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Each week Founder and Host, Bryn Edwards, deep dives into conversation with fascinating people who either live, or are visiting, Western Australia to have a real and authentic conversation. It’s a space that captures the human journey in a way that we can resonate and connect with covering the 4 main games of life - health and wellbeing, relationships, business and connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Each week Founder and Host, Bryn Edwards, deep dives into conversation with fascinating people who either live, or are visiting, Western Australia to have a real and authentic conversation. It’s a space that captures the human journey in a way that we can resonate and connect with covering the 4 main games of life - health and wellbeing, relationships, business and connection to something bigger than ourselves.
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Each week Founder and Host, Bryn Edwards, deep dives into conversation with fascinating people who either live, or are visiting, Western Australia to have a real and authentic conversation. It’s a space that captures the human journey in a way that we can resonate and connect with covering the 4 main games of life - health and wellbeing, relationships, business and connection to something bigger than ourselves.




#120 Tara Aldridge – Woman Awakens

Journey into female awakening with yoga and meditation teacher, Tara Aldridge, the owner of True Nature Yoga. Tara talks about how her successful career in performance dancing finally came to an end when, after years of looking outside for validation, she realised that she had enough. She candidly shares how it was through yoga that that focus began to move inwards and impact it had on her life. Tara explains how she now supports women through their own journey to similar awakening –...


#119 Steve Aldridge – ReWilding Humans

Reconnect with living in line the laws of nature with Steve Aldridge, Founder of Wild Movement Perth. Steve tells how, as a Personal Trainer, it was through his simple challenge of conventional held wisdom in this field that lead him to awaken from his ‘auto-pilot’ state and continue to ask wider focused questions that lead him to discover rewilding for himself and create Wild Movement Perth. Packed full of insightful nuggets of how Steve lives and thinks, this conversation holds a mirror...


#118 Leanne den Hartog – End Of life Counsellor

Go to a place many wouldn’t with end of life counsellor Leanne den Hartog. Leanne started life as a very logic based lady, originally trained as a librarian and a distinguished career with the Australian Bureau of Statistics. However, it was through a chance encounter with someone who helped her to connect with her ability as a Psychopomp and dealing with the passing of her own father that she began the journey as an end of life counsellor. As an end of life counsellor, Leanne holds space...


#117 Ray Forlin – Our god is awesome

Step into living a life of faith with East Fremantle Baptist Church Paster, Ray Forlin. It is in the retelling of his journey transitioning in his late 30s from a successful career in IT to become a pastor that Ray provides a truly fascinating living example of living with faith and having the bravery to listen and act on god’s word. Ray puts forward that god is good, despite popular misgivings, and his love is always waiting patiently on the other side of ‘the door’ - all we have to do is...


#116 Jake Ward – Unstoppable

Experience the raw and authentic energy of Co-owner of Core9 Fitness and Founder of Mindset Warrior Coaching, Jake Ward. From an intense drive to look after and protect the loved ones around him, Jake got into martial arts from an early age. His staunch character and his refusal to take a backward step not only brought success fighting within the ring but soon outside of it and before long he was firmly part of gang life. However, it was being heavily in debt and dumped by his girlfriend...


#115 Nick Eggleton – Optimal Expression of your Genes

If you are serious about taking responsibility of your health then you’ll really enjoy this, as I talk with health coach and Founder of Genelife Nick Eggleton. Nick has a very experienced background in advertising and marketing, but it was when he started to take his own health more seriously did he begin to truly understand the role that his industry has played in selling and shaping less than healthy beliefs and behaviours – something that left him very angry. It was this that was the...


#114 Rebecca Dawson – You are the only thing that exists

In this conversation we explore accessing the wisdom that lies within and having the bravery to share this with the world with internationally renowned channel Rebecca Dawson. Rebecca shares how she spontaneously became a channel, the impact it had on her life and how she stepped out to fully embrace her ability and make her living through it. What becomes amazingly apparent, particularly as Rebecca explains what channelling actually is, is the fact that this is someone that we all can do...


#113 Mark Naglazas – What makes a good Film?

Step into the film industry and the world of film reviewing with Mark Naglazas. Copywriter, film critic, editor, and now scriptwriter and public speaker, Mark talks in depth about his 20-year career as the film editor for the West Australian. He shares some fun stories from this time and takes time to explain how he goes about actually reviewing films. In this conversation we explore the development of film and the film industry as well as insights into the Australian film industry. Mark...


#112 Darryl Naidu – Creating a New Normal

In this conversation we follow some very deep thinking and consider some of the bigger issues and impacts of our behaviours with Darryl Naidu. Darryl, a chartered engineer and a fantastic systems thinker, shares how he put his thinking to the test by creating New Normal Bar + Kitchen in Subiaco, which was built on the principles of providing seasonal local WA based food and beverages while reducing food related waste in the process. This is a fascinating insight into the thinking of...


#111 Karl O’Hare – Is there more to life than this?

