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Episode #30 Fear Of The Walking F**kboy

Ayyeee, we get right into it this episode. There is a lot to talk about and that's what we are here to do. Show Notes: The Murder of XXXtentation RE:Intro NAH-Sir The Carters aka The Petties Jay Rocks Redemption #sharedopeshit - Locksmith & Apollo Brown - No Question Upcoming Video Games #sharedopeshit - Lex - Phase Out (The Bullshit) TOP 5 Video Games of All Time PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG...


Episode #29 Ghetto Silk

Shout out to the homie Peter Quistgard, the boys are back in the building. This week the sophisticated tomfoolery is running rampant in the streets leaving destruction in it's wake as we're joined by rapper slash producer slash about to be a damn Doctor aka Black DaVinci. Check him out: Show Notes: Crew54's Only Fight Early In The Morning Intro Say My Rap Name Right Jap Jesus vs. Flynn D Cool Edit Pro Daddy Hip-Hop Big Ghost Nahmean Is Shady the New...


UNCUT: Drake. Pusha T, and J.Prince

We cut the convo short in episode #28 but we had to let the raw unedited debate go and it got heated at times. Be sure to check out Easy Lee and Bavu Blakes at the links below. @mr_easylee @bavublakes PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB


Episode #28 Pedagogy So Trill

Easy Lee of Third Root joins us live in the building with Mr. Blake's second show appearance and they brought along B.L.A.X.Smith for your weekly dose of Sophisticated Tomfoolery. We jump it off with a thoughts about where the Pusha T and Drake battle is now that J. Prince has spoke. (Check back later for the FULL unedited extended version) Then we get into the NBA finals, and what's going on with Kawhi in San Antonio. Finally we get into the history of Mojoe and the creation of Third...


Episode #27 Surgical Summer

The gloves are off and the Wyld Gents are pulling no punches this week. The Sophisticated Tomfoolery is at all all time high. (3:45) We jump right into the Drake Pusha T kerfuffle and the let the slander fly. (48:40) Quick recap of our latest live event and the episode you may never hear. (52:55) Time to get Rosanne outta here (56:42) Rhymefest Vs KimYe Vs Chicago (1:10:06) GSW/CLE AGAINNN? Also, are we not watching the NFL AGAINNN? (1:20:54) We wrap it up with our TOP 5 DISS TRACKS OF ALL...


26 | Croonin

And the beat goes on as the Sophisticated Tomfoolery keeps going strong. Please COMMENT and join in as we get into this weeks conversation: When is showboating accepted in the sports? Should you share your friends music? Is it time for hip-hop to police itself? Top 5: Best R&B Albums This weeks #sharedopeshit features Big Ghost LTD & CRIMEAPPLE - Aguardiente


25 | The Rough Segue

The energy is high on this one as the jokes and good music flow the whole episode. Sophisticated Tomfoolery is on deck. Shout out to all the listeners, you make this fun for us. Intro BBQBecky TI Arrested (Again) #sharedopeshit Amber Marks - Love Me Right Weird Austin Shows #sharedopeshit Nick Grant - Bouncin Underground Illuminati #sharedopeshit Lyve & Aion Clark - Let It Go...


Slaprapz: The Podcast ft CientifiQ

CientifiQ is back in the building as we get into the long awaited SlapRapz podcast with the upcoming release of the project. We get in it on this one: (01:14)LeBronto (2:47) Intro Like Candy (7:04) Why hasn't Crew54 broken up? (26:52) The Book of Ryan Review (43:45) Beat Renaissance? (50:44) This is Childish Gambino (1:08:46) Slaprapz 2 (1:39:53) Nelly ruined AF1's (1:44:33) Top 5: Best Kicks of 2018 PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB...


If Kanye Was A Choice

You already know what this one is about, we promise this is our last time touching on the topic. After we discuss Mr. West's latest publicity run, we actually share some new music #sharedopeshit and then we take it black with this weeks Top 5 as we pick our favorite Black Movies of all time. I'm sure we missed out on your favorites so make sure to leave a comment and let us know what's good. PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB...


Episode #21 King of Division

Oh boy, the energy is high in this one. #FreeMeek because Meek Mill is home and we got to jump this one off just right. From there we talk abit about the demise of Slaughterhouse and if it's all Shady & Skylar Grey's fault. We get into the newest release from J. Cole - KOD, and debate if he's the most polarizing MC of the last ten years. The tomfoolery continues as we have to address MAGA Yeezy and his latest string of FreeThink. Finally, the Top 5 is here with our favorite 90's sitcoms....


