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Two 40-ish dudes. Chicago Bears. Gambling. Beer. Fantasy football. Media critiques. Podcast. Join us on a magical Super Bowl run to Miami as we aim to toss the memory of the Double Doink into the trash.

Two 40-ish dudes. Chicago Bears. Gambling. Beer. Fantasy football. Media critiques. Podcast. Join us on a magical Super Bowl run to Miami as we aim to toss the memory of the Double Doink into the trash.
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Two 40-ish dudes. Chicago Bears. Gambling. Beer. Fantasy football. Media critiques. Podcast. Join us on a magical Super Bowl run to Miami as we aim to toss the memory of the Double Doink into the trash.






Episode 19: The fight for the sixth seed continues as the boys preview this week's game against Dallas; Gophers and Illini hit a speedbump during this week's B1G Minute; Gray Balls are back and lots more

A big Thanksgiving win at Detroit gives Zero Doinks hope as the Bears welcome Dallas to town this week. The boys paint you a picture of #6 seed odds as Mitch and the crew start to gain a little momentum headed into four tough December games. The Gophers and Illini hit speedbumps during the final week of regular season college football. Intramural stars Gray Balls returns to action on Wednesday and Dan Doinks feels the need to let everyone know how he feels about last week's harsh words. Plus...


Episode 18: Zero Doinks enjoys holiday beverages as they review Bears-Giants and preview a Turkey Day Lions game; Gophers playing for the B1G West title; See Me After Class returns; Gray Balls game review

The boys are enjoying some wet Hamm's as Thanksgiving is days away. Zero Doinks reviews a Bears win over the Giants and previews their second game against Detroit. The Gophers are battling Wisconsin this weekend with Minnesota hoping for a B1G West title. See Me After Class Returns with fervor. Gray Balls suffers a tough loss. Plus much more!


Episode 17: The return of Estrogen 'N Eggs, B1G Minute with Gophers and Illini, Mitch's hip and the 4-6 Bears, preview of Chicago-New York, Gray Balls and more

America's hottest feature "Estrogen 'N Eggs" makes its return as the ladies of Zero Doinks put the boys on the hot seat. The Gophers are hanging onto the B1G West with the Illini hot on their tail. Gray Balls are now 1-1 as Dan regales the audience with tales of the #billdoinksgame. Oh yeah, the Bears are now 4-6 with a major Nagy/Mitch issue that seems unresolveable. Dan Doinks digs deep into Bears-Giants lore in preparation for the weekend.


Episode 16: Hope springs eternal as the Bears beat Detroit; Gophers and Illini continue their runs; Bears-Rams preview plus the debut of a new segment

The boys celebrate a hard-earned victory by the Bears over division rival Detroit as Chicago inches closer to being in the Wild Card hunt. A preview of Rams-Bears Sunday Night Football is in order as The Beloved aim to climb back to .500. Big Ten Minute returns with Zero Doinks discussing the two hottest teams in the conference, including the now bowl-eligible Illini. A new segment debuts, touching on extra curricular activities for 40-something males in the suburbs of Chicago. (musical...


Episode 15: Eagles strike down Bears hopes, Lions coming to town, old friends reunite for an explosive Hamm's 'N Eggs, Illini keep rolling in the B1G

The Eagles send the Bears a possible death blow as Chicago now falls to 3-5. The Lions are coming to town and the Bears are favored to win, somehow? The Illini keep rolling in the Big 10 and are one game from bowl eligibility as the Gophers return this week and aim to extend their Big Ten West lead. Old friends reunite for the most explosive Hamms 'N Eggs yet (for the record, it was supposed to mainly be about HBO's Ballers) plus who are the boys riding in this week's Bears Fantasy Corner?


Episode 14: Can the season be saved? Bill's rant about the Chargers game. Hamm's 'N Eggs touches on the hardwood. Gophers and Illini continue to dominate the Big Ten Minute

Bill was on the scene when Eddy missed a game-winner against the Bolts as the Bears fall to 3-4. The boys want to believe but the season is slipping through their grasp and Bill talks about the empty feeling he is currently experiencing regarding this 2019 season. A preview of Bears-Eagles. The Gophers and Illini continue to impress. Bulls fan Kyle joins the boys during the latest Hamm's 'N Eggs segment. Surprising picks may shock you during Bears Fantasy Corner. Plus much more regarding...


Episode 13: Crisis in Chicago after a horrific loss to the Saints - is it time to give up on Mitch? Illini upset a top 10 team and See Me After Class returns with authority

The boys drown their Bears sorrows with delicious cans of Hamm's as they try and figure out what is wrong with the Beloved. Is it time to give up on Mitch? What's wrong with Matt Nagy's giant play chart? What has happened to the defense? Zero Doinks previews a critical upcoming Chargers-Bears game. The Illini score a huge victory over #6 Wisconsin, enabling Dan's Gophers to take over the Big Ten West. Bears Fantasy Corner resumes and See Me After Class returns with a vengeance. (Illinois...


Episode 12: Saints are coming to town; a look at the Bears playoffs odds; Big Ten minute; Bears fantasy corner plus ramblings

The boys discuss Bears-Saints as well as the impact Akiem and Kyle's injuries will have on the squad. What are the Bears playoff odds? How is Mitch feeling? The Gophers are undefeated, the Illini have a few losses. Bears fantasy corner suggests a backfield pick you might not be thinking of. Plus much more.


