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The Agenda of the Globalists: There are Deeper Issues Than Just the Corona Virus

Tune in to hear all about: 1) The Rockefeller Blueprint for Police State Triggered by the Pandemic. 2) Bill Gates involved with Event 201, a Corona Virus Simulation 3) Is President Trump aware of the deeper issues and agenda of the globalists? 4) New Corona Virus Stimulus Bill in Congress Creates U.S. Digital Dollar 5) Partners of include Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, and others. 6) Who are the globalists? and more!


Cancer is a Fungus w/ Dr. Tullio Simoncini

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Cancer is caused by a Fungus Candida Albicans. Cancer is a form of Candida Overgrowth. 2) Dr. Tullio Simoncini knew something was wrong with the cancer medical system. 3) Dr.


Say Yes to Life & Health Insurance to include Natural Medicine & Prevention

Tune in to hear all about: 1) What are the keys to aligning with joy hidden deep within your heart? 2) Elliott Robertson was crippled by his disempowering beliefs. 3) Awareness and best ways to let go of limiting beliefs. 4) Kari Gray's life turned upside down when she was 25. She was told that she had liver cancer. 5) Cancer and the Candida Connection. 6) Healthcare and Health Insurance to Include Natural Medicine and Prevention.


Health & Human Rights Summit, Limiting Beliefs, & 5 Laws of Consciousness

Tune in to hear all about: 1) The Health and Human Rights Summit, which will be held in Tucson, Arizona. Learn about the amazing speakers, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield. 2) Identify limiting beliefs you may be holding on to 3) Let go of limiting beliefs, which are held in the unconscious mind. 4) The 5 Laws of Consciousness


The Act Film & National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 w/ Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Dr. Andrew Wakefield's film "The Act," which will be coming out in the future. 2) A speech Dr. Andrew Wakefield will be giving soon in Tucson about the Measles. 3) The problems with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. 4) Should we repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? 5) The Corona Virus 6) Confirmed Cases of Measles in California. and much more!


Encore Dodging Energy Vampires & Restore Health w/ Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Tune in to hear all about: 1) What are Energy Vampires and Empaths? 2) Are Energy Vampires born this way? 3) Setting Boundaries with Energy Vampires. 4) Can Energy Vampires be Helped? 5) Healing from relationships with energy vampires and restoring your health. and more!


Part 2: Root Chakra is Out of Balance & Money Blocks w/ New Age Recording Artist Dyan Garris

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Financial Hardship Could be a Sign that Your Health is Out of Balance 2) The life of Dyan Garris, including her music, books, as well as her other unique set of talents. 3) Positive Thinking is Not Enough 4) What Causes the Root Chakra to go out of balance? 5) How to Balance the Chakras? 6) The Universal Law of Attraction


The Rabbit Effect w/ Dr. Kelli Harding, MD

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Dr. Kelli Harding's background in medicine. 2) What is the rabbit effect? Learn about a study involving rabbits. 3) The mind-body connection 4) What are we missing in medicine? 5) Americans are remarkably unhealthy. 6) The importance of nature, purpose, and more!


Adversity is Not Always a Bad Thing & Financial Hardship Could be a Sign of Unbalanced Health

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Adversity is not always a bad thing. 2) What characteristics are needed to overcome misfortune 3) Getting Through Adversity is only the first part 4) Financial hardship could be a sign of unbalanced health 5) How to identify traumas and addictive behaviors associated with the root chakra 6) How to balance Your Root Chakra


Gluten Sensitivity & Eat Happy w/ Voice Over Talent & Stand Up Comic Anna Vocino

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Anna Vocino's life. Also, learn about her career as a voice over talent and stand up comic. 2) What has Anna Vocino been up to presently and what are her plans for the future? 3) What is Gluten sensitivity? If you are sensitive to gluten, learn what foods to avoid. Wheat is always best to avoid.


Encore: My Approach to Healing: No Homeopathy and Most Herbs are Toxic

Radio show host Kristen Harper's approach to healing, which consists of no homeopathy and avoiding most herbs...


Vaccines, Infant Mortality, and a Twin Flame Love Story

Tune in to hear all about: 1) 1200 studies on vaccines. The question is: vaccinate or not vaccinate? 2) Infant mortality rates of industrialized countries and their rates of vaccine doses? 3) Sudden Death Syndrome and the 6 in 1 Vaccine. 4) A new book: A Twin Flame Love Story. 5) What is a conscious relationship?


Part 2: Recap of Top 2019 Episodes & Holistic Doctor Deaths w/ Radio Show Host Drew Taddia

Tune in to hear all about: Part 2: Recap of Top 2019 Episodes, including: 1) Deaths of Many Holistic Doctors 2) Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology 3) Sound Healing and Trauma 4) Does Karma Play a Role in Health? w/ Genius who Saved Apollo 13 Astronauts 5) Does Your Soul Plan Your Life Before Birth?


Part 1: Recap of Top 2019 Episodes & Dr. Farrah's Clinic was Raided

Tune in to hear all about: Part 1: Recap of Top 2019 Episodes, including: 1) Dr. Farrah's Clinic was Raided and Shut Down by the Government 2) Part 2: Do We Plan Our Lives Before Birth w/ Top Psychic Medium 3) Social Media is Censoring Natural Health 4) Heal and Regrow Teeth Naturally 5) Genius Saves Apollo 13 Astronauts & No Muscle Testing


Vaxxed II: The People's Truth. Stories of Vaccine Injury & Vaxxed Bus Travels to Over 50 Cities

Tune in to hear all about: 1) The film VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH. Polly and the team travelled over 50,000 miles in the USA and around the world. Thousands of parents traveled miles to share stories of their children being injured by vaccines. 2) The Vaxxed Bus has traveled to over 50 Cities. and more!


Chaos to Clarity: Stories of Transformation and Quantum Biofeedback

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Real pain. Real people. Real healing. Real stories of transformation. Learn about the book: "Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change" by Sacred Stories Publishing Founder Rev. Patricia Cagganello and award-winning author Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos. 2) Quantum Biofeedback w/ Jake Cunningham. Learn about this sophisticated technology that reveals so much about health. Also, learn about how Jake met the inventor of Quantum Biofeedback many years...


Never Give Up w/ World Renowned Motivational Speaker Les Brown & Speaker / Author Karim Ellis

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Never give up. Life is all about persistence. Never give up even when times get tough, including struggling with health. 2) World Renowned Motivational Speaker Les Brown's life, his health, and what he has been up to recently. 3) The life of Karim Ellis, which he is a Motivational Speaker and Author.


Minerals & Stress w/ Genius who Saved Apollo 13 Astronauts

Tune in to hear all about: 1. Minerals are the spark plugs of life 2. The stages of stress and researcher Hans Selye 3. Quantum Biofeedback and how it works remotely. 4. Is coffee harmful to drink during meals? and more.


Music Heals and is the Accepted History of Jesus Wrong?

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Music Heals. Learn about David Young's Music and Books. 2) David Young's Book titled "THE TRUE STORY OF JESUS AND HIS WIFE MARY MAGDALENE" 3) What if if the accepted history of Jesus is wrong? What if the resurrection never actually occurred? Did Jesus have a wife? 4) Spirituality is the truth.


Setting Boundaries w/ a Narcissist & Alkaline Silver For Viruses

Tune in to hear all about: 1) Does Alkaline Silver Work Against Viruses? 2) The research behind Colloidal Silver