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The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit

The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit
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The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit








Ep. 63: MAJA - Make America Japanese Again

C.S. Taniguchi, Diana, Mark, and Teen talk about the incredible influence that Japanese culture has had in America over a long period of time. From architecture, food and literature, to how we declutter our lives. Why does Japan hold such cultural sway over Americans? And is this a good or bad sign? Intro Music: Isle of Dogs OST Intro Voice Track: Matthew Weiner discussing the Mad Men character Bertram Cooper Outro Music: Ghost in the Shell OST (the real one) TWITTER: C.S. Taniguchi:...


Ep. 62: The Straight Asian Male Audit

Self-awareness and self-reflection are crucial elements to any good discussion. While Asian guys have legit gripes, that doesn't mean they always express them in the right way or that they're always blameless. Oxford, Filip, Jong, and Mark run an audit of straight Asian male behavior and attitudes to get an assessment of what needs improvement. Intro/Outro Music: "It G Ma" by Keith Ape Intro Voice Track: Ned Flanders from the Simpsons Episode "The Trouble With Trillions" TWITTER: Oxford...


Ep. 61: Gender Controversies in 'Subtle Asian Traits'

With the skyrocketing popularity of the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook groups and its many offshoots like Subtle Asian Dating and Subtle Curry Traits, the persistent and unresolved gender issues among Asian Americans (and other Asians in Western countries) have inevitably come to the forefront. Oxford, Filip, Sammi, and Jay take a look at the discussions that have been popping up and ask whether these spaces can avoid the problems that have plagued other Asian online spaces in the past. Intro...


Ep. 60: Hey Harvard, Just Be Honest!

With the verdict in the Harvard admissions lawsuit on the horizon, Escape From Plan A goes beyond the legalistic arguments involved to ask some big picture questions. Should Harvard seek racial diversity in its classes? If so, should it be more open about that instead of blaming Asian Americans for lackluster personalities? And why do Asian Americans repeatedly internalize and accept responsibility for racism we encounter? Join Teen, Oxford, and guest Kasie (from the Anthony Bourdain...


Ep. 59: Asian America's Coasts And Cliques

Teen, Jess, Jong, Oxford, and Mark ponder what every Asian American considers at some point: West Coast, or East Coast? They try to get beyond just who has better fast casual burgers, or London plane vs. palm trees, and into the social nuances of each coast. Things aren't always what they seem. Intro music: "California Love" by Tupac ft. Dr. Dre Intro voice track: The Fung Bros. on East Coast vs. West Coast Asians ( Outro music: Going Back to Cali...


Ep. 58: Finding Your Creative Voice (Studio Ghibli's 'Whisper of the Heart')

Though less famous than siblings such as "Spirited Away" and "Princess Mononoke," Studio Ghibli’s "Whisper of the Heart" is nevertheless a masterpiece that explores the intense anxieties young people face when first trying to turn their artistic dreams into actual practice. In this special midweek episode, Oxford and Diana (a comedian/writer) lavish praise on this beautiful film and talk about how much the movie can mean to anybody who has dreams but is afraid to try because of fears of...


Ep. 57: Wesley Yang's 'Game Theory' and Pick Up Artistry As Coercion

The idea of "Game" when it comes to dating, romance and plain ol'hooking up is a loaded term, especially in the modern climate of online dating apps and the more recent #MeToo movement. Teen, Jong and Mark discuss many aspects of it by first considering Wesley Yang's 2007 article "Game Theory," and then giving their reactions to the recent statements made by actor Kendrick Sampson at a just held Teen Vogue Summit. Intro Song: "Sunset" by The Midnight Intro Voice Track: Wesley Yang reads from...


Ep. 56: Kim's Inconvenience (Asian Emotional Labor)

The term “emotional labor” may get thrown around too easily these days, but if you conceptualize Asians’ social role as providers of racial guilt-relief in the West, then what are all the things we do (or more importantly, don’t do) in service of playing that role? From having to assume leadership roles in families because of parents’ language barriers to having to shut up about constant racialized experiences, all these things take a toll if not spoken about. Oxford, Jess, Jong, and Diana...


Ep. 55: Are 2nd-Gen Asians Cursed? (And Why White People Dread Thanksgiving)

Are there benefits to having grown up in a protective Asian enclave? Or is it better to face racial difficulties from a young age to learn how to fight them? Is it better to be a 2nd-gen or 1.5-gen Asian American? With many of the Plan A team members having travelled recently to Asia or Asian-populated parts of America — Teen to China, Jong to Korea, and Oxford to Los Angeles — these 3, along with Jess, discuss the “battle of the generations” among young Asians. Also, they talk about how...


Ep. 54: The Truth About Asian Mental Health

A formative article early in Plan A's history, written by contributor George Qiao, sought to topple the colonialist and racist conceptions of Asian American mental health, and get to the true roots of how mental health touches the Asian American community. Mark welcomes two new guests, Jay (a healthcare professional) and Kerrie (a healthcare graduate student ), and returning guest Diana, to explore this topic. Intro/Outro Song: "Come As You Are" by Yuna (Original by Nirvana) TWITTER:...


