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Judgement Day

The team assembles in Oslo to receive one of the most important messages of their careers. It’s six weeks since Greenpeace and Nature and Youth took on the Norwegian government and argued before the judge that Arctic oil is unburnable carbon - now the court has made its decision. The day of the ruling has finally arrived, and we’re on hand to follow the events as they unfold.


06 | All Rise

As the first snow begins to fall, the lawyers walk up the steps of the courthouse and into the biggest legal battle of their careers. In the final episode of the series, we travel to Oslo to capture first-hand the tension and excitement of this historic trial as it unfolds within the courtroom. With the future of the Arctic and our planet’s climate at stake, the time for preparation is over. It’s game on.


Teaser | Court in Session

The historic trial is underway. Our team is in Oslo capturing this pivotal case as it unfolds in the courtroom. Listen to the final episode of Unburnable from Thursday 30th November


05 | The Gift

How do you beat a government in court? With November’s court date approaching fast, we meet the legal team behind this unprecedented case. From former Supreme Court attorneys, to renowned international human rights lawyers, we hear how this unique case has brought together some of the best legal minds in both Norway and the world. When the doors of the Oslo District Court close on November 14th, a momentous legal battle will unfold on the floor of courtroom. With the future of the Arctic and...


04 | The Path Less Travelled

What makes an activist? What drives someone to devote their life to protecting the planet? We hear from individuals who have chosen to break the mould and take the path less travelled - from Sini Saarela and the Arctic 30, to captain of the open seas Mike Fincken, this episode explores the power and pressure of activism. Meanwhile, in the waters above the Arctic circle, Statoil is pressing ahead with plans to commence drilling despite the legal dispute. Our story brings us aboard the...


03 | The Gathering

Can a people-powered movement really win a global fight? In this episode, the unprecedented wave of climate justice cases from around the world come together in a single location - the beautiful Lofoten Islands of Norway. From the American youth activists who are suing Trump, to the Swiss Senior Women who have come out of retirement to hold their own government to account, a camp unlike any other brings this global movement together. In an age of planetary challenges which transcend national...


02 | The Sun and the Darkness

Our modern world was built on oil. But how did we get to this point? With much of the ‘easy oil’ already consumed, we explore why the petroleum industry is now pushing into ever more remote and vulnerable areas like the Arctic. From indigenous life in the far north, to first-hand accounts of the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we embark on a journey which brings us to the dawn of the next great energy revolution. Norway may have used its oil to become one of the richest nations on Earth but...


01 | The Storm

Growing up in the Philippines, Joanna always loved typhoon season; it meant time off school, at home with the family. But in late 2013, when Typhoon Haiyan - the strongest storm in recorded history - struck her home, Joanna’s life changed forever. Her story joins the global voices which echo how climate change has moved beyond just theories and statistics; it now threatens our fundamental right to a safe environment. Protecting this basic right has become paramount. As the government of...



Unburnable is the story of an unprecedented people-powered legal battle to protect our planet's future: The People Vs Arctic Oil. The first episode premieres on 12th October 2017.