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Episode 98 - Everyone Wins and Loses

The boys and Suzanne break down the all the midterm elections news including Democrats regaining control of the House, whether Trump truly ended up winning or losing, how the Democrats are going to utilize their newfound power, Jeff Sessions "resigning", Florida restoring voting rights to felons, and whether Beto should run for president in 2020.


Episode 97 - Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate

Spooky scary Halloween episode! The boys discuss an extremely trying week in political violence and how the president has responded, Brazil embracing authoritarianism, Trump sending 5,200 troops to the southern border to help stop the refugee caravan, a potential end to birthright citizenship, Angela Merkel stepping down in Germany and what the PredictIt markets are saying about next week's midterms.


Episode 96 - Tainted Love

Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh joins the boys to discuss the refugee caravan heading towards the US from Central America, whether the Supreme Court is tainted after the Kavanaugh fiasco, explosive devices being sent to Democratic figures, the U.S. pulling out of a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, and the supremely complex question of gender and sex in America.


Episode 95 - I'd Like to Check My Bonesaw

All speed rounds for this episode! The boys discuss Saudi Arabia most likely killing/dismembering a journalist in Turkey, the president being unsure of how the Federal Reserve works, Georgia reviewing tens of thousands of registered voters, China coming clean on re-education centers for the Uighur population, Elizabeth Warren falling for Trump's Pocahontas bait, and the most bizarre portrait to every grace the walls of the White House.


Episode 94 - I Want to Look at Who Drew It

The boys take a break from the domestic dumpster fires and focus on the rise of authoritarianism around the globe, Nikki Haley resigning as UN ambassador, Trump characterizing the Democrats as an "angry mob", climate change becoming very real, and whether the Senate needs to be reformed.


Episode 93 - What Do You Drink, Senator?

The boys breakdown the spectacle that was last week's Supreme Court hearings, Trump and Kim Jong-Un being in love, the shiny new NAFTA replacement deal, the New York Times bursting Trump's self-made-man bubble, the administration making immigration difficult for same-sex diplomats as well as Chinese nationals, and Bill finally gets to talk about Sweden after weeks and weeks of waiting.


Episode 92 - They're All Going to Laugh at You, Donald!

Super guest Dr. Suzanne Chod joins the boys to dissect the Kavanaugh Supreme Court updates, Trump awkwardly addressing the UN, Rosenstein possibly definitely maybe getting fired, the Ted Cruz/Beto O'Rourke race, and potential midterm races to watch.


Episode 91 - Tariffed!

The boys discuss the Kavanaugh rape allegations and what it means for his Supreme Court nomination, "no-flip" Manafort flipping for Mueller, Trump releasing text messages from high profile critics, disputing the death toll in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, whether or not the "new left" has an actual foreign policy, a brand new round of tariffs for and from China, and the shrinking number of refugees being allowed into the country.


Episode 90 - Fear

The boys discuss the release of Bob Woodward's new book detailing the even uglier side of the Trump administration, revisiting the response of Democrats during the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, the return of Obama, North Korea sans nuclear missiles during its military parade, Joh Bolton being weirdly angry at the ICC and someone (definitely Russia) microwaving the brains of US diplomats.


Episode 89 - Crazy Town

Nick and Bill are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings and what it tells us about political discourse, bombshells coming out of Bob Woodward's new, White House-centric book, Google's algorithms and internet regulation, and the president flipping out on flippers and flipping.


Episode 88 - Ignore the Troll

The boys discuss John McCain's passing, his legacy and the presidents unusual response, Jeff Sessions being the target of Trump's ire, cooperating with law enforcement being borderline illegal, and Trump potentially revoking security clearances for prominent critics.


Episode 87 - Individual One

No speed rounds this week, boys and girls. The boys wade through the Manafort conviction and the likelihood of a presidential pardon, Cohen flipping on "Individual One" and what information could be coming in the future, White House Counsel, Don McGahn, being very forthcoming with the Mueller team, and truth no longer being the truth.


Episode 86 - Sweet Sweet Revenge

The boys sift through the wreckage of the Trump-Omarosa tape scandal and whether or not she's a credible source of information (she's not), the FBI's unorthodox firing of Peter Strzok, a resurgence of Taliban influence in Afghanistan after 17 years of war, the "Mar-a-Lago crowd" running the VA, economic turmoil in Turkey as the Turkish lira collapses, and figuring out the biggest political insult of the week.


Episode 85 - You Can't Handle the Truth

The boys discuss Trump acknowledging things that were previously untrue, the press being the "enemy of the people", the Paul Manafort and Rick Gates unfolding legal drama, the president continuing his feud with LeBron James, the Venezuelan president being attacked by a drone swarm, differing foreign policies evolving within the Trump administration, Alex Jones being removed from most major social media platforms and what it means for free speech.


Episode 84 - It's Not a Lie If You Believe It

The boys discuss collusion not being a crime, Georgia's gubernatorial race heating up, midterm elections looking good for Democrats, thanking Kim Jong Un for the lovely letter he sent, whether Trump rallies are good for America, and a congressional nominee's obsession with bigfoot erotica. Yep. Check out PredictIt for real-time political event analysis and wagering! -


Episode 83 - Shadow of the Future

The boys discuss Trump's response to potential Russian election interference, Iran SUFFERING GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, the Cohen-Trump tapes, the administration rescinding security clearances, tariffs being the greatest things ever, citizenship taking center stage, and figuring out who had the worst week.


Episode 82 - The Would That Wouldn't

Bill and Nick are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to do a deep dive on the Trump-Putin Summit, what it means for the president going forward, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, the political nature of Justices and what the future may hold for Court nominees.


Episode 81 - Only Pastries and Cheese

The boys are back to discuss foreign policy galore, Trump's Supreme Court nomination, Britain's Brexit woes, changes to the administration's immigration policy, Poland purging their Supreme Court and Trump not needing any organ besides his mouth...and possibly his brain.


SCOTUS Special '18

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to go over some of the major (often tense) decisions currently being handed down by the Supreme Court and what it means for privacy, union rights and the refusal to use the term "respectfully".


Episode 80 - No Cheese Plate for You

Bill, Nick, Phil and Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenaugh go way deep into the immigration debate, the lack of civility in politics, trade wars heating up, democracy in Turkey faltering, and Trump's approval rating rising dramatically among Republicans.