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99 - Way To Go Bees

Buy the shirt: Support the show ad get hours of bonus content at This week in an otherwise goofy episode, we're forced to address the ongoing campaign to link Ilhan Omar to 9/11, specifically those from Trump and Dan Crenshaw. To respond, we revisit Rep. Crenshaw's old Facebook group and review a few group posts from his time as admin. They're bad. Also, the boomers win a battle in the culture war as Texas brings cursive back to...


98 - Joe Biden Can Hug Me Any Day... AND My Child (feat. Beep Beep Lettuce)

Listen to a deleted segment from this episode by subscribing at This week Bryn and Chris from Beep Beep Lettuce join us to talk about the weird, horny Democratic response to Joe Biden's creepiness, and the free-speech Ben Shapiro/Libertarian logic-nerd response to AZU students being arrested for protesting border patrol agents on their campus Buy the Minion Death Cult shirt at Listen to Beep Beep Lettuce at...


97 - The Ballad of McB feat. Brett Payne

Subscribe at to support the show and get 40+ hours of bonus episodes, including a lengthy bonus segment from this episode. This week, Brett Payne of Street Fight ( helps us do a deep-dive on McB of McB'$ Men's Fashion in St. Petersburg Florida, a small-business owner own who posted his way into financial ruin, both online and irl. "After devoting 10 years of my life, and great service here with McB's in downtown City of...


96 - 32 Simple Stream-Of-Consciousness Rules For Being MY SON

This week: The liberals forced us to address The Mueller Report, and the striking similarities between the "Save Us Mr. Mueller" faction and Q-anon DoubleTree Inn gets cancelled with extreme prejudice after refusing to serve a group of 600 troops and a humble businesswin facebook account tells us how to raise our giant, beautiful son.


95 - Support Jidge

This week: We address the New Zealand attack and the reality that conservatives in this country are far more radicalized than most of us want to admit Socialism gets a neutral writeup in our local newspaper, and we ask the DSA how they achieved such a monumental feat. Fox News dominates right wing facebook, as Judge Jeanine Pirro is reprimanded and bumped from her timeslot for Islamophobia, Donna Brazile is hired, and Tucker Carlson is attacked by Media Matters for the petty offense of...


94 - We Are The News

This week: DL Hughley's facebook page tries to drive a wedge between the black community and Ilhan Omar The MAGA crowd responds to accusations of fragile masculinity by being violently confused about what "fragile masculinity" means and Q Anon plans a civil war over the DNC refusing to let Fox News host a democratic primary debate Plus: We respond to Bernie's stance on sex work and reparations


93 - Cute Kitten Idiot

THE SHIRTS ARE READY This week: Facebook reacts to Rashida Tlaib calling Mark Meadows a racist, by being very extremely racist "Hard working Americans" respond to Kamala Harris's call for a living wage by being really fricken stoked on working 3 jobs and selling bits of their own bodies to pay the rent. and Trump Train members respond in a truly bizarre fashion to a news story about a man fighting a mountain lion (kitten) to the death AGAIN, THE SHIRTS ARE...


92 - John Wayne Was A Nazi

This week we cover various hilarious reactions to Bernie's candidacy, and respond to the response to the response to the response of a 1971 John Wayne interview where he compared black people to paralyzed infants. Enjoy! Support the show at and get access to like 50 hours of bonus episodes.



This week The Cult celebrates the wonderful National Emergency and tackles an incredibly wild comment section about a 91 year-old USPS retiree. "Trump 'is' the 'leader' of the 'executive' branch" "Nancy Pelosi, I'm your Huckleberry" "I wish the government would take *my* land to build the wall" "Millennials are too lazy to work for 69 years and then die" "My dad is 70 and still works, and this is good for some reason"


90 - The Cory Booker Hotline For Understanding Blackface

This week, we imagine what life would be like under a President Cory Booker Cover the conservative reaction to a Boy Scout kneeling during the pledge (they mostly just want to beat and kill him) And hear how Kyrsten Sinema is going to be assassinated by the Democrats for clapping during the state of the union.


89 - Crawled Out Of A White Vagina feat. Amber

This week it's a very personal episode of MDC as a guest tells us about her mother coming to the defense of a colorblind white guy on Amber's facebook page, depositing such pearls of wisdom as "good thing I didn't abort you," and "more white men died abolishing slavery than black men" In the second half of the show, we discuss the incredibly measured right wing response to New York's new abortion law, as facebook commenters worry that Andrew Cuomo is going to abort grandma.


Why So Saarious? (Unlocked)

I'm still settling into my new place/state, so here's a bizarre Patreon-only episode from last year. This week the Cult takes on two candidates for office openly advocating for pedophilia, one of whom can't stop posting on Facebook, and the other of whom created entire forums dedicated to the cause. The Washington Post somehow makes this the fault of a Democratic governor. Also: Bernie Sanders advocates for Disneyland workers, and that injustice will not stand


Unlocked: Starbucks Sensitivity Training w/ Starbucks Barista Patrick Boswell

Flashback to last year when the cult did its own sensitivity training to address problematic behavior and were joined by Patrick Boswell, a Starbucks barista who actually attended the company's racial sensitivity training session. Filled with such woke-isms as "Be Color Brave," and "Look POC in the eyes," Patrick shares some of the training materials with us, as well as his experience in the program. Also: Roseanne gets fires for continuing to be super racist, and the internet does not...


Taco Bell People's Army feat. Brett Payne & Bryan Quinby

