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News and Issues For Today's First Responders.

News and Issues For Today's First Responders.


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News and Issues For Today's First Responders.








Episode 163: Episode 5-20 – Batt. Chief Jacob Johnson – Mentoring in the Fire Service

Very few people have ever joined the fire service and knew everything they needed to know on his/her first day! Sure, many came from a lineage of firefighters in the family and had a general idea of what goes on. However, on your first day that you show up to start, whether at an academy or at a station, you’re as fresh and innocent as a newborn! And even if you attend an academy, there is no way that you can be taught everything today’s firefighter needs to know! So, how do we fill in that...


Episode 162: Episode 5-19 – Capt. Jim Moss – The Firefighter Success Book

If you ARE a firefighter, career, volunteer, wild land or, if you aspire to be a firefighter, my guest has some excellent reading for you! Capt. Jim Moss has recently published, “The Firefighter Success Book,” (www.firefightersuccessbook.com). Besides his career as a firefighter and officer, Capt. Moss has also been a partner, along with Chief Dan Kerrigan, on books, lectures and presentations on firefighter fitness. With this book though, he has gathered phrases, memes and stories to help...


Episode 161: Episode 5-18 – Peter Matthews – Editor-in-Chief & Conference Director - FIREHOUSE

If you have been a firefighter from around 1977 until today, you have heard of, seen and or read, FIREHOUSE® Magazine. Moreover, you have probably seen or even attended, FIREHOUSE® EXPO or WORLD conferences. Founded in 1976 by FDNY Firefighter Dennis Smith, it quickly became a staple in many firehouses around the country and yes, even beyond. It took us right on the streets and roads of America, as we read the stories about incidents, learned new methods and tactics, and sage advice from...


Episode 160: Episode 5-17 – Capt. Sean Mitchell - IAFF Resolution Against PPE Manufacturers

Brothers and Sisters of the Fire Service – Be you career, volunteer, paid-on-call and wildland: THIS IS THE GEAR WE WEAR TO PROTECT US WHEN WE ARE NEEDED TO ANSWER THE CALL! Until just a few years ago, we thought that, as long as we followed the Gross Decon procedures, shared throughout the fire service, we would remain relatively safe. And what happened several years ago to change that way of thinking? Our Brother from Massachusetts who, just after being promoted to Lieutenant, was...


Episode 159: Episode 5-16 – Part III - Gamaliel Baer, EdD. – Behavioral Change & Org. Leadership

It is our pleasure to welcome back, Gamaliel Baer, EdD., to “5-Alarm Task Force,” as we continue the discussion, we began in Episodes 5-12 and 5-14. Dr. Baer’s dissertation dealt with overall health and wellness of the fire service today and, into tomorrow. In our current episode, “G,” as he is called, discusses the behavioral changes necessary for positive leadership, both from the leader and for the members. We also focus on organizational leadership and how a good leader must affect...


Episode 158: Episode 5-15 – Chief Charles Werner – New Technology in Public Safety

It is our pleasure to welcome back Chief (ret) Charles Werner, the Executive Director of Drone Responders – The Public Safety Alliance. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the fire service, Chief Werner has always been interested, not only in new technology, but how it can and does benefit the Fire Service and other branches of Public Safety. In this episode, Chief Werner discusses the unimagined growth of Drone Responders, as well as the use of drones in all branches of Public Safety....


Episode 157: Episode 5-14 – Part II - Gamaliel Baer, E.D. – Resilience & Leadership

It is our pleasure to welcome back, Gamaliel Baer, E.D., to “5-Alarm Task Force,” as we continue the discussion, we began in Episode 5-12. Dr. Baer’s dissertation dealt with overall health and wellness of the fire service today and, into tomorrow. In our current episode, “G,” as he is called, defines for us, the most important definitions and applications of resilience and leadership. And while these two terms can be used in numerous industries, our discussion takes us deep into the fire...


Episode 156: Episode 5-13 - Steve Hirsch, Chair - NVFC

Episode 5-13 – Steve Hirsch, Chairperson, NVFC There are approximately 1.2 million men and women who are firefighters in the United States. Of that number nearly 70% are volunteers and 85% of the U.S. fire departments are all or mostly volunteer., according to the NFPA as of 2017-2018. With those numbers (which were even higher back in the mid-to-late 1970’s), a national organization was created to help those departments and their members, was needed. And in 1976, the National Volunteer Fire...


Episode 155: Episode 5-12 – Gamaliel Baer, EdD, “Bringing Wellness & Resilience to the Fire Service

In this episode of “5-Alarm Task Force,” my guest is Gamaliel Baer, EdD, MSM, CTO. He is also an intelligence Officer for the U.S. Coast Guard. His dissertation from University of Southern California focused on Organizational Change and Leadership. He has also been a firefighter since 2008. His education and experience lead us to discuss several issues facing the fire service, including organizational development to create a sustainable health and wellness program; how does the fire service...


