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The Toonami Faithful Podcast is a weekly podcast that talks about the action cartoon block Toonami on Adult Swim.

The Toonami Faithful Podcast is a weekly podcast that talks about the action cartoon block Toonami on Adult Swim.


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The Toonami Faithful Podcast is a weekly podcast that talks about the action cartoon block Toonami on Adult Swim.




Episode 362 - Waifu Wars Invade the Toonami Faithful Podcast

While the gang begins prepping for future episodes, TFP decided to have a fun anecdotal episode for fun. Host CJ is joined by VLordGTZ, Celia Rose, and Laserkid to talk about their favorite waifus who have been on Toonami. Chaos then descends upon the group as they dive into the age-old question, who's tastes are better.


Episode 361 - Stop Saying Written Off!

Sketch, Paul and VLord discuss some underrated series that aired on Toonami over the years. But before that they ponder if the recently announced Megalobox: Nomad dub will be airing on Toonami soon.


Episode 360 - We'll Get to the Topic Eventually Folks

It's the Toonami Faithful Podcast return of Colt Buhr and Duelist. They join Sketch and Paul to discuss Toonami's recent schedule revision among other things.


Episode 359 - The Ladies of Toonami Faithful Takeover

Toonami Faithful is proud to bring you a new special episode hosted by Happy Kuro Kitty and it joined by Director of Social Media Celia Rose and Editorial Writer Umeko Long. We wanted to give our wonderfully talented female staff members their chance to shine on an episode without their male colleagues, in what we hope can be a continued trend once a month. The ladies begin their discussion about the last 12 episodes of Food Wars, and talk about their hopes for more female representation in...


Episode 358 - A Canon Episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast

CJ hosts this week to talk about the recent Devil Banisher Arc from Black Clover. He is joined by VLord, Celia Rose, and returning guest LumRanmaYasha to discuss what made this arc compelling as well as what could have been done to improve upon it. This also leads the group to talk about filler episodes and what studios should look to do to make filler a more enjoyable experience, despite how fans may feel about the subject.


Episode 357 - Bucciarati's Life is PAIN

Sketch is joined by VLord, LaserKid and our returning guests LumRamnaYasha and Allison to discuss the final ten episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Music Credits: "Traitors Requiem" as performed by Daisuke Hasegawa


Episode 356 - Getting Excited for Doctor Stone

On this week's podcast, the gang talks about Doctor Stone Season 2 coming to Toonami as well as talk about some news about some of Toonami's original shows. Hosts this week are Paul Pescrillo, VLord GTZ, Happy Kuro Kitty and Laserkid.


Episode 355 - Exploring the Next Semester at UA

With the fifth season of My Hero Academia coming this Saturday, host CJ Maffris is joined by VLord, Laserkid, and Celia Rose to discuss everything that happened in season four! They talk about the story arcs that were adapted, the issues some had involving the story and characters, and what they look forward to in the next season!


Exclusive 52 - Jason DeMarco Interview

Once again, we had Jason Demarco, the man in charge of Toonami, on for a brief conversation about Toonami in 2020 and 2021. Though short, a lot of questions were answered in this interview. Hosts on this interview are Sketch and CJ Maffris.


Episode 354 - We Need To Talk About Titan

Sketch hosts this week's episode as he is joined by Umeko Long, VLordGTZ, and Laserkid as they discuss the latest episodes of Attack on Titan. After that CJ Maffris takes over as he discusses his issues with the final season, and why that it has ultimately soured his feelings toward the franchise as a whole which includes CJ's uncomfortable feelings with the Nazi Germany similarities.


Episode 353 - Back on the Grid

Sketch is joined by VLord, LaserKid and our returning guest Alien Renegade to discuss the second half of SSSS.Gridman and observations of the series as a whole. After that, Paul joins Sketch and LaserKid to talk about Toonami's upcoming schedule changes. Music Credits for this episode: "UNION" as performed by OxT "AKANE SHINJO [Visceral]" as performed by AMPREN (aka Alien Renegade) "Yume no Hero" as performed by Norio Sakai


Episode 352 - Getting Fired Up (feat. Sarah Roach)

Hosts CJ and Sketch are joined by special guest Sarah Roach, the English voice of Maki Oze, to discuss all things Fire Force. The three reminisce about their favorite moments throughout the first 19 episodes of the series (which include arcs, characters, plot points), as well as their favorite Maki appearances!


Episode 351 - Toonami Travels to The Promised Neverland

CJ is joined by Paul, VLord, and Kuro as they discuss Toonami’s new graphics package, as well as the news of The Promised Neverland’s second season joining the block. CJ and VLord being fans of the manga are discouraged at how the adaptation went, while Paul and Kuro are optimistic and excited to see more of the franchise.


Exclusive 51 - Blake Shepard Interview

Paul and Sketch interview the voice of Soma Yukihira on Food Wars, Blake Shepard. We talk about his acting career, voice acting, the anime he's working on and of course we talk about Food Wars.


Episode 350 LIVE!

On this live episode of the podcast, Paul, Sketch, CJ and Junior (formerly Caboose Jr.) celebrate 350 episodes of the podcast while talking about what Toonami means to them. We also have a special appearance by Paul's cat and also Paul reveals something about his personal life.


Episode 349 - Many Happy Reunions in Marley

Sketch, Darrell and VLord are joined by Toonami Faithful staff writer Umeko to discuss the first half of Attack on Titan season 4. For more indepth discussion, be sure to read Umeko's weekly Attack on Titan recaps on Music Credits: "Boku no Sensou (My War)" as performed by Shinsei Kamattechan "Shougeki (Shock)" as performed by Yuko Ando


Episode 348 - The Terrific Talented Talkative Toonami Faithful Podcast

Guest host CJ Maffris chats about the first seven episodes of Gridman with editorial writer LaserKid, social media manager Celia Rose, and former staff writer Alien Renegade. They discuss what works for the series, what didn't, the easter eggs littered throughout, and would an earlier time slot make much of a difference for fans to talk about Gridman more.


Episode 347 - Gatekeeping

On this episode of the podcast, the crew talks about the trending topic of gatekeeping in anime and how some fans gate-keep Toonami in the past and present. Hosts this week are CJ, Paul Pescrillo, Sketch, Laserkid, VLord GTZ and Celia Rose.


Episode 346 - Alicization Complete or... Another Lovely Evening with Alex von David

Sketch and Darrell have a nice long chat with Alex von David about the final part of Sword Art Online: Alicization: War of the Underworld. Music Credits for this Episode: "ANIMA" as performed by ReoNa "Adamas" as performed by LiSA


Episode 345 - Predictions For Toonami 2021

On this episode of the podcast, Paul, VLord and Celia Rose give their predictions on what shows they think are coming to Toonami in 2021.