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The Milkman Continues to Blast the Radio

It's been nearly three years since we spoke to John Mielke, aka The Milkman. You might remember we had him on the show for episode 9. But that was a long time ago and so much has changed since then. He still has his websites including Blast The Radio and Milkman Unlimited. He's also added podcast producing to the mix as well. John tells us a little bit about the Jesse and Jenna podcast he produces, along with how he prepares for each show on Blast the Radio he does, and fills us in on his...


Genevieve Borne: Distinctly Quebecois

Genevieve Borne is really talented. I met her in 1992 after a concert and was enamoured with her immediately. She is a bridge to the province I love, and a broadcaster I respect and emulate where applicable. In short, I love this woman's tenacity and ability to say, "I'm going for it." In this episode you'll hear why Quebec is special, has the star system Canada has failed to replicate, and how her skills as a photographer, host, storyteller, radio host, model, personality and TV star has...


Terry O'Reilly: Under The Influence

Terry O'Reilly is a radio guy. He will tell you on the show that he is an ad guy - and that might be partially true. However, it is apparent that when you listen to his take on the world of media, advertising, marketing and radio, that he is grounded in radio. His show, Under the Influence, which grew from its previous incarnation of The Age of Persuasion (2006-2011) and O'Reilly on Advertising (2005). The show is now in its eighth season on CBC Radio and has expanded further into the...


The Big Story's First Year

It sounds easy. Produce a compelling 15 to 20 minute piece of audio every day about a Canadian news story. And then you find out it isn't easy. For the last year, Jordan Heath-Rawlings has been doing just that with Frequency Network's flagship podcast, The Big Story. Mildly modelled after the NY Times' podcast, The Daily, the Big Story has shone the spotlight on Canadian stories ranging from the rat and transit problems in Toronto, to Canada's legalization of pot, and the inane plebiscite on...


Bob Harris: Some Serious Fun

Bob Harris has had an incredible radio journey that has spanned Peterborough, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton. Along the way it has been about the people. He'll be the first to admit that he made mistakes along the way and learned on the job through the mentorship of General managers like Rob Braide, the late Gary Russell, Tom Peacock and Pat Holiday. Bob also worked with Canada's two biggest morning shows in Gerry Forbes in Calgary, and Terry Dimonte & Ted Bird in Montreal. Full...


Is Radio Podcasting's Best Promo Ally?

This week, I want to give everyone something to think about. And that's the power of radio and what it might mean to podcasting. When Tom Webster released the Infinite Dial Canada 2019 study at Canadian Music Week, one slide caught my eye. Actually a number of slides did including weekly podcasting listening rising to 23% and monthly to 36%, but it was when he broke out the monthly podcast listening slide that I went, "Okayyyyyyyy....". And I wondered about it ever since. In this podcast...


Big Rick Daniels: Evolving Terrestrially and Digitally

Big Rick Daniels grew up in Indiana. If you had to name famous people from the state, there's the obvious like John Mellencamp, the Jackson's and the sitting Vice President of the United States. Perhaps you are fan enough to mention David Letterman or David Lee Roth. But in broadcast circles, the state has a long a wonderful broadcast history that started with WOWO and set a standard emulated for decades to come. Rick was fortunate enough to work with a number of those people starting with...


Kelly Alexander: Going Beyond Radio

Kelly Alexander is a team player, and great interviewer and knows her audience. It doesn't matter what radio station she is on, or what platform she is immersed with - she understands her audience and is the conduit between what is happening in the studio, and what is going on in her listeners lives. Not everyone is born with the super power of empathy but it also didn't hurt that she was a producer and call screener for some top rated radio shows at CJAD in Montreal and CFRB in Toronto. You...


Sammy Kohn: Radio, CD's, the 90's & The Watchmen

Sammy Kohn is the drummer for Canada's the Watchmen. He will contend that he is a realtor in the Greater Toronto Area, but so long as the Watchmen keep getting played on the radio and the band continues playing a few shows a year, he will be known first as the drummer of the Watchmen. Formed in Winnipeg in the late 80's, the band wrote, recorded, and released their first CD in 1992 called "McLaren Furnace Room", which was followed with a subsequent major label release two years later "In the...


Canadian Radio: Let's Get Together

This week, Matt talks about his time at Canadian Music Week and after years of everyone staying mum on regulatory issues, there is a consensus that it's time to install the latest Radio update. Left unanswered is the who, how and when, but the why answers are transparent. Declining revenue, changing audio consumption habits and new players and platforms have left radio in a weakened position. The keynote speaker at Canadian Music Week was Radio Futurologist James Cridland who suggested that...


