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Suprise, Bitch! We're Back!

The unannounced, unpublicized hiatus is officially over. Tabloids had been reporting for months that this podcasting duo had split. Well call the editor because there's a reunion happening and content flowing into your earbuds! Aidan talks about what vids he wished were leaked online & Jas informs listeners everywhere that power steering is more important than you think. The pair also debate how bad catfishing really is. Spoiler: they don't think it's THAT bad. Sorry if it's happened to you....


No, Anne Hathaway Is My Anne Hathaway!

Hey Grandma! So good to see you - everything good with you, hun? This week we try our hardest to discuss Anna Wintour's #1 party for any basic betch who matters. Unfortunately, we spend 45 minutes trying to figure out what the theme is - so thank god for studying. Aidan takes the time to shred Blake Lively like it's an Olympic sport (and tbh he takes home the gold)! Aaaand Jas breaks down the "pick-up" scene in NYC! Pop in them ear buds & enjoy! If you like what you hear, share us on social...


The Way Past Easter EASTER Episode

HI! Welcome back to another episode. I know you missed us, mom! This week we get together post Easter family celebrations to catch up and kiki. The format is real loose (a departure from brand for us, we KNOW)and the demands to continue listening, subscribing and rating us on iTunes get SO tight. So pop in your headphones & enjoy!


Minisode #2: Sharon Stone's Birthday Bash

This week we have a diet sized episode! A TOITE 25 minutes. Sure it's less and you feel robbed of time with us, but it's about QUALITY and certainly not about QUANTITY. We jump in by being overwhelmed by the time change. F you day light savings time. Aidan discusses the joys and fears of young doctors and Jas discusses coming out to her MD. Then we somehow transition to Sharon Stone's birthday party and that leads us to Nicole Kidman's highest cinematic achievement: Practical Magic. If you...


So Graceful & So Poised: Vagina Dentata

We're back and worse off than ever! Jasmin shares stories of her dental woes, the strangest places she's lost her teeth and the witchiest way to celebrate an anniversary! Aidan sprinkles in much lower stakes stories about how his orthodontist ruined his life and how to drug your boyfriend into cuddling submission. Tune in for lots of laughs, cringe moments and sympathy pain! Rate us on iTunes, subscribe on Sound Cloud or follow us on Twitter and Instagram!


And The Oscar Goes To... Adele Dazeem!

Another week and a new episode - we're on a hot streak! We've had some time to digest our thoughts on this year's Academy Awards. Apparently reading the wrong name at the right time can really liven up a show that couldn't even be saved by mid-show candy and an adorable convict named Gary. Aidan discusses the pros and cons of new phones and relationships (quit bragging already!)and Jas discovers a pop culture Jeff Sessions look-a-like! Subscribe, sit back and share with the Busy Phillips to...


Minisode #1: Don't Look Grandma!

Hey Friends! Guess what?! We decided to try something a little different: bite sized mini episodes. Sure, we're lazy but more importantly we're innovative! This week in a tight ten minutes, Aidan and Jas discuss forays into online dating and surviving to tell the tale! Hit subscribe, leave a comment or just plain old "like" us!!!!


Plot Twist: She's NOT the President

WOW! Time flies when you're doing absolutely nothing to progress your podcast! Luckily 2017 stomped up in this bitch and forced Aidan and Jas to commit to some resolutions INCLUDING actually doing a podcast instead of just talking about how they once had one. In this episode Jas describes what it was like being at the Women's March in D.C. Almost more importantly, Jas explains hilarious exhibits in the Smithsonian. We learn 1 of the 2 things that make Jas angry because we're easily...


Celebrity Couples

This week Aidan and Jas discuss celebrity couples (RIP Brad & Angelina). We know what you're thinking: "how could they bring a fresh spin to a topic as old as Cleopatra and Anthony?" Well cutie-pies, we get warmed up talking about J. Law for no real reason at all... and then settle into a game of "breaking up famous couples and making up new ones"! Listen along, comment your own fantasy celeb couples and subscribe!


Kween Hillary

Imagine yourself at the bottom of a staircase. That staircase represents knowledge of US Politics. The top represents knowing everything there is to know and the bottom represents knowing less-than-nothing about US Politics. Jas and Aidan stand firmly planted at the bottom, but try their darnedest to take just ONE step up that staircase of knowledge. Listen along, like, share & subscribe!


We'll Circle Back: Book of Genesis

You guys! The moment no one knew was coming (except our moms) and no one knew they needed is finally here! In the first episode EVER of We'll Circle Back we talk about how the Greek Gods came together to twist fate and bring US together. We talk about something we've been in search of AND Jas does a spoken word retelling of her favourite YouTube video. Don't forget to follow, like, subscribe and rate us! XOXO Aidan and Jas