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This is a collection of my obsessions turned into a vocal catalogue of in depth information about WordPress, phototgraphy, coffee roasting, cassettes, hifi gear, quiting sugar, karate, fountain pens so many areas I love and want to talk about coming your way.




This is a collection of my obsessions turned into a vocal catalogue of in depth information about WordPress, phototgraphy, coffee roasting, cassettes, hifi gear, quiting sugar, karate, fountain pens so many areas I love and want to talk about coming your way.





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TCS 009: How to Podcast with WordPress

10 steps to start podcasting Step 1: A dynamic cardioid microphone Audio-technica ATR-2100 $99 delivered Dynamic because they are more rugged, need no external power and less sensitive to subtle background noises. Cardioid because it will allows you to record in any room without the need for sound treatment due to its pickup pattern being specifically in front and close to the mic It’s USB and XLR so it will grow with you Lots of podcasters use the so there’s a lot of help videos out there for you to learn from...


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TCS 008: Using social platforms to connect with your customers – with Tony Hollingsworth

A fascinating discussion with Tony Hollingsworth who has been using social media since most of them began as a heavy user. His insights will save you literally years of learning...


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TCS 007: Finding joy at work, who knew – with Matt Featherstone

We've got Matt Featherstone here today on the podcast Matt's from Braidwood Consulting. He's a credited workplace coach and has a degree in psych from Macquarie Uni...


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TCS 006: The Rise of Entrepreneurs in the country with Trish Sait

A fantastic interview with entrepreneur, marketer, web developer and wine lover Trish Sait who left the big smoke in Sydney and move to country Victoria to start a new chapter in her life. Trish has found it very rewarding being part of The Centre in Wangaratta to help the disengaged youth and adults finish their education and find jobs, further study and even setting up their own businesses and finding the success they deserve. Join us for this fascination chat about this area and a lot more tips for everyone out there from cool groups to connect with, to repair cafe's etc. Trish’s website is The Centre in Wangaratta where Trish works - ##Quick audio links to specific parts of the podcast Just click on the time code on the left to go straight to that part of the podcast audio. [00:00:39] Backgound, coffee mornings etc [00:03:12] Where Trish is now [00:06:58] Inspiring story of a young women using internet tools to start her own business when she was having trouble finding work [00:08:27] The entrepreneurs path [00:11:08] Naked Wines [00:12:25] Like minded bitches drinking wine [00:16:11] Ingredients for success [00:17:20] Generous and Grateful [00:19:00] Killer Pig Productions - a tale of 2 brothers who hated school [00:19:48] Benalla Street Art Festival [00:21:01] The Centre - and Adult Learning Environment [00:22:11] Employable Me [00:24:50] Looking for the hidden gems in people [00:26:23] Where are they now series [00:27:17] Info about The Centre as Wangaratta [00:29:25] How the trainers at The Centre work together [00:31:51] Repair Cafe [00:35:18] Organising weekly meetups on the horizon for Trish [00:36:40] Business Catalyst [[00:43:04] Stock Photos [00:45:38] Tineye image source checking tool [00:46:12] Trish’s Ingress website got over 10,000 visitors per day [00:49:47] Gearing up entrepreneurs in the country Tony: [00:00:39] Okay so today we've got Trish Saite on the line Trish and I go back quite a long way, seven or eight years ago we met at a Twitter coffee morning we were both budding entrepreneurs in the Balmain area who basically worked from home and we used the coffee mornings to catch up with other creatives and interesting entrepreneurs to kind of have our own little weekly meetings just to unload and talk about how we were going. Tony: [00:01:13] Yes so since that time I think Trish has been busy and I've been busy doing other things well doing different things. So Trish tell us about what have you been up to since I saw you last. Trish: [00:01:28] Well quite a lot. Thank you for inviting me to this Podcast. We met quite some time ago but working from home you know I discovered that I needed to have some sort of outside influence otherwise you wake up in the morning in pjamas you know before you know it its five o'clock and your still in your pyjamas so to get out and actually meet like minded people and also to stay current you can get quite in a little bubble. Everybody knows that working on your business is as important and working in your business. But you can do a lot of that right online now and when I was living in Sydney I had never lived in the country I had always live in a city. So I got married and moved to north east Victoria which is just lovely. But I never lived in the country before so it was quite a shock for me and I've always had no trouble finding work. It's really how much you take for granted living in the city and how easy everything is you have so much choice and so many options. Theres a lot of private enterprise in the city not so much in a country. However I think that's changing. When I first came down here we were struggling to find work and I wanted to shut down my business because I was going through a faze, this is around 2012. So we've gone through the financial crisis but tablets and smart phones were becoming common place and there wasn't the responsive theme. I used to build websites and Tony used to build websites so that...


