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TWIH Episode 81: Planting the Church Unusual with Darnell Fennell #radicalinclusion #blacklivesmatter

This episode we welcome Darnell Fennell, the founding pastor of Just Love, a radically inclusive church plant in Houstan, TX. We discuss what it’s like to create an inclusive church in an area that is seen as more conservative to the wider progressive community. What does it mean to be “church” and what are the difficulties in starting a new church in general? How do you bridge the conversation on race and privilege in a mixed congregation? What is the importance of doing the inner work...


TWIH Episode 80: Learning from Where You're At with Pat Mosley #hb2

In this episode we talk with Pat Mosley, a Gardnerian witch in North Carolina. We talk about how Wicca takes on the culture of where it’s at, and how it’s not that much of a stretch for people to be multi-faith practitioners. Pat discusses his coven, Granny Magick, and his involvement in CUUPs. We also talk politics and #HB2 (also known as the “bathroom bill”) and how, on the ground in North Carolina, there are more people who are against it rather than for it. Pat talks about the uphill...


TWIH Episode 79: The Needles and the Compassion Done with Denise Cicuto #orlando

Denise Cicuto returns in this episode to talk about her call to study acupuncture through a visitation by Kuan Yin. We talk about her journey, not only through acupuncture school, but her spiritual journey with Kuan Yin and her current studies of the spiritual side of acupuncture . We also discuss the nature of Kuan Yin, and how compassion isn’t necessarily “fluffy”. We also talk about the importance of self care when doing activism and after major emotional events such as...


TWIH Episode 78: The Magick of Pagan Music with Sharon Knight

After a brief TWIH hiatus, we return with our guest Sharon Knight, a pagan musician who does both solo work and plays as a group with her partner Winter in Pandemonaeon. We talk about the art of performing, the magickal experience of being on stage, the future and past of pagan music, and how music influences her work, both spiritually and professionally. We also talk about her latest album and the work that goes into writing, recording, and making videos for an album. Note: Please...


TWIH Episode 77: The Politics of the Body with Irene McCalphin

Irene McCalphin joins us this week to talk about the intersections of fat liberation and marginalization. Why is it important to have representation in spiritual imagery, both in regards to race and body size? Why is the language of our rituals important? How can we move through learning about these issues of marginalization and come to a place where we can see outside of ourselves to a more inclusive community? Why is it important to keep the language of the diet industry out of spiritual...


TWIH Episode 76: Being Heathen with Cara Freyasdaughter

In this episode, we talk to Cara Freyasdaughter, where we discuss her journey to Heathenism, her introduction to Freya and Freyr, and some of the issues that are challenging modern Heathenism. What are CUUPs and ADF? What does the lore say about racism and other issues that have been being dealt with within the Heathen community? Cara Freyasdaughter is a devotional polytheist dedicated to Freya and Freyr who works within a "reconstructed-ish" Heathen tradition. A current member of The...


TWIH Episode 75: Called by Kali with Chandra Alexandre

In this episode we talk to Dr. Chandra Alexandre about her journey with Kali Ma and her experiences with the Divine Female. Not only through her travels and learning in India, and her current work in the Bay Area. What is Tantra and the SHARANYA practice? Why is daily practice important and how do you keep up a daily practice? How do we approach the everyday to support our own practices? Note: Apologies for the Skype issues towards the end of the show. Skype was not cooperating well at...


TWIH Episode 74: The Polytheist Death Guild with Rebbeca Lynn Scott

In this episode we talk about death and dying with Rebecca Lynn Scott, founder of the Polytheist Death Guild. She talks about her own experiences that lead her to creating the Guild and the importance and necessity of death rituals in our society. How do we talk about death in our society? How are we able to express grief? Do pagans (of any traditions) have a healthier view of death than other traditions? Rebecca Lynn Scott is the founder of the Polytheist Death Guild and author of A...


TWIH Episode 73: Paganism and Shinto with Megan Manson

This week we talk to Megan Manson, a pagan who also practices Shinto, the indigenous religion of Japan. Megan talks about her path to Shinto, some of the history of Shinto and how it relates to the other religions practiced in Japan. We also talk about how religion co-exists together in Japan and how it differs from how religions get along in the West. What is the difference between Japan and the West in regards to religious identity? What does it mean to be multi-faith, and how do we...


TWIH Episode 72: Honoring Death with Robin Griffith

Robin Lynn Griffith joins me in this episode to talk about death and dying. Both of us are called to minister to the dying and while, for the two of us, this is a normal process, for most people in our culture, death is something you just don’t talk about. Why does our society tend to try and banish the idea of death? Why are we so afraid of something that is inevitable? Are we doing a disservice if we don’t allow someone to really grieve in their own way or telling people to just “get...


