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Holistic approach to eCommerce & entrepreneurship. A podcast in which we cover topics with radical transparency to help you achieve mastery and excellence in your craft.

Holistic approach to eCommerce & entrepreneurship. A podcast in which we cover topics with radical transparency to help you achieve mastery and excellence in your craft.


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Holistic approach to eCommerce & entrepreneurship. A podcast in which we cover topics with radical transparency to help you achieve mastery and excellence in your craft.




#45 Deividas - 3 eCommerce Needle Movers to Scale eCom Business Past $3M Monthly Revenue

This podcast is different from others. In this 17-minute, action-packed podcast, Deividas shares the results of the 2-3 week research project he was working on with consultants and research & consumer marketers. Here's what he covers: the 3 biggest needle movers he found to scale eCommerce businesses past the $3M monthly revenue cap, copywriting tips using an incredibly underrated marketing channel, a problem-solving meeting formula that helped when he was overwhelmed with meetings, and...


#44 Deividas & Kris - BFCM: Masterplan How to Generate 45% of Your Yearly Revenue in 3 Months

This is another Deividas & Kris podcast in which they discuss a highly anticipated topic... Black Friday Cyber Monday. They talk all things eCommerce ad buying strategies, how to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday day-by-day, the exact marketing channels and platforms used (and how), and more. Watch out for the email marketing approach Deividas used to generate up to $300K in a matter of just 3 days and other 7 figure level advice within...


#43 Deividas & Kris - Lessons Learned Scaling Past $30M/y and Hiring Experienced Management

In this episode, Kris joins Deividas to discuss lessons learned scaling past $30M/year and hiring experienced management operators. Kris and Deividas share their thoughts, experience, and insights on management, relinquishing control to their teams, focusing on long-term revenue, and more. Like the classic saying goes, you jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down. Listen to the podcast to find out how to make sure your plane is operating and your team members are doing their best...


#42 Ryan Mckenzie - Going from 0 to $2M/mo With Subscription Business in 1 year

In this podcast, Deividas is joined by Ryan Mckenzie - co-founder of Tru Earth (eco-friendly laundry detergent) and an entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience under his belt. In one and a half years, Ryan and his team then managed to scale to around $2M in monthly revenue from explosive growth and in the podcast, he discusses with Deividas how they managed to do this, his approach to subscription businesses, having the entrepreneurial mindset, and more.


#41 Kilian Markert - Higher Performance, Habits, Sleep and Identity Change

In this podcast, Deividas links up with Kilian Markert to talk about a recurring and favorite topic on the Sugatan Effect podcast - personal development and mental health. They discuss how to form habits, make sure you stick to them and optimize your approach (down to the environment and mindset) to achieve your goals. According to Kilian, the core pillars of high-performing individuals come down to energy, attention, and mindset/identity. And in the podcast, he explains how to approach each...


#40 Darius Kunca - From Stuttering to 7-figure Agency Owner

In this podcast, Deividas talks with Darius - co-founder of AdKings (eCommerce growth agency) who’s been working in eCommerce for 7-8 years now. They touch on all things from mental health and finding direction in life to scaling businesses within eCommerce to 6-7+ figures and the behind-the-scenes of running a growth-hacking agency.


#39 Tom Shipley - The Secrets Of Selling $1bn Worth of DTC Products

In this podcast, Deividas sits down with Tom Shipley - entrepreneur, eCommerce investor, and strategist advisor behind 6 figure eCommerce businesses. Tom’s brands have sold over $1B through direct-to-consumer Marketing and retail. And now, he shares some of the most important eCommerce and business lessons learned throughout his career for over 21 years now.


#38 Deividas & Kris – Optimizing for Success: Unblocking Bottlenecks and Winning Processes

Deividas and Kris talk about processes that take eCommerce businesses to the next level (based on personal experiences), challenges along the way, and lessons learned hiring specialists vs generalists. In this episode, Kris shares it all - her approach to bottlenecks, how to optimize processes for people in your team, and how to overcome challenges that prevent you from advancing your business to the next level. Expect specific examples, relevant case studies, and highly actionable advice...


#37 Fares Benouhiba – How to Spend $300k/Month Profitably on Snapchat Ads

In this podcast, Deividas talks with Fares Benouhiba - former artists manager, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur working with 7 & 8 figure DTC brands. Fares shares his story of how he came from making around 200€ a month in Africa to owning his own record label, and then, a marketing agency in Europe. Fares shares his thoughts and experiences with running eCommerce businesses, learning marketing from scratch, spending $300k monthly on Snapchat ads, and more...


