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The Huffington Post UK Politics team take a look at the week in Westminster and the repercussions of the motions, personality clashes and party spin.

The Huffington Post UK Politics team take a look at the week in Westminster and the repercussions of the motions, personality clashes and party spin.
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The Huffington Post UK Politics team take a look at the week in Westminster and the repercussions of the motions, personality clashes and party spin.




167: #167 - Showing Some Leadership (With Jo Swinson)

Lib Dem Leadship candidate Jo Swinson joins HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh to discuss the past week in Westminster, where leadership from both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn was sorely tested. For Johnson, he's refusal to say whether he backed the embattled UK ambassador in a diplomatic row with Donald Trump drew criticism, while for Corbyn a Panorama documentary raised questions of Labour's handling of an anti-Semitism within the party. #Corbyn #Boris #Labour #Conservatives...


#166 - Fox In A Hole (With Paul Goodman & Katy Balls)

ConservativeHome's Paul Goodman and The Spectator's Katy Balls join Paul and Arj to talk through the final two candidates in the Tory selection process for their new leader. While Boris Johnson remains schtum, Jeremy Hunt opens the debate on fox hunting, a debate no one was asking for. #conservatives #boris johnson #jeremy hunt #jeremy corbyn #tories #leadership #conservatives


#165 - What's Left Unsaid (With Liam Byrne MP)

While the Tory leadership challenge continues to dominate Westminster, Labour MP Liam Byrne tells HuffPost UK ( about the "moral emergency" emerging across the country and his own experience ( of mental health issues following his upbringing with an alcoholic father and how talking about it is helping him bring...


#164 - Losing The Tie (With Anand Menon)

Anand Menon joins the HuffPost UK politics team as the Conservative candidates are whittled down to replace Theresa May. From 10 to three, who's coming out on top? Rory Stewart definitely won't be, losing his tie in the debate and then ultimately losing the tie to be leader. Yeah, we know that's laboured. But speaking of Labour, is Jeremy Corbyn about to back a second referendum?


#163 - The Votes Are In, Part One (with Andrew Mitchell MP)

MP Andrew Mitchell belatedly joins the team as they take in the news from the first round of votes in the Tory leadership contest. Does frontrunner Boris Johnson need to do more though?


#162 - The Trump Bump? (With Tom Tugendhat MP)

As Donald Trump rolled into town and Theresa May prepared to mosey on out of Westminster, her list of successors salivated at the thought of some time with Leader of the Free World. But would the praise of Trump prove help or hindrance at the ballot box? Tom Tugendhat MP joins the HuffPost UK politics team in looking through the impact of Trump's state visit and what the candidates have to do to win the party favour. #trump #donald trump #theresa may #Britain #brexit #state visit


#161 - The End Of May

This week the HuffPost UK politics team sit down with Institute for Government Brexit expert, Maddy Thimont Jack and director of the UK In A Changing Europe think-tank, Anand Menon to discuss if the writing is on the wall for Theresa May's run as prime minister. They discuss what's next for the ill-fated withdrawal agreement, what Remainers could do next and who will be gunning for the leadership of the Tory party.


#160 - A Question Of Leadership (With Sir Ed Davey MP)

The HuffPost UK politics team sat down with Lib Dem MP Sir Ed Davey as Westminster salivates over leadership campaigns. Theresa May has been compelled to set out her departure date by the 1922 Committee, while Nigel Farage barrels across the country to prove that he can lead a party with ideas for all of Britain's interests. Meanwhile, after a successful Local Election campaign, Sir Vince Cable turns the air blue with a message for the European elections as he looks to leave the Lib Dems in...


#159 - Deep Into Injury Time (With Will Tanner)

The HuffPost UK politics team take a look at another breathtaking week for Britain staying in Europe. Nope, we're not talking the football, it's Theresa May trying to stay on the field deep into injury time as she seeks Labour's support on the wings for her beleaguered Brexit deal. Will Tanner, Director of Tory think-tank Onward joins the team to see what's next, who's on the subs bench and how many more laboured football puns we can shoo into this week's talks. #politics #europe #brexit...


