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The Sound Off Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions about Broadcasting, podcasting and New Media. Matt Cundill is a 20 year veteran of the radio industry and has worked on air, and as a program director. Matt now works with broadcasters and podcasters to increase their audience and the amount of time engaged on their audio.

The Sound Off Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions about Broadcasting, podcasting and New Media. Matt Cundill is a 20 year veteran of the radio industry and has worked on air, and as a program director. Matt now works with broadcasters and podcasters to increase their audience and the amount of time engaged on their audio.


Winnipeg , Manitoba




The Sound Off Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions about Broadcasting, podcasting and New Media. Matt Cundill is a 20 year veteran of the radio industry and has worked on air, and as a program director. Matt now works with broadcasters and podcasters to increase their audience and the amount of time engaged on their audio.






Tony Lorino: Throwback Nation

Things got a little weird at a conference a few years ago. There was a Michael Jackson impersonator, then the next conference it was Prince, then Madonna.... what was going on? Turns out those impersonators were a stunt by the people at Throwback Nation, a newly created syndicated show that was going to be targeting Classic hits stations across America. The former Entercom PD of great radio stations like Star 94.1 in Atlanta, and 99.7 the Point in Kansas had worked his way up through Go...


Corey Tremere: P.E.I. Corey

I always have a strong sense about what's going on in P.E.I. Every morning I wake up and Corey Tremere's twitter account has all the latest from Prince Edward Island flowing. I'm two hours behind in the central time zone, so his midday show is my morning show. Ocean 100 has been the Island's #1 commercial radio station since it went on the air in 1974 at the 1190AM position. It then got a new address at 720AM in 1987, and a new frequency at Ocean 100.3FM in 2006. There's something wonderful...


Chris Cruise: Throwback Nation 2k

Chris Cruise never had a radio career; he's always been a content creator. The Detroit native was let go from Entercom's Amp Radio 98.7 and attempted the sales thing before returning to his roots as a teacher at Chris can be heard on a number of station's across America already, but you're about to hear a lot more of him with the launch of Throwback Nation 2K in January. The original classic hits juggernaut Throwback Nation is a the creation of Tony Lorino, and will now branch out in the...


Paul Kaye: Radio No Longer A Walk in the Park

Paul Kaye is the VP of Music Brands and In House Production at Rogers. When he was hired in July of 2017, it was mentioned that his position is an evolving one. True to that statement - his position remains as fluid as ever given the accelerating change for the medium and for the content creators who work in it. The last time we had Paul on the show, it was December 2016 and he was fulfilling a role at Newcap Radio. We haven't felt the need to have him back because the episode was very...


Kevin Getz On My Podcast

Kevin Getz is the swing announcer at 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. He recently came out with a brand new album. What makes the album unique is that it is a spoken word album full of his radio breaks. The collection of audio is an attempt to make his audio more durable, sustainable, marketable, and less disposable. In this episode, Kevin and I talked a lot about how breaks are put together, but what happens after that break is aired. He admits he is a hoarder and that he keeps everything he airs...


Lili Wexu: Hear That Voice Again

Lili Wexu is a voice actress based in Los Angeles but started in Montreal. You might say this is all Howard Stern's fault. Back in the late 90's Howard Stern was syndicated to Q107 in Toronto and CHOM in Montreal. The result for the former was a failed venture, the latter was a near disaster. CHOM's longtime competitor at the time was Mix 96, who courted disenfranchised francophones to their station but using Lili as imaging talent. Rob Braide was general manager at Mix 96 and had been apart...


Maureen Holloway With the Last Word

I never realized how lucky I was to work alongside Maureen Holloway - until I no longer did. Mo is now the morning host with Darren B. Lamb on 98.1 CHFI in Toronto. Maureen is brutally honest about her career, her family, her relationships and her 2005 battle with cancer. I was working in Montreal at the time and she was quite open with the Mix 96 audience at the time. I did not know that she had not shared that with the rest of the radio affiliates outside of Montreal and Toronto. In this...


More Talk, Less Rock

Matt is on the road in Quebec this week and explains that the spoken word has more than than music to radio programmers. Canadian radio regulations need to be reviewed and instead of focusing on Cancon for music - maybe the CRTC should be focusing on regulating who is doing the talking and from where. In this episode, we made mention of Kevin Getz's from 102.1 the Edge. He just releases an album where he monetizes his audio content. You can buy it on Apple Music, Amazon and Google...


Tom Webster: Edison Research

Tom Webster is a Senior VP at Edison Research. There are a few spots on our company calendar we circle in anticipation of Tom. It's either a data release for Edison's Share of Ear, an Infinite Dial Study, or an address at Podcast Movement. This month we would have heard Tom at PM20 but with 2020 being as it is, this episode will have to serve as our fix. In this episode you will hear about some of the differences between Canadian and U.S. radio listening habits, our discussion around...


