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We are here to help bring value to your home with natural and manufactured products for you to create your ultimate living space..Under your roof and in your backyard

We are here to help bring value to your home with natural and manufactured products for you to create your ultimate living space..Under your roof and in your backyard
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We are here to help bring value to your home with natural and manufactured products for you to create your ultimate living space..Under your roof and in your backyard




Episode 39 - Design with Stone

Stone design has many facets including interior and exterior. You will have a hard time finding someone who has worked on more signature interior design projects than this weeks guest. Dawn Carroll has been involved in stone design for many years. She has has travelled the world finding some of the most exclusive and uniques stones for her customers. Her specialty is in all types of interior projects along with her new idea of bringing the outdoors in. Dawn has such a vast knowledge of all...


Episode 38 - The Recycled Granite Company

Recycled products and green products are very popular in interior and exterior design. The problem is that some of these products are not very appealing and functional. This week we have you covered. Our guest is Julie Rizzo. She is an American success story. Julie had an idea on taking reclaimed cut off countertop material that got thrown into landfills and turn it into some of the most beautiful tiles, pavers, fire pits, and more. Her company is franchising all over the country and she...


Episode 37 - The Art of the Pool

Pools are a very hot commodity in today’s outdoor living world. Consumers today want more than just a pool. Most designs include all the extras like cooking, outdoor lighting, high end furniture and some kind of fire element. Our guest this week is Howard Roberts owner of Liquidscape located in New Jersey. Howard has been in the business for over forty years and is one of the top installers and designers in the business. He has designed and installed numerous projects for some of the leaders...


Episode 36 - Thin Veneer and Veneer Stone

Michael Buechel is the owner of Buechel Stone out of Wisconsin and North Carolina. They are a family run business that fabricates all kinds of stone products including full bed veneer and thin veneer. We have talked about how thin veneer has changed the masonry and hardscape business over the past fifteen years and Michael will educate us on some of his products and give us some great stories about how his Grandparents literally mortgaged the farm to start Buechel Stone. A great American...


Episode 35 - Outdoor Lighting Design

If you are designing any kind of outdoor room, kitchen, pool area, or something in between, outdoor lighting is a must. Today there are so many choices in companies that sell and install outdoor lighting, it can get a bit confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Patrick Harders the owner of Enlightened Lighting and President of Sterling Lighting Products is our guest on this weeks show. Patrick helps educate us on what to look for when purchasing lights, hiring a contractor, and teaching us how...


Episode 34 - Bridging the Gap To The Next Generations

This week our guest is Sarah Sladek. Sarah is the CEO of XYZ University. Sarah helps major companies, communities, and groups build a bridge to the next generation. We live in a time where we make a lot of generalizations about the next generation based on a few examples. Sarah helps open our eyes to truly see who they are, how they grew up in a completely different world from the previous generations, and how we can get them on our team working toward the future in our organizations and...


Episode 33 - Wine Cellars with Curt Dahl

Curt Dahl is the co-owner of Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars in the New York City area. He specializes in both residential and commercial high end wine cellar designs and installation. If you are interested in having your own personal wine cellar Curt is your guy. He has built some of the most creative and custom wine cellars in the U.S. and abroad. Curt and his partner Joseph are not only experts in design but are on the cutting edge with the technology side of temperature control,...


Episode 32 - The State Of The Construction World With special guest John Kemp: President Of Build-ing Solutions at CRH Americas

What is the real state of our construction economy? This week we will talk to John Kemp. President of one of that largest supply and manufacturing companies in the building and construction world . John is on the front lines and we will talk about the heath of our business and how things will be changing now that large companies like Amazon are entering our space. We also touch base on the issues of non skilled and skilled labor shortages and how CRH hopes to help and inspire the next...


Episode 31- Arboriculture

Taking care of the trees and shrubs on your property it not always just for aesthetics. Dying or damaged trees near your home or office can cause serious damage to life and property. We are joined by Brendan McCarthy, a graduate of the Stockbridge program at UMASS Amherst and expert Arborist to discuss signs of dying trees.


