ in Detroit where he freely admitted that he made a lot of mistakes. Over time, he became more engrained in the sales world and started sharing his wisdom on a blog and then in time on a podcast. Most episodes clocking in under 10 minutes. Scott currently works at one of America's oldest and most reknowned...


Episode 95: Lauryn Schaffner Living the Rock & Roll Dream

Lauryn Schaffner is a writer, blogger, YouTuber, and overall lover of Rock music. On this week's show we ask how her passion for rock music took her down this path, and find out what role radio played in getting her there. Not surprisingly, radio did play a role. But not surprisingly, it was her parents who listened to the radio - not her. She is living her rock and roll dreams by writing for, and she recently started vlogging on her YouTube channel. As we found out...


Episode 94: Matt's Podcast Thoughts and Nerding out on the Edge

A few more thoughts about Podcasting and its relationship with radio. Recorded in Spain as I tour the country side eating tapas and watching football. As well, I call up Bob Willette at Rock 95 in Barrie and we nerd out of the branding history of Edge 102.


Episode 93: Gary Begin Adding to his Book of Radio

Gary Begin is the owner of Sound Advantage Media. His company works with radio stations across America is get their branding strategy in order. One of the things I like about Gary is how is business is always working the social media space to promote the latest. At one time that was a book called Radio Programming and Branding: The Ultimate Podcasting and Radio Branding Guide. Gary is going to be adding to that book shortly, with 7 more parts added to it involving podcast. We spoke about...


Episode 92: Lori Lewis Facebooking and Conclaving

Lori Lewis knows how to deal with change, which makes her ideal to lead the way when it comes to navigating the murky waters of Facebook. From its changing algorithm to the overextension of selling your data to third party sources, Lori offers up her tips and expertise to great posting and audience engagement. We also touched on some best practices for Facebook Live which still remains a challenge for talent. Lori is also the chairperson of the long standing Radio Summer Learning...


Episode 91: Mark Burley Launching, Programming and Networking

We are off to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and catching up with Mark Burley. (SUN-FM, AM 1150 & 101.5 EZ Rock) During the 12 years as Group PD and PD of the local cluster, he enjoyed enjoying 8 years with Sun at #1 A25-54 in Kelowna and garnered industry recognition with 6 consecutive Program Director of the Year Awards and Station of the Year for Sun FM on 5 occasions. Mark went through 3 different owners during his time including Standard, Astral and then Bell. He speaks about...


Episode 90: Gregr and the Sound of Seattle

Gregr is the morning show host at 107.7 The End in Seattle. Last summer at the Podcast Movement, Gregr shared the stage at Jacob’s Media’s Broadcaster meet Podcaster series. At dinner he had the deer in the headlights look. Turns out he had just became a dad for the first time days earlier. Throughout dinner we shared radio and podcast stories. I couldn’t believe he had 4 podcasts on top of a morning radio show in Seattle. Now there were other people at dinner that night and we could have...


Episode 89: Raina Douris, Rain's World Goes National

Raina Douris has spent her entire career working in Toronto, and it has served her well. When you love music, Toronto is a great place to live work and breathe your passion. From her radio beginnings at 102.1 the Edge, to upstart Indie 88 and now working mornings at CBC Radio 2 nationally, Raina shares her music and radio experiences with us. She also talks about her love of Twitter, her favourite albums and what needs to change in the music business. There are few Sound Off firsts on...


Episode 88: The Branding of Steve Jones

Steve Jones is the VP of Branding & Content at Newcap Radio. He knows a thing about branding having penned two books including "Brand Like a Rock Star" and "Start You Up". His career has taken him in an east-west direction as much as has north-south to places like Boston and the Cayman Islands; and two of the most competitive markets in the country in Halifax and Edmonton where he worked with great rock brands like Q104 and K97. We spent time discussing some of the great promotions, great...


Episode 87: Chantal Desjardins - Who Am I?

Chantal Desjardins is a television and radio personality, stand-up comedian, voiceover actor and event host. Those are actually the words used in her bio and it's all accurate. What's not in the story is how she got there. Credit her marriage and ensuing divorce for the getting her to where she is today, one of Canada's top up and coming comedians. She is often recognized locally as a radio personality, filling in on Virgin Radio Montreal; nationally as a former host of the venerable...


Episode 86: Jean Marie Heimrath is in the Audience Business

Jean-Marie Heimrath became interested in podcast sometime in November 2016. He has always been fascinated by the business side of the entertainment industry he has worked in. Whether it be the record industry when he worked for Island Records, the business of radio syndication when he worked for the Sound Source Radio Network., or being at the forefront of streaming with Iceberg Radio. His knowledge of monetizing content is incredible and will have you re-thinking exactly what business you...


Episode 85: Art Vuolo, Radio's Best Friend

Art Vuolo was radio's best friend long before Scott Shannon knighted him with that legendary slogan. Throughout the decades, Art has been a mainstay at conventions andin the hallways of radio stations with the latest video technology ready to capture incredible radio moments. From the early days of Vuolo Video Airchecks for the radio programmers and performers, to the Radio Guide for travelling radio listeners, Art is radio's biggest advocate. In this episode, we talk about how both those...


Episode 84: Sharon Taylor Tells (Almost) All

Sharon Taylor's radio career has criss-crossed the country from Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, London, Ottawa and Toronto. Her love and passion for radio programming has made her one of my calls I make when I need an opinion. This includes the time we worked at competing stations in the same market. Between our stations, we had the top 4 morning shows in the city and loved to have to odd conversation about the market Last July, I had a chance to connect with her again and I regretted not having my...