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011: Five MUST DO Tips to Make Your Rehabs Profitable

We haven’t had a new episode of The Ugly Truth for a few weeks since Scott has been traveling with his family. But even though he has been spending time in tropical paradise, he’s still been making money. In today’s episode he talks about five important ways to keep your investments profitable so that you too can enjoy the lifestyle that real estate investing provides. Key Takeaways: [:44] Scott has been traveling in Costa Rica and the Bahamas, but he has still been cashing...


010: Reality TV vs. a Real Education

In today’s episode (recorded from Scott’s car), Scott warns listeners not to get their real estate investing education from any of the popular, real estate themed reality TV shows that many Americans watch. He also talks about some recent challenges in his own business, and how he dealt with them. Key Takeaways: [:34] Scott is recording from his car, while driving. [:48] Scott enjoys watching TV shows about flipping houses, but warns that they are not realistic. [4:14] Sometimes,...


009: Rentals and Slow Flips

In today’s episode we don’t have a guest. Instead, our host, Scott Jelinek, is talking about rentals and slow flips. He explains the slow flip model, and shares invaluable tips and tools for making this business work. Key Takeaways: [:44] It seems that the market is booming. [2:25] Scott recently made $10,000 on an assignment fee, and the investor he assigned the deal to, made more than he was expecting to make. [4:24] People ask Scott about slow flips all the time. [4:34] Here’s...


008: Real Estate Investor Associations with Brian Trippe

Scott met Brian Trippe at a mastermind conference, and has invited him on the show today to talk about his investments, how he got started in real estate, and how he is working now to make real estate education and networking more accessible in Birmingham, Alabama. Key Takeaways: [:34] Scott just closed a deal for which he will make a $21,000 assignment fee. [1:20] Scott and Brian met at a mastermind conference. [1:46] Brian was a college basketball coach before he got into real...


007: The Rollercoaster of a Real Estate Investor with Brian Dikeman

Real estate investing is a roller coaster. In what other business can you go from not know how to pay for gas in the morning, to pocketing an $80,000 check in the afternoon? Of course, the unpredictability is part of what keeps us hooked, but it can also take an emotional toll. Today Scott talks to fellow real estate investor Brian Dikeman about how to stay positive through the highs and lows. Key Takeaways: [:41] Scott landed a deal this weekend using “billboard cards.” [2:24] Real...


006: The Ugly Truth About Direct Mail

You probably know that almost all real estate investing coaches advocate the use of direct mail marketing. However, few new investors understand exactly how to implement an effective direct mail campaign, and why it is probably better to wait a while before you try it. Key Takeaways: [1:23] Scott tells us about a unique eviction situation that ended up in court. [4:48] Scott tells us what we can learn from the record-breaking super bowl yesterday, February 5, 2017. [6:11] Direct mail...


005: Mindset and Lifestyle

Today’s guest is Kevin Gilbert. If you have followed us for long, you probably know him as Kevin, from the “Kevin Story.” In today’s episode, he and Scott talk about two things that go hand-in-hand — mindset and lifestyle — and tell us what separates those who dream of living the lifestyle they want, from those who actually make that lifestyle a reality. Key Takeaways: [:46] Scott tells us about the appointment he just left. [1:34] Scott introduces Kevin Gilbert, and the “Kevin...


004: Lessons from the $35,000 I Made This Week

Today our host, master real estate investor Scott Jelinek, walks us through the two deals he closed this week (that, combined, profited him $35,000), and what other real estate investors can learn from them that will lead to bigger profits in the future. Key Takeaways: [:48] Scott picked up a check today for $75,705.18. [1:30] Scott goes over the details of his most recent deal. [9:36] Scott summarizes the most important lessons to take away from his most recent deal. [11:37] Scott...


003: Investing with a Vision with Alex Pardo

Alex Pardo is a self-described “family guy, entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach, adventurer, and sports enthusiast.” Alex has built several very successful companies through his real estate expertise, and today he tells us how his college degree has helped him, “zero,” in those endeavors, and how he makes sure he stays focused on what he wants out of this business. Key Takeaways: [1:44] Alex cringes when he thinks back to his time climbing the corporate ladder. [2:50] Alex...


002: The Tools for Success with Antonio Edwards

Antonio Edwards began real estate investing in his twenties, at a time when he was struggling to make ends meet, and was sleeping in his car. Today he lives an unbelievable lifestyle, and wants to educate others about how they, too, can fulfill their financial dreams. Antonio also expresses his indebtedness to our host, Scott Jelinek, for introducing him to the “slow flip” technique that changed his business forever. Key Takeaways: [:41] Antonio was the one who encouraged Scott to...


001: An Intro

In this first episode, podcast host Scott Jelinek, introduces listeners to The Ugly Truth About Real Estate Investing and tells the story of how he became a full-time, successful real estate investor. Key Takeaways: [:42] Scott plans to teach some unconventional things that will be much different from what most people are teaching, because he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly in this business. [1:00] Scott will answer listener questions, conduct interviews and share...