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FOP 8 - 14 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-14-18 Today’s Show 1- Antifa lose their minds at #unitetheright attack trump supporters, media cops, dogs’ cats 2- Media Ignores antifa attacking everything including reporters call them “peaceful protestors” 3- Media and progressives concerted effort to ban FOX, conservative Twitter and opposing views 4- Media to fight Trump toxic media language by proving him right with Aug 16 universal op-ed 5- Hypocrisy CNN airs fake trump supporters Acosta back on Colbert...


FOP 8 - 9-18

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-9-18 Today’s Show: 1- Brutal week for liberal violence: LEO shootings by illegals, Trump supporters/Police/Candace Owens attacked by ANTIFA ,New Mexico Madras linked to Linda Sarsour , Democrat shoots a Facebook friend over politics and Philadelphia Mayor blocks ICE from apprehending Illegal who then rapes little girl. Also, Philly Mayor blames trump for Black Doll hung by black kids at black Cemetery… apology still forthcoming NOT 2- Media blames trump for...


FOP 8 - 5-18

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-5-18 Today’s Show: 1- Acosta faces his audience and then acts like a drama queen all week 2- NYT hires a Racist, explains racism on the white people she hates I investigate and she is more racist than you think 3- 3D printers make media go fake news mode 4- Twitter hires unhealthy conservative haters to fix “conversation health” 5- Trayvon Martin documentary begins and reminds us where fake news started (white Latino/hands up don’t shoot) 6- Military corner MRE...


FOP 7 - 30 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-30-18 Today’s Show 1- Twitter admits to shadow banning cons 2- Maddow accuses WH of altering transcripts thousands of retweets later it’s a lie 3- VFW boos lead to self-righteous op-eds from Martha Raddatz a Hillary flunky 4- FBI works with SPLC another notch on their liberal belts 5- LGTB mafia gets Christian soccer player kicked off team 6- Race hustler Naseed starts lie about Toledo Shooting it’s another Michael Brown moment 7- Obama gave 200K to Alqueda linked...


FOP 7 - 25 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-25-18 Today's Show: 1- "The tweet heard around the media" HORROR and OUTRAGE over Trump to Iran tweet 2- Another waiter another fake racist tip WAPO falls for never corrects 3- Conspiracyitist CNN goes full INFOWARS with Russia conspiracies Seltzer leads the charge 4- Socialism rising under Resistance media blames trump 5- News and Social Media Nuggets - Army reserve officer gets political Demo keeps her safe - VFW convention media get booed , media mad, media...


FOP 7 - 22 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-22-18 Today's Show: 1- "Treason in Helsinki" Media shows they don't know what treason is/ have their foreign policy from 2012 call them 2- Russian Indicted spy seen in Oval office.. oh wait she works for the NSA and is American 3- Obama speaks in Africa forgets Google reminds us he is a hypocrite 4- CNN 7 hours of media bias and our Hypocrisy Showcase 5- News and Social Media Nuggets: - National Anthem is Racist - THEYBIES is a child raising thing WTF with the...


FOP 7 - 17 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-17-18 Today's Show: 1- More Prog attacks on Americans 2- More attacks on Americans by illegals 3- Kavanauagh Melt down by media and progs 4- Zork hearing shows Democrats are the partisan party 5- REP Cohen disrespects veterans with Purple Heart Comment 6- Reviews: Chappaquiddick/Skyscraper/China Beach 7- News and Social media Nuggets: Trans edition its .4% of the country but they wield power or so the media thinks Next Show 7-20-18


FOP 7 - 6-18

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-6-18 Today's SHow: 1- #resistance and MSM Media take dump on the 4th of July and America 2- Immigration lies continue; hypocritical Hollywood that Ignored Obama now go on hunger strikes 3- SCOTUS outrage continues MSM pushes abortion fear and feminist stock up on IEDs and abstain from sex (maybe a good thing) 4- California abortion law now so prodeath boyfriend beats baby to death in woman's stomach at her behest and its not murder 5- News and Social Media Nuggets...


FOP 7 - 3-18

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-3-18 Today's Show: 1- SCOTUS MELTDOWN: Travel Ban/Union paybacks/Kennedy ... ROE IS DOOMED CNN SAYS! 2- Media Support of Conservative persecution in admin and voters 3- Socialist DEM loved by media but cant explain difference between her and DNC 4- Liberals shit on 4th of July why you should ignore them and be proud 5- Short News and Social Media Nuggets Next Show 7-9-18


FOP 6 - 26 - 16

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-26-18 Today's Show: 1- Immigration facts dont matter to media and celebs 2- Red Hen kicks out sanders then protest family at other eatery 2- Now 3 Cons harassed, 5 other incidents of harassment including burned decapitated animals on porches 4- Maxine Waters calls for mob rules and Violence 5- HHS warns employees about lefts attacks 6- Article: "The real world is starting to resemble Twitter" 7- Media lib 2 step lecture on civility and blame trump but their the...