Ep. 53: What We Mean By 'Internalized Racism'

The term “internalized racism” gets thrown around a lot in Asian American online discussions, but what does it really mean? While the phenomenon of internalized racism is undoubtedly real and has been historically apparent across all racial (usually non-white) groups, would online discussions be more productive if we were more articulate and specific in what we are saying when we use this term? Oxford and Jess welcome two first-time guests, Diana (a stand-up comedian) and Ken (an engineer),...


Ep. 52: Trying To Make It In Show Business

Show business, and creative industries in general, are difficult to be successful in for all people. But for minorities, there is an added burden of limited opportunities and community pressures to either not do it at all or be perfect at it. Jess hosts this discussion with two Asian women—Millie (a writer/director) and Quyen (an actress)—and an African American man—David (an actor/writer and first-time guest of this podcast)—to get a sense at what some minorities in America have done in the...


Ep. 51: Halloween Spooktacular (Real Ghost Stories)

To celebrate Halloween, we're taking a break from our usual neurotic dissections of Asian America and just telling spooky and/or goofy stories! So get your toasted pumpkin seeds and Tootsie Rolls and join Teen, Mark, and Sammi as they swap tales. Intro/Outro Music: Theme from "The Omen" Intro Voice Track: Creepy Little Girl Talking & Singing / Halloween ( TWITTER: Teen (@mont_jiang) Mark (@snbatman)


Ep. 50: Identity Politics and the Asian American (ft. Kevin Xu)

Kevin Xu of The Model Majority Podcast ( joins Oxford, Jess, and Teen to discuss his views on identity politic's effect on Asian Americans, as well as the importance of the coming November midterms. We try to avoid the standard civics class lecture, and try a more realistic assessment of liberal identity politics, Asian pet issues, and giving half a shit. The Model Majority Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and basically wherever you get your...


Ep. 49: Is 'The Hate U Give' The New 'Crash'?

"The Hate U Give" is the new movie starring Amandla Stenberg that's based on the bestselling YA novel about a Ferguson-like incident where a policeman kills an unarmed young black man. The movie has been universally acclaimed, but it is not without its faults, especially with regards to how much responsibility it places on the black community for police violence. Teen, Oxford, and Millie talk about the pros and cons of the movie and wonder if it will age as badly as another once-heralded...


Ep. 48: The Immigrant Time Warp (ft. T.K.)

The Immigrant Time Warp is the phenomenon in which immigrants are locked into the social norms of their native countries at the time they left. Thus, they remain cultural time capsules, often unable to evolve with either their new cultures or their old ones. T.K., creator of the popular website Ask A Korean, has written about this issue on his blog and joins Oxford and returning guest Quyen to talk more about this topic, especially how it affects the children of these immigrants. Intro/Outro...


Ep. 47: The Adventures of Bart O'Kavanaugh and the Tiger Mom

Oriana, Jess and Teen talk about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's historic testimony against Brett Kavanaugh, and the disturbing connection it has with Amy Chua. Intro/Outro music: "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds Intro Voice Track: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford TWITTER: Jess (@cogitatotomato) Teen (@mont_jiang) REFERENCED RESOURCES David Chen's NYT article about Yale Law's obsession with power:...


Ep. 46: Twitter Lunacy (High school cliques, sock puppets, and more!)

Twitter may be a mad circus, but there are still real people and real emotions powering that spectacle, which means important things can still be learned from it. What's the meaning behind Joshua Luna's Nerds of Color brouhaha involving (yet again) WMAF? Or the Celeste Ng and Louis Leung mess involving fake male allies and sock puppet accounts? And what does Black Twitter's drama over Briahna Joy Gray vs. Tariq Nasheed, as well as the recent outburst against DeRay McKesson in Ferguson, have...


Ep. 45: The A Is For Anger (Jess And Teen Get Pissed)

This is an episode we recorded a couple months back but didn't release. Jess and Teen were discussing the qipao prom photos -- something we're sure nobody wants to revisit. But instead of just the photos, we focused more on the huge media backlash against Asian Americans in the mainstream media, triggered by that most trivial of events: the viral tweet. Some lever must be turning these small things into big things. What can we meaningfully learn from this lever? Intro Song: Intro to...


Ep. 44: The Curious Parallels in Black and Asian Media (ft. Trevor Beaulieu)

At last, the day has come! Long-time chum of Plan A, Trevor Beaulieu of the podcast Champagne Sharks, comes aboard as a guest to discuss the fascinating parallels in the black and Asian media/activist class, especially in how much they're governed by the laws of mainstream white liberalism. Trevor has also been a guest on leftist shows like Chapo Trap House and The Michael Brooks Show. He has also written for publications such as The Intercept. Jess, Teen, Mark, and Oxford join him on this...