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40. Skinny Fat

Just like all technology, Uber Eats is both a blessing and a curse. As Aidan spirals into laziness, we discuss the danger of having food delivered to your door. Jas explains why she doesn’t think goats are cute, which is honestly still crazy but fin. On another note with no segue, your drug dealer thinks Aidan has soft hands. Jas has the world’s smallest pinky finger which if you ask her to, she'll show you. Aidan watched Blake Lively's Age of Adeline and then Netflix Original Abducted in...


39. Addicted To Chatting

For the first time ever, we reveal that even thought we record our podcast in bed sometimes, we don’t actually record our podcast under the covers. Jasmine brings up the fact that March is sad. Maybe even the saddest of all the months. Aidan has taken this March Sadness and re-downloaded popular gay dating app, Grindr. He has come to see that all apps are based on Grindr. Jasmine discusses the time she and a friend used Grindr as their Yelp Reviews and Trip Advisor while on vacation to find...


38. Were You Always a Feminist?

Welcome to International Women's Month: March. During this episode, you'll notice that only one of us googled International Women's Day so they (Aidan) was forced to man-splain it (read the wikipedia page). In addition to this, Jasmine asks "have you always identified as a feminist?" which is only answered in the final moments of the pod. We also debate whether or not Barbie is considered feminist, because our moms hated her even though she's very responsible and has MANY jobs. We also...


37. Gay Marriage Is Acceptable feat. Lucas Loizou

This week on the pod we have the absolute pleasure of having friend of the pod and fan of pods in general: Lucas Loizou. We at WCB are thrilled to have booked this exclusive interview before this Toronto comedy fav moves to Berlin of all places! Lucas brought his notebook into the studio (Jasmine's livingroom)and he's ready to discuss his communist book club. We take the time to discuss what we like on twitter right now and JK Rowling releasing additional Harry Potter lore via her tweets....


36. What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

This week on the pod, Aidan and Jas discuss what it's like to try and podcast with limited battery power left and also, the fear of running out of gas while driving. We also discuss what it was like having an "activities-based" childhood growing up in Canada. Most importantly though, we discuss asking children what they want to be when they grow up. Some of us are adults and still barely know what we want to be. How is a kindergartener to know?! As always, like and rate us and subscribe...


35. How To Fake Your Own Death

Ted Bundy wasn't even hot and it's good that we're finally all addressing the hole in the narrative there. We discuss murder, kidnapping and planning a birthday party that no one will ever forget. Also: rude uber drivers, spilling coffee and not being able to/not wanting to understand British accents. As always, please review and rate us where ever you listen to your podcasts <3


34. That's a Red Flag

This week we're talking red flags. Can't live with them, but somehow can't live without them either? Aidan watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix and absolutely need to fill you in on the details. Jas & Aidan both discuss what people might think their red flags are, and what red flags they look for in other people. Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments on our website - wcbpodcast.com


33. Will You Marry Me? feat. Sam Sferrazza

This week we have a GORGEOUS guest with an even more beautiful speaking voice: Sam Sferrazza. Sam explains to us unlovable fools, what it’s like to have someone love you so much that they table the idea of marriage. Sam and Jas perform their Australian accents, which critics have hailed as “ground breaking”. Aidan relives the constant horror of having his card declined, for sums lower than 10 dollars, of all prices! Wedding culture is crazy. It’s hard to stay tethered on topic, but we...


32. New Year, New Me

Starting the year off strong, we decide to take a new route and introduce the podcast and ourselves at the top of the ep instead of forgetting it until the end. You’re welcome, loyal listeners. It’s a new year, and guess what – we STILL have things to say in no particular order. We discuss our holiday plans. Jasmin reveals that she is the proud new owner of a Fit Bit, and Aidan interrupts her to talk about going on a date with what he’s dubbed a “whispering gay man” – don’t know what that...


31. This Is The Room Where Your Children Scream

This episode is a cute little snack for you to enjoy! We decided to take a stroll down memory lane, turn back time and just soak in some childhood mems. It's to important to remember your roots and the rooms you were allowed to go absolutely wild in, while crashing from a sugar high. Enjoy!


