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What makes great leaders? Join Coach Curl as he takes you on a journey exploring the principles of great leadership. Sharing tried and tested leadership along with the latest research around neuroscience, mindset, and behaviour, helping you navigate the complex and creating simple. Take bold, courageous steps towards better leadership.

What makes great leaders? Join Coach Curl as he takes you on a journey exploring the principles of great leadership. Sharing tried and tested leadership along with the latest research around neuroscience, mindset, and behaviour, helping you navigate the complex and creating simple. Take bold, courageous steps towards better leadership.






What makes great leaders? Join Coach Curl as he takes you on a journey exploring the principles of great leadership. Sharing tried and tested leadership along with the latest research around neuroscience, mindset, and behaviour, helping you navigate the complex and creating simple. Take bold, courageous steps towards better leadership.




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#270 - Monday Mentoring - Narrow Your Focus

We are 3 weeks into our new year and there is potential for you to have lost sight of the potential that 2021 could be bringing to you. You may have settled back into the same old, same old syndrome or lost your way with distractions or competing priorities That's why this week I want you to "narrow your focus" Now is the time for you to take control of your leadership growth in this disruptive world we navigate. Our aim to help you become the leader you need to be, today. If you are...


#269 - Five Leadership Skills to be Developed in 2021 - Listening

There is no doubt that everyone listening to this, has leadership skills. And over the next year or so, I believe it is imperative to continue to grow and develop your skills. And I want to share five that you should focus on to ensure you remain relevant as a leader. Over the month of January, I will dive into each of these skill sets to really help you in your leadership journey. The five skills to really focus on your development this year are - Listen (Listen to Understand) - Empathy...


267 Monday Mentoring - Hold My Beer, The Demons of 2020

Last week, I spoke to you about respecting your energy and doing an energy audit. I mentioned that we knew what we were facing in terms of environment and limitations Maybe I spoke too soon? The event of last week - whether it is the events in the USA, the tech giants flexing their muscle, The brisbane lockdown after one case of the new strain of corona virus, provide that the demons of 2020 have infiltrated 2021 and while we may believe that we have learnet to work in this environment,...


#266 = Monday Mentoring - Creating Energy for 2021

Welcome to 2021 and your first Monday Mentoring session for the year. In this episode, I speak to being very protective of your energy and to do an energy audit. Do the audit this week. Look for things, places, people that drain your energy, (become conscious to limit them, or create a strategy on how to manage them) and what brings you energy Get all the episodes at Thanks for listening to our Monday Mentoring session today. I hope it will give you the...


265 Now is the Time to Become the Best You in 2021

Many people have shared that 2020 wasn't the year we had planned... I keep hearing that. The big question here is what did you plan? Conquer the year, 2020 was actually quite successful for my group. 80% achieved what they set out to, while the remainder changed course and we supported them through their changes. In today’s disruptive world, good leadership skills will always stand you in great stead. If you are looking to build better leadership skills, check out The Todays Leader...


#264 The Today's Leader Christmas Show

Christmas is a time of hope and optimism and being with loved ones. While you may not be with your loved ones due to COVID and the challenges it has brought, I hope you can find a way to refresh, reflect, and regenerate. Merry Christmas from The Today's Leader Podcast. Sharing stories, strategies, and recommended books for 2021.


263 - Belinda-Jane Dolan Creating the Framework for Corporate Happiness and Performance

Hey there and welcome to 263 of The Today's Leader Podcast, our final interview episode of 2020. I just want to take the time to thank you for listening to the show as we evolved during the year to focus more on leadership and business. We have had some amazing guests and I thank them for their time and their tips and advice they shared. Hopefully, you have found the show to be of benefit as you navigate the world of leadership in your business and organisation. Today's guest is someone I...


262 Monday Mentoring - Understanding Your Customer Mindset

Hey there and welcome to Monday Mentoring. On episode 261 of the Today s Leader Podcast, we interviewed revenue expert Kristen Zhivago who shared some amazing insights into what businesses are doing wrong in their marketing and lead generation approach. She spoke about the marketing mindset of the customer when they are ready to buy. And after the interview, I spoke a little about this. But today I want to broaden the concept. Who is YOUR Customer? Get all the episodes at...


#261 Kristin Zhivago - Putting on the Buyers Hat

Welcome to 261 of The Today's leader podcast. This week, it is with great pleasure that I welcome Kristen Zhivago to the show. This was a recent chat where Kristen shares her experience leading the charge on being a revenue coach and helping businesses generated more leads and revenue. This is a conversation not to miss. While this conversation is being had in many different spheres, Kristen genuinely walks that talk. Some of the key points we dive into. - Understanding the state of the...


