UnchainedTV offers you a new way of living. It’s like being born again, but it’s not religious. Our host, New York Times bestselling author as well as TV and social media journalist who heads UnchainedTV.com, Jane Velez-Mitchell, helps you turn on the lightbulb and jump to the next phase of human evolution. There is a peaceful, joyous way of living out there. The secret is simple: don’t look for peace, practice it in your daily choices. You might say, peace begins right on your plate. Tune in to UnchainedTV, live every Monday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel.


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UnchainedTV offers you a new way of living. It’s like being born again, but it’s not religious. Our host, New York Times bestselling author as well as TV and social media journalist who heads UnchainedTV.com, Jane Velez-Mitchell, helps you turn on the lightbulb and jump to the next phase of human evolution. There is a peaceful, joyous way of living out there. The secret is simple: don’t look for peace, practice it in your daily choices. You might say, peace begins right on your plate. Tune in to UnchainedTV, live every Monday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel.




Veganism Hits The Stock Exchange with EATV

VegTech is the Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF that goes by the symbol EATV. VegTech™ Invest is an investment management company that advises EATV. EATV invests in companies that are actively innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients and that produce primary products that are animal-free. Elysabeth Alfano, the CEO of VegTech Invest, believes these companies positively impact climate change, planetary health and sustainability, human health, and animal health. She also...


Lion Ark: Go Behind the Scenes of Amazing Animal Action Movie!

Lion Ark: this award-winning documentary feels more like an action movie, complete with secret missions, undercover operations, intelligence briefings, nerve-wracking confrontations, extremely dramatic rescues, and high-speed races against time. But, unlike most action movies, this plot revolves around real life or death… for lions. And, you can watch it right now, because this highly acclaimed film is STREAMING FOR FREE ON UnchainedTV. Click here to watch now:...


PEELED Contest Winner Launches Vegan Lox Brand!

The world’s hottest vegan chef, winner of the groundbreaking vegan cooking show PEELED, Nicole Derseweh, talks to UnchainedTV’s Jane Velez-Mitchell. The wild and, by turns, dramatic and hilarious 3-episode vegan cooking competition is streaming NOW on UnchainedTV. Click here to watch Episode One: https://watch.unchainedtv.com/peeled/videos/peeled-episode-one Nicole is also launching her new brand of vegan lox. LOVE LOX is a whole food, plant-based and eco-friendly solution to traditional...


Bestselling Author Reveals How Veganuary Changed Her Life!

Ray Star is a multi-award-winning author from England. Her debut novels, Earthlings (The Beginning) and Dominion (Earthlings book 2) have gone on to become Amazon bestsellers in multiple categories and the final installment of the trilogy; Land of Hope and Glory (Earthlings book 3) is eagerly awaited by readers and set for release in 2023. Get the books now at: www.raystarbooks.com. Ray's passion for animals inspired her to close her PR business of over 15 years to dedicate her time to...


Encore: Can Cultured Meat, with No Animals Killed, Save the Planet?

It goes by many names: clean meat, cultured meat, no-kill meat. Now, Atelier Meats, a company on the leading edge of this hi-tech food industry, talks to UnchainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell about how this cutting edge technology could save billions of animals from slaughter and the planet from climate catastrophe. Meet Dr. Mohit Bhatia, the co-founder of Atelier Meats, which uses biotechnology and tissue engineering to pioneer meat without killing animals. https://www.ateliermeats.com/ Dr....


Encore: Mercy for Animals to US GOV: Stop Cruel Farmed Animal Transport!

Tell the USDA to Update Archaic Animal Transport Regulations! SIGN NOW: It takes a second: https://act.mercyforanimals.org/page/tell-usda-update-archaic-animal-transport-regulations/petition You’ve likely seen trucks on the highway packed with pigs, chickens, or other farmed animals. In crowded trailers or stacked crates, animals suffer long, grueling journeys with no food or water. These animals are usually on their way to slaughter, meaning their final hours or days are some of their most...


Get Heathy for the New Year: the Plant-Based/Workout Lifestyle!

It’s that time of year, where we're inundated with high-calorie, high-fat, highly addictive “comfort” foods, “traditional” foods that often leave us with a hangover and a scale tipping in the wrong direction. Then, there's that winter chill that whispers... just stay on your couch! Now, you can get a jump on that holiday hangover by opening your heart and mind to a fabulous, fun, plant-based/workout lifestyle. In coordination with an imaginative workout program, and a healthy diet, you can...


How YOU Can Help Stop U.S. Government Dog Torture!

White Coat Waste is a leading voice against cruel, useless, wasteful government experimentation on animals. WCW’s viral #BeagleGate campaign has now led to the introduction of the PROTECTING DOGS SUBJECTED TO EXPERIMENTS ACT (HR 8699) to defund unnecessary dog experiments conducted with tax dollars by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Says WCW, “NIH-funded white coats are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to inject puppies with cocaine, de-bark and poison dogs, infest beagles with...


Why It's SO Dope on the Green Side & How You Can Get There!

Angela Yvonne of Vegan Pop Eats is your concierge to a green lifestyle! This pop culture journalist offers tips on how to transition to a plant-based diet and, especially, how to make that journey a fun adventure. Veganpopeats.com also gives you insights on how to switch to a low-carbon footprint lifestyle with hacks and tips to clearing out the fur and feathers and living a life of natural abundance without hurting yourself, animals or the planet. Angela Yvonne of @veganpopeats2 has her own...