30. Lena Dunham, Amanda Bynes, Shawn Mendes - Oh My!

welcome home, sweetie! we've been eyeballs-deep in celebrity magazine features this week and we want to talk to you about them all. so much so that in classic we'll circle back tradition, we talk about them for way longer than planned. we ended up cutting the episode in half for a double release. so we're serving the second half piping hot, and the first half next week! make sense? no? okay. first we have lena dunham in the cut, and we try to decide if she's messy or misunderstood. then...


29. A Face For Wigs feat. Sam Shier

Happy Halloween BAEs & BOOs This week we have a very special guest who would like to be known exclusively as SAM (single name fame a la Cher, Madonna & Rihanna). Her twitter handle is @samshier and you won't regret the follow. She guides us through her ideal Halloween costume, and Jas and Aidan talk about what they dressed up as. Sam, Aidan and Jas discuss their preferred level of fame and how some faces are simply made for wigs. We discuss personal fitness, and ponder whether enough...


28. A Star Is Born

Not to be THOSE gays, but: HAVE YOU SEEN A STAR IS BORN? Sorry, we had to. This whole episode is almost exclusively about Lady Gaga's star vehicle & October blockbuster, directed by Bradley Cooper. Spoiler Alert: we love it. We also talk about another major hit: the American national anthem. It's a banger to this DAY. Take a listen, and let us know what you think by writing us a review or posting to our instagram!


27. Surprise, Bitch! We're Back!

The unannounced, unpublicized hiatus is officially over. Tabloids had been reporting for months that this podcasting duo had split. Well call the editor because there's a reunion happening and content flowing into your earbuds! Aidan talks about what vids he wished were leaked online & Jas informs listeners everywhere that power steering is more important than you think. The pair also debate how bad catfishing really is. Spoiler: they don't think it's THAT bad. Sorry if it's happened to you....


26. Summer Camp

This week on the very irregular summer-hours podcast: We'll Circle Back, Jas finds out for the very first time that A. Rod and Jennifer Lopez (triple+ threat) are in a serious long term relationship. We also dive deep into our histories as camp counsellors extraordinaire, as well as our own coming-of-age camp stories as the cool kids at camp. Plot twist: we weren't the cool kids. Listen & enjoy you oiled and tanned summer babies!


25. I Love Gay People! feat. Jackson Mason-Mackay

In this episode, We'll Circle Back continues to enforce the unwritten rule of queer-only guests with Jackson Mason-Mackay: New Zealand cutie angel baby, and current Roman resident. Aidan and Jasmin both discuss how we each met Jackson. Jackson discusses the struggles of ordering with an accent. We also play a game to see how well Jackson knows his pop culture - and in a fun surprise twist, there are a few things Aidan and Jas get wrong


24. I Hope You Love Spin Class & Ottawa

This is an oldie but a finally-had-time-to-edit-and-upload (goodie)! So don't be confused by references to it "still being winter" while the posting date is mid-May... We love to podcast now and post at some point deep in the future. Think of this episode like a time capsule from Easter-ish. Jas discusses her recent trip to Ottawa and corrects Aidan's misinformation about the history of our nation's capitol building. Aidan recently found the joys of riding a stationary bicycle in the dark...


23. Benevolent Troll feat. Adam Smith Pt. 2

Aidan and Jas had the absolute pleasure of continuing to talk for hours on end with sweet baby angel & internet expert: Adam Smith. During the episode, we try our hand at true crime podcasting, by poorly retelling crime and murder stories we heard other places - mainly with far fewer details than the original telling of said crimes. Adam schools us on internet celebrity scandals and lets us know how we should go about growing our podcast audience. Thanks Dad!


22. Benevolent Troll feat. Adam Smith Pt. 1

This week's episode is a multi-parter because we're obsessed with Adam's obsessions and we think you will be too. More is more - just ask Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne. Spoiler alert: we talk about her this week when we discuss celebrities who've interacted with us on social media, like Adam's BFF Chrissy Teigen. Jas discusses DIY self-improvements for 2018 like art, tidying the fuck up and house plants. Which has me thinking... I should get a house tree and name it Chrissy...


21. Will This Affect My AirBNB Rating?

This is a message from the past! Recorded long ago, but posted & listened to in the now. ~sORrY nOt SoRRy~ We talk about Aidan's trip to NYC and how his mom thinks that flying Porter Airlines might be risking your life. We also discuss mice in your home & your airBNB. Aidan won't stop talking about Adam Rippon, because that's all he can circle back to, and Jasmin is polite enough to indulge him.