#260 Monday Mentoring - Your Inner Authority

What is inner authority? To me this means alignment. But the comparison is the point between inner and external authority. This is a strong element of human design here and it’s who we are that drives this. Inner authority means living life, making decisions, and being confident in living authentically in alignment with who you are internal. Decisions guided by your core values, our authentic selves. A life lived authentically, aligned to our inner selves, driven by a purpose Get all the...


#259 Robert Kittridge- Inner Authority, Leading with Inner Alignment

Welcome to Episode 259 of the podcast and this episode features the journey of Robert Kittridge. I have known Robert when I joined the John Maxwell team and he was part of the welcome that makes that team so special. Robert has been on a journey of self-discovery and creating his true inner alignment. His word of the year is FOCUS and I believe that will become evident during the conversation. Robert shares insights around: - Inner Alignment - Inner Authority - Quiet Leadership - The...


#258 Monday Mentoring - Two of the Best Leadership Hacks

That one thing is that there is no one thing about leadership. Leadership develops daily, and it's through our intention and awareness that we improve. And that brings us to two of the best intentional hacks you can do that will bring benefit to you as a leader These two hacks are time tested, true, and worthwhile. They are also hacking that everyone can do, you don't need any specific skillset, qualification, or experience and you can start today... But be warned, many people give them...


257 Laura Goodrich - Leading Change? Be at the Front of the Line

Hi There and welcome to Episode 257 of The Today's Leader Podcast. In this episode, I bring you an interview with the inspirational Laura Goodrich. You may recall that name from episode 247 where I provided a review of her book, Seeing Red Cars. That episode led to a chain reaction of events and we ended up connecting and as a result, this interview. Laura is doing some amazing things currently, with programs like Remote Leadershift and it was exciting not just to connect, but to hear some...


#256 Monday Mentoring - Understanding Others to Communicate Better

Hey there and welcome to Monday Mentoring. Leanne Wyvill, the communication champion was featured sharing gold plated tips around how you as a leader can communicate and connect better. Episode 255 was a ripper. One of the key problems was the stressors found in the team that challenges the entire communication process. The sending, the receiving of messages and the comprehension. The stressors in the team relate to many things but generally relate to misunderstandings. And if you have led...


255 - Leanne Wyvill - Self Awareness and Shared Outcomes

Welcome to Episode 255 of the Todays Leader. Over the last couple of episodes, we have visited amazing leaders in Papua New Guinea and from the White House, while today we are a little closer to home. A key figure in the Innovation and Communications space, Leanne Wyvill brings value to business and leaders right here from South East Queensland Leanne helps teams work better together by boosting their communication confidence and capability. Drawing on my extensive experience in corporate...


254 Monday Mentoring - The After Action Review

Episode 253 of the Today's Leader Podcast featured Robert Bo Brabo, a former military leader who also led operational and communications teams serving both President Bush and Obama in the white house. If you haven't checked it out, please ensure you do a fascinating and illuminating discussion with an international leader. During our conversation, Bo mentioned the importance of After Action Reviews. Now, these are very important in mission-critical projects that you could find in the white...


253 - Robert Bo Brabo - From the Military to The White House to the Boardroom

Welcome to #253 of The Today's Leader Podcast This episode is one of those times, where you do truly count your blessings. I have been privileged to interview some amazing leaders from around the world and today is no different. Robert "Bo" Brabo is today's guest and the interview is amazing. Bo and I discussed - Values Based and getting the right fit for your team. - How Values-based businesses gain greater engagement and as an outcome of that greater profits - Zero defect environment...


252 Monday Mentoring - Choosing Your Mentor

Hey and welcome to Monday Mentoring. Ian Clough the Chairman of the Brian Bell Group in Papua New Guinea and when asked about great leadership and the traits great leaders exhibit, he spoke to the great mentors he had enjoyed during his career. He mentioned humility, warmth, and authenticity are vital for good leadership. He also mentioned the power of having great mentors, from a career perspective, they can really bring you along with them. Today I want to help you choose a mentor for...


251 Ian Clough - Warmth, Empathy and Intent in Leadership

Welcome to 251 of The Today's leader Podcast. Today is a real pleasure and an honor as I introduce you to Ian Clough. Ian is the Chairman of The Brian Bell Group, a major organization in Papua New Guinea. Ian's leadership journey has been an inspiring one to say the least, while Sir Brian Bell, was his grandfather, Ian forged ultimately a national career with some of Australia's leading retailers, and household names, Kmart, Bunnings, Coles Liquor, Coles, and target, forging his own career,...


#250 Monday Mentoring People & Profit- You Can Have Both

In episode 249 we featured the conversation with Jen Thornton. There were some amazing insights, not the least that she left an Instagram perfect international career to embark on her own in helping businesses perform with their people. During the conversation, she shared insight into how businesses can embrace people and profit. In fact, when we embrace people, the profit will nearly always follow. You can have both. But why don't people embrace this? We explore the reasons in this...