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DAME Magazine presents Gaslit Nation, a bi-monthly news podcast that slows down and explains the chaotic news cycle. Writers and civic leaders Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior take a deep dive on the news that skips the outrage and delivers analysis, history, and context.

DAME Magazine presents Gaslit Nation, a bi-monthly news podcast that slows down and explains the chaotic news cycle. Writers and civic leaders Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior take a deep dive on the news that skips the outrage and delivers analysis, history, and context.
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DAME Magazine presents Gaslit Nation, a bi-monthly news podcast that slows down and explains the chaotic news cycle. Writers and civic leaders Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior take a deep dive on the news that skips the outrage and delivers analysis, history, and context.




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Individual One: The New Name of the GOP

It’s another wild week in the United States of America, where any child can grow up to be Individual One! Actually, that’s not true, you have to choose a life of crime and complicity, and this week’s Gaslit Nation discusses what’s new for the indicted (Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort), the people who failed to stop them (James Comey), the accomplices (John Kelly, Nick Ayers), and the new guy who will likely let everyone walk, Iran-Contra style (William Barr). Sarah and Andrea discuss how...


Kleptocracy World Order

In this week’s Gaslit Nation, Sarah and Andrea express their ongoing frustration about last week’s deja news avalanche of stories about corruption that remains unpunished. As America, the land of collective amnesia, realizes yet again that Trump is a Russian asset following the confessions of Michael Cohen, Sarah and Andrea discuss what it means for brazen, blatant criminals to go caught but unpunished.


Gaslit Nation Featurette: Pass a Law

In this special episode of Gaslit Nation, Andrea interviews her mother Tanya Chalupa who championed the child carseat law and the seatbelt law in California, as well as working on other child safety bills. She explains how to get a law passed even if, as she was, you're an outsider with very little experience. And yes, the big news of Manafort Monday is broken down - the explosive Guardian scoop - and Russia's escalation of its invasion of Ukraine. Next week, we'll be back to unpack the...


Happy Thanksgiving: We're Grateful for Canvassers

Happy Thanksgiving, Gaslit Nation listeners! Sarah and Andrea are hosting a feast of interesting (and terrifying) commentary from folks around the US as they welcome winners of the Gaslit Nation Get Out the Vote contest onto the show. Our special guests – Valerie Carzello (@ScullyBully) of South Burlington, Vermont, Catherine Snyder (@catherinecritz) of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Brian Covey (@hidvorak) of Seattle, Washington discuss their experiences as activists in the 2018 election, the...


The Blue Wave Continues: Kansas Rising

In this episode of Gaslit Nation, Sarah and Andrea are still way too excited about the midterm elections! The Blue Wave turned out to be a slow motion river flowing through the country and reshaping the political map in the process. We talk about the new winners and losers as well as the battles over voter suppression in Georgia and Florida and how it’s not partisan to count all the damn votes. We also wave goodbye to Jeff “Bilbo Bigot” Sessions, one of the most disgraceful and cruel...


Midterms Special: The Blue Wave Has Begun

The midterms are over and the results are…decidedly mixed! Sarah and Andrea discuss the historical night from their perspectives in Andrea’s blue trifecta of New York and Sarah’s red nightmare hellhole – er, trifecta – of Missouri. If you are a happy progressive living in a newly blue state or a frustrated progressive living in a newly red state or anything in between, this is the show for you! We discuss the issues at stake: voter rights, civil rights, climate change, the Mueller probe,...


Gaslit Nation Featurette: Every District

We're excited to share this important discussion with Every District, a grassroots fundraising and data-driven effort to turn state governments blue. Regardless of the results of the 2018 midterms, we have a long way to go to rebuild our democracy. As we've covered before on Gaslit Nation, in our interview with Future Now, the battleground is in the states. Affordable health care, voting rights, a fair living wage are just some of the fundamental issues decided by our local representatives....


Halloween Special: The Kathy Griffin Interview

Welcome to the Gaslit Nation Halloween Special, which is not so different than a regular Gaslit Nation episode due to the 24-7 horror show we call the Trump administration! This week, Andrea and Sarah discuss the horrific extremist threats and violence of the past week as well as the constant encroaching repression of the administration’s extremist policies. We once again encourage everyone to get out and vote on November 6. Remember that a vote does not only help an individual candidate,...