Episode 11: Bears blow it in London, we need Mitch back, Estrogen 'N Eggs, See Me After Class, B1G Minute, Bears Fantasy Corner

The boys are stinging after a rough loss to the Raiders across the pond. Zero Doinks will diagnose what went wrong and what they'd like to see after the bye week. A different perspective on the Bears is offered during the newest segment "Estrogen 'N Eggs" where you may learn a thing or two about Dan and Bill. A Chicago Sun-Times columnist is taken behind the woodshed in See Me After Class. A bye week won't stop the boys from giving you their best fantasy advice and Bill is forced to relive a...


Episode 10: Chase and the boys dominate Minny, how is Mitch doing, is Roquon okay, Bears-Raiders preview, steamy See Me After Class and more

The boys of Zero Doinks recap the Bears whooping of Minnesota as Chicago is now 3-1. All is not perfect in Chicago, though, as Mitch is dinged up and Roquon Smith is out for now for reasons that are mysterious. The Beloved travel overseas to play Khalil Mack's old squad as Dan walks us through some history against the Raiders. See Me After Class returns with a fire-y spotlight shining on someone you may hear from this weekend. Big Ten Minute previews a personal Illini-Gophers matchup and...


Episode 9: Vikings coming to town, Redskins game recap, legal gambling insight from Iowa Tim

Mitch and the offense made progress while the Bears defense looks like the league's best as Chicago smoked Washington during Week 3's Monday Night Football matchup. The boys watched the slaughter together and talked about the 2-1 matchup after a few Hamm's. The Bears welcome Kirk Cousins and rival Minnesota this weekend as Dan and Bill dive deep into a pivotal Week 4 battle. Big Ten Minute returns as does Bears Fantasy Corner as well as a very special Hamm's & Eggs. Come listen to this...


Episode 8: Bears are back! Eddy for the win, Mitch comes through. Bears-Redskins preview, See Me After Class and more

All is right with the world again as Eddy Pineiro kills the ghost of the Double Doink with a last second field goal to beat Denver. Mitch was clutch when the Bears needed him most. The defense, though, led the charge and the boys of Zero Doinks tell you about their game-watching experiences. See Me After Class returns after a one week hiatus and staple features such as Bears Fantasy Corner and the Big Ten Minute will hit your ears, too. Gambling and beer talk? You bet. This is Zero Doinks,...


Episode 7: Bears-Broncos preview, Vegas odds, Mitch talk, Big Ten chatter, fantasy football

Have Dan and Bill moved on from Week 1's loss to Green Bay or are they harboring feelings they can't get over? Regardless, Zero Doinks explores the Week 2 Bears-Broncos matchup including diving into some of the weird history between the franchises as the Beloved get ready to visit Vic Fangio. What does Vegas think of this game? Where does Zero Doinks stand regarding Mitch? Plus the debut of Bears Fantasy Corner and the return of The Big Ten Minute, not to mention a very special tribute from...


Episode 6: Emergency post-game analysis of Bears-Packers Week 1

Dan and Bill are on the mend after Thursday night's rough Week 1 loss versus Green Bay. Zero Doinks asks a few questions about what the hell happened and shares their experiences as Dan was at the game and Bill most certainly was not.


Episode 5: Dan and Bill are at an actual sports book for the start of the 2019 NFL season and Bears-Packers week

Dan and Bill visit Ameristar in East Chicago, Indiana, to meet a special guest for Hamms N' Eggs. It's finally time for real football as the Bears prepare to host the hated Packers for Thursday Night Football Week 1. Lots of fun content here including Big Ten Minute making its return as does staple segment See Me After Class which takes aim at a local Chicago media member (here's a hint - it's Bears' beat writer Brad Biggs) plus much more. We are so sorry for the audio issues from the...


Preview of Episode 5 | Zero Doinks finds a sports book and a special guest

In this preview of Episode 5, Zero Doinks is on location at a new sports book across state lines where they find a special guest who is ready to pour his heart out. Full episode coming out later this week which includes a Bears-Packers preview and much, much more.


Episode 4: SI's disrespect toward Chicago, Bears vs Colts weirdness, See Me After Class plus two new segments

Zero Doinks debuts not one but two new segments you are going to want to sink your teeth and ears into. Dan and Bill take a close look at Sports Illustrated's 2019 NFL predictions which include a slap across the bow of the beloved Chicago Bears. Preseason game number three was a bit more than anyone bargained for. How did Jim Miller's face look? Another energetic segment of See Me After Class aims the spotlight at the Chicago Tribune, once again, in the form of Dan Wiederer. A little over...


Episode 3: hunting for a local sports book, Kyle Long fight, media criticism, happy birthday Mitch, Clifton Duck, Cedric Benson

Dan and Bill discuss the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN, being the most local option to place a wager on Week 1's game against Green Bay. Brief recap of the second preseason game which featured very little of note. Happy birthday Mitch Trubisky! Kyle Long beat someone with their own helmet? That's weird. See Me After Class shines its spotlight on one Mike Mulligan. Special guest Rick Feelsmen, maybe. RIP Ced Ben.


Preview of Ep3 + Ep2 Highlights

Take a peek at some of the fun Episode 3 is going to have in store while hitting some highlights from Episode 2. See you next week!


Episode 2: David Montgomery, NFC North predictions, media criticism (David Haugh)

Dan and Bill explore the magic that is rookie RB David Montgomery, the ridiculousness that is the kicking competition, predictions as to how the Bears will fare versus their opponents game by game in 2019, See Me After Class flogging of Chicago Tribune's David Haugh and more.