Imagine being successful to the point that by the age of 38 years old you’d built a company, sold it and now no longer needed to work another day in your life and retire – what would you do next? That’s exactly what my guest Karl O’Hare achieved for himself. Karl shares how he managed to retire at the age of 38 and what drove him during that time. Karl then goes on to talk about what life was like after he retired and how a few years later he found himself in a low place asking himself...


#110 Nicola Adams – Let’s talk about your death

There’s one common event that we will all face – our own death – yet how often do we truly engage with this fact and what are the implications to how we live our life? Opening up the conversation about our own death while we have the space to do so that is the focus of this week’s guest Nicola Adams. Nicola, an intensive care nurse, talks about her own direct experiences of death through her life and work as an ICU nurse and the implications of not facing this beforehand. She also talks...


#109 Paul Newsome – The balance between passion and burn out

This week we welcome back WA Real’s first ever guest Paul Newsome, founder of Swimsmooth, who opens up on his recent experience and realisation of being a workaholic. Paul, a very driven and competitive man, very candidly shares how the re-occurrence of a major back injury minutes before departing on a family holiday was the entry in a very dark period that has brought about some very significant revelations about the manner in which he has been living his life and the required changes that...


#108 Pieta Sharpe – The integrity behind Perth Happenings

Delve behind the scenes of Perth’s most prominent ‘What’s On?’ website, Perth Happenings, and into the stories of founder Pieta Sharpe. With a focus on building a more connected community across WA, Pieta tells where the idea for Perth Happenings came from, how she has grown the platform and how she likes to champion small local events. Pieta goes on to tell how she has found ‘her voice in the world’ through Perth Happenings and how she now expresses that more through her own personal...


#107 Paul Holliday – The Human Excellence Project

This not only did I get the honour of listening to the story and lived knowledge of Paul Holliday but I also experienced firsthand the magic of his creation The Human Excellence Project. Starting at 5.15am, I joined a large group to enjoy meditation, cold water exposure and then real conversations over a coffee. Paul tells of how a culmination of losing his wealth in the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and the terminal cancer that took his father cracked him open to truly living life and...


#106 Jeremy Ingram – Taking control of your health

LEARN ABOUT THE ROLE OF EXERCISE IN THE TREATMENT OF CANCER AND OTHER SERIOUS HEALTH DIAGNOSES. This week I was super fortunate to spend time talking with physiotherapist & exercise physiologist, Jeremy Ingram. Jeremy is deeply passionate about improving the health-related quality of life for those who are dealing with chronic pain, disease or cancer treatment and has created Western Integrated Health to meet this aim. Jeremy tells of how he began his career with a focus on professional...


#105 Willow Francis – The Science and Wisdom of the Heart

ACCESS GREATER LEVELS OF WISDOM - THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO YOUR HEART THAN YOU EVER WOULD IMAGINE Jump into the science of your heart and the surprisingly greater effects it can have on your everyday experience with HeartMath trainer and mentor Willow Francis. Unwittingly, moment to moment, we bombard ourselves with judgements and negative thoughts that can leave our bodies a stress hormone cortisol waste ground. Willow provides a wonderfully entertaining and detailed explanation about the...


#104 Elaine Olsen – Creating the Changemakers of Tomorrow

DEVELOPING THE SKILLS TO SHAPE AND CHANGE TOMORROW Journey into the process of creating tomorrow’s changemakers with Elaine Olsen, founder of Fourth Space which creates space and guidance to shape the changemakers who will shape the world we will live in. Elaine tells of the 3 pivotal events that influenced her awakening from her 20-year career in public sector government to work in a manner that made her feel truly feeling alive and creative and in turn lead to her focus with Fourth...


#103 Richmond Heath – Tremoring: releasing trauma

Learn about impact of the tension we store in our bodies from our past and how to release it with Richmond Heath - the man who brought the Trauma Release Exercise Tremoring to Australia 10 years ago. Richmond talks about his own chronic pain and fatigue that resided in his body and how he was thrown out of 10- day vipassana meditation retreat when is body literally re-awoke and began to move by itself – thus beginning his quest to understand more as to why this occurred. Richmond is a...

#102 Adam Jorlan – Engage with the Future

Truly engage with the future with Futurist and Innovation Strategist Adam Jorlan, who is also a leader of the Enkel Collective, which provides events and workshops for people to engage in a deeper level with the future and how it can change Western Australia. Adam tells of how he became a futurist, how it is more of a calling than a career choice and provides insight into the actual work and the typical clients he works with. Adam eloquently provides some simple models of relating to human...

#101 Tazz Wright – The Real Life of a Social Media Influencer

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Social Media Influencer? This week we go behind the scenes with Tazz Wright – prominent Perth influencer – who provides and very real and honest insight into the life behind the posts. Tazz shares how, as a mother and model, she became a social media influencer and how she built her following to make an income from it. Tazz also goes deep on how her life began to significantly differ from the one she was portraying and the impact it had on her...