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Listen to a selection of EPRS policy podcasts here. An in-depth look at different topical EU policy areas based on objective authoritative and independent research.

Listen to a selection of EPRS policy podcasts here. An in-depth look at different topical EU policy areas based on objective authoritative and independent research.




Listen to a selection of EPRS policy podcasts here. An in-depth look at different topical EU policy areas based on objective authoritative and independent research.




Understanding the financing of intergovernmental organisations: A snapshot of the budgets of the UN, NATO and WTO

Intergovernmental organisations need money to finance their activities, realise their goals and maintain their own structures. But where does this money come from? How big are the budgets? And how much do citizens of different countries contribute? Let’s try to answer these questions by comparing the numbers of three of the world’s largest intergovernmental organisations: The United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the North Atlantic Treaty...


Upholding human rights in Europe during the pandemic

As governments scramble to protect their populations from COVID-19 many of the personal freedoms and rights we take for granted are being –temporarily- taken away… Although certain rights enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights can be suspended in situations of emergency, an extra effort is needed to prevent abuse and protect the most vulnerable. Source: ©...


PESCO: Ahead of the strategic review

The EU is set to review the way it has implemented the so-called permanent structured cooperation in the field of security and defence - PESCO for short - before the end of the year. It’ll be an opportunity to review strengths and weaknesses and see how to better match ambitions with capabilities to pursue its own security interests and become a strategic global security provide… but without clear purpose and direction, the EU’s quest for “strategic autonomy” could end up being little more...


EU–China: International Agreements in Progress

As the world’s second largest economy and with an ever-expanding domestic market, including a growing wealthy middle-class with a taste for high-quality products with foreign labels, China is an opportunity European businesses and investors cannot afford to ignore… But it’s a difficult market to access! And not a very fair nor transparent one… So, what is the EU doing to achieve a real level playing field for EU investors in...


The EU pig meat sector

With a population of around 150 million, there are more pigs than any other livestock category in the EU! The sector is supported by the Common Agricultural Policy, but it is facing serious challenges… Its negative impact on the environment, concerns about animal health and an uncertain international context need to be addressed if the sector is to become more sustainable in the future and match the EU’s green...


Understanding the EU Strategy for the Sahel

Torn by climate change, food insecurity, uncontrolled population growth, political instability and terrorism, the Sahel poses an evolving threat on Europe’s doorstep, as the August coup in Mali has once again shown. With more or less success, the EU’s strategy for the region has tried to address the multiple factors of instability but the new action plan for the region will need to take the EU’s and Africa’s new geopolitical interests on board if it is to be more successful than its...


Impact of the pandemic on elections around the world: From safety concerns to political crises

The coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on our lives, our economies, our societies but also on electoral processes around the world, with many elections being postponed in order to protect citizens’ health. But this involves a delicate balancing act between ensuring the democratic right to vote and a government’s responsibility to protect public health. So, what can we learn from experience? Source: ©...


Nutrition labelling schemes used in Member States

To help consumers to make healthier food choices, the European Commission wants producers of foods and drinks to display clear nutritional information on the front-of-pack. But this may not be so simple… Some Member States have already introduced their own labelling schemes to mark “healthy” products but will the EU win the battle at European scale? Source: © European Union - EP


The EU and Russia: Locked into confrontation

Following the post-Cold War reset, EU-Russia relations have been strained, not least by Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, to which the EU responded with hard-hitting sanctions. Putin’s support for rebel groups in eastern Ukraine, his policies in the neighbourhood, disinformation campaigns and Russia’s intervention in Syria just added fuel to the fire... And yet, the two remain closely interdependent… So, how to deal with Putin’s...


Understanding the EU response to organised crime

Organised crime is a growing threat to the EU and its citizens. And new digital technologies, combined with open borders and free trade, only make it easier for criminals… But the EU is stepping up police and judicial cooperation, as well as information-sharing, in order to stay one step ahead of them and make sure that crime does not pay! Source: © European Union - EP


Public sector innovation: Concepts, trends and best practices

An efficient and modern public system is a pre-condition for smart societies and economies. But how do we foster public sector innovation? The EU doesn’t have a direct role here, but it can definitely provide direction! So, stay with us… as we spell out a new vision for the public sector in Europe! Source: © European Union - EP


Single market and the pandemic: Impacts, EU action and recovery

As more and more European countries went into lockdown, trade within the EU and the foundations of its single market were hit hard! The EU was quick to respond, but the effects of the pandemic on both European and world economies will be deep and long-lasting… Source: © European Union - EP


Demography on the European agenda: Strategies for tackling demographic decline

Demography matters… it matters for the economy, for the labour market, for healthcare and pensions, even for election results! But future demographic trends in the EU are not encouraging… No, they’re not! A number of demographic challenges, such as a declining birth rate, an ageing population, and depopulation of some of its regions, threaten the future demographic stability of the continent. So, what are the EU and its member states doing about...


Digital culture − Access issues

The digital age has had a profound impact on many sectors, and culture is no exception! It has opened new and exciting opportunities for cultural industries… but it has also raised new challenges, related to skills, accessibility or affordability. Source: © European Union - EP


Enforcement of consumer protection

The EU has some of the strongest rules on consumer protection in the world! But sometimes, it can be difficult to enforce them… So, what can you do, as European consumer, if you’re not getting value for money? Get to know your rights! Source: © European Union - EP


Impact of coronavirus on EU aid to the most deprived

The coronavirus crisis has made life even more difficult for the most deprived people in our society… To protect them, as well the workers and volunteers delivering aid to them, and ensure no one falls through the net, the EU has had to take some exceptional measures… Source: © European Union - EP


Understanding the EU's approach to cyber diplomacy and cyber defence

Malicious cyber activities pose an increasing threat to our societies, our economies and our political systems. And no one is safe from virtual, yet very real… attacks. So, what tools does the EU have to respond to such threats? And what is its strategy? Join us in the world of cyberspace! Source: © European Union - EP


EU agricultural policy and climate change

Declining yields due to warmer temperatures and less rain, biodiversity loss, increased risk of floods… the impacts of climate change on European agriculture are irrefutable… But what impact does agriculture have on climate change? And what role can it play in helping address this challenge? Source: © European Union - EP


How digital technology is easing the burden of confinement

The coronavirus pandemic forced most of the world’s population into lockdown… But thanks to digital technologies, we were mostly able to keep on working, studying, shopping and chatting with our loved ones without leaving our homes! But the crisis has also highlighted some painful truths about our digital world… Source: © European Union - EP


Understanding EU data protection policy

In the digital era, data is the new currency… And data protection, an increasingly important social, legal and political matter for the EU! But how well protected is our data? And what challenges lie ahead? Source: © European Union - EP