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Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms.

Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms.
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Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms.








Ep. 21 Free Speech on Trial?

This week Blair Cottrell’s appeal trial against his conviction under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is finally taking place. Given I’ve been in attendance at the County Court on the midweek edition of WilmsFront I provide my analysis as the trial reaches its conclusion and explore if free speech in Australia is really on trial? Cottrell, along with fellow patriot activists and former United Patriots Front colleagues Neil Erikson and Christopher Shortis, were found guilty...


TTT 10 Flamethrowers

Bushfire season is currently wreaking tragedy in New South Wales, but the climate change activists have turned them into a political flamethrowers exercise. Free speech and free religious expression have again come into contention this week. Tim and Dieuwe discuss all this along with the latest bureaucratic failures and on the latest episode of Trans Tasman Talk. The Unshackled Links: Website: https://www.theunshackled.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUnshackled Twitter:...


Ep. 20 Politico-Hollywood Complex

Cinema like everything else in the current year is now political. Hollywood is now more explicit about pushing its worldview. On a Friday’s WilmsFront with a night at the movies on people’s minds catch up with Melbourne’s most red-pilled film buff Richard Wolstencroft to explore the politico-Hollywood complex. I provide the latest on the groyper war with Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire pre-empting the Q&A session with a 45-minute denouncement of the alt-right and America First host Nick Fuentes....


TTT 9 Cup Cracker

It was Melbourne Cup day in Tim's hometown while Diewue had Guy Fawkes night crackers going on in Auckland. But the government business of day continued which we also get into on the weekly episode of Trans Tasman Talk. The Nup to the Cup animal welfare campaign gained growing support this year after ABC’s 7.30 program showed evidence of retired race horses being abused before being slaughtered. The cup has also become known for the drunken and slothful behaviour of the attendees, all while...


Ep. 18 Currency Revolutions and SAlty Protestors

The state is losing its control over the currency. Marxists are SAlty their latest aggressive protest in Melbourne failed. Along with a Joker Movie review, those are the topics of Friday night’s WilmsFront episode. With financial deplatforming for “wrong-think” becoming more prevalent with payment processors and commercial banks, the currency revolution that began with Bitcoin in 2009 has provided the free speech finance alternative. Global Bitcoin expert and podcaster Stephan Livera...


Ep. 17 Citizen Driven News

We Are Change is an independent citizen-driven news gathering media organization working to expose corruption worldwide. On tonight's WilmsFront we introduce the Melbourne Chapter leaders of We Are Change Jeff O'Toole and Jacqueline Gwynne. We Are Change was founded in 2006 by libertarian activist Luke Rudkowski. It now has chapters all over the world including four in Australia. Luke himself recently visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean Island where the pedophile billionaire...


TTT 8 Sacred Rights

Some groups' rights are more sacred than others. We have seen this play out in Australia and New Zealand this week, all citizens should be treated the same, but not in the age of identity and grievance politics. Tim and Diewue discuss the effects of this modern phenomenon in the latest episode of Trans Tasman Talk. Climbing Australia’s most famous natural landmark Ayers Rock is now banned. We are told climbing it is culturally insensitive to the indigenous peoples. But the original Uluru...


Ep. 16 Assets of the West

Carnage House Productions Links: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVz3KMuSKUhGVOK6l2Hz91Q Website: https://www.carnagehouseproductions.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarnageHouseProductions/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carnagehouseproductions/ Wilms Front Links: Website: http://timwilms.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wilmsfront Twitter: https://twitter.com/wilmsfront Minds: https://www.minds.com/timwilms Gab: https://gab.com/timwilms Rational...


Ep. 15 Patriot Persecutions and Elite Escapes

The mainstream media of Australia have launched a press freedom campaign. Of course, they don’t believe in freedom for everyone else and believe only they have the right to inform the public of news and information they deem relevant and accurate. This lack of consistent messaging has been on display with their silence or slander against patriots being persecuted across the western world, or helping elites such as Jeffrey Epstein escape justice. I was joined by Brisbane Unshackled Reporter...


TTT 7 Pressing Concerns

The legacy media have not defended free speech for ordinary citizens or the alt-media. But now have concerns they might lose their own voice and are pressing this issue. That and droughts, recessions and foreign fighters dominated the Tasman news cycle this past week. We also comment on the Canadian federal election results with Justin Trudeau winning a second term as Prime Minister. The lesson for conservatives in the Anglo-Tasman nations from the result is don't be left-life when up...


