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9: Manchester City: Blue Moon Risen

Who Are Ya Podcast has covered struggling sides in the past. In this episode we’ve done something a bit different, and gone right to the top. Manchester City are a team that, in the past, were known for disappointment and mediocrity. Now they ooze excellence in every department. And if there’s any way they aren’t already the best, they aspire to get their soon. But what do their fans think of all this? Are the fans losing their community connection with their beloved club? Is City’s ’Same...


9: Who Are Ya Talks… Jim Keoghan, author of Punk Football

Hello and welcome to Who Are Ya, a monthly podcast about the football clubs of Great Britain. Well, that’s what it was. We’ve decided to change it up a little, shower you with more content. An episode every month isn’t as frequent as we’d like, so we came up with the idea of additional episodes - outside of the usual Who Are Ya pod format that we know and love. We’re going to be introducing an additional podcast every month that hopefully adds a bit more colour and depth to the issues we...


8: Protest Clubs: Time To Go

In this episode instead of sticking to one club, we are discussing a few - but they've all got something in common - these are the protest clubs. Formed, for various reasons, in protest against another club, these fans were forced to make a horrid decision when they started a new team. We talk to FC United fans about life as a non-league protest club, to AFC Liverpool's founder, to a once disgruntled now happy Northwich fan and to fan-owned club expert and author Jim Keoghan. We've talked...