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Magazine Editor Justine Cullen Doesn’t Wash Her Face At Night

Despite having access to almost every beauty product on the planet, former Elle magazine editor Justine Cullen keeps her beauty routine pretty basic. In this episode, Justine shares the details of the best (and strangest) facial she’s ever had, and the reason why she doesn’t like washing her face at night. Plus, Leigh managed to wrangle an exclusive: Justine’s favourite fragrance, which she’s never revealed... until now. And in our Spendy Savey segment, Justine tells us about the $15...


The Best Organic Skincare Brands For Anti-Ageing

Organic skincare brands are more popular than ever, but can organic help in the anti-ageing department? Or do you need the hard stuff? Kelly and Leigh discuss what makes skincare organic, how to know if your products are legitimate and which natural ingredients can help address your skin concerns. Plus, everyone’s always looking for a product that will shrink their pores. But we’ve got some bad news, according to Leigh it doesn’t exist yet. So Leigh recommends two brilliant pore-minimising...


Kate Morris' Savey Product That Has Over 100 Uses

The Adore Beauty warehouse is every beauty fanatic's dream and Kate Morris is the brain behind it all. In this episode Leigh forces Kate to nominate her favourite beauty products and shares which foundation she uses for which occasion (yes, she has a foundation wardrobe). Plus, she shares she's figured out the best products to use for a flawless nude lip and in our Spendy Savey segment she reveals the affordable product which has 101 uses... Almost. All the products mentioned in this...


The Best Approach To Tanning For Your Wedding Day

Kelly's gearing up for her wedding later in the year so we chat through the best approach to have when it comes to your spray tan on the big day. And if you're waking up in the morning to find some signs of ageing on your chest you're not alone. Leigh and Kelly share the best products that work while you sleep to help prevent chest wrinkles. APlus, in our Spendy Savey segment Leigh road tests one of the cheapest yet effective supermarket skincare brands she's found. You can find all the...


The Products Tiffiny Hall Used To Combat Melasma

You might know Tiffiny Hall as one of the kick arse trainers on The Biggest Loser, on Instagram working out with the stars, or as the founder of online health and fitness program TIFFXO. This week the celebrity personal trainer, health and fitness expert and mum of one gives us a look inside her beauty bag. From the sunscreen that sits perfectly under her makeup to the unique eyeliner that makes her green eyes pop, Tiff shares her favourite beauty buys and tricks. And in our Spendy Savey...


What Actually Happens In A Vampire Facial

Remember when Kim Kardashian made the vampire facial famous? Well in this episode, Leigh and Kelly get to the bottom of what actually happens in a procedure which involves Platelet Rich Plasma. Plus what's the difference between hair breakage and your hair not growing at all? Leigh shares how to tell the difference and the best ways to treat each issue. And in our spendy savey segment Kel shares the best festival-worthy hair extensions that blend to your own hair. But be warned, they're a...


Paulini's Eyeliner Trick That Involves Precisely 2 Bandaids

Australian Idol season 1 alumnus Paulini dropped by to talk about her approach to beauty with Leigh. She chats about her no-fuss everyday makeup look and how that compares compared to her on stage, performing look. Plus she shares a very handy hint for anyone wanting to perfect their winged eyeliner at home but can't quite ace a sharp line. And in our Spendy Savey Segment, Paulini shares her favourite (spendy) fragrance which she uses to create her own unique scent You can find all the...


How To Approach Hormonal Acne With Tweens

We all experience puberty and the joys that come along with it, like hormonal acne... Leigh and Kelly both had hormonal acne when they were teenagers and share the best approach for dealing with it. Plus Leigh explains if blending products which have SPF in them dilutes the protection factor. And in our Spendy Savey segement this week, Kelly and Leigh both have a cleanser to recommend, but on different ends of the price scale. You can find all the products from today's episode...


Sarah Roza's Favourite Cleanser Doubles As A Stain Remover

In this episode Married At First Sight royalty Sarah Roza drops by to share her tips from her years of working in the beauty industry. Sarah sits down with Leigh to share her favourite multi-purpose products, including her favourite highlighter and concealer, plus she reveals the cleanser which she sometimes uses as a stain remover. Plus, she finally convinces Leigh to try a primer and also shares her all-time favourite fragrance that whacks you in the face with nostalgia. You can find...


Does Liquid Chlorophyll Actually Have Any Health Benefits?

What Is Liquid Chlorophyll? If you've seen someone in your office drinking a dark green water lately and thought WTF!?, Kelly and Leigh look into what the heck it is and if, in fact, it has any health benefits... Plus Kelly's favourite day has come, thanks to a listener question. She recommends her favourite eye shadow palettes for beginners. And in our Spendy Savey segment Leigh shares a rinse out, 3 minute hair treatment that makes hair so soft and is under $30 bucks. Winner! You can...


