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Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms.

Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms.
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Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms.








Ep. 13 Our Self-Inflicted Drought

Australia is in the grip of a major drought. Farmers are at breaking point, governments are desperately formulating responses. But the reality is this drought has been entirely self-inflicted due to government water policy and bureaucratic mismanagement in the 21st century. My guest on WilmsFront tonight is water consultant and third-generation irrigation farmer Ron Pike explains how this drought was created. Ron explains how the Federal Water Act of 2007 and the Murray Darling Basin Plan...


Ep.12 Non-News Networks

The mainstream media these days either report fake news or simply omit stories they don’t want to cover, as part of being non-news media networks. That’s the topic of discussion of tonight’s WilmsFront. CNN and the New York Times hosted the 4th Democrat Presidential Primary debate. It included the top 12 candidates including my favorite Tulsi Gabbard She called the host media despicable for smearing her as a Russian asset because of her non-interventionist foreign policy. More patriots had...


TTT 6 Prizes and Polls

There were prizes and poll upsets this week. Tim and Dieuwe put a Trans Tasman view on these news items in this week’s episode. Jacinda Ardern was robbed of the Nobel Peace Prize by a more worthy leader who brokered peace in Africa. The other populist choice for the Prize was teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. Her followers in the west continued their Rebellion Week disruptions, with the government of Queensland proposing new laws to stop their destructive behavior. The protests in...


Ep. 11 March for the Babies Report

On Saturday afternoon myself, The Unshackled and countless other alt-media outlets covered the 10th anniversary of the March for the Babies Victoria that took place in Melbourne. On this Sunday night's WilmsFront I broadcast my interviews with key organisers and attendees from the March, some of the speeches and other highlights. I also provide my own analysis on where to for the pro-life movement from here. Written Report:...


Ep. 10 Peace and Love = War and Hate

It appears that peace and love now equal war and hate. I trade barbs over foreign policy, globalist obligations and what are real and fake sex crimes with Samraat Joshua Grewal. The big topic of debate is United States President Donald Trump's decision to move US troops from Northern Syria, partly fulfilling his non-interventionist election promise. His justification is ISIS is now defeated but now Turkey appears to be engaging in war against Kurdish fighters. Samraat argues that it's...


Ep. 9 Snapshot of Multicultural Australia

The City of Casey in South Eastern Melbourne is a snapshot of multicultural Australia. Its population rises every year with new migrants moving in and new houses and infrastructure constantly under construction. To provide an insight into this demographically changing place is City of Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani. Rosalie was born in Western Australia, she was brought up and still devout Christian. Mission work in the United States, Papua New Guinea and remote indigenous...


TTT 5 Globalist Rebellion

The Unshackled Links: Website: https://www.theunshackled.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUnshackled Twitter: https://twitter.com/Un_shackled Gab: https://gab.ai/theunshackled Telegram: https://t.me/theunshackled Right Minds NZ Links: Website: https://www.rightminds.nz/ Donate: https://www.rightminds.nz/donate Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rightmindsnz/ Twitter https://twitter.com/rightmindsnz YouTube:...


Ep. 8 High and Alleged Crimes

Alleged crimes and high crimes are the topics of Friday night's double feature on WilmsFront. First up convicted union criminal John Setka and the alleged crimes of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. John Setka and State of the Union Movement John Setka the CFMMEU Victorian secretary is fighting to save his union career. Facing expulsion from the Labor Party Setka is being offered up as the sacrificial lamb by the trade union movement in the hope of protecting the rest of their...


Ep. 7 Communist and Antifa Killers

The People's Republic of China has celebrated 70 years of communist rule. The Australian Antifa community are campaigning for convicted murderer Jock Palfreeman to be freed from prison in Bulgaria. After reviewing the recent Trump, big tech and royal family news, our two resident experts return to WilmsFront on Wednesday night's episode. China expert Dave Lee and Antifa expert Lucas Rosas. The Chinese Communist Party celebrated its birthday with a military show in Tienanmen Square....


TTT4 Political Climate Change

The global political climate has continued to change this past week. United States President Donald Trump is now being subjected to impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. The People's Republic of China is celebrating 70 years of the nation's founding under Communist rule. Australia and New Zealand have been at the centre of both international stories. The Chinese embassy in New Zealand held a reception to celebrating the nation's communist beginnings with senior national...