TWIH Episode 71: Creating Interfaith Families with Rabbi Mychal Copeland

In this episode of TWIH we talk to Rabbi Mychal Copeland, editor of “Struggling in Good Faith: LGBTQI Inclusion from 13 American Religious Perspectives” and Director of InterfaithFamily/Bay Area. We talk about her decision to go to rabbinical school, the varied interpretations of the bible, and how to navigate being part of an interfaith couple. How does being an interfaith couple today compare to the past? How does talking together about people’s experiences with religious traditions help...


TWIH Episode 70: Hospitality and Sacrifice in Asatru with Alf Herigstad

Heathenry is going through a difficult stage in it’s evolution, especially lately. In this episode, we talk to Alf Herigstad founder of the Hawk’s Hearth Kindred, about his tradition of heathenry and the various issues that are important in heathenry today. What is heathenry? Why is there racism in heathenry? What are people doing about it? What does Heathen lore say about difference, and how does racism go against the edict of hospitality? Alf also talks about doing prison ministry, being...


TWIH Episode 69: Dirt Heart Witch with Jenya T. Beachy #pantheacon

Jenya T. Beachy joins us in this episode to talk about the Feri tradition, farming, and the importance of self care. What is it like to live with the land? What does it mean to be a Root Worker? What is the meaning and nature of Power? Jenya describes her journey into witchcraft, her experiences with Cora Anderson, and why she decided to go live on a farm with goats and chickens. This episode is part of a series of interviews with people who will be presenting at Pantheacon...


TWIH Episode 68: The Unnamed Path, Gender Identity, and Body Image with David Shorey and Chase Powers #pantheacon

In this episode we talk to David Shorey and Chase Powers, both members of the Unnamed Path, a magickal tradition for Men Who Love Men. What is the Unnamed Path? Why is single gendered space important to some people? Why do people get stuck on the gender binary, and why do people get bent out of shape when people want more inclusivity in single-gender spaces (i.e.: inclusion of transgender, bisexual, multi-faith, etc.)? What is the importance of language in gendered space? And…what about...


TWIH Episode 67: What's So Funny About Being Pagan? with Angus McMahan #pantheacon

In this episode we talk to Angus McMahan about the role of humor and storytelling in society and in the pagan community specifically. What makes you laugh? What is it about humor that helps us understand things that we may not know about it? How can humor help us make breakthroughs when other things can’t? What is the line between the humorous and the political? We also talk about our most interesting experiences doing tarot… This episode is part of a series of interviews with people who...


TWIH Episode 66: Wholeness and Humanness with Laine DeLaney #pantheacon

Laine DeLaney joins us in this episode to talk about her journey from her childhood religion of Islam to her current Heathen and magickal traditions. What does it mean to be a Heathen? Do you have to be of Northern European descent to be a “proper Heathen”? Is there really such a thing as an “unbroken” tradition? Why is hospitality important? We also talk about how accepting people as they identify themselves and accepting their humanness is important in accepting the “Other.” This is part...


TWIH Episode 65: Being Intentionally Inclusive with Shauna Aura Knight #pantheacon

Shauna Aura Knight joins us in this episode to talk about ritual practices that can make our public rituals more inclusive. What do we mean by inclusivity? How do we make the welcome clear so that others know that they are welcome into the ritual? Why are people so averse to using more inclusive language or making accommodations for allergy, disability, and gender issues? What is the responsibilities of public priests to ensure that their rituals are inclusive as possible? How do you take...


TWIH Episode 64: Tradition, Secrecy, and the Life of a Public Witch with Storm Faerywolf

Storm Faerywolf joins us in this episode to talk about the Feri Tradition, being a public witch (or warlock, in Storm’s case), and the role of secrecy and privacy in modern witchcraft. What does it mean to be a public witch? Why do humans have a need to define what other people’s paths are and hold absolutist attitudes about what is “right” and “proper”? What is the role of secrecy, and what is the difference between secrecy and privacy? Is secrecy still necessary in the age of the internet?...


TWIH Episode 63: Druidism, Accessibility, and Music with Elly Hadaway

In this episode we talk to Elly Hadaway who is a musician, Druid, and Quaker, who is disabled. We talk about the intersections between Druidism and Quakerism, accessibility and sometimes lack thereof, in the pagan community, and her recently released EP “Tell Me Where the Ocean Went” (which you can buy through the BandCamp link below). The song at the end of the show is "I Am The Mountain" from her new album. Elly Hadaway is an English folk singer, ukulele player and songwriter, who's also...


TWIH Episode 62: Taking a Third Path: Being an Atheist Pagan with Esther Bamberg

In this episode we talk to Esther Bamberg, a pagan atheist. What does it mean to be a pagan atheist? How does conversion contribute to misunderstandings? Can you be an atheist and still work magick? Does spiritual work necessitate a actual belief in a deity in order to give fulfillment? If someone identifies as part of a tradition or spiritual path, why do people tend to question a person's identity just because they don't practice the same way? Esther Bamberg is very much into the virtue of...