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Episode 72: Julian Edelman on Faith and Football

Five years and three Super Bowl championships ago, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman started a years-long process of exploring his Jewish identity. After a 10-day trip to Israel with CJP in 2015, the Super Bowl LIII MVP emerged as a proud and passionate advocate for the Jewish faith. He posts holiday messages on social media, speaks weekly with a rabbi just before Shabbat and, most recently, donned cleats honoring the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in...


Episode 71: Celebrate Israel With Koolulam

Three Israeli artists had a goal: Harness the power of music to bring together fractured communities. The result—Koolulam—is a social-musical initiative that has brought tens of thousands of people around the world together in song. Listen as Dan and guest co-host Matty Burns from israel360 chat with Koolulam founders Or Taicher, Michal Shahaf and Ben Yaffet about this innovative project centered around mass singing events. Want to experience the magic yourself? To celebrate Israel’s 71st...


Episode 70: Yom HaShoah Interview With Holocaust Survivor Michael Gruenbaum

Yom HaShoah—Holocaust Remembrance Day—is observed this year on May 1. To mark this important date, Miriam and Dan sat down with local Holocaust survivor Michael Gruenbaum, who reads a powerful selection from his memoir, “Somewhere There Is Still a Sun,” about his time in the Terezin concentration camp in the Czech Republic. Gruenbaum answers questions about his life before, during and after the Holocaust. He describes his mother’s incredible love and tenacity in the face of horror, and...


Episode 69: Confronting Anti-Semitism in Sports

Anti-Semitism is a scourge manifesting globally in every facet of society, from politics to sports. How can we push back against this hatred to promote equality and tolerance? Two soccer teams—New England Revolution from Major League Soccer and Chelsea Football Club from England’s Premier League—are playing a charity match at Gillette Stadium on May 15 to raise awareness about fighting hate crimes and anti-Semitism. In this powerful episode, Miriam and Dan talk about this unique match with...


Episode 68: Passover Wine – Four Cups to Remember

You might be surprised to learn that your Passover wine doesn’t have to include the same sugar content as a Jolly Rancher. In fact, there is no halachic prohibition on consuming drinkable—even excellent—wine on the holiday. Sandy Block, one of the foremost wine experts on the East Coast, has been vice president of beverage operations for Legal Sea Foods for the past 15 years. A certified master of wine (and one of only 279 people worldwide to earn this title!), Sandy knows a thing or two...


Episode 67: Poetry, Kabbalah and Ascension

In honor of National Poetry Month, Boston-based poet and national haiku champion Janaka Stucky joins us to talk about his new book-length poem, “Ascend Ascend.” Written over the course of 20 days in trance states, “Ascend Ascend” is rooted in the Jewish occult, Kabbalah and ascent to God’s chariot (also known as hechalot, or “ascension” literature). Tune in as Stucky reads a powerful selection from his poem and discusses his inspiration and process, his past work as an undertaker, plus...


Episode 66: A Reading and Conversation With Nathan Englander

Author Nathan Englander’s latest novel, “,” hits bookstores and online retailers this week. Englander, who has written about challenging Jewish questions in his books “Dinner at the Center of the Earth,” “What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank” and “New American Haggadah,” introduces us in his latest book to a secular character who has decided to use an online service,, to relieve him of the 11-month obligation of daily kaddish recitations for the spirit of...


Episode 65: Running for Good – Boston Marathoners and Their Causes

Arguably the most prestigious road race in the world, the 2019 Boston Marathon will bring together 30,000 runners and more than a million fans who will line the course from Hopkinton to Boylston Street on April 15. While elite runners will compete for nearly $900,000 in prizes, many more runners will be doing the opposite—running the race to give money to causes they care about. We spoke to two Jewish young adults, Larry Tobin, a two-time marathoner, and Haley Friedler, running in her first...


Episode 64: Israeli Fine Dining Comes to Boston

Chef Avi Shemtov’s vision of a warm, welcoming home for cutting-edge Israeli cuisine made with local, New England ingredients opens this week in Sharon. A pop-up project for more than a year, Simcha, Hebrew for “joy,” has a new home at 370 South Main St. in Sharon. Avi plans on bringing joy and “globally inspired Israeli soul food” to Greater Bostonians with classics such as shakshuka and baba ganoush, and some less-common cultural mash-ups—“alt” hummus made with locally grown heirloom...


Episode 63: Tatte Bakery – Tartines, Shakshuka and Krembo, Oh My!

Do you have taste buds and live in the Greater Boston area? If so, you’ve probably heard of Tatte Bakery & Café or visited one of its 11 locations in Brookline, Boston and Cambridge. With a new location right near the JewishBoston office downtown, Miriam and Dan couldn’t resist checking out the abundance of delicious Israeli food, from tartines and shakshuka to krembo and halvah bombs. In this episode, Tatte founder Tzurit Or fills us in on her incredible career path, how Israeli food...