Ep. 6 Jolly Old Socialist

Yarra City Councillor Stephen Jolly has resigned/been forced out of the party he founded and fronted the Victorian Socialists. Where to from here for Melbourne's Marxists? I discuss that as well as reflecting on Stephen Jolly's socialist activist political career with Associate Editor of The Unshackled Lucas Rosas on tonight's episode of WilmsFront. As It's a Friday night I cover the rest of the major stories of the week which is the total collapse of the latest allegation which has led to...


Ep. 5 Fahrenheit Greta

Greta Thunberg’s apocalyptic speech at the UN Climate Summit in New York yesterday sent climate hysteria to frightening new temperatures. To cool things down climate policy expert Alan Moran joined me in the studio on WilmsFront Alan also discusses the state of climate change politics in Australia, how energy prices can go back to being affordable, what other junk climate science has bee spread around, and explains what is the worst-case global warming scenario is. Alan Moran Links:...


Trans Tasman Talk Ep. 3 To The Atlantic

Both Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern were at the Atlantic Coast in the United States this week. Morrison for an official state dinner with Donald Trump at the White House, Ardern to attend the UN Climate Change Summit in New York with keynote speaker Great Thunberg. In the third episode oof Trans Tasman Talk, Tim and Dieuwe look at how our respective Prime Ministers were received by Donald Trump. Other local developments in New Zealand are the Auckland Mayoral race and another NZ Labor...


Ep. 4 Modern Info Wars

On WilmsFront tonight was Dougal Cameron from Carnage House Productions to discuss the modern information wars. Dougal operates the outlet with his two brothers and are beginning to make waves in the Australian alt-media scene. I begin by asking Dougal what it is like to be ginger, and how he ended up with the family ginger gene. Moving onto to more serious topics we look at what it takes to be in the alternative media, and what you offer to those who no longer trust the mainstream...


Ep. 3 Young Conservatives

Joining WilmsFront tonight is Liam Kwasha from Young Conservatives Queensland. We discuss modern conservative political philosophy, Queensland political culture, global geopolitics and border protection. Young Conservatives Queensland is a political educational Facebook page where they publish video content on conservative values and activism. Liam is their most prominent face, at the age of 25 he has already served in the military, worked in immigration detention and is now studying...


Ep 2. Gladys Troubles

On tonight’s episode of WilmsFront its Gladys Troubles. It hasn't been a good time to be a female Liberal politician called Gladys. On Tuesday morning there was an attempt spill against NSW Premier Gladys Berijikejen over her handling of the abortion decriminalisation bill in the state. Federal MP Gladys Liu’s membership of various Chinese communist party linked community groups continues to be under scrutiny. First young NSW conservative Joel Jammal joins us to discuss the pro-life...


Trans Tasman Talk Ep. 2 Communist Infiltration

In the second episode of Trans Tasman Talk Tim and Dieuwe compare the political issues of Chinese communist infiltration and abortion decriminalization in their respective nations, mixed in with Jacinda Ardern receiving more criticism for the latest sex scandal to beset her party. The Unshackled Links: Website: https://www.theunshackled.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUnshackled Twitter: https://twitter.com/Un_shackled Gab: https://gab.ai/theunshackled Telegram:...


Ep. 1 The Setting

The latest Unshackled production Wilms Front premiered tonight live on the show's new dedicated channel. I begin by by setting the scene about how WilmsFront episodes will be formatted, and what to expect. Then I get straight into a brief analysis of what is in the news cycle right now. Three Australians are currently imprisoned in Iran. Liberal MP Gladys Liu's alleged Chinese Communist Party connections have plagued the Morrison Government all week. There's been another rally against the...


Trans Tasman Talk Ep. 1 Close Relations

In an era when globalisation, globalism and global citizenship are the prevailing political ideologies, western nations are losing their identity, culture and freedoms they once had. Australia and New Zealand being the two Anglo-sphere nations of the South Pacific have always had a close relationship. That is why The Unshackled and Right Minds tonight launched Trans-Tasman Talk so our respective audiences can know more about the similar and different battles we are facing as nations. For...