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Connect With Your Inner Beauty- Ariel Lewis Founder/CEO

Ariel Lewis is the Founder and CEO of a national corporate incentive program called AList Experiences and an onsite bridal beauty company called Airbrush Makeup by Ariel. She quit her profession as a Speech Language Pathologist to start her onsite bridal airbrush makeup company in 2011. Her bridal beauty team has since grown to include 30 makeup and hair artist throughout the DMV. Together they service over 370 brides a year. Her second company AList Experiences launched in 2016. AList...


Finding Your Fulfillment- Chelann Gienger CEO/Podcaster/Author

Chelann Gienger is a millennial thought leader and young entrepreneur movement creator. Along with many other publication features highlighting her serial entrepreneurship ventures, Chelann has been featured in HuffPost, EOFire, and was named in the Top 40 Millennial Influencers to Follow in 2018. At the age of 18, Chelann opened NUYU Juice Bar along with her partners. To date, NUYU Juice Bar has served hundreds of customers on a weekly basis in Yakima, Washington. Within a year of...


Find Your Inspiration -Scott Mautz Author/Speaker

Scott Mautz is a high-octane speaker expert at igniting peak performance and deep employee engagement, motivation, and inspiration. He’s a Procter & Gamble veteran who successfully ran several of the company’s largest multi-billion dollar businesses, an award-winning/best-selling author, faculty at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, an Inc. columnist, and a frequent national publication and podcast guest.


Rock Bottom is Where You Meet Your True Self - Tony Moze- The Rhyming Book Reviewer

Tony is a United States Army veteran and social worker. After receiving his bachelors and masters in psychology, Tony worked 10 years with children, adolescent and adult psychiatric patients. He is now an alumnus of the Startup Leadership Program, which is a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become top startup CEOs. Today he fuses his passions of books, acting and music to make rhyming book reviews. This is a business...


How to uplift a city- Giovanni Marcantoni- Founder of Volo City

Volo City organizes adults and kids league in seven cities including Baltimore, Denver, New York City, Charleston, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., with more than 175,000 members nationwide. For every adult that plays, a kid plays for free through the Volo City Kids Foundation. The mission is to create opportunities for social interactions that strengthen communities and provide economic impact. In 2015, Volo City launched the first Volo City Kids Foundation, a free athletics...


Broke Millennial- Erin Lowry Author/Blogger

Erin Lowry is the author of Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life together and is currently working on her second book, Broke Millennial Takes on Investing: A Beginner's Guide to Leveling-Up Your Money. Her first book was named by MarketWatch as one of the best money books of 2017 and her style is often described as refreshing and conversational. Erin's appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, CNBC and Fox & Friends. She has written for Fast Company, Cosmopolitan Magazine and...


How to Make Jokes Funny- Ryan Sickler Comedian/Producer/Podcast Host

If the adage is true — that tragedy plus time equals comedy — then Ryan Sickler has paid his dues on the left side of the equation. Born in Baltimore, Ryan lost his father when he was 16. After that, he bounced from one relative to another. And while his early years might have seemed rocky, that tumultuous childhood gave him both fodder for material and armor against the relentless onslaught that is life as a standup comic. His television appearances include TBS’s The Pete Holmes Show,...


The Sales Evangelist- Donald Kelly

In this episode, Donald Kelly discusses the art of the elevator pitch, as well as, a life struggle that motivates him today, to be the best salesman he can be. Donald evangelizes effective ways salespeople and entrepreneurs can find more qualified prospects, close more deals and make more money. DK does this through motivating sales training, online courses, one-on-one coaching, workshops, seminars and dynamic keynote presentations. Like most of you, DK has done all kinds of sales hoping...


The 10 Factor- Tim Meuchel Best Selling Author/Podcast Host

Tim Meuchel (pronounced ‘MY-kel’) is the creator, bestselling author, and podcast host of The 10 Factor. Using his ten-month Success Blueprint, Tim helps consultants and entrepreneurs create a thriving business built around their ideal lifestyle. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Tim failed his way to success. He lost $334,200 in 2008 after resigning from a twelve-year corporate management career to pursue his side business full-time. The business quickly grew 8X and within four months...


Why Diet's Cause Harm- Tracy Brown, RD/ Somatic Nutrition and Body Image Coach

What's happening on your plate? Chances are its related to what's going on in your life. Tracy Brown,RD,LD/N is a somatic nutrition therapist/dietitian, attuned eating coach and embodiment teacher. She helps people come home to themselves through their bodies by healing their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies. For 12 years she has guided people one on one and in group in healing from disordered eating and chronic dieting, many of...