A Foreign Policy for the Left: Put Gas Station Dictatorships Out of Business

We call on a strong foreign policy for the left, one that's driven by turning America into a world leader of renewable energy to finally put gas station dictatorships like Putin's oil-rich Russia and MSB's Saudi Arabia out of business. It's far past time to confront the heinous human rights crimes of these regimes that kill journalists, kill and torture LGBTQ people and opposition leaders. By doing so, we will confront other urgent man-made dangers – the catastrophic effects of climate...


The Media Industry Is Complicit, and Good Journalists Pay the Price

This week on Gaslit Nation we discuss the media: the systemic failures of an economically and morally bankrupt industry dominated by rich white men, and the bravery and creativity of journalists who struggle not only within this system, but with a much more severe threat –an international alliance of kleptocrats who murder journalists with impunity. We continue our conversation about the assassination of slain journalist Jamil Khashoggi and reflect on other unpunished recent killings like...


Robert Mueller Will Not Save You

Goodbye checks and balances, hello authoritarian shitshow! In the latest Gaslit Nation, Sarah and Andrea discuss the demolishment of checks and balances now that the independence and integrity of the judiciary are gone – joining a legislature that has been, in the words of Senator Patrick Leahy, reduced to little more than an arm of the Trump White House. As we predicted, this was a historic week for America, one that will be remembered as a turning point toward consolidated autocracy. So...


Kavanaugh Catastrophe and the Death of Checks and Balances

In this week’s episode of Gaslit Nation, Sarah and Andrea discuss the Kavanaugh hearings, the pathological lying and enabling of the GOP, Trump’s attacks on the FBI and its investigation of Kavanaugh, and the continuing erosion of our republic’s checks and balances.


The American Crisis: The View from Flyover Country, Part 2

In episode 6, Gaslit Nation continues its look at the decades of American crises that gave rise to Trumpism and paved the way for Russian interference in our democracy.


The American Crisis: The View from Flyover Country, Part 1

In part one of a two-part interview, Andrea talks to Sarah about income inequality, the loss of the "American dream," and the inspiration for her NYT bestseller The View from Flyover Country. This episode is sponsored by: Audible -- Go to for a free 30 day trial and your first book is free. SunBasket -- Go to for $35 off your first order


Computer Scientist Barbara Simons on Hacking, Paper Ballots, and Securing U.S. Elections

Sarah and Andrea interview Barbara Simons PhD, a computer scientist who specializes in election security, to answer the question on everyone’s mind: can our voting machines be attacked? Were they attacked in 2016? What’s in store for the midterms, and what can we, as citizens, do to protect our democracy? Plus a news recap, including Oleg Sentsov's 100th day on hunger strike protesting the treatment of political prisoners in Russia (#FreeSentsov), Omarosa's receipts, and Manafort's endless...


Robert Mueller and the Iron Triangles

In the final installment of our three-part series looking back at the 2016 election, we get into the hacking, the recount, the trail of dead Russians, and Robert Mueller's prescient Iron Triangles report, which predicted something like the Trump administration way back in 2011.


Harry Reid, Access Hollywood, and the Comey Chameleon

What a week to be talking about the 2016 election! Amid the arrests of various Russian agents for hacking or otherwise influencing the U.S. election, here we are with the second in a three-part series in which Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa look back at what was going on during that year, what signs were there, the media's misplaced focus on Clinton's emails, and how to ensure the 2018 midterms aren't a repeat of 2016. Links: Patreon: Harry Reid's letter: ...


Manafort, Wikileaks, and Trump's Long Bromance with Putin

Welcome to Gaslit Nation, a podcast to help cut through the noise in the most important midterm election year of our lives. The last most important election year of our lives was 2016, a gaslit election. In the first three episodes of Gaslit Nation, Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa take listeners back through that year. First up, we reflect on the surreal warning signs of Brexit, the fascist pageantry of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, and the Trump team’s open deference to the...


Welcome to Gaslit Nation

Gaslit Nation is a bi-monthly podcast from DAME magazine that cuts through the noise of the news cycle to help listeners gain a sense of control in an out- of- control world. Hosts writers Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa are women whose voices are part of the larger zeitgeist transforming civic engagement across the country.