Animal-Free Fish is Here! Alt-Seafood Is Swimming to Your Plate!

Aqua is developing calamari, shrimp, scallops, and filets of tuna and whitefish… all with zero animals used or harmed. Aqua’s products have a realistic taste and texture. Aqua’s fermentation methods do not use any animal ingredients, genetic altering or modification, and can be marketed as non-GMO. Aquaculturedfoods.com is showcasing its alt-seafood for current and prospective partners in Europe, Asia, and North America. Public tasting events will gauge consumer acceptance later this year...


COP27 = Cop out! What Will Stop the Planet from Dying?

World leaders are converging in Egypt for COP27, the UN's climate change summit. One person you will NOT see at the summit is Greta Thunberg. The 19-year old, world-famous climate activist has called the climate summit, “greenwashing.” COP27 has begun with a warming that planet earth is issuing “a distress signal.” A new UN report says the past 8 years are on track to be the warmest ever recorded. Another person you will NOT see at COP 27 is Dr. Sailesh Rao, founder of Climate Healers and...


Youth Climate Animal Rights Activist Changes the World!

How does the youngest ever TEDx speaker keep up with the demands of changing the world? When Genesis recently met one of her all-time favorite animal ally, earth defender and musician who has stayed true to herself throughout all these years global pop star Billie Eilish, she expressed how Billie has shown her the importance of continuing to speak up for animals and the planet even if it seems people don't care, because eventually, they start to listen! Genesis has spoken in front of...


How Are Animal Cruelty Laws Tied to Public Morals?

Do the voters of California believe allowing the sale of pork from pigs raised in their state, that can not move or turn around, inflict moral injury on the people of the state? Do pigs raised in intensive confinement pose a threat to public health and safety? Do California voters have to tolerate products of animal cruelty being sold in their state? Find out details in discussion with Bryan Pease, civil rights, environmental and animal protection attorney, who recently filed a brief in...


Once Upon A Time We Ate Animals: The Future of Food!

Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals: The Future of Food, by Roanne van Voorst, combines the ethical clarity of Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals, with the disquieting vision of Alan Weissman's bestseller, The World Without Us, a thought-provoking, entertaining exploration of a future where animal consumption is a thing of the past. Though increasing numbers of people know that eating meat is detrimental to our planet's health, many still can't be convinced to give up eating meat. But how can...


Food Worthiness-A Human Right! First LA Vegan Food Bank Launched!

Ensuring that everyone has healthy food options available to them is the impetus for Gwenna Hunter, the founder of the Vegans of LA Food Bank, to launch the venture. Gwenna explains, “Food worthiness is a human right. In providing plant-based foods to communities in need we empower them with new food choices and in turn we create a more sustainable world.” Gwenna speaks about “food worthiness” from her heart. Growing up in a food desert herself in Cleveland, she knows what it’s like not to...


Vegandale Festival Brings Vegan World Domination!

Vegan business is, indeed, big business. Literally, sales of vegan food products have far outpaced those for the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) sector as a whole. That charge has been led, not only by those who identify as vegans, but mostly by non-vegans who understand they can now replicate the taste of their favorite foods, the feel of their leather car seats, and the performance of their athletic footwear, while still voting for a better world with their wallets. But how do you reach...


A Supreme Court Battle Over Pigs!

The people of California spoke loud and clear when they overwhelmingly passed Proposition 12, which requires animals bred for food, like pigs, be given enough room to turn around. Unbelievably, millions of pigs are kept in crates that are literally only slightly bigger than the size of their bodies. These pig gestation crates do not allow the pigs to turn around or even scratch themselves. They amount to animal torture on an institutionalized scale. Well, now, pork producers want to...


World's First All-Vegan Cast Cooking Competition Show Premieres!

PEELED, the world's first all-vegan cast cooking competition show premieres worldwide on UnchainedTV September 24th! From executive producers to production assistants, this all-vegan production, created by vKind Studios, brings exciting, plant-based cooking to life for a panel of celebrity vegan judges as they guide four plant-based chefs along their journey to receive the title of HOTTEST VEGAN CHEF. Hosted by raw vegan Chef Babette Davis and vegan TV personality, health expert and official...


Are Animals Being Killed For Your Vitamins & Supplements?

Are you aware that 20 billion animals are killed each year by the nutritional supplements industry? Maria Cebrian, the founder of the vegan supplement company Terraseed and activist for animals, is leading the Transparent Label Campaign to fight on behalf of these animals. The fact is that approximately 50% of dietary supplements contain animal-derived ingredients. According to a recent study authored by animal protection global organization The Save Movement and Terraseed, supported by a...


Should the Military Provide Vegan Meals? Survey Reveals Yes!

A recent poll conducted by animal rights group Mercy For Animals made public a groundbreaking survey, which found that 81% of military service members believe the military should provide its members plant-based meals ready to eat (MREs). Join Mercy For Animals' expert Frances Chrzan to discuss details about the survey results, its implications, and why MFA is encouraging the public to urge Congress to support the inclusion of a requirement in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act...