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Episode 35: Looking a Backstop in the Mouth

A throwback to the early days of the podcast in which Steve and Chris wind each other up into a state of high-pitched sweary indignation as they survey the carnage wrought by Brexit. Specifically, the importance of accuracy and honesty on the Remain side, negative and exceptionalist framing, government dishonesty and delusion, and car doors.


Episode 34: Dog's Brexit

The unorthodox structure of this week's podcast is not so much down to avant garde editing as technical snafu, but we start at the beginning with Chris and Laura putting the world to rights over kebabs and prosecco, and end in the middle of things as we join Steve, Steve, and Chris half way through a discussion of Tuesday's events in Westminster, where this leaves Brexit, and was the UK really such an obstacle anyway? Special Guest: Laura Shields.


Episode 33: Baskets Case

The Centre for European Reform is the UK's foremost think tank on matters European, and Ian Bond is its Director of Foreign Policy, so Chris is in his element this week discussing how Brexit might affect both UK and EU foreign policy. Featuring not one, not two, but three baskets. Special Guest: Ian Bond.


Episode 32: Hostile Environment Lady

Nick Crosby joins Chris to wonder whether and how the House of Commons might yet find a way to reject the Withdrawal Agreement and #StopBrexit. Also Hostile Environment Lady jumps the Lie of the Week queue. Special Guest: Nick Crosby.


Episode 31: Not the Foggiest

Steve is back and vaping hard (sorry for the background noises) while he outlines options for amending the bill to pass the Withdrawal Agreement and Chris listens in increasing bewilderment. We also discuss whether the UK has really been the disruptive force within EU structures that it's been made out to be in some quarters (OK these quarters).


Episode 30: damned if we do, damned if we don't

Alas poor Steve, he's still poorly, so Chris is hosting solo this week and joined by special guest Garvan Walshe (yes we know he was already on Remainiacs grrr) for a chat about the so-called Irish backstop, Jeremy Hunt's brass-necked cakeism, and whether Anna Soubry is a Leninist. Plus: would Remaining really be a good thing? No I mean really?? Also: Thucydides! Jon Lis' opinion piece in the Guardian: "Britain’s arrogant attempts to hoodwink the EU have sacrificed all trust...


Episode 29: Blood in the Water

Steve Analyst is back and promoted to stand-in co-host covering for Steve B. What do Chris and Steve A do while Steve B is away? Get stuck in to some proper trade nerdery, that's what. We discuss how the UK can realise its global trade ambitions, whether EU trade deals can be rolled over, and what a unilateral zero tariff regime would do to the country's bank balance. Rock & roll! Also: a controversial lie of the week and a discussion of how to herd Remainer cats. (No intro/outro music or...


Episode 28: Cross Party Parly Party

We leave the podcast dungeon and lug our recording equipment to a meeting room in the European Parliament where we chat with not one, not two, not three, but four MEPs about the Brexit endgame! This was a cracking conversation with political heavyweights so do not miss this one Remain nerds! Our guests are, in no particular order: Julie Girling MEP ( (EPP/independent - Julie was a Conservative MEP until the party withdrew the whip from her for her stance on Brexit...


Brexit: What Next? Special Bonus Podcast

Our friends at the Nottingham European Movement asked us if they could use our podcast to share a recording of their 'Brexit: What Next? (' event with our listeners, and we bit their arm off! Enjoy this hour and a half panel discussion with these stone-cold Remain legends: Ken Clarke QC MP, Conservative Chris Leslie MP, Labour Tom Brake MP, Liberal Democrat Natalie Bennett, Green Party (leader of the Green Party 2012-16, and currently...


Episode 27: Fight Brexit with Beer

We were going to have a theme this week but we ran out of time before we could start on one. Plenty of follow-up, looking ahead to next week's European Council showdown, wondering where it's all heading, and looking at the In Limbo book that was launched this week. Oh and Lie of the Week, of course. Sponsored by Wandsworth European Movement ( who are launching their Four Freedoms Pale Ale on 19 October - sign up for the launch event here!


Episode 26: Tanja drops the C-bomb

Warning: this episode includes very strong language (I mean, read the title) - listener discretion is advised (not one for teatime with the kids) Awesome citizen rights campaigner Tanja Bueltmann co-hosts this week's episode as we talk about her work on behalf of EU27 citizens in the UK, what it's like being a constant target of online and offline harrassment, why we should reclaim the c-word, and what we think of the Tory party conference. Christopher Kissane's article for the Irish Times...


Episode 25: Starmer Stormer

A bit of follow-up on Armenian regulatory competences trade nerds, then it's straight into Salzburg OMG she didn't did she she did! and then Labour Conference and the thrill we felt when Starmer said what he said and the Conference did what it did. Closing out with Silver Jubilee Cake(ism) and one of the all time great Lies of the Week. Jim Cornelius we salute you.


Episode 24: Peoples Vote and trade geekery

A bit of a long one this week, in which we explore how a Peoples Vote might happen, and ask what a successful campaign might look like. And we take Cakewatch to a sunny Place Lux for lunch with David Henig, he of #TwitterTrade fame. Lie of the Week featuring the Raabinator. Special Guest: David Henig.


Episode 23: From Project Fear to Project Death Star

We talk about the European Research Group and its unpublished policy proposals which, apparently, have significant flaws and, so we hear, may be widely mocked. Keep listening for an Easter Egg including a contribution from a very special guest.


Episode 22: By the Pricking of my Thumbs

Sorry about the sound quality in this one, there was a technical hitch in recording and the sound engineer has been given a serious thrashing so he won't do it again. We welcome Nicky James of Final Say For All to talk about the impact of Brexit on ordinary British people living in the EU27 countries. In one of our next episodes we also plan to take a closer look at the impact of Brexit on ordinary EU27 citizens living in the UK. These are real people, living real lives, working hard, often...


Episode 21: When the Hurly-Burly's Done

Chris is back, and so is Steve Analyst! We're still in holiday mode, but got together by the magic of skype to record our feelings on where we think Brexit is currently heading and trying to untangle the threads of this mess. Bonus points to listeners (and co-hosts) who read these episode notes and spot all the Macbeth references this week. Homework for Steve A: the Cakewatch Easter F-word Special How Cornwall gets its internet Special Guest: Steve Analyst.


Episode 20: The One With Steve Analyst

We were beaten to it by Dan Snow's history podcast but better late than never: legendary Twitter threader Steve Analyst joins Cakewatch in the special guest slot to talk about well we'll give you three guesses... yes it's Brexit. Special Guest: Steve Analyst.


Episode 19: Chequers Pyjama Party

We interrupt our summer mental health break to bring you episode 19, co-hosted by Chris and guest host Nick Crosby of Pro Europa. Steve's still on his break but we have too much to talk about so here we are: Chequers pyjama party, Cabinet resignations, ERG tantrums, Trump diplomacy, Facebook fines, where will it all end?? Please sign the petition to keep the rights of EU27 + EFTA citizens already in the UK unchanged after Brexit! Special Guest: Nick Crosby.


We're All Going On A Summer Mental Health Break

In the words of soft rock legends Chicago, everybody needs a little time away. Just a quick one this week to let our listeners know that we're taking a bit of a break from podcasting over the summer to recover our mojos, reconnect with the world outside Brexit, recharge our critical batteries, and in the case of Chris to focus on a new arrival! Stay subscribed, stay tuned, and we'll be back soon.


Episode 18: Micturating on your Frites

Steve's article in Prospect on freedom of movement Intro/outro music: “Going up the Wrong Way” by Bai Kamara Jr, from his album "The Mystical Survivors and Some Rare Earthlings". Available Fnac, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.