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The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit

The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit
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The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit








Ep. 50: Identity Politics and the Asian American (ft. Kevin Xu)

Kevin Xu of The Model Majority Podcast ( joins Oxford, Jess, and Teen to discuss his views on identity politic's effect on Asian Americans, as well as the importance of the coming November midterms. We try to avoid the standard civics class lecture, and try a more realistic assessment of liberal identity politics, Asian pet issues, and giving half a shit. The Model Majority Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and basically wherever you get your...


Ep. 49: Is 'The Hate U Give' The New 'Crash'?

"The Hate U Give" is the new movie starring Amandla Stenberg that's based on the bestselling YA novel about a Ferguson-like incident where a policeman kills an unarmed young black man. The movie has been universally acclaimed, but it is not without its faults, especially with regards to how much responsibility it places on the black community for police violence. Teen, Oxford, and Millie talk about the pros and cons of the movie and wonder if it will age as badly as another once-heralded...


Ep. 48: The Immigrant Time Warp (ft. T.K.)

The Immigrant Time Warp is the phenomenon in which immigrants are locked into the social norms of their native countries at the time they left. Thus, they remain cultural time capsules, often unable to evolve with either their new cultures or their old ones. T.K., creator of the popular website Ask A Korean, has written about this issue on his blog and joins Oxford and returning guest Quyen to talk more about this topic, especially how it affects the children of these immigrants. Intro/Outro...


Ep. 47: The Adventures of Bart O'Kavanaugh and the Tiger Mom

Oriana, Jess and Teen talk about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's historic testimony against Brett Kavanaugh, and the disturbing connection it has with Amy Chua. Intro/Outro music: "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds Intro Voice Track: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford TWITTER: Jess (@cogitatotomato) Teen (@mont_jiang) REFERENCED RESOURCES David Chen's NYT article about Yale Law's obsession with power:...


Ep. 46: Twitter Lunacy (High school cliques, sock puppets, and more!)

Twitter may be a mad circus, but there are still real people and real emotions powering that spectacle, which means important things can still be learned from it. What's the meaning behind Joshua Luna's Nerds of Color brouhaha involving (yet again) WMAF? Or the Celeste Ng and Louis Leung mess involving fake male allies and sock puppet accounts? And what does Black Twitter's drama over Briahna Joy Gray vs. Tariq Nasheed, as well as the recent outburst against DeRay McKesson in Ferguson, have...


Ep. 45: The A Is For Anger (Jess And Teen Get Pissed)

This is an episode we recorded a couple months back but didn't release. Jess and Teen were discussing the qipao prom photos -- something we're sure nobody wants to revisit. But instead of just the photos, we focused more on the huge media backlash against Asian Americans in the mainstream media, triggered by that most trivial of events: the viral tweet. Some lever must be turning these small things into big things. What can we meaningfully learn from this lever? Intro Song: Intro to...


Ep. 44: The Curious Parallels in Black and Asian Media (ft. Trevor Beaulieu)

At last, the day has come! Long-time chum of Plan A, Trevor Beaulieu of the podcast Champagne Sharks, comes aboard as a guest to discuss the fascinating parallels in the black and Asian media/activist class, especially in how much they're governed by the laws of mainstream white liberalism. Trevor has also been a guest on leftist shows like Chapo Trap House and The Michael Brooks Show. He has also written for publications such as The Intercept. Jess, Teen, Mark, and Oxford join him on this...


Ep. 43: 'Searching' For Representation of Neglected Asian Americans

In this grab bag of a Labor Day podcast, the trio of Oxford, Mark, and Sammi (a returning guest from Ep. 36: Difficulties in Asian Women-to-Women Dialogues About WMAF) go from lauding the new John Cho movie "Searching" to eventually getting fed up at how neglected poor Asian Americans are in our current social and political climate. Along the way, we diss the Racist OC Barbie Lawyer and #walkaway Youtube nano-celebrity, Zach Hing. Intro/Outro Song: "Think (ft. Jay Park)" by Reddy Intro Voice...


Ep. 42: Guys, How To Not Get Stuck In Anger?

Well this is timely! In the year that has come and gone since the start of Plan A, we’ve broached topics that have either been ignored or suppressed by the mainstream Asian American community. But it’s one thing to discuss them; it’s another to take positive actions to fix problems. So the question for discontent Asian American guys is: what steps are necessary to finally find a way out of the bog of anger that exists online and start improving our future? Oxford, Mark, Q, and Filip take a...


Ep. 41: Can 'Crazy Rich Asians' Soften Plan A's Heart of Stone?

Almost all of Asian America has waited with bated breath for Crazy Rich Asians. Plan A has had its skepticism and doubt, but did the movie win them over and reveal that under the surface of every cynic is a romantic who yearns to believe again? Millicent (an NYC-based indie filmmaker) and Quyen (an LA-based activist and actress) join Oxford and Mark as special guests to discuss everything about Crazy Rich Asians, including expectations, emotional reactions, the portrayal of Asian men, the...