Pete Marier: Being Bad Pete

How did Pete Marier become Bad Pete? He tells us. I spent my teenage years listening to Pete Marier on my clock radio when he was at 980 CKGM and 95.9 CJFM. The next decade Pete was a co-worker and we've been friends since. We are not strangers to Winnipeg and Montreal radio, nor the task of raising three boys, So we always have lots of talk about. A lot of people don’t immediately associate Pete with being Bob-FM's first morning host when the format was launched back in 2002 in Winnipeg. He...


Julie James: Musically, Vocally, Personally

In this episode Julie and I talk about working from home, having to adjust while doing multiple radio tasks including imaging, music programming, music meetings, and building a home office. It's the little things like an extra monitor or a chair to endure prolonged periods of work. I also asked Julie about the AC format and how it has evolved over the last few years, some of the tools she uses to help make music decisions, what it all takes to keep great radio stations sounding awesome, and...


Alan Cross: What Happens To Music?

Alan Cross loves music. Over the last few months we have done a few episodes discussing radio on a pandemic planet. But what about the music industry? What about the business side of music? It is especially curious given that music's entire business model has been turned on its head since 1999. Income has shifted from selling physical music to subscriptions and live touring; the latter of which is now effectively cancelled for this year, and possibly next year. In this episode, Alan talks...


Stu Jefferies: Mornings Boom 97.3 Toronto

If you're a Gen Xer, you likely know Stu Jefferies. He was the host of the venerable CBC TV show Good Rockin' Tonight which ran from 1983 to 1993. The Canadian reply to NBC's Friday Night Videos carried it's weight and powered the Cancon to kids whose parents were too cheap to spring for MuchMusic. Yes... this was a thing. If all you know about Stu is his stint on TV, then here is the rest of the radio story. It all started in Winnipeg, went to Saskatchewan, Vancouver, Edmonton, and then...


Getting Messy with Jesse and Jenna

When we had Jenna on our podcast 18 months ago, she was in the throes on getting ousted from a gig she loved on a station where they were working hard and building a following. It's a tall order to compete in a market like Ottawa where their direct competition is #1 and have been for 15 years. Since then, Jesse and Jenna launched a podcast and with the help of Blast The Radio, they have found the podcast strut after 200 episodes. Like any podcaster who is in it for the long haul, they had to...


Jay Richardson: Power by Day, Jets Voice at Night.

Here's something you need to know about Jay Richardson. He's a really nice guy. Know what else? He's a true empathetic soul who cares. Which is why he always feels a little uneasy about the present and especially the future. However, we spoke a lot about the past in this episode. Jay is the afternoon drive host at Power 97 in Winnipeg, which is where he started the on-air portion of his radio career back in 2007. One day while worrying about the future, he came into my office and we can up...


Lochlin Cross: Loc'r Room Talk

Lochlin Cross is the morning show host at Cruz 95.7 in Edmonton along with Grant Johnston and James White. He spent time in Winnipeg and Edmonton programming two heavy hitter rock stations in Power 97 and K-Rock 97.3. Which got switched back to K97 at some point but we were too lazy to look it up. He also did on air stints at other rock powerhouses like 100.3 The Bear in Edmonton and the Max in Prince George. And why doesn't he play Rush? And what's the deal with the Harmonica he whips out...


Abe Hefter: How To News and Sports

Abe Hefter and I finally crossed paths in 2002. I recall hearing him on CJFM (FM96) in the 80's, and in 2002 we convened on Fort Street at that station when CHOM, Mix96 and CJAD merged itself into one entity. Abe began to transition into academia in 2003 when he received an opportunity to teach part time at Concordia University. There's something about teaching that brings out the energy in Abe. Very simply, you can hear it in the episode when we talk about inspiring the next generation of...


Mistress Carrie: Now Unfiltered and Uncensored

Mistress Carrie spent 22 years on air and a handful more working in promotions at WAAF. She spent most of her life before that listening and loving the station. She figured one day it would all end with her "moving on" as many in the business do. But what she and many did not expect was for its parent company to sell the frequency to K-Love for ten million dollars; something that also happened to the Sound in Los Angeles. On February 20, WAAF ceased to exist, leaving Boston without the...


Heather Osgood: Podcast Advertising 101

Heather Osgood is the founder of True Native Media and answered all of our questions about podcast advertising. I first met Heather back in 2017 and was fascinated with the vision she had for her company. While the idea of media buying was not new, being a media buyer for podcasts was. It is believed that podcast advertising will hit a billion dollars by 2021, and I took interest in the methods used to connect podcasters with podcast ads. A few weeks later, I shifted this podcast to a new...


Jillene Khan: Magic, Madison and Minneapolis

Jillene Khan is the afternoon host on Magic 98 in Madison, Wisconsin. Her story to radio is rooted in Minneapolis. From growing up listening to great personalities like Tony Fly from KDWB and Tom Bernard on KQRS to a time when her family was apart of Dave Ryan's Christmas Wish back in the 90's. Jillene is an ideal guest to bring on at a time when many people in her hometown are struggling with death of George Floyd at the hands 4 Minneapolis police officers. In the episode, you'll hear...