#158 Hua-dunnit? (With Lord Peter Ricketts and Henry Newman)

Arj Singh hosts this week's Commons People joined by Paul Waugh, former Downing Street National Security Adviser, Lord Peter Ricketts and director of the Open Europe think-tank, Henry Newman. After a brief respite from political machinations over the Easter break, Theresa May sacked old ally Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, blaming him for the leak of highly confidential National Security Council information about the prime minister’s approval of Chinese firm Huawei’s involvement in the...


#157 - The (Long) Brussels Hangover?

Paul Waugh hosts this week's Commons People as Arj Singh returns from the all-night talks between Theresa May and her EU counterparts, where an extension to Brexit until October 31st was granted by Brussels. Is the deal enough time for May to get her Brexit deal through though? Or does it give her own party an incentive to hasten her demise? #brexit #britain #eu #europe #tusk #theresa may #euro #politics


#156 - Friends In Unlikely Places (With Lucy Powell MP)

Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth are joined by Labour MP on the HuffPost UK's politics podcast this week to talk Brexit showdowns, reaching across the political divide and the continual slow splintering of the two main parties. As Theresa May sat down for talks with Jeremy Corbyn, both leaders found that back on their home patches their successors are plotting. But can a compromise that pleases everyone be found? The last three years suggest not but Westminster isn't in the mood to...


#155 - The Long Goodbye (With Nicky Morgan MP And Maddy Thimont Jack)

HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh sat down with MP Nicky Morgan and The Institute For Government's Maddy Thimont Jack to take a look at the week in Westminster where Theresa May finally gave way to pressure and vowed to leave as Prime Minister if her Brexit deal was voted through. But Westminster wants more. Will they get it? #Brexit #Britain #Nicky Morgan #Theresa May #conservatives #leadership #politics #ukpolitics


#154 - So Near Yet So Very, Very Far (With Rob Halfon MP & Nikki da Costa)

Another crushing defeat. Another piece of parliamentary jiggery-pokery. Another long week for Theresa May. An even longer week for the rest of us. HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh sat down with Conservative MP Rob Halfon and Senior Counsel at Cicero, Nikki da Costa, to work out where Brexit is going and what the future holds for Theresa May premiership. #Brexit #Theresa May #Rob Halfon #Politics #ukpolitics #britain #eu #europe


#153 - Chaos Reigns (Especially With Our Guest Appearances)

HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh is this week joined by Anand Menon, Henry Newman and Labour MP Stephen Kinnock as an unprecedented week at Westminster thunders on. Theresa May's deal has been defeated...again. But now what? Parliament yesterday struck down 'no deal' - though the vote wasn't legally binding and now a series of votes over the week could bring us closer to what Parliament actually wants Brexit to look like. But does anyone know what shape it could take? #Brexit #Theresa...


#152 - Cox's Codpiece (With Rachel Reeves MP)

Theresa May's Brexit deal is in peril once again. Labour's anti-semitism problem gets worse and we celebrate women in politics.


#151 - Too Late To Apologise (With Anand Menon)

The HuffPost UK Politics team and Brexit expert Anand Menon discuss how likely a second referendum is and whether Labour can escape anti-Semitism accusations. There's also an Oscars-inspired quiz.


#150 - That Independent Spirit (With Gavin Shuker MP)

The HuffPost UK Politics team sat down with Gavin Shuker following the momentous week in Westminster that saw the splits in both main parties to create the Independent Group. While the coming together of Conservative and Labour MPs was the talk of Westminster though, Theresa May doggedly clung to her plans to go back to Brussels to thrash out a deal but is everyone just tired of the charade? #conservatives #Labour #Corbyn #May #IndependentGroup #Westminster #politics #Brexit


#149 - A Shore Thing (with Caroline Flint MP)

The HuffPost UK Politics team had a lunch time chat with MP Caroline Flint about how she thinks Parliament will vote for Theresa May's latest attempt to push the Brexit deal through. Meanwhile, Chris Grayling continues to confound expectations of competency and still remain in the cabinet. #Brexit #Theresa May #Caroline Flint #Conservatives #Labour #Britain #Chris Grayling


#148 - Would No Deal Be "Hell"? (With Anand Menon)

Theresa May battles on to deliver Brexit with Tusk hoping the promoters of it go to a "special place in hell", while Jeremy Corbyn offers May a way out. We're joined by Brexit expert and director of 'UK In A Changing Europe', Anand Menon.