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TCS 005: What’s coming up and our co-hosts new drawing service

This is a very short podcast to cover 2 things. Exciting upcoming shows There are 2 new episodes coming out in the next few weeks which are fantastic interviews with Trish Sait who talks about the rise of entrepreneurs in country areas. Matt Featherstone a workplace coach who will help you look at your current job happiness or lack of in a new way New drawing service offered by the 2 co-hosts Fynn and Sam. My 2 co-hosts Fynn and Sam are offering drawings on request for any project where you need a drawing in child like style from actual children. They are both quite good drawers as you will see from the examples via the link below. You could use the drawings for just about anything from commercial work, ads to party invitations. The drawings are provides as images and vectors if line drawings which can then be scaled up to any size and be still very sharp in details. The link to their service is here:


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TCS 004: A sugar addicts journey – one year with no sugar

[one_third] I have had a long terrible relationship with sugar. As a baby I was given a flavoured sugar syrup as a pacifier which was common in the late 60's in Australia. So from the beginning of my life my body has craved sugar. This is my story 1 year after actually giving it up for good. Below is the transcript from the podcast so you can easily go to a point of interest and for the hearing impaired to be able to read it. Tony: [00:00:29] Hi everyone today I want to talk about my journey giving up sugar a year ago. It's been just over a year now. So I want to share some of the things that I've experienced and how it went. Today I've got two co-hosts I'm very lucky I've got Sam and Fynn say hi Fynn, hi. Tony: [00:00:56] Yep two of the best co-hosts in the business. You know what I've been trying to give up sugar for years I've tried quitting and it'd last for about two weeks and then I'd start saying I can just have a little bit of something a little bit sugar and within an hour or two of having some sugar I was back into full blown sugar addiction. So let me explain my sugar addiction first I guess. I, as a kid when we got pocket money I would spend pretty much all my pocket money on lollies my brother would save it. So he always had money and I always had no money because I was buying as much sugar as I could get with my pocket money. And that was just the beginning and I guess when you fell which then led to tooth decay. I had had most of my teeth filled I think. So really poor teeth from the get go apparently. Apparently also I had a baby I was given a sugar syrup kind of a drink to calm me down you know pacifiers sort of stuff that people used to use in those days. So my taste buds and body were just used to introduced to some really strong sugar from basically a baby. So it's been quite a challenge and also my interestingly my Mum's got quite a high sugar addiction I think. She grew up in a shop. Her parents had a shop that sold milkshakes and lollies and. All kinds of stuff like that. So Like third generation sugar addict I'd say I am because my grandfather was or he was he was. He was a high consumer he got type 2 diabetes in his 50s. So it's been a generational thing I think to deal with. So anyway when I tried to. Give up sugar it just hasn't worked. Tony: [00:03:40] So I ended up watching 'That sugar film (link goes to preview)' and reading the book first and then watching the film. I don't know how to explain it. It made so much sense to me because the author, Damon Gameau, I could relate so much to his story that it actually made a lot of sense to me. What he realised was that the only way to really get off sugar is to stop having it altogether. I decided to really give that a go. So on the 28th of March 20 17 just before Easter I decided to drop sugar. So I basically spent Easter 2017 watching everyone around me gorge themselves with chocolate while I sat back and watched it was it wasn't too bad actually surprisingly at that early stage and then by the second or third week I was having really strong cravings as you do with sugar and I had things like kombucha to kind of distract myself and trying to reprogram my stomach I guess by having things like that. I let myself type fruit but I got through that cold turkey stage. By the third week the cravings were gone and I really couldn't care less about sugar. It was quite quite amazing how much the addiction stopped. What do you think boys. You've seen me go through this have I stuck to it. Sam and Fynn: [00:05:42] No he hasn't, stuck to it one little bit. Tony: [00:05:46] No? What have I not done. Sam: [00:05:49] Had sugar. Tony: [00:05:51] What sugar? Fynn: [00:05:52] Processed sugar. Tony: [00:05:55] I think what they're talking about is what I'm not having is white sugar, is cane sugar. My wife will make desserts sometimes that have got dates and maybe rice syrup and things like that and that doesn't trigger the addiction again I think what I rea...


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TCS 003: Anyone yes anyone can roast their own coffee, no beard required

