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In this episode, we talk about Trump's admission this week to having a secrete meeting with Russians. Was it legal or is Trump and Friends trying to change the definition of "collusion"? Getting surgery to look like a Snapchat filter? We talk about a new dangerous trend and why you should just LOVE YOURSELF ALREADY! Anthony tells us about his trip to see Beyonce, even with a swollen eye. Finally, we finish up the show with a lightning round of sex questions. From sleeping with teachers to...


Labia Airlines

In this episode, the boys are going to France y’all! We talk about our future plans and how Justin has a desire to enjoy a nice, thick, juicy baguette. Demi Overdose! We talk about the real issues surrounding this drug epidemic. Do men still circle jerk? Jordan does. Fire up your headphones and DROP YOUR PANTS, for another refreshing episode of, Ask The Boy(s). This episode is brought to by Lovense line of premium adult toys. Check them out at Like the show?...


Botany for Bottoms

In this episode, We talk about the next upcoming season of American Horror Story.The Apocalypse is nigh! Is eating a banana in public considered gay? Wiz Khalifa seems to think so. Sex Plants. We talk going green in the bedroom. From aloe lube to succlent butt plugs, we dish it all out and MORE. All on this latest episode of Ask The Boy(s) This episode is brought to by Lovense line of premium adult toys. Check them out at Like the show? RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE!...


Sex Sent Me To The ER

In this episode, we talk about how a massive penis landed one (un)lucky gay man in the ER! Elbow fucking? Apparently it's a thing. Jordan dishes on Trump VS The Queen. Was Trump's latest visit a royal flush or FLOP? Is Comic-Con becoming more gender blurred and accepting? From furries to rooftop parties. We're bringing some shade for your hot ass summer! All on this episode of Ask The Boy(s) This episode is brought to by Lovense line of premium adult toys. Check them out at...


Big Dick Energy

In this episode, we talk about the gay vacation spot Fire Island and what is coming of the gay community as of late. BIG DICK ENERY. What is it, do YOU have it? Was Anthony tripping balls? Or did he see a real UFO. From female orgasms to aliens, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. All on this latest episode of Ask The Boy(s). This episode is brought to by Lovense line of premium adult toys. Check them out at Like the show? RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE! Want to be on our show?...


Pink Dollars

In this episode, we talk about the shake up at the Supreme Court. Are LGBTQ rights and women's rights in danger? Are Pride events too commercial? We talk about how many companies are lusting over our pink dollars. How do you tell a partner that they aren't that good in bed? Listen to our advice on how to gently break the news. Do we miss having sex with anyone? The results may surprise you. From sex toys to a man's musk, dive in face or nose first into this latest episode of Ask The Boy(s)...


Service DENIED

In this episode, we rehash our Pride 2018 weekend. From edibles to cheap Manhattan drinks, we did it ALL. On the TIT, we talk about Sarah Huckabee Sander being denied service at a restaurant and the drama surrounding it. A listener wants to know some tips on having a threesome. We give them, just the tip, AND MORE! All on this episode of Ask The Boy(s) This episode is brought to by Lovense line of premium adult toys. Check them out at Like the show?...


Pussay Frites

In this episode, everything is love with Beyoncé and Jay-Z's surprise album release. We gag on the details emerging for this upcoming season of American Horror Story. Plastic surgery for men is on the rise. Would we want any surgeries of our own? Anthony talks about his favorite video game announcement from this year's E3 conference and finally we wrap up the show with questions. What kinky sex games to we recommend our listeners try? Do potatoes have sex? All on this latest spudtacular...


The G-spot Summit

In this week’s episode, we talk about historic gay icons that help shape the gay community as we know it today. Fox News calls Donald Trump a Dictator?! The drama that unfolded at the G-7 summit. A religious CrossFit employee tweeted an anti-equality tweet and got fired for it! We talk about how CrossFit is gay as fuck to begin with. Justin synthesizes his voice to see what he would sound like as a sex robot! Finally, we wrap up the show with your questions. Is there a moral duty to...


Roseanne Barred

Happy Pride Month everyone! In this episode, Roseanne BARRED from ABC over her controversial tweets on twitter this week. California CLAP BACK,how the liberal state banned state funded travel to anti-gay cities. Pay a premium for penitration?! How one NYC sex party is charging different rates based on your sexual position. Join us as we TOP off our wine glasses on this latest episode of Ask The Boy(s). This episode is brought to by Lovense line of premium adult toys. Check them out at...