Episode 62: “When Heroes Fly”

It’s the season for Israeli TV on Netflix, so we couldn’t pass over the latest offering—“When Heroes Fly.” Sure, it’s no “Fauda,” but nothing will be, except, we hope, Season 3 of “Fauda.” Instead, it’s a deliberately paced rescue mission deep in the Colombian jungle as four emotionally damaged, battle-scarred and perpetually sweaty Israeli men try to find a woman presumed dead in a car crash. Join Miriam, Dan and Kali as they offer their takes on “When Heroes Fly,” debate its merits and...


Episode 61: Meet CJP’s Community Connectors

Greater Boston is home to more than 300,000 Jews. Among that group is an enormous diversity of practice (or lack thereof), belief, connection and self-identification. Boston’s got a new squad of Jewish professionals, CJP’s Community Connectors, whose mission is to find young adults who might be seeking a way in to the vast array of Jewish programming, organizations and social opportunities in our area. These three social mavens, armed with Starbucks credit (they’ll always meet you for...


Episode 60: Surviving “Fauda”

Violence, vendettas, double-crossing, triple-crossing and bowling shirts—it truly is the golden age of television, if you don’t plotz from watching. Israel’s hottest export is a fast-paced, utterly addictive thriller, “Fauda.” Join JewishBoston’s Miriam, Dan and Kali as we relive the highlights and anxiety of binge-watching both seasons of this blood-pressure-raising roller coaster of a show. And if you’re obsessed like us, you’ll have a chance to hear from “Fauda” creator and star Lior Raz...


Episode 59: Keeping Up With the Maisels

A four-day binge of Season 2 of the hottest (OK, most Jewish) show on Amazon, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” led to some questions, which triggered a conversation, which inevitably had to be recorded for The Vibe of the Tribe. Listen as hosts Miriam (not Midge…never call her Midge), Dan and JewishBoston’s parenting writer, Kara Baskin, tackle the biggest questions of Season 2: Are those children just a character development device? (That seems cruel.) Can we forget Paris? (We hope so.) Must...


Episode 58: The Pirate Captain Toledano

Ahoy, listeners! Join podcast captains Miriam and Dan as they talk to Arnon Shorr, director of “The Pirate Captain Toledano.” This short film is the first about the little-known world of Jewish pirates in the Caribbean. The film will be screened at the inaugural Waltham Film Factory Shorts Fest from Dec. 15-16. Arnon, a Waltham native, attended Gann Academy and Brandeis University, so it’s particularly meaningful to have this local premiere take place in his hometown. Tune in to find out all...


Episode 57: Jewish Sports Legends – The Saga of Israel’s Baseball Team

Two years ago, ESPN called Israel’s entry into the World Baseball Classic, the World Cup of hardball, a team of “has beens, wanna-bes, and never-will-bes.” This rag-tag group of Jewish current and former Major League Baseball players donned the blue-and-white Israel uniforms for the first time in the country’s history on an international stage. “Heading Home,” a documentary about the team and its bonding trip to Israel, opens right here in Greater Boston on Friday, Dec. 14, at West Newton...


Episode 56: Festival of Fights

Hanukkah is the most badass Jewish holiday this side of Purim. During Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, Jews recount the tale of Judah Maccabee, the warrior priest who led a successful rebellion against King Antiochus of the Syrian-Greek empire. Waves of troops attempted to put down Judah and his army, but their fighting spirit and faith in the Jewish people were so strong that the Maccabees liberated Jerusalem and the Temple from the forces of Antiochus in 164 BCE, ushering in a period of...


Episode 55: Jumping Chai With Boston Ballet’s Isaac Akiba

In this episode of The Vibe of the Tribe, Ashley sits down for a candid, one-on-one conversation with Boston Ballet soloist Isaac Akiba. Isaac began dancing at the Boston Ballet School when he was 9 years old and joined the main company in 2009. One of the two Jewish dancers in the Boston Ballet, Isaac has performed in the fantastic winter production “The Nutcracker” for 18 years. Listen in as Ashley and Isaac discuss his Jewish journey, the summer he spent teaching dance in Israel, the lack...


Episode 54: 360Five Listening Tour With CJP’s Rabbi Marc Baker

Beginning this month, Rabbi Marc Baker, CJP’s first new president and CEO in more than three decades, will tour Greater Boston with one goal: to listen. In fact, Marc predicts he’ll listen to a thousand people—or more—in the Jewish community as he embarks on a year-long project called “The 360Five.” The CJP-sponsored initiative will focus on five questions and draw from a 360-view of the Jewish community—young adults, “less young” adults, religiously observant, decidedly secular, the...


Episode 53: Revisiting an Immigrant Journey Through “An American Tail”

The 30th annual Boston Jewish Film Festival kicks off Nov. 7 with two weeks of storytelling, music, human connection and Jewish identity told through 50 films. Perhaps no movie character will be more adorable, small, reckless or innocent than the star of Steven Spielberg’s first animated production, “An American Tail.” This 1986 feature, which will be screened at the festival’s BJFF Jr! event on Nov. 11, follows a reluctant hero, the young Jewish mouse named Fievel Mousekewitz. Fievel and...