The Greatest Volunteer- Michael Snead CEO/Founder of Project S.A.F.E

Husband, Father, social/community activist, mentor, and coach, Michael Snead spends a majority of his life giving back to the community. Currently the co-chairman of the 41st democratic committee in Delaware, treasurer for Laurel Little League, founder and creator of Project S.A.F.E, and above all a devout husband and father. There is nothing more he enjoys than to see the growth and development of today's youth. His true inspiration comes from his favorite quote, " you must be the change...


Sharp Dressed Man- CEO/Tailor Christopher Schafer

Sharp Dressed Man empowers men to improve their lives - equipping men in the Baltimore area who are preparing for work through job training programs with recycled suits for job interviews. Our professional presentation program gives men confidence and a professional look as they prepare for job interviews. We bridge a critical gap between job development programs that provide training and the remaining skills and look needed to be considered for and obtain employment. Sharp Dressed Man is...


Are You Crisis Ready?- Speaker/Author Melissa Agnes

Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis management and preparedness. Agnes is a coveted speaker, commentator, and advisor to some of today's leading organizations faced with the greatest risks. As a strategic advisor and keynote speaker, Agnes has worked with NATO, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, financial firms, technology companies, healthcare organizations, cities and municipalities, law enforcement agencies, global non-profits, and many others. Melissa opens up about...


How to be a better Father/Husband when you have stage 4 cancer- Brian Hug

Brian Hug, 45, is a father, husband, cancer survivor, jeep lover, and baseball enthusiast. On New Year's eve in 2015, Brian was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. His first thought after receiving the news was, " I'm Dead". He second thought was, "When can I attack this." The day after his birthday, Brian started treatment that involved receiving chemo for 35 days straight. After treatment, and a major surgery, Brian was able to beat it. Fast-forward to today, Brian has just been diagnosed...


Create Change-Author/Performance Coach Alan Stein Jr.

Alan Stein, Jr. is a performance coach, consultant, speaker and author. He spent 15 years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet. Alan delivers high-energy keynotes and interactive workshops to improve performance, cohesion and accountability. He inspires and empowers everyone he works with to take immediate action and improve mindset, habits and productivity. In other words, Alan teaches how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to...


What's your time really worth?-Founder/Mother Erica Mechlinski

Erica Mechlinski makes her podcast grand debut on episode 17! Erica joins the show to discuss her journey from stay at home Mom to Founder of 212 Communications. Having a schedule of a CEO, Erica has developed a great way to create more quality time with the kids. Outsourcing! In this episode, she gives some great tips and tricks to develop your own outsourcing strategy. Erica has experienced a ton of success, but also tragedy. Erica lost her father to cancer in 2015. Mr Chlada was a man of...


Turning Pain into Purpose- Founder/Speaker Karen Millsap

Karen Millsap, also known as, The Grief Consultant, began her career in human resources and talent acquisition where she lead countless training, new process, and change initiatives. At a young age, she suddenly became a widow when her husband was tragically murdered which completely changed the trajectory of her life. After experiencing a domino effect of other losses, she became acutely aware of the overall lack of support in the society for grieving people. Karen is a TEDx keynote...


The 4 Year Olympian- Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah Brown won an Olympic silver medal as a member of the Canadian men’s eight rowing team at the London 2012 Olympic Games. A former commercial banker with a big dream, he is one of few Olympians ever to have started learning his sport only four years before winning a medal at the Olympics. He currently works at the Canadian Olympic Committee as National Manager of Game Plan, an athlete wellness and transition program supporting 3000 Olympic, Paralympic, and national team athletes...


Was Today Worth It?- Founder/Author Joe Mechlinski

To kick off his new book, "Shift the Work". I have decided to re-publish Joe Mechlinski's YSS episode. "Since seeing my mother's lifeless body sprawled on the floor, the fear of death has been a constant companion in my life, and the wish to go peacefully--with no regrets--has taken on the utmost meaning." Passages like this one, are peppered throughout this book. They jump off the page and slap you in the face, no, they spark a fire inside your body. Listen to this episode again, and do...


Ambassador of Happiness- Maura Sweeney-Life Coach

Originally called Ambassador of Happiness by the UNESCO Center of Peace when she was to speak at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebrations, Maura has since trademarked her title. An author, podcaster, international speaker and popular purveyor of her own ideas, Maura has been featured on over 300 media outlet in the United States and overseas. As a self-styled Goodwill Ambassador of happiness, Maura Sweeney is a voice that uplifts, unifies and empowers people of every nation,background...