Episode 30- Water Features with Kip Northrup

There is nothing like adding a water feature when designing an outdoor room, home or office space. This week we are joined by the owner of one of the leaders in the water feature market, Kip Northrup from Blue Thumb.


Episode 29 - Trade Schools

One of Dean and Derek’s passions is helping to train and mentor the next generation of Tradesmen and Tradeswomen. This weeks guest is Tom Hart who is teaching the Horticulture and Landscape Construction class at the school. There is a pressing need for more workers in the trades and Tom is on the ground floor of helping to train the next generation.


Episode 28 - Techo-Bloc Pavers

Our in studio guest is Danielle Chin who is the dealer representative for Techo-Bloc in the New England area. Techo-Bloc is one of the leading manufacturers in the concrete paving and interlocking wall business. If are in the business or you are thinking about starting a new hardscape or outdoor room project, this is the show for you!


Episode 27 - Your Healthy Home

We spend most of our lives in our homes and never stop to think how toxic our air quality can be. Do you or a family member have asthma or severe allergies? Are your worried about mold and mildew in your basement? What are some of the household products that constantly omit unsafe chemicals? Caroline Blazovsky CEO of My Healthy Home answers all your questions this week.


Episode 26 - - Paint with Behr

Jodi Allen Global Chief Marketing Officer at Behr Paint and Erika Woelfel VP Color and Creative Services are our special guests. Jodi and Erika are very passionate about the business of paint. If you are getting ready to paint the inside or outside of your home, don’t touch that paint brush until you listen to this show!


Episode 25 - Front Steps

There are so many choices when considering building new or remodeling existing front steps. The front entryway of your house is one of the most important aspects of your homes curb appeal. Dean and Derek will break down some of the options that will help you design the right steps for your home. Whether it’s masonry or composite steps we have got you covered.


Episode 24 - Engineered Cements & Mortars

Choosing the right stone or tile for either your residential or commercial project can be a serious investment. Choosing the right mortar or cement is just as important. Our guest today is Barry Cullen from Ardex. Ardex is an international company that is one of the leaders in the masonry and tile adhesive business. Barry is here to educate us on the right mortars and moisture barriers to use that will ensure your projects last for many years to come.


Episode 23 - Cambridge Pavers

Keith Vincigurra from Cambridge Pavers is here to let us know what’s new and exciting for the coming year in pavers and wall products. Cambridge Pavers have been one of the leaders in the hardscape supply business and have just completed construction on the largest concrete paving manufacturing plant in the United States. Manufactured pavers are one of the leading segments of the hardscape design business and continue to grow each year. The past few years have seen tremendous advancement in...


Episode 22 - The Masters Class of Plants

On this weeks episode we have plant expert Steve Tomasi owner of Tomasi Nurseries in Pembroke MA. Steve has been in the plant supply business for two generations and is also a landscape architect. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field and we have him in studio. If you are looking for insight into plant designs tune in because this is the “Master Class” of the plant world. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time to touch on everything, so it looks like Steve is on the top of...


Episode 21 - Appliances

Yale Appliance And Electric in Boston, MA is one of the largest family owned appliance and lighting businesses in the country with over 100 employees. Dennis MacDonald who has worked with Yale for over 17 years in the sales division is our guest. Our focus will be on what’s new in refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves. What is the best choice for you? Who are the leading manufacturers in the business? What features should you be looking for in your new appliance? Dennis will help us answer...


Episode 20 - Countertops

If you are in the process of purchasing a new vanity top or new kitchen countertops this is the episode for you! Dean and Derek have invited Jim Mcadden owner of Tiles By Perfection to stop by and talk about whats new and exciting in the countertop world. There have been a lot of changes in the business with textures and new products. We are going to touch all of the bases make you an educated consumer, and hopefully help you avoid some of the expensive pitfalls when it comes to spending...