#36 Kristaps Beltins - How We Generated $350k/month And Growing With Influencer Marketing

Deividas and Kristaps catch up on all things influencer marketing after their last podcast 6-7 months ago. Now things are a bit different. They discuss the process that goes behind making $350K/month in influencer marketing, Kristaps breaks down his exact process for emailing 400+ influencers in a week, shares some of his favorite influencer outreach tools, platforms, and more.


#35 Saul Colt – Non-Traditional Marketing and Stunts With The Smartest Man In The World

In this podcast, Deividas is joined by Saul Colt, the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world, to talk about non-traditional forms of marketing. Saul shares his stories of successful marketing stunts (from skywriting to a naked fashion show for a belt company), talks word-of-mouth marketing, and describes how to approach personality-based marketing...


#34 Emma Fallman - What PR Consulting is Really Like: Brand Building, and Stories of Ad Agencies

In this episode, Deividas talks with Emma - Sugatan's new PR consultant on her background, how she gets things done, and what's it REALLY like to be working in PR. Emma shares her stories from working in different ad agencies, her process on how to get magazines to write about you (without you having to ask), and the importance of storytelling within your brand. Be sure to also keep an ear out for what Emma recommends to those just getting into PR...


#33 Deividas & Kris - 2+ Years' Worth of Knowledge in Creative Ads and Running Sugatan

It’s been almost 2 years since Kris founded Sugatan. And now, to take us back, Kris and Deividas share stories, lessons learned, successes, and failures in testing creatives and running the agency. She explains some of the most important conversion-driven principles when it comes to creatives, different marketing tactics, and biggest lessons learned running the agency.


#32 Holly Rae Lattire - Creating the Winning Video Ad

Deividas and Holly (Sugatan's video ad director) discuss what goes behind creating the winning video ad. Holly talks about her process, standard operating procedures, and lessons learned being with Sugatan and scaling businesses for the past 2 years. She explains how to get your video ad to stand out, and some of the best video practices for brands to scale.


#31 Deividas & Kris - Building an eCommerce Brand From Scratch, Importance of Proper Workflow, and the Structure for Success

Deividas and Kris are back at it again. This time, they come around to discuss how to start a brand new eCommerce business from scratch, the importance of a proper workflow, and how to plan for success. Kris explains her new contextual process for finding the winning eCommerce product, and how she would plan everything out step-by-step...


#30 Arnas Jacevicius - How to Generate $12M In Monthly Revenue Using Facebook Ads, Mindset Change & Mental Health

Deividas and Arnas discuss generating $12M in monthly revenue using Facebook Ads, testing different creative types, their mindset change, and more. Arnas explains what changed since the last time they spoke (when they were discussing how to spend $80K profitably in Facebook Ads), discusses some of the biggest potential needle movers in the industry, and the importance of thinking big...


#29 Jure Knehtl - Influencer Marketing, Scaling Up, and Going Glocal

In this episode, Deividas and Jure catch up for the first time since Jure’s visit to Lithuania. Jure, the CEO of WeScale and all-around expert in influencer marketing and eCommerce scaling, first reached out to Deividas in 2019 with some advice on scaling his business. And now, he’s back to talk about all things influencer marketing, how he got his start, eCommerce scaling, and more. When Jure first got his start in digital marketing, around 6 years ago, it was a completely different...


#28 Eimantas Spitrys - What Ad Buying is REALLY Like

Kris Sugatan and her right-hand Ad Buyer, Eimantas Spitrys, have a candid conversation around what it takes to become a really good Facebook Ad Buyer, how long it takes to master the game, what are the success factors that contribute to a successful account, and bust all the myths that are out there about Media Buying. When Sugatan was looking to hire a new Ad Buyer, we had around 35 applicants for that position. Eimantas stood out from all of those people, even though he had been doing it...


#27 John Hagan - Attribution Models, PR and Getting From 8 Figures to 9

In this episode, Deividas has invited John Hagan, the Director of Growth at PURELEI, back on the show for his second visit on the Sugatan Effect Podcast. John has worked with brands that have over 100 employees and has helped to scale them over 8 figures. Deividas & John touch on their annoyances that the current pandemic is bringing to them. Luckily, they are both able to earn money working from home, but they’re still human beings with social needs and habits, which are currently...


#26 Deividas & Kris - Scaling eCommerce Brands During Covid-19

The Sugatan Effect podcast - the podcast where eCommerce marketers, advertisers & entrepreneurs meet and share the knowledge. Super relatable and personal podcast how Deividas & Kris are dealing during these uncertain times. Nearly all of the brands Sugatan is working with is now scaling, while the entire economy seems to be going south. How are they dealing with that? What kind of strategies work? Join them for a 50 minutes of business and personal talk.