Why do it Home roasting is very easy and about costs maybe $20 in simple equipment to get started. You can have your first batch of coffee roasted in about 5 mins once you get just 2 pieces of gear and some green beans. Also you can roast in small batches so you have a continuous supply of freshly roasted coffee rather than getting to the bottom of stale bags. Negatives You can only small amounts at a time 100-150grams so don't expect to be supplying your extended family anytime soon. Also with this method the heat and fan speed are fixed so you get the same roast style each time and its a quick roast so you may want to play around with the roast details later mods or other equipment. Roasting equipment Popcorn Machine normally under $10 from op shops, ebay, gumtree or garage sales. I have found the Breville Crazy Popper to be one of the best as it has a strong motor and plenty of power. One that has the vents in the bottom section is what you need to force the beans to circulate with hot air and roast. 2 metal colanders Green beans My favourite suppliers are: Withams Coffee - online and local pickup available (from Hornsby in Sydney NSW) Green Bean Coffee - Based in Sydney North Shore area - online order only Ministry Grounds - Based near the Blue Mountains in Sydney Coffee Snobs - Based in Victoria - super fast postage which they are famous for USA option Sweet Marias - Roasting process Make sure you are outside with nothing overhead for the first roast, A lot of husks go flying out and there is hot air pushing up so I don't suggest doing this in doors unless you work out a way to catch or divert the husks. Popper must be off, then pour in your beans about 120g is ideal for the first batch. Experiment later with your specific popper if it can take more or if the beans move better with less. Make sure you have the 2 colanders on hand for when its finished. No point hunting around later for them when the beans need to cool off. Turn on the popper and soak up the moment, you are actually roasting coffee now. You will hear noises after 2-5 minutes that sound like match sticks breaking. That is called first crack. If you drink black coffee and like a crisp slightly acidic flavour turn of the popper now and pour the beans into one colander then transfer them between the 2 colanders for a minute or 2 until you can touch the beans and they are just warm. If you drink milk coffee and prefer a more subdued chocolatey darker roast let the first crack finish and then a 2nd round of cracking noises will occur and turn off the popper then. You may want to also check the colour of the beans if they are looking really dark turn off the popper regardless of the sounds and get cooling. Storing roasted beans I was able to get some craft bags from Green Bean Coffee - which hold up to 150g really well. You could use any container that keeps them out of the air and in the dark. Even an old milo tin would work. Because you use the coffee so quickly there is less time to worry about beans going stale. When to use the beans I find that the perfect flavour arrived at about 5 days after you have roasted the beans. They are drinkable from the next day but for me they seems to peak at about 5 days in flavour. So the trick then is to plan in advance how much coffee you drink per day, how much you get from a roast then get into a routine of roasting. For example I use 16g of coffee per cup and I have 2 cups per day. I get 105g per roast (after starting with 120g and there is the loss from moisture and husks). So 105g / 32g per day = approx 3 days per roast so I need to roast 1 batch every 3 days. Now if I roast every 3 days and don't start drinking the first roast until day 4 I will be drinking ALL of my coffee between day 4 and 6 because th...


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TCS 002: Hackers gonna hack

Here is a story about dealing with a website that has been hacked. I got an email from a digital agency I work with who had one of their websites hacked. This podcast walks through the process I followed to find and remove the hacking in relatively simple terms. This is what the website looked like Cpanel access You will need your cpanel login details for the webhosting you have for you website to follow these steps. Usually you can access it via your website addresss/cpanel eg then use the username and password they sent you when you set up your webhosting account. Replace wp-admin and wp-includes (NOT wp-content) Got to and download the latest version of WordPress. Then replace the wp-admin and wp-includes folders on your website with the new ones you downloaded. This is done by unzipping the wordpress file you downloaded from and then zipping just the wp-admin folder and the wp-includes folder as a new zip file. The upload that via the cpanel file manager to your website and extract them to replace the existing wp-admin and wp-includes folders only. **Warning** DO NOT REPLACE wp-content folder that is where all of your images, theme etc files live and you need to leave it alone. Turn on debugging mode Edit the wp-config.php file and change the debug setting to true. This is done by right clicking on the file via your file manage in the cpanel area and selecting edit. Remember to save the setting or it won't actually change the setting. Start renaming folded one by one and change them back in between tests Now check the website and if it still has hacked files try changing the name of the wp-content folder to something else eg offline-wp-contents If the hacking message isn't there anymore you are on the right track. Now rename it back to what it was supposed to be. Rename the next level of folders under wp-content one by one and change them back to the correct name in between. I tried plugins, wp-uploads with no change. Then I renames the themes folder and voila it changed to a white screen. I was getting close now. Gotcha, hacked file found I then saw a debugging message saying that a file called class-mega-menu.php was missing or something like that. When I opened that file to view it there was the actual little daemon figure and the hacking code. I was now able to go and get the original theme files and replace the file in question and it all came back to life. Username and password not working One more issue remained, my login had been compromised via the hacking file. I now had to get my username and password sorted out via the cpanel -> phpmyadmin area. To fix that you then need to go into phpMyAdmin and find the database used for your website. Then click on wp_users which then shows you the users that have access to your website. It was there I could see my username had been changed. How to change the username and password from phpMyAdmin So you click on edit on the username in question and change the username back to yours then you put the new password and you also need to select MD5 s the password format or it won't work. Once you click save by pressing Go and confirming the change your username and password should work again. So all done. Intro music by :


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TCS 001: Welcome to the Tony Cosentino Show

Welcome to the first episode for the Tony Cosentino Show. Today my co-host Sam and I kick things off with firstly and overview of the things I will be talking about in the podcast in future episodes like film photography, fountain pens, coffee roasting, WordPress, giving up sugar, coloured hair. The main subject of this episode is analogue photography as I think it is worth considering due to many things like ability to archive better for the long term ie 20 years, slowing down and taking less photos with more care and attention. Sam also talks about fart guns and colour changing gum boots. Intro music by :