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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda is a non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers with insights about innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, fundraising, persuasion, and GOTV. Topics include the power of mobile devices, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, cross-media advertising, grassroots organizing, and big data.

Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda is a non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers with insights about innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, fundraising, persuasion, and GOTV. Topics include the power of mobile devices, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, cross-media advertising, grassroots organizing, and big data.


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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda is a non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers with insights about innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, fundraising, persuasion, and GOTV. Topics include the power of mobile devices, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, cross-media advertising, grassroots organizing, and big data.




Organizing Fundraising and the Value of GIS with Deepak Puri DemLabs

Deepak Puri, Co-Founder and CEO, DemLabs talks about the value of GIS data for planning, identifying trouble spots and empowering voters, innovations in organizing apps, lessons fundraisers can learn from infomercials, and informing people about how they can become poll workers. #DemLabs #Fundraising #2020Election


Geo-spatial Data Adding Transparency to Election Process with Chris Thomas Esri

Chris Thomas, Director Government Marketing, Esri describes the GIS tools election officials are using to map appropriate polling places for the November 2020 election, the value of historic and real time geographic information to improve voting waiting time, and the transparency that maps provide when attempts are made to repress the vote by making it more difficult or dangerous to vote in person. With inside mapping capabilities, the Esri apps are being applied to figuring out locations...


Challenges for Ghostwriters Working with Politicians with Dan Gerstein Gotham Ghostwriters

Dan Gerstein, CEO, Gotham Ghostwriters reflects on the challenges and rewards of working with elected officials as a speechwriter and ghostwriter. He points out how those clients who are themselves good writers are perhaps the most appreciative of the work of a ghostwriter. Dan explains the different roles a ghostwriter might play, why politicians need help writing persuasive speeches in this age of social media, mobile technology, and hyper-partisanship and the potential of humor in telling...


Using Geospatial Visualization to Drive COVID-19 Response with Chris Thomas Esri

Chris Thomas, Director Government Marketing, Esri sheds light on the role maps and geospatial visualization are playing in the efforts by government officials to fight COVID-19. We talk about examples of Esri ArcGIS innovations such as the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard which has been used to generate over a trillion maps, indoor GIS tools that can be used to solve the puzzle of social distancing, the Community Contact Tracing app that maps person-to-person-to-places...


Candidate Performance and Debate Best Practices with Mike Long Speechwriter

Mike Long, speechwriter, speaker, playwright, scientist, educator and co-author of The Molecule of More, talks about the differences between working with politicians and actors, the myth of the "voice" of a candidate, what a ghostwriter really does, and the value a speechwriter can bring to a campaign to make presentations more compelling. He also reflects on using humor when addressing any audience and provides advice for candidates preparing for upcoming debates, emphasizing the need to...


Media Training for Candidates on the Campaign Trail with Jonathan Rick The Jonathan Rick Group

Jonathan Rick, The Jonathan Rick Group, is a public relations guru who has given a great deal of thought to the changes COVID-19 and the protests in the streets have brought to the political media landscape. He emphasizes that candidates and politicians need to be hyper-vigilant in their choice of written and spoken words while listening to a range of voices. He recommends that politicians memorize lists of actions taken and avoid promising to study a problem. This is not a time for innocent...


Harnessing the Outrage with Deepak Puri DemLabs

Deepak Puri, Co-Founder and CEO, DemLabs strongly believes that outrage is a terrible thing to waste. Online petitions initiated by individuals and organizations can be used to turn anger in the streets into action at the local, state and national levels. Deepak talks about how their grassroots rapid response approach to raising awareness and influencing elected officials and corporations is showing immediate success in these times of COVID-19 and social unrest. @TheDemLabs #COVID19...


Addressing Incendiary Social Posts with Scott Goodstein Catalyst Campaigns

Scott Goodstein, CEO, Catalyst Campaigns has seen the use of social media in political campaigns change from being a positive one-to-one engagement tool to becoming a tool to suppress voting and spread false information. Scott shines a light on the current challenges to Section 230 of Communications Decency Act of 1996 and the state of the social media landscape targeted by bullies and bots where elected officials tweet out hate speech and mis-information. He also shares campaign strategies...


Why a Top Digital Political Strategist is Running for WA State Legislature with Cyrus Krohn Internet Thought Leader

Cyrus Krohn, is an internet pioneer, political activist and author who is now drawing on his insider view of the political process to run for the state legislature in Washington. With a deep understanding of the value of digital tools in political and advocacy campaigns, Cyrus talks about what is driving him to run as a Unity and Restoration Party candidate, the newest challenges for all campaigns from COVID-19 restrictions, Twitter and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and his...