Holly Wainwright's Favourite Serum Is A... Supermarket Face Oil

You might've heard the distinctive tones of Mamamia's Head of Content Holly Wainwright on several other Mamamia podcasts, but this week, she sits down with Leigh Campbell on You Beauty. Turns out, Holly is an undercover boujee beauty addict, as we find out when Leigh rummages through her beauty bag full of exxy cleansers and and Kim K's favourite foundation. In this episode, Holly shares how an exfoliant changed her face and her go-to supermarket oil (which she uses as a serum). And in...


Why You Might Want To Rethink Powder Foundation

Powder foundations have been getting a bit of a bad rap lately with talk about how they can make skin look older. Leigh and Kelly are here to tell you that they're not all bad, but depending on your skin type, you may want to explore other formulas. Plus if you're a gym junkee, you know it's a constant battle to keep your skin hydrated while sweating. Luckily Leigh's got a simple routine solution for you. And in our Spendy Savey segment, Kelly's in overdrive with her cost-per-use...


BONUS: Looking After Your Skin Over 40 (And Beyond)

It's no secret that we all get older and with that our skin and lifestyle needs change. Leigh and Kelly chat about why it's important to look after your skin and what tips and tricks you can use to help. CREDITS Hosts: Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren Producer: Rachael Hart GET IN TOUCH: You Beauty is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here .... Got a beauty question you want answered? Email us at or call the podphone on...


Jane Lu's Favourite Mascara Costs $12.95

Jane Lu is the founder and CEO of Showpo, an online fashion retailer turning over $30 million a year. But as Leigh found out, Jane’s approach to beauty is very low key - her favourite mascara only costs $12.95 and her face cleanser is free. Literally. And in our Spendy Savey segment, Jane shares the expensive beauty product that keeps her makeup in place all day, even though she’s a chronic face toucher. You can find all the products mentioned in this episode, right...


Your Eyeliner Didn't Smudge, It's Just Your Periorbital Vein

Have you ever heard of Periorbital veins? Maybe you know them better as under-eye veins. Either way they can be pesky when it comes to making it look like your eye makeup has smudged. In this episode Kelly and Leigh chat the best ways to cover up under eye veins, both with procedures and products. Plus Leigh explains if getting lash extensions actually ruins your real ones. And in our Spendy Savey segment Kelly shares the cheap black liquid liner that's her favourite to use for a sexy...


The Tips Kristin Fisher Has For Your Lashes

Kristin Fisher is known for her skills with eyebrows, but when it comes to overall beauty she's got plenty of tricks up her sleeve. In this episode she sits down with Leigh Campbell and shares the skincare routine and the products she uses to help with her rosacea. Plus Kristin shares her, and her 6 year old daughter's, favourite sunscreen which she swears feels like a serum. And in our Spendy Savey segment she chats about her favourite crystal deodorant that's under $10 from...


What Is Slugging And What Does It Have To Do With Vaseline?

'Slugging' is the K-beauty trend that involves smearing Vaseline all over your face, but... why?! Leigh and Kelly unpack this interesting beauty practice and exactly what it does to your skin. Plus, if the man in your life refuses to wash his face, we have the best skincare products to get him looking after his skin. And in our Spendy Savey segment, Leigh has a multi-use foundation stick you can pick up at the chemist. *Disclaimer: The price for Leigh's Spendy product in this episode have...


The Bargain Face Moisturiser This Bachelor Contestant Loves

You may know Sophie Tieman from Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor. In this episode Sophie sits down with Leigh to share the beauty habit her mum got her into, and her bargain tip for getting the perfect almond eye shape. Plus she tells Leigh about her favourite everyday face moisturiser you can pick up from Woolies for under $10. And in our Spendy Savey segment Sophie shares her favourite not-too-pricey Spendy which helps keep her under eyes nice and firm. You can find all the...


The Subtle Eyeliner Trick For Thicker Lashes

Mastering eyeliner is tricky, but a bit of practice goes a long way. In this episode, Leigh explains how to execute the eyeliner technique that'll help you fake thicker, luscious lashes. We also debunk common shampoo myths, including if supermarket shampoo really is bad for your hair and how often you should be washing your hair. Plus, Leigh shares her new favourite natural fragrance and Kelly lets us in on the teeth whitening strips that actually work. *Disclaimer: The price for Leigh's...


This Beauty Writer's Anti-Redness Primer Is A Game Changer

Mamamia's very own beauty writer, Amy Clark, sits down with Leigh Campbell to chat about her favourite $10 sunscreen for her fair skin. In this episode she shares her favourite product to help correct redness on her face, plus all the other winning products she's discovered from doing countless beauty road-tests for the website. And in our Spendy Savey segment she chats about the expensive (but wort it!) serum that's helped her lashes grow long and lush. You can find all the products...