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I Love Gay People!

In this episode, We'll Circle Back continues to enforce the unwritten rule of queer-only guests with Jackson Mason-Mackay: New Zealand cutie angel baby, and current Roman resident. Aidan and Jasmin both discuss how we each met Jackson. Jackson discusses the struggles of ordering with an accent. We also play a game to see how well Jackson knows his pop culture - and in a fun surprise twist, there are a few things Aidan and Jas get wrong


I Hope You Love Spin Class & Ottawa

This is an oldie but a finally-had-time-to-edit-and-upload (goodie)! So don't be confused by references to it "still being winter" while the posting date is mid-May... We love to podcast now and post at some point deep in the future. Think of this episode like a time capsule from Easter-ish. Jas discusses her recent trip to Ottawa and corrects Aidan's misinformation about the history of our nation's capitol building. Aidan recently found the joys of riding a stationary bicycle in the dark...


Benevolent Troll Feat. Adam Smith Pt. 2

Aidan and Jas had the absolute pleasure of continuing to talk for hours on end with sweet baby angel & internet expert: Adam Smith. During the episode, we try our hand at true crime podcasting, by poorly retelling crime and murder stories we heard other places - mainly with far fewer details than the original telling of said crimes. Adam schools us on internet celebrity scandals and lets us know how we should go about growing our podcast audience. Thanks Dad!


Benevolent Troll Feat. Adam Smith Pt. 1

This week's episode is a multi-parter because we're obsessed with Adam's obsessions and we think you will be too. More is more - just ask Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne. Spoiler alert: we talk about her this week when we discuss celebrities who've interacted with us on social media, like Adam's BFF Chrissy Teigen. Jas discusses DIY self-improvements for 2018 like art, tidying the fuck up and house plants. Which has me thinking... I should get a house tree and name it Chrissy...


Will This Affect My AirBNB Rating?

This is a message from the past! Recorded long ago, but posted & listened to in the now. ~sORrY nOt SoRRy~ We talk about Aidan's trip to NYC and how his mom thinks that flying Porter Airlines might be risking your life. We also discuss mice in your home & your airBNB. Aidan won't stop talking about Adam Rippon, because that's all he can circle back to, and Jasmin is polite enough to indulge him.


Olympic Valentine's Gay

HI, IT’S US. We’re here with a seemingly disjointed but naturally flowing stream of consciousness. If you feel like complaining about other people’s mid-winter vacations, black history month, Toronto’s newest and worstest serial killer, race relations in Canada, the winter Olympics and their generic brand condoms – turn off your google maps because you’ve arrived at your destination girlfriends and boyfriends! As always, hit subscribe, share us with a friend or enemy and listen up!


Mix Tape feat. Taylor Rivers

Guess what you guys - this is EXCITING!!! We have our very first guest! We had a long hard think about who to bring on. We were pretty sure we wanted to have a Taylor on because it just felt right. Say it to yourself: Aidan, Jas & Taylor. Feels good, doesn't it? Now, when it comes to Taylors, we have some options. There was Taylor Swift, but we're not talking to her after what we made her do. There's also Taylor Lautner, but what even is his last IMDb credit? Talk about irrelevant. No, the...


Minisode #2: Sharon Stone's Birthday Bash

This week we have a diet sized episode! A TOITE 25 minutes. Sure it's less and you feel robbed of time with us, but it's about QUALITY and certainly not about QUANTITY. We jump in by being overwhelmed by the time change. F you day light savings time. Aidan discusses the joys and fears of young doctors and Jas discusses coming out to her MD. Then we somehow transition to Sharon Stone's birthday party and that leads us to Nicole Kidman's highest cinematic achievement: Practical Magic. If you...


Celebrity Couples

This week Aidan and Jas discuss celebrity couples (RIP Brad & Angelina). We know what you're thinking: "how could they bring a fresh spin to a topic as old as Cleopatra and Anthony?" Well cutie-pies, we get warmed up talking about J. Law for no real reason at all... and then settle into a game of "breaking up famous couples and making up new ones"! Listen along, comment your own fantasy celeb couples and subscribe!