New Book- Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media by Barry Jagoda Journalist and Media Advisor

Barry Jagoda, journalist, assistant to Jimmy Carter, and Emmy-winning producer for CBS coverage of Watergate shares reasons for writing his memoir. The book includes his coming of age in the 50's and early 60's in Texas, the New York years attending the Columbia School of Journalism and with CBS flying around the world covering the moon landing, politicians, campaigns, and dignitaries. Barry takes the reader behind the scenes working on the Jimmy Carter for President Campaign of 1976 and in...


Building Authentic Relationships with Supporters with Sangeeth Peruri OutreachCircle

Sangeeth Peruri, Founder and CEO OutreachCircle has learned a a great deal about human nature, political organizing, the power of grassroots supporters, and changes in the field organizing landscape. He talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the ability of candidates to develop long term engagements with voters, most popular online activities for campaigns that build relationships and drive traditional and digital actions, and keys to building strong long term advocacy campaigns as well as...


Changes Coming to Retail Politics with Mark Walsh VC and Internet Pioneer

Mark Walsh is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, political activist and digital trailblazer. He reflects on the changes coming to political campaigning, what the impact of COVID-19 will be on who runs for public office, and readjustments ahead as a result of what voters will expect from candidates. Mark shares historical lessons about how digital technology has changed our relationships with banks, travel agents and candidates, and emphasizes the need for transparency about candidate...


Empowering Campaign Volunteers with Naseem Makiya OutVote

Naseem Makiya, CEO, OutVote shares lessons learned working with Democratic presidential primary contenders and reflects on the changes to volunteer engagement since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Naseem talks about value of using an integrated relational organizing tool to drive voter registration and turnout and to expand the reach of campaigns by encouraging volunteers to share updates with personal networks in a time when people have an increased need for trusted sources of...


Engaging Gen Z and Millennial Voters with Jesse Barba Young Invincibles

Jesse Barba, Senior Director of External Affairs, Young Invincibles is focused on what those 18-34 years old are talking about and what will drive them to support candidates and causes in 2020. This cohort includes those voting for the first time as well as those who have lived through 9/11 and the crash of 2008. We talk about the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their thinking about healthcare and qualities of a good leader, and the challenges faced by campaigns to find the...


Engaging Voters in All Election Choices with Alex Niemczewski BallotReady

Alex Niemczewski, CEO, BallotReady is an entrepreneur and activist who is interested in raising awareness about all candidates and ballot initiatives on each local ballot so that voters can make informed decisions on election day. Building an impressive database of everyone running for public office as well as issues to be decided, this non-partisan tool also allows people to share their suggestions with friends and family, and find out where to vote and how to vote by mail . BallotReady is...


Early Stage Companies Adjust to COVID-19 Challenges with Betsy Hoover Higher Ground Labs

Betsy Hoover, Partner, Higher Ground Labs brings the perspective of an investor and active participant in the development of digital solutions for political and advocacy campaigns. With a diverse portfolio of companies, Betsy is seeing an increase in interest in going online for organizing, mobilizing and fundraising and we both agree it is significant that so much work has already been done in the political digital space. With lessons learned in 2018 and 2019 campaigns, there is ample...


Audio Political Ads in the Age of Coronavirus with Sean Duggan Pandora

Sean Duggan, VP Advertising, Pandora has seen a dramatic shift in the demand for political and advocacy audio ad campaigns on Pandora since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With a diverse listening audience, geographically representative of the voting population, Pandora is serving up audio ads on a range of devices to drive persuasion and calls to action including responding to the Census. @pandoramusic @stduggan


Campaigns Increase Use of P2P Texting in the Age of Coronavirus with Thomas Peters rumbleup

Thomas Peters, Founder and CEO, rumbleup and uCampaign reports on the use of peer-to-peer texting in 2020 campaigns and the additional value of humans texting out relevant information and engaging in 2 way conversations with constituents in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. With new limitations on the ability of volunteers to walk the neighborhood and conduct phone bank sessions, texting to mobile devices is the new handshake and an effective way to alert people about live events and...


The New Retail Politics with Rob Griffin Tovo Labs

Rob Griffin, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tovo Labs reflects on how political campaigns are changing in light of social media, the coronavirus, and expectations of voters. We talk about the value of email lists from candidates that have dropped out of the race, new opportunities to geo-target ads now that more people are working from home, and Mike Bloomberg's Hawkfish agency which is working in down ballot races as well as with presidential candidates.


Rare Disease Activists Go to DC with Maria Picone TREND Community and Shelley Bowen Barth Syndrome Foundation

Maria Picone founder TREND.Community and Shelley Bowen, founder Barth Syndrome Foundation were in Washington, DC recently for Rare Disease Week to advocate for more research and awareness about a difficult subject. Maria and Shelley emphasize the need for members of Congress to join the Rare Disease Caucus and for healthcare activists to show up to have their voices heard about the need for more funding and patient involvement in finding cures for rare and orphan diseases. @TRENDCommunity...