Episode 154: Episode 5-11 – Todd LeDuc – Lifescan Wellness Centers

Firefighter health, wellness and fitness-for-duty – you have often heard us address these topics because they define our abilities as firefighters. If you do not take care of yourself, how do you expect to be able to care for others? Our guest on this podcast, is my friend, Todd Leduc, Chief Strategy Officer of Lifescan Wellness Centers. And FYI, before Todd joined the Lifescan team, he served for thirty years with Broward County Fire – Rescue, attaining the rank of Executive Assistant Chief...


Episode 5-10, Chief Dan Kerrigan & Capt. Jim Moss

Firefighter health, wellness and fitness-for-duty – you have often heard us address these topics because they define our abilities as firefighters. If you do not take care of yourself, how do you expect to be able to care for others? Our returning guests, Chief Dan Kerrigan and Capt. Jim Moss, have dedicated themselves to teaching just how important these topics are, not just by learning about them, but by embracing their values and making these values part of your life. If you want to be a...


Special Episode to Introduce F.R.E.T. - Fire, Rescue & EMS Today

There have been any number of changes here at the “5-Alarm Task Force” podcast since we started in Fall of 2016. Our guest list is amazing, we have recorded over 150 episodes, we are on every major (and numerous, “minor”) podcast platforms and we have listeners in over 40 countries and, we moved to the Zoom platform! You might think we have attained all our goals. Nope! If you are a regular listener, you know that we recently added a new monthly installment of the series, “Make Due.” And we...


"Make Due!" With Chief Curt Isakson & Chief Shannon Stone

From its inception, our “Make Due” segments have focused on the fact that out of approximately 1.2 million firefighters in the U.S., approximately 80% of us are firefighters in suburban and/or rural areas. Unlike most cities, we do not roll-out on a call with two, three or even, four pieces of apparatus, each fully staffed! We are often lucky to have two or three personnel on that first apparatus that leaves the station. And too often, once on scene, that limited crew must “make due!” With...


Episode 5-8 - Dr Burton A. Clark, EFO - How to Lead the Fire Service in the Next 50 Years

*From the newest cadet to the 30-year firefighter, we have all become part of the “fire culture.” We enjoy hearing stories from the senior folk and cannot help but to juxtapose those stories to this fire service in 2020. Lots of changes and adaptations have occurred. For some we know the reason and for others, we have no idea. Most of those changes came about through the first person who thought about them. They shared that idea with others and, sometimes soon and sometimes much later, those...


The Fight Against PFAS/PFOS in the Fire Service & Beyond

We fight fire, we fight HAZMAT, we rescue the ill and injured. And we don’t think twice about doing so. This is who we are and what we do. However, imagine that your enemy is unseen, yet deadly. You have no way to protect yourself, not your gear, or SCBA! What do you do? That is part of question raised by attorney Robert Bilott. If you saw the recent movie, “Dark Waters,” actor Mark Ruffalo portrayed Mr. Bilott and you saw how this attorney filed a multi-million lawsuit against a major...


Episode 5-6 – Aaron Zamzow – Firefighter Health & Fitness-for-Duty

OK, let’s be honest. For many, this pandemic with lockdowns, quarantines, etc., gave folks a lot of home time. Sitting around, binge-watching on cable or satellite and eating. I don’t mean three squares a day, I’m talking about potato chips, tacos, ribs, candies, etc. You probably just stopped reading and dropped your chin on your chest! “How does HE know what I did?” you ask yourself. How? Because many of us did it and it is basic human nature. Fear not – for our good friend from...


Do You Know C.L.U.E.S. for Your TIC??

Welcome our monthly installment of “MAKE DUE,” with Capt. Nick Peppard, Sean Duffy and our guest, Capt. Joe DeVito. In this episode, Capt. DeVito, with twenty years’ experience and, who has become an excellent instructor in the use of thermal imaging cameras (TIC’s), makes a strong point that TIC’s are not just for overhaul. As a matter of fact, your TIC is an invaluable tool for your size-up! Capt. DeVito begins with a quick review of the key terminology regarding different TIC terms and...


Behavioral Health in Fire & EMS

When the average person thinks about firefighters, paramedics and EMTS, the adjectives that often come to mind include, brave, caring, compassionate, putting others’ needs first, etc. The words they often do not think of include, depressed, anxious, upset, confused and more. Why? While most of us love our jobs and helping others when it is most needed, that “love” does not include the pain, trauma, tragedy and more, that we often see. My guest today is Jeff Dill, a former firefighter and...


What's Hiding in Our Bunker Gear!?!

Sadly, the word, “cancer,” is all too common in today’s fire service. Sure, we have made some bold strides in both educating our members and providing tools and funding in many cases, to mitigate our exposure to carcinogenic compounds. However, there was one place we never thought to look for it, if it were not for a former Worcester MA firefighter and his wife. That location? The very bunker gear we wear to protect us from this crap! “Miss D” sent a letter to a nuclear scientist at Notre...


The How & Why of Leadership + ??

It is the “buzz-word” of the fire service today - “Leadership.” With about 1.2 million firefighters in the U.S., there are probably about 1.2 million definitions of fire service leadership! In this second podcast of our fifth season, I am joined by a well-educated and well-trained leader in the fire service, Lt. Jason Liska, aka “The Can Man,” who is also a dear friend and colleague, in more than just the fire service! Jason is often found instructing at both the Florida State Fire Academy...