Ep. 40: Sarah Jeong Is A White Liberal Shield

Condemnation and defense of Sarah Jeong has fallen along the familiar fault lines of online culture. She has been portrayed as either a Pol Pot against white people or a Joan of Arc against racist and sexist trolls. But what if she is neither? Jess, Teen, and Oxford discuss how an old instance of performative wokeness (almost certainly intended in jest for a small media-class clique) has now been forcibly repackaged as a greater expression of minority, especially Asian American, anger. And...


Ep. 39: The Depression Of The Yappie

Jess, Mark, and Teen share their impressions of Wong Fu Production's new YouTube series "Yappie." The series explores the inner life of a well-to-do Asian American man in Southern California, and the cheery surface, there is an unmistakable undertone of the modern ennui and loneliness that pervades society. A somewhat more serious talk about depression and anxiety. Intro Voice Track: Edward Norton's monologue on materialism from "Fight Club" TWITTER: Jess (@cogitatotomato) Teen (@mont_jiang)...


Ep. 38: Fuck Hollywood, Watch Asian Cinema (feat. Cinema Escapist)

A vibrant film culture has existed in Asia for a long time, but only recently has it become so available to the rest of the world. For Asian Americans, Asian cinema offers an opportunity to learn about our ancestral homelands in a way that may have gotten lost in the immigration process. Joining Teen and Oxford are Anthony Kao and Richard Yu, the founders of Cinema Escapist. Theirs is a website dedicated to not only reviewing international cinema but placing it in the context of politics and...


Ep. 37: Do Asian Men Resent Asian Women's Success?

From Amy Tan to Michelle Kwan to Constance Wu, there are many Asian American women who have achieved great success and are upheld as leading figures of the community. But sometimes (and especially online), Asian male support is muted or reluctant. Is it resentment at seeing women in power at all? Or does it have anything to do with the feeling that only by closely allying with whiteness can Asian women succeed at the highest levels in America, thus leaving Asian men behind? Is that what’s...


Ep. 36: Difficulties In Asian Women-to-Women Dialogues About WMAF

From Natalie Tran's "White Male Asian Female" documentary to NYT's article "The Alt-Right's Asian Fetish" to the backlash against Chloe Bennet (born Chloe Wang) for dating Logan Paul, the topic of WMAF has been unavoidable as of late. It's often said that the issues of internalized racism involved in this topic are best addressed by and for Asian women. But what happens when Asian women run into brick walls when trying to talk to other Asian women about this, resulting in strained...


Ep. 35: The Problem With 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' (feat. Kevin Kreider)

The trailer for the Netflix adaptation of Jenny Han's YA novel, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," has fans excited, especially because an Asian woman is in a lead rom-com role. But within Asian American spaces, there has been a lot of discussion over how progressive this movie actually is when it's yet another story about an Asian girl obsessing over mainly white boys. Is media rep for POC always to be unquestioningly celebrated? Can we freely talk about the problems of idealizing white...


Ep. 34: Korea Saves The World (Cup) By Knocking Out Germany

In life, there are certain certainties. The universe is immense. Your kids will disappoint you. And Germany will make it to the knockout round of the World Cup. Wait what?! Korea had something to say about that last one? Teen, Oxford, and Mark relive a glorious game and revel in the even more glorious outbursts of shared celebrations between Korea, Mexico, and the rest of the world in Germany's embarrassment. Intro/Outro Song: "For Victory" by TransFixion Intro Voice Track: Korea vs. Germany...


Ep. 33: Fear of Demographic Change and Racist Einstein

With Trump's abominable immigration policies creating child prisons and extreme deportations, the question must be asked: what is truly fueling all this? It's not job loss. It's not crime. It's fear of demographic change. Teen, Oxford, and Mark trace the rather easily discoverable trail of this "America as white nation" ideology and give their takes on the American moral obligation to allow immigration. Intro/Outro Music: Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23 by Frederic Chopin Intro/Outro Voice...


Ep. 32: The Marriage Bubble

Jess, Mark, and Teen tackle falling marriage rates and why men and women seem to be seeing past each other. Also, Asian beer supremacy and the frothy spectacle of the frozen Sapporo. Intro/Outro Song: "Luv (sic)" by Nujabes TWITTER: Teen (@mont_jiang) Jess (@cogitatotomato) Mark (@snbatman) REFERENCED RESOURCES: America, Home of the Transaction Marriage by Victor Tan Chen:


Ep. 31: Goodbye, Anthony Bourdain

In this special midweek episode, Plan A reflects on what made Anthony Bourdain such a beloved figure, especially among people of color. Asian Americans had a particular respect for the way he was able to appreciate Asian food and culture in a way that was free of condescension or white-saviorism. Teen, Oxford, and guest podcaster Kasie pay their respects by talking about their favorite Bourdain moments and what his legacy is for American culture. Intro/Outro Song: Rising Sun Blues (King Kong...