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TCS 009: How to Podcast with WordPress

10 steps to start podcasting Step 1: A dynamic cardioid microphone Audio-technica ATR-2100 $99 delivered Dynamic because they are more rugged, need no external power and less sensitive to subtle background noises. Cardioid because it will allows you to record in any room without the need for sound treatment due to its pickup pattern being specifically in front and close to the mic It’s USB and XLR so it will grow with you Lots of podcasters use the so there’s a lot of help videos out there...


TCS 008: Using social platforms to connect with your customers – with Tony Hollingsworth

A fascinating discussion with Tony Hollingsworth who has been using social media since most of them began as a heavy user. His insights will save you literally years of learning. Where to find Tony Mobile: 0410 665 832 Twitter: @hollingsworth LinkedIn: Instragram: @tonyhollingsworth and @omptymedia Tony's suggested people to follow Kate Carruthers - Twitter: @kcarruthers Gavin Heaton - Twitter: @servantofchaos Paul Wallbank - Twitter: @paulwallbank...


TCS 007: Finding joy at work, who knew – with Matt Featherstone

We've got Matt Featherstone here today on the podcast Matt's from Braidwood Consulting. He's a credited workplace coach and has a degree in psych from Macquarie Uni. Matt's contact information is: Website: Phone: +61 408 756 929 Facebook: LinkedIn Some quotes from the show "And often, you know, in our work as coaches, we challenge our coachees to say, stop, you're a round peg in a...


TCS 006: The Rise of Entrepreneurs in the country with Trish Sait

A fantastic interview with entrepreneur, marketer, web developer and wine lover Trish Sait who left the big smoke in Sydney and move to country Victoria to start a new chapter in her life. Trish has found it very rewarding being part of The Centre in Wangaratta to help the disengaged youth and adults finish their education and find jobs, further study and even setting up their own businesses and finding the success they deserve. Join us for this fascination chat about this area and a lot...


TCS 005: What’s coming up and our co-hosts new drawing service

This is a very short podcast to cover 2 things. Exciting upcoming shows There are 2 new episodes coming out in the next few weeks which are fantastic interviews with Trish Sait who talks about the rise of entrepreneurs in country areas. Matt Featherstone a workplace coach who will help you look at your current job happiness or lack of in a new way New drawing service offered by the 2 co-hosts Fynn and Sam. My 2 co-hosts Fynn and Sam are offering drawings on request for any project where...


TCS 004: A sugar addicts journey – one year with no sugar

I have had a long terrible relationship with sugar. As a baby I was given a flavoured sugar syrup as a pacifier which was common in the late 60's in Australia. So from the beginning of my life my body has craved sugar. This is my story 1 year after actually giving it up for good. Below is the transcript from the podcast so you can easily go to a point of interest and for the hearing impaired to be able to read it. Tony: [00:00:29] Hi everyone today I want to talk about my journey giving up...


TCS 003: Anyone yes anyone can roast their own coffee, no beard required

Why do it Home roasting is very easy and about costs maybe $20 in simple equipment to get started. You can have your first batch of coffee roasted in about 5 mins once you get just 2 pieces of gear and some green beans. Also you can roast in small batches so you have a continuous supply of freshly roasted coffee rather than getting to the bottom of stale bags. Negatives You can only small amounts at a time 100-150grams so don't expect to be supplying your extended family anytime soon. Also...


TCS 002: Hackers gonna hack

Here is a story about dealing with a website that has been hacked. I got an email from a digital agency I work with who had one of their websites hacked. This podcast walks through the process I followed to find and remove the hacking in relatively simple terms. This is what the website looked like Cpanel access You will need your cpanel login details for the webhosting you have for you website to follow these steps. Usually you can access it via your website addresss/cpanel eg...


TCS 001: Welcome to the Tony Cosentino Show

Welcome to the first episode for the Tony Cosentino Show. Today my co-host Sam and I kick things off with firstly and overview of the things I will be talking about in the podcast in future episodes like film photography, fountain pens, coffee roasting, WordPress, giving up sugar, coloured hair. The main subject of this episode is analogue photography as I think it is worth considering due to many things like ability to archive better for the long term ie 20 years, slowing down and taking...