Ep. 14 BritTurkExit

International news this week was dominated by attacks on nationalism and putting your own country first. That was the theme of Sunday night's WilmsFront with battles in the UK, North America and of course the Middle East. Boris Johnson reached an new Brexit deal with the European Uniom. But it still must pass the British House of Commons before the leave day of October 31st. The EU nations may not grant another extension, so the politicians by breaking their own no deal Brexit laws will...


Ep. 13 Our Self-Inflicted Drought

Australia is in the grip of a major drought. Farmers are at breaking point, governments are desperately formulating responses. But the reality is this drought has been entirely self-inflicted due to government water policy and bureaucratic mismanagement in the 21st century. My guest on WilmsFront tonight is water consultant and third-generation irrigation farmer Ron Pike explains how this drought was created. Ron explains how the Federal Water Act of 2007 and the Murray Darling Basin Plan...


Ep.12 Non-News Networks

The mainstream media these days either report fake news or simply omit stories they don’t want to cover, as part of being non-news media networks. That’s the topic of discussion of tonight’s WilmsFront. CNN and the New York Times hosted the 4th Democrat Presidential Primary debate. It included the top 12 candidates including my favorite Tulsi Gabbard She called the host media despicable for smearing her as a Russian asset because of her non-interventionist foreign policy. More patriots had...


TTT 6 Prizes and Polls

There were prizes and poll upsets this week. Tim and Dieuwe put a Trans Tasman view on these news items in this week’s episode. Jacinda Ardern was robbed of the Nobel Peace Prize by a more worthy leader who brokered peace in Africa. The other populist choice for the Prize was teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. Her followers in the west continued their Rebellion Week disruptions, with the government of Queensland proposing new laws to stop their destructive behavior. The protests in...


Ep. 11 March for the Babies Report

On Saturday afternoon myself, The Unshackled and countless other alt-media outlets covered the 10th anniversary of the March for the Babies Victoria that took place in Melbourne. On this Sunday night's WilmsFront I broadcast my interviews with key organisers and attendees from the March, some of the speeches and other highlights. I also provide my own analysis on where to for the pro-life movement from here. Written Report:...


Ep. 10 Peace and Love = War and Hate

It appears that peace and love now equal war and hate. I trade barbs over foreign policy, globalist obligations and what are real and fake sex crimes with Samraat Joshua Grewal. The big topic of debate is United States President Donald Trump's decision to move US troops from Northern Syria, partly fulfilling his non-interventionist election promise. His justification is ISIS is now defeated but now Turkey appears to be engaging in war against Kurdish fighters. Samraat argues that it's...


Ep. 9 Snapshot of Multicultural Australia

The City of Casey in South Eastern Melbourne is a snapshot of multicultural Australia. Its population rises every year with new migrants moving in and new houses and infrastructure constantly under construction. To provide an insight into this demographically changing place is City of Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani. Rosalie was born in Western Australia, she was brought up and still devout Christian. Mission work in the United States, Papua New Guinea and remote indigenous...


TTT 5 Globalist Rebellion

The Unshackled Links: Website: https://www.theunshackled.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUnshackled Twitter: https://twitter.com/Un_shackled Gab: https://gab.ai/theunshackled Telegram: https://t.me/theunshackled Right Minds NZ Links: Website: https://www.rightminds.nz/ Donate: https://www.rightminds.nz/donate Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rightmindsnz/ Twitter https://twitter.com/rightmindsnz YouTube:...


Ep. 8 High and Alleged Crimes

Alleged crimes and high crimes are the topics of Friday night's double feature on WilmsFront. First up convicted union criminal John Setka and the alleged crimes of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. John Setka and State of the Union Movement John Setka the CFMMEU Victorian secretary is fighting to save his union career. Facing expulsion from the Labor Party Setka is being offered up as the sacrificial lamb by the trade union movement in the hope of protecting the rest of their...


Ep. 7 Communist and Antifa Killers

The People's Republic of China has celebrated 70 years of communist rule. The Australian Antifa community are campaigning for convicted murderer Jock Palfreeman to be freed from prison in Bulgaria. After reviewing the recent Trump, big tech and royal family news, our two resident experts return to WilmsFront on Wednesday night's episode. China expert Dave Lee and Antifa expert Lucas Rosas. The Chinese Communist Party celebrated its birthday with a military show in Tienanmen Square....