Hungry Hungry HipHOLES

In this episode, is Pope Francis a straight ally? We talk about his enlightening conversation with a gay Christian. Speaking of religion, does a community center in Portland have the right to deny gay community events? We talk about a recent court filing that is sure to make waves. Finally, animal themed sex parties? YES. Apparently, it’s a thing in Germany. So grab your slings and put on your fanciest jock straps. We have another episode of Ask The Boy(s). This episode is brought to by...


Episodio Treinta

In this episode, Royal wedding roundup! We talk about the knot seen tied around the world. Racist Lawyer RANT. How one local New York City attorney’s racist meltdown went viral and cost him his job. School curriculum censorship. How schools around the country are closing books AND MINDS when it comes to transgender literature. Finally, we have a few recommendations on how to stay fresh and dry as we enter into these summer months in another segment of Just The Tip. All of this and more on...


The Insatiable Ass

In this episode, we discuss how a holiday getaway turns violent for a gay couple in Miami. Amazon’s controversy over Straight Pride pins. Who knew you could get hate and insecurity delivered with free two day shipping? Cameroon CRACK DOWN. How local authorities arrested citizens on suspicion of homosexuality. Finally, we wrap up the show with booty related questions. All on this episode of Ask The Boy(s) This episode is brought to by Like the show?...


Cardi Beatdown

In this episode, we discuss Kanye’s creativity and/or mental melt down. The 2018 Met Gala DRAMA. Crazy outfits and bodyguard BRAWLS. Tonight Jordan sits down with Author Doug Reynolds and talks about his new children's book “A Normal Turtle”. Anthony discusses A grandma delivering a clap back to her homophobic son on twitter. We talk SHADE in 140 characters. Finally we wrap up the show with questions. An HIV positive man is ready to step foot back into the dating scene,but how does he...


Cupping Season

In this episode, Jordan and Justin open up about boy drama in their lives. They discuss the roast of the century that took place at the White House correspondents dinner. LGBTQ people are finally going to be on the 2020 census. The boys explain why this is a big deal. Finally, they wrap thew show up with questions! A girl left her sex toy in the shower and her roommates found it! A boyfriend asks how to get his girlfriend to swallow again, the boys give him tips AND MORE! All on this...



In this episode, Smallville has a big secret. We discuss the shocking charges against Allison Mack. This is one American Horror Story style cult you don’t want to miss. Is there a Grindr for straight people? Yes. It’s called "Bumble". We discuss how this unique app is giving women the power to choose. Move Uranus over, is the next head of NASA anti-gay? Finally we wrap up (and lube up) the conclusion of our show with your questions. One listener asks if there is a gay friend zone. We...


Our Twenty Fist Episode

In this Episode, We talk about Netflix’s new documentary on the life of Donald J Trump. Justin discusses a leaked tape of Trump spreading his own FAKE NEWS. It’s as interesting sad as it sounds. Jordan discusses a Destiny’s Child reunion and the boys gag on the drama surrounding the Khloe Kardashian, Tristen Thompson and random THOT love triangle. OH MY!. Anthony unearths some disturbing news about LGBTQ people being removed from social media in China. We talk about the issues surrounding...


Missionary Mom

In this episode, your privacy is under attack. Grindr was busted for sharing HIV statuses with third party companies. What this means for you and more. Did Satire go to far? We discuss the resurfacing of Roseanne Barr’s 2009 photoshoot of her depicted as Hitler. Are Anti-bullying programs an attempt to gender brainwash children? One far-right mom seems to believe thats a thing. We discuss how this self-proclaimed homeschooling “Activist Mommy”, needs to be schooled herself. Finally we wrap...



In this episode, Justin interviews actor,writer and activist Aaron Johnson Levy about his work on his new web series "Out: A Saga." Amber Rose RAMPAGE! We discuss how Mama Rose responded to allegations that her son is gay. Is LinkedIN the new Grindr? We talk upcoming trends in digital dick downs. Does body image change as we grow older? We discuss confidence as it ages. Wish to turn your tick tac into a tangerine? We talk about the dangers of a new silicon injection craze that’s sweeping...


Allies or All-Lies

In this episode, we've got some Drag Race Drama. Did RuPaul Ru-in his hit television TV show with his comments on Transgender contestants? A new Grindr flaw allows users to check out who blocked their profiles. Did someone say Virtual Shade?! Allies or All-Lies? Are cisgendered straight people supporting us or profiting off of us? We talk “Body care on a budget” on our segment of JUST THE TIP. And then we wrap up with your questions. All on this episode of ASK THE BOY(S) Like the show?...