Nat & Drew: Once Fired To Be Hired

Yes it happened way back when. Nat & Drew were fired and then were hired as their own replacements. I've been dying to hear the story since the day it happened back in 2008. But there's so much more to the story in the conversation we had recorded from the QM 103.5 studios one Friday after their show. There's the story of how they first met and what Drew really thought of Nat. There's also the evolution of the show going from just them to being flanked by talent like Erin Davis (The West...


The Very Versatile Brad Karp

Brad Karp is the winner of the 2019 Alan Waters Young Broadcaster of the year award in memory of Steve Young. Born and raised on Montreal's West Island, Brad grew up with a steady dose of Terry Dimonte and Ted Bird on CHOM. After Algonquin College, Brad found himself working in Thompson, Manitoba and later Fort McMurray, Alberta where he does the morning show at Country 93.3. Here is the release from JJ Johnston & Bob Saint. If you would like to know more about Steve Young - check out this...


Steve Anthony: The Boy In The Box

Steve Anthony retired from active broadcasting about a year ago, moved to Prince Edward County, and took his business ventures with him for the ride. He and a wife Tanya who has been riding shotgun with Steve since 1997, have enough stories for a book he says he will never write. I spoke to Steve about his early days at John Abbott College on Montreal's West Island, to his time at 980 CKGM and then down the 401 to work for Gary Slaight at Toronto's Q107. As I spoke to Steve, I learned a few...


Ian Howarth: Rockin' Radio Days.

Ian Howarth taught in Montreal for many years, and one of his passions was radio. He knew one day he would want to write a book about all those wonderful moments and sounds that emanated from great radio stations like 1490 CFOX, 980 CKGM, and later CHOM 97.7 once AOR became a thing in the early 70's. In this episode you'll hear names like Dave Boxer, Charles P. Rodney Chandler. (Chuck Chandler) Marc "Mais Oui" Denis, Ralph Lockwood and many more. Buy the book here: Special Thanks to Marc...


Alyssa Page on the End

Alyssa Page grew up in Connecticut, found her way on to the radio by doing everything. Then worked her ass off to get to Atlanta and then a dream position on the legendary 107.7 The End in Seattle. This podcast marks the third member of the radio station to appear on the podcast, and with good reason. The station is oft quoted as one other station's could look to for innovative and brilliant ideas. So what's it like to work there? Alyssa answered those questions along with sharing some of...


Paul Jacobs: Stop Selling Radio

In this episode we spend time discussing the challenges involved with selling at a radio station in this digital revolution. His solution is rather simple: Stop Selling Radio. We discuss best practices for implementing new sales strategies, focus on some radio stations doing this right, and get slightly controversial (or innovative?) when it comes to selling podcasts. Radio may be going about it all wrong. Definitely subscribe to the Jacob's Media Daily Blog. Paul will also be honoured at...


I Am Irish Dave

I missed my first chance to meet Irish Dave. I wasn't going to miss my second. In the days after a Saint Patrick's Day that fell on a Sunday, I caught up with the U93 morning show host and learned a lot about the show host I have listened to on and off over the last 6 months. Now I knew that he was marrying his co-host Christine, but learned more about how they met. Originally, I connected with Dave on Twitter; likely chatting about radio. We failed to connect at the Conclave; in fact I had...


How Very Meredith Geddes of Her

She answered the very first question I asked her correctly. She was supposed to get it wrong. How Very Meredith Geddes of her. Meredith Geddes arrived in Vancouver at the World Famous CFOX and pretty much everything changed. She'd never been out west before and was about to take a big step in her radio career. From evenings, the shifts began to fall her way; whether it was voice tracking a daypart in another part of the country, then co-hosting the afternoon show with Jeremy Baker, or...


Corey Dylan: Undeniably Resilient

Corey Dylan understands resilience. The longtime Tampa Bay radio personality was let go from Cox owned WFLA in the summer of 2016. In that time since, she continued working her voiceover clients, hosted a few television shows, and tried her hand at podcasting. She also never gave up in her quest to get back into radio. That meant networking at conferences at a moment when funds were at a premium, and putting herself out there when it could be most uncomfortable. I was turned on to Corey's...


Tom Leykis: Blow Me Up Tom

Tom Leykis understands how radio works. He understands people and how they engage with radio. The Long Island kid who spent his first radio show playing Glen Pitney (and loathing it), became one of America's most renowned talk show hosts. He would go to war against other talk show hosts. He spoke in this podcast of the time that he challenged Neil Rodgers to a fight on the streets of Miami, and started off his shows stating that his show is the one, "not hosted by a right-wing wacko or a...