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Car Talk Radio Show on All things automotive






#205 Old World Craftsmanship Meets Technology : The Art of Luxury Vehicle Repair & Service

Joe Ritz of Sports & Collector Car Center joins us as our special guest as we discuss the attention to detail and team work required to service & repair investment grade collector vehicles https://bit.ly/3lPCqUT Go Straight to Interview : 12:46 With its dedicated staff, Sports & Collector Car Center, https://bit.ly/3lPCqUT , has earned a reputation for its “old world craftsmanship combined with new age technology”. They proudly maintain and service all fine automobiles including Jaguar,...


#204 Small Business Hardships & Re Invention During COVID-19

Special Guest Bill Nalu of Interstate Auto Care Detroit Michigan joins us for a discussion about the trials and tribulations of operating an automotive service center during the uncertainty of COVID-19


#203 Brake System Tips -How to Avoid Spending Unnecessarily

Brake System Failures With a great deal that could go wrong with your braking system , we reveal the top failures and how to stay proactive with simple basic checks that can keep you from over spending. We discuss the symptoms to be aware of and what you can do to inspect early on to avoid catastrophe. Brake Squeaks Dash Warning Brake Light Brake Master Cylinder Leaks and Brake Booster Failures Brake Pad and Brake Shoe Lining Life How often Should Brakes be Inspected Cost Factors


#202 Empowering Women -Special Guest : BOGI of All Girls Garage TV

Many younger pre teen girls claiming a passion and interest in Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math ( STEAM) lose interest only a few short years later (according to a 2017 Microsoft Study) of to which poses a great challenge for industry as well as educators and the institutions promoting the sciences - including the automotive sector. Sarah "BOGI" Lateiner pays a visit to Wrench Nation as we discuss the importance of positive role models for younger women entering the...


#201 Road Trip Tips – Is your Vehicle Prepared ?

During this particularly difficult time where most are still not flying to destinations across the country , many are taking advantage of the open road and hitting their favorite road trip spots while investigating new points of interest. Is your vehicle ROAD TRIP ready ? On this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk we go deep under hood and under carriage providing some essential requirements of how to prepare your vehicle for a successful road trip ,covering those top reasons for a roadside...


#200 Ken Vela WIKD Kustoms -Fountain Valley Classic Car Show

2020 Fountain Valley Car Show We spend some time with show contributor Ken Vela of WIKD Kustoms who has connected with his first year planning one of the largest car shows in Southern California. From historic classic motor bikes , RV Trailers and vehicles to a surprise find VON Dutch Ranch truck making its first appearance in decades .


#198 Jason Torchinsky : 2021 Bronco ; Dirt Cheap Changli EV & Elon Musk Level 5 Claim

All the Rage -2021 Ford Bronco Announcement -Will it Live Up to the Hype ? This past week brought about some pretty exciting news by way of the 2021 Ford Bronco launch. Will it live up to it's claims & make a dent in the four wheel community , especially amongst die hard Jeep fans ? Additionally we investigate what has to be pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, the worlds cheapest EV platforms on the planet -the practical Changli EV. Possibly the Worlds Cheapest EV...


#196 The Future of 3D Printing Auto Parts :CEO & Co-Founder of Form Alloy Melanie Lang

As Designers and hobbyists utilize 3D printing to create custom looks with custom colors for both standard auto parts & performance applications, the technology of producing hard to find parts is a current reality. Melanie Lang, FormAlloy Co-Founder and CEO https://bit.ly/2NyWUlK , is motivated by developing a disruptive technology that delivers the future we could have previously only imagined - the ability to Form, Enhance, and Repair metallic components that go beyond the bounds of...


#195 Educating Millions of Automotive Enthusiasts Navy Veteran & Build Talent : Lou Santiago of Garage Insider TV

Catch Lou Santiago on Insider Garage https://bit.ly/2CxdiRu With the passion and drive of educating many for years as the talent & host of SPIKE TV Muscle Car Garage & the popular CARFIX TV show -Lou Santiago is no stranger to the many car enthusiasts looking for tips on how to overhaul their classic muscle car or automotive build project. Check out his platform on Youtube -Insider Garage TV Catch Lou Santiago on Insider Garage TV https://bit.ly/2CxdiRu Digging in to some of the most...


#194 Repo Man & Producer of Playing N Traffic : Louis Lee

Louis Lee is the Producer and host of the Playing N Traffic show https://bit.ly/2An2pRD, a venture he started in 2016. He’s been in the automotive game for over 30 years and has owned and operated one of the top auto transport companies in the USA. He has transported cars for some of the hottest entertainers and top car builders in the industry. Playing N Traffic Show https://bit.ly/2An2pRD Louis also owned and operated a large repo company in Northeastern Ohio. He is an automotive...


