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XFL Xtra - The XFLBoard.com Podcast - Quality #XFL news and views for #XFL fans.

XFL Xtra - The XFLBoard.com Podcast - Quality #XFL news and views for #XFL fans.
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XFL Xtra - The XFLBoard.com Podcast - Quality #XFL news and views for #XFL fans.






Episode 20 - Final Hurdle - Anthony Johnson, Dontez Byrd, James Butler

In this episode, Mark Nelson interviews three XFL players, all currently participating in a combined XFL training camp in Houston. First, you hear from Seattle Dragons Defensive end-defensive tackle Anthony Johnson. We last heard from Anthony in a podcast back in October, and today he will give us an update from the Dragons Training camp. Then you will hear from two players who are brand new to the XFL, wide receiver Dontez Byrd of the Seattle Dragons, and Running back James Butler of the...


Episode 19 - XFL Rules - Anthony Miller

We break down the newly released XFL rules with Dallas Renegades team reporter Anthony Miller. Also, we take the time to get an update on the Dallas Renegades. Music: Are You Ready – Free music archive. Support the show (http://xflboard.com)


Episode 18 - Ready - Sam Montgomery, Matthew Colburn

First, we hear from Sam Montgomery, a defensive end with the DC Defenders of the XFL. We hear how Montgomery strongly feels that great football is about great teams, and he is sure that the DC Defenders are one of the best. Then we talk with running back Matthew Colburn of the New York Guardians. We hear about his journey from Irmo, SC to Wake Forest, the LA Rams, and finally to the XFL. Music: Are You Ready – Free music archive. Podcast image Credit CG Cinema (YouTube) Support the show...


Episode 17 - Solidify - Colin Jeter and Greg Parks

First, we hear from Colin Jeter, a Tight End currently with the Seattle Dragons of the XFL. We talk to Colin about his journey from a high school football team in Longview Texas, to the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge, through two NFL teams and eventually being drafted by the Seattle Dragons in the open round of the October draft. Then we talk to one of our XFLBoard.com Tampa Bay Vipers team reporters, Greg Parks. We ask Greg about XFL player movements, and get some idea of what to expect of the...


XFL Xtra Episode 16-2019 - The Ins and the Outs - Cole Tracy, Scott Daly and Jerimiah Spicer

We hear from Cole Tracy, a place kicker who has just been put on the roster of the Seattle Dragons, in time for their upcoming training camp in January. We talk about how Cole's patience was rewarded when he heard he would be a member of the Dragons. Then we talk to Scott Daly, a long snapper currently on the roster of the New York Guardians. We hear about Scott's journey, from Downer's Grove Illinois, to Notre Dame, and then to two consecutive startup leagues, first the Alliance of American...


XFL Xtra Episode 15-2019 - Innovations - Mike Mitchell

In this episode, we host Mike Mitchell. Many of you know Mike for his insightful articles about the XFL, and as one of the XFLBoard.com team reporters for the NY Guardians. Mike joins us to talk about the Guardians minicamp, player movements, the upcoming rule book and the #XFL balls. This podcast is about a football league that is about to introduce a set of rules that are meant to innovate the game of football. Many aspects of this league are innovative, including the official game balls....


XFL Xtra Episode 14-2019 - Unified - Kristjan Sokoli, Jackson Conner and Jai Nokes

First, we hear from Kristjan Sokoli, a defensive lineman who is currently in the DC Defenders Minicamp. He will give us his take on how the minicamp is progressing. Then we talk to Jackson Conner, an XFLBoard.com contributor from Seattle, and talk about the XFL uniforms, the balls and the progress of the Seattle Dragons. Finally, we take you to Texas, where we hear from Jai Nokes, one of our XFLBoard.com contributors for the Dallas Renegades. Jai gives us his take on the uniforms, the balls,...


XFL Xtra Episode 13-2019 – Looking forward, looking back – Terrell Alex and Mark Zelakowski

We hear from LA Wildcats XFL supplementary draft pick Terrell Alex. Terrell comes to the XFL after a diverse football career which has taken him from Southern University in Baton Rouge, to Canada, and to the Arena League, and most recently to a southern California league called the LDFL. We hear how Terrell feels an opportunity with the XFL is just what he needs at this point in his career. Then we talk to Mark Zelakowski, one of our XFLBoard.com team reporters for the Tampa Bay Vipers. We...


XFL Xtra Episode 12-2019 – Opportunity – Connor Davis and Anthony Miller

First, we hear from XFL draft pick Connor Davis. Connor is a young talented tight end who attended Stony Brook University. After college he was invited to a New York Giants rookie camp, and later played for the Birmingham Iron of the AAF. Now he is working hard to prepare for an upcoming training camp with the St. Louis BattleHawks. Then we talk to Dallas Renegades XFLBoard.com team reporter Anthony Miller. We discuss the XFL supplemental draft, the quarterback situation and how the league...


XFL Xtra Episode 11-2019 – Adjustments - Johnny Stanton IV, Greg Parks and Mike Mitchell

We interview XFL draft pick Johnny Stanton IV. Throughout high school, college and a brief NFL career, Stanton overcame many challenges, and played many different positions. We hear about his path to a pro football career that has now led him to be drafted by the Los Angeles Wildcats of the XFL. Then we talk to XFLBoard.com team reporters Greg Parks and Mike Mitchell. We discuss the upcoming XFL Supplemental draft, the league's marketing efforts, and make presumptions about the upcoming...