Episode #20 Toot It & Boot It

Let's dive headfirst into the tomfoolery this week: Fake Hairline Beefs What happens when your Son SONS you? Bhickenheads vs Chun-li's Why can their only be ONE dominant female MC? #sharedopeshit with 3D Na'tee New Bae Alert: Jorja Smith & Coachella woes Starbucks doesn't care about Black people Blerds and the desire to be "different" than other Blacks NBA Playoffs Groceries Top 5 Mixtapes Check our friends "Nah the Podcast" PLEASE remember to...


Episode #19 Real Hip-Hop Fans Are The Worst

The boys are back with all the sophisticated tomfoolery you need. This Week we talk about "real hip-hop" fans and how they need to STFU. We also touch base on Killer Mikes NRA fail. To wrap it up we discuss what our Top 5 Crew54 live performances are, make sure to leave your top 5 in a comment. PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB


Episode #18 Have the Nerds Ruined the Game

The Crew is back in the studio and back to the sophisticated tomfoolery. This week we jump it off with a #sharedopeshit, then ask if nerds and analytics have ruined sports. We briefly touch on the newest Far Cry release, then dissect if the rap community is being "too tough" on the young problematic rappers. To wrap it up we discuss what our Top 5 Posse Cuts are, make sure to leave your top 5 in a comment. #sharedopeshit: TeddyTheLegacy - Pain...


Episode #17 Live From SXSW

Apologies for the technical difficulties, but we'll be back in the studio asap. PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB


Episode #14 My Panther Is Black

(Spoiler Alert) Literally 15 minutes after we saw the movie, we sit down joined by the Vainglorious C-Hova and tried to unpack our feelings about Black Panther. This whole episode is dedicated to the movie, though we briefly touch on the album released by Kendrick Lamar. If you've seen the movie, leave us a comment and let us know what you think. PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB


Episode #13 Dreams and Championship Rings

This week was rife with winning and your regularly scheduled sophisticated tomfoolery. (00:00)Dookie's Superbowl Victory Intro (10:10) Cav's Trade Deadline wrap up (27:35) Are "GOAT" talks for Tom Brady over? (37:23) Justin Timberlakes Super Meh halftime performance (42:53) Are the Migos crazy? (55:08) wack national signing day Mother (1;09:31) Quincy Jones slinging hot fiyah PLEASE remember to Rate & Review, follow us on Twitter & IG @crew54 or on FB


Episode #11 Wild Speculation ft C-Hova

This week the level of sophistication to this tomfoolery has been kicked up a notch as we're joined by the Vainglorious C-Hova. This episode resembles those conversations we've had on trips traveling to shows, it's fun. First we get into the whole H&M fiasco (06:56), why we feel it's time to stop hating on Bruno Mars (12:55), College football and Spicy Chip Challenges (26:40), Makeup & Healing foolishness (34:32), Local Cops & Oprah (39:42)and finally we discuss the top 5 albums in hip-hop...


Episode #10 Bavu Blakes pt. 5.A

The scholarly emcee himself Mr. Bavu Blakes swang thru to talk bout how Cars 3 (6:42)is relevant to the hip-hop generation, his position in ATX hiphop (10:42), and "empathy" surrounding the whole DJ Akademics tomfoolery (40:51) and an interesting podcast by Karlie Hustle. Plus, so much more. this is only part 1 stay tuned for part 2. Bavu Blakes: Check out Karlie Hustle's Brutally Honest Pod: PLEASE...


Episode #9: The Melz and CientifiQ GOON-A-THON Hour

We salute to 2017 the way we hope you all do, with the family. This week we got the #IAMCREW54 nation to swing thru with the homie Melz @melzonthemic and Q @cientifiq. Make sure to follow them and show love. (01:41) Intro (09:20) We pay our respects to the great Combat Jack transitioning over. We share a few of our favorite episodes and talk about what he meant not just to the podcast game but to the culture of hip-hop (20:00) The epitome of #SophisticatedTomfoolery as we get talk hip-hop...


Episode #8 Local Rappers Be Local Rappin

I can't believe we're already 8 episodes deep of this podcast but we thank you for checking it out. Today we got together, sipped on a lil brown liquor and talked about how local rappers let random lists get them in their feelings, how Black Thought could be the GOAT, and we answer the question we previously asked about Eminem being washed. Intro (2:30) Austin Top Rapper Lists Tomfoolery (19:50) Black Thought Funk Flex Freestyle Insanity (44:08) Homeless Weed Zombies in Denver (54:13)...