#193 Rebecca Nguyen -Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator ClassicCars.com What makes a future collector vehicle ?

What drives the future of a potential collector vehicle ? From the Nissan 280z to the Toyota Supra -event coordinator of Future Collector Car Show Rebecca Nguyen joins us live in studio as we navigate the next generation of classic cars . https://bit.ly/2SWw5vQ Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator ClassicCars.com specializing in the automotive industry with a background in graphic design, photography, videography, and social media marketing strategies -Rebecca Nguyen joins us on this...


#192 Drew Alcazar CEO of Russo & Steele Collector Car Auctions

Drew Alcazar celebrating 20 Years of Collector Car Auction Success As one of the most talented & dynamic car auctioneers of the industry, CEO Drew Alcazar of the famed Russo & Steele car auctions joins us today. -Along with his wife & partner , Josephine, they have created a unique, highly personal and visceral car auction experience in an intimate environment . Drew Alcazar developed an auction block that has never been created before or since, and the “Auction in the Round” concept was...


#192 Formula Drift Racing : Judge Ryan Lanteigne

With an illustrious career on track behind the wheel and in recent years as a judge of Formula Drift , https://bit.ly/33817no , we sit down with Ryan Lanteigne at the 2020 Future Collector Car Show, https://bit.ly/2SWw5vQ , in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss over 200 travel dates throughout the world judging some of the most intense drift racing of the Formula Drift series .


#191 Tool Box Economy of the Modern Day Mechanic

The Overwhelm of Tool Box Purchases How are automotive technicians preparing for their career? Are we overwhelmed with technology? What is the requirement of a modern day toolbox? Auto mechanics are consistently buying specialized tools that they don’t use often and not giving them a good return on investment. As a business owner, what is the immediate priority over the next few years for an investment in software\hardware that will enable repairing vehicles properly and bring a good return...


#190 Ford v Ferrari: Stunt Drivers Share Behind the Scenes

Ford v Ferrari Ranking as one of the most vicious rivalries, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari battled it out with grit and brawn representing their perspective race teams on the track at the legendary 1966 LeMans. Carroll Shelby was a maverick and driver Ken Miles was a force to be reckoned with and the storied Ford GT40 Mark II raced to battle Ferrari straight for the win! A HUGE 1 - 2 - 3 finish upset! Stunt Drivers As some of the best movies stem from the thrills of all things automotive....


#189 Turbocharged Direct Injection Engines

Modern Day Engine With millions of direct injection turbocharged engines on the road today, we examine some of the critical and costly failures that may arise due to service neglect. We also will investigate why this combination of power has been widely successful for both MPG and the environment by way of lower emissions, while providing case examples of repairs directly from the service bays that many automotive technicians are experiencing. Industry Ambassador Diagnostic Network...


#188 Hybrid Vehicle Service & Diagnostics

Hybrid Vehicle Hybrid vehicle technology has been a mainstay for years with consumers support of a cleaner environment. Some of you technicians may have serviced these vehicles in your garage cautiously, yet generally speaking, with relative ease. With advancements in technology, the difficulty has increased and thus comes the need for additional training and tools. Maintenance & DiagnosticsMore hybrid and electric vehicles will be turning up for service at your repair shop. The...


#187 Solar Electric Vehicle Chargers Are Here!

Electric Vehicle Sales Boom With an economy that is booming and electric vehicle sales on the rise, the one major shortcoming is the inadequate availability of electric vehicle charging stations across cities and suburbia alike. Los Angeles has one of the largest populations of electric vehicles and the growing concern of charging inconvenience could hinder future growth and practicality of these vehicles. Welcome Solar Charging Stations Envision Solar International, Inc., (Nasdaq: EVSI,...


#186 Mitch Schneider: Industry Icon & Author!

Industry Veteran with Heart & Soul Mitch Schneider is a 52-year veteran of the automotive service industry. A fourth-generation auto repair professional, certified master technician, and for more than 37 years, operated Schneider’s Automotive, a successful six-bay, family-owned and operated service facility in Simi Valley, CA, PLUS accomplished trade journalist. As a result of his knowledge and experience, he presents his first acclaimed novel, Misfire: What To Do When Things Aren’t Running...


#185 Life After Racing with Derek Daly!

Racing Career Lays the Foundation We are excited about our first guest of the new year whose racing career at race circuits across the globe during the 80's and 90's are legendary. We are honored to have Formula 1 and Indianapolis 500 driver Derek Daly https://bit.ly/DerekDaly share his incredible experiences, including surviving one of the most dangerous Formula 1 crashes in 1984. Derek shares his passion for racing and takes us back to that harrowing time of the crash and his incredible...