FOP 6 - 23 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-23-18 Today's Show: 1- Journalism Crisis at the border: 1- More fake photos/fact less reporting 2- 7 media lies to cover for Obama 3- Time Cover utter lie media support 4- Media Propaganda getting dangerous with Doxxing and protest 5- Peter Fonda suggest abduction and rape of Barron 2- IG report getting buried like this was the plan (border) 3- Review and thoughts on "Handmaids Tale" 4- News and Social Media Nuggets: ice cream is racist so is math and Science and...


FOP 6 - 19 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-19-18 Today's Show: 1- IG Report: media malpractice still occurring 2- Border Hysterics: multiple fake news stories, media feeding talking points to DNC; Obama admin did Clinton Admin made the policy they lie and FAUX outrage Trump 3- Media: Bash Christians/Everyone is a Nazi/Agree with trump you are now in a CULT 4- News and Social Media Nuggets: 1- LGBT brainwash even on Nickelodeon 2- Abortions are safer than carrying to term ... no really 3- Working women...


FOP 6 - 15 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-15-18 Today's Show: 1- IG Report: damning report shows FBI LIBERAL bias , no investigation, ignoring emails completely and even calling HRC President while Obama controlled and lied 2- NK fallout- media spin as nothing burger:Nobel sees otherwise 3- Acosta: breaking protocol media call his job now in 2012 when Daily Caller reporter did it another story 4- FBI/Media/DNC hate you flyover people 5- Five Finger Death Punch support the troops 6- Matt in Oregon...


FOP 6 - 12 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-12-18 Today's Show: 1- North Korea deal media hates it and downplays 2- G7 Summit: media demean president roots for world and pushes Merkel photo when next photo shows different scene and for dems would of been the shot 3- Trudeau loses his eyebrow media loves him anyway 4- Media push new meme "media fatigue" to deflect sagging ratings 5- News and Social Media Nuggets: Socialist West pointer gets booted Left hates everything but mostly white men PPFA caught in...


FOP 6 - 7-18

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-7-18 Today's Show: 1- SCOTUS sides with baker/Ends PPFA NARAL push to kill illegal immigrants babies media loses it and of course lies 2- Bill Clinton says F MEE TOO and media blames trump 3- Media Doxxing of american citizens rampant and heinous 4- Actual News Story: Where is Melanie? but remember "facts die in the dark first" 5- April "racist" Ryan loses her weave being a partisan in press briefing 6- News and Social Media Nuggets: LGTB trans infighting/everyone...


FOP 6 - 3-18

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-3-18 Todays Show: 1- Samantha Bee hypocrisy .. full 20 minute soundbite of other heinous stuff 2- Liberals still lying about immigration stories (3 of them) 4- Ben Rhodes writes a messianic book about Obama gets a job on MSDNC ( all obama staff on CNN or MSNBC now) 5- Bias 101: Jim Acosta criticizes celebs in white house with trump evidence shows he is a hypocrite. Also soundbite of him being dissed by secret service! 6- News and Social Media Nuggets Next Show 6-8-18


FOP 5 - 31 - 18

FOP 5-31-18 Special Episode Rosanne Series Cancelled 1- Valerie Jarrett/Michelle Obama Involved 2- Media push for it 3- Examples of ABC Hypocrisy Olbermann/Behar/The View/Wolf/Kimmel 4- CNN: All Trump Voters Racist/Grievanced Next Show: 6-5-18


FOP 5 - 29 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-29-18 Today's Show: 1- Dem Watergate "Flood is coming" 2- MS 13 they are animals 3- Media Floats 2014 photos of detention as current 4- TX school shooting not working for gun grabbers 5- NFL anthem ruling makes media meltdown and ESPN to have more Olberman 6- Kendrick Lamar brings white girl on stage to sing N word laced song then gets upset/comments show he was wrong 7- Left sexualizing children and its disgusting 8- Dean Obeidallah disrespects memorial day with...


FOP 5 - 22 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-22-18 Today's Show: 1- Hamas riots(not peaceful palestinians) 2- Trump calls MS 13 Animals Media Lie and attack them 3- School Shooting Media Gun Grab 4- Review of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 5- Review of Cobra Kai 6- News and Social Media Nuggets Next Show 5-29-18


FOP 5 - 14 - 18

Flyover Politik Podcast -14-18 Today's Show: 1- NorKO hostages released Media upset Trump did it 2- Iran deal: media lose it 3- Alyssa Milano caught with armed guards at anti gun event 4- NY AG meetoo advocate busted mettoing 5- Rosie Odonnell caught breaking FEC donation laws unlike Dinesh media ignores no charges filed 6- News and Social Media Nuggets: SJW madness babies need to give consent before diaper change ! Next Show: 5-21