XFL Xtra Episode 10-2019 – Breaking in - Dimitrios Tsesmetzis and XFLChick

Dimitrios Tsesmetzis, a tall tight end that impressed coaches at the New York XFL Summer Showcase, was drafted by the DC Defenders in the open phase of the XFL draft. We talk to Dimitrios and learn why he feels the XFL is part of his journey to a lengthy and productive pro-football career. Then we talk to "XFLChick," one of a few female XFL fans on Twitter. We hear why she follows the XFL, about her views as to how the XFL could draw more female fans, how it’s more than men that enjoy...


XFL Xtra Episode 9-2019 - Comebacks - Kristjan Sokoli and Jai Nokes

DC Defenders draft pick Kristjan Sokoli, a former defensive lineman for the University of Buffalo Bulls, and sixth round draft pick for the Seattle Seahawks, had a three-year NFL season that was cut short by an untimely injury. We talk to Kristjan about his time in college, his NFL career, and the fact that he is coming to the XFL because he has something to prove. Then we talk with XFLBoard.com Dallas Renegades team reporter Jai Nokes. He will tell us why he has decided to follow the XFL,...


XFL Xtra Episode 8-2019 - Two Anthonys - Anthony Johnson and Anthony Miller

In this podcast we introduce two guests, Seattle Dragons draft pick Anthony Johnson and XFLBoard.com Dallas Renegades team reporter Anthony Miller. Anthony Johnson, a stellar Defensive Lineman for the Florida International University Panthers, completed his senior year in 2018. Last summer he attended an XFL summer showcase, which led to him being invited to the XFL draft, and eventually being picked by the Seattle Dragons. We talk to Anthony about his football career, his future with the...


XFL Xtra Episode 7-2019 - 568 Players - Andre Williams and Mike Mitchell

The XFL draft has now taken place. The draft was followed closely by both players and fans, and was an exciting time for the league, where a total of 568 players were assigned to XFL rosters. The two guest in this podcast are Andre Williams, a former Boston College, New York Giants and San Diego Chargers running back, who was recently drafted by the Houston Roughnecks in the "skill players" round of the XFL draft. We talk to Andre about his football career, his future with the Roughnecks,...


XFL Xtra Episode 6-2019 - Here comes the draft! - Carlos Thompson and Greg Parks

Most people know Carlos Thompson from season three of the Netflix series "Last Chance U." We talk to Carlos about his time with the Independence Community College Pirates, and discuss his upcoming opportunity to be drafted into the XFL. Greg Parks is our team reporter for the Tampa Bay Vipers, and a football fan who has been independently tracking prospective XFL players since the summer showcases. We will discuss the upcoming draft, and how the XFL is doing with one of their biggest...


XFL Xtra Episode 5-2019 - Do you feel a draft in here? - Eric Beisel and Jackson Conner

The XFL Draft will be taking place in just over a week, on October 15-16. St. Louis native, linebacker Eric Beisel has been seen as a leader of every football squad he has been a member of… from high school, to the University of Missouri and onward to professional football with the Birmingham Iron and "Your Call Football." Now, the XFL draft may give him an opportunity to join an XFL squad. Jackson Conner is the XFLBoard.com team reporter in Seattle. We talk about how the Dragons are being...


XFL Xtra Episode 4-2019 - Empowering Players - Kalias Robertson and Quincy Redmon

In this podcast, we will introduce two guests, Kalias Robertson and Quincy Redmon. Both of these young men are players who have been invited to the upcoming XFL Draft. We will discover that they have a lot in common. Both are very excited about the XFL, both are more than ready to go, and both are clamoring for an opportunity to show how they can play professional football. Music: Are You Ready - Free music archive. Support the show (http://xflboard.com)


XFL Xtra Episode 3-2019 - Future Relationships - Jacob Onyechi and Anthony Miller

We talk with Jacob Onyechi. In college, Jacob excelled as a linebacker for the Air Force team, but he missed the NFL draft due to a two-year commitment to the Air Force. Now, Jacob has completed his obligation to serve his country, he has been invited to the XFL draft. Then speak with Anthony Miller, a Texas based broadcaster who has joined XFLBoard.com as a team reporter for the Dallas Renegades. We talk about XFL player recruiting, Coach Bob Stoops, and the burgeoning relationship between...


XFL Xtra Episode 2-2019 - From LA to New York - Nico Evans and Mike Mitchell

We go to Los Angeles to talk to Nico Evans, an extremely talented young running back who has just been invited to the XFL draft. Then, we travel to New York City to speak with Mike Mitchell, and get special insight on how the XFL hired their coaches, the upcoming draft, and about how successful the league has been so far. Music: Are You Ready - Free music archive. Support the show (http://xflboard.com)


XFL Xtra Episode 1-2019 - Trovon Reed and Greg Parks

Inaugural podcast. We talk with Trovon Reed, a talented cornerback who has been invited to the inaugural XFL draft taking place next month in October. Second, we talk with Greg Parks, an XFLBoard.com reporter who has been tracking players that have received draft invitations and making it public through a google docs spreadsheet. Music: Are You Ready - Free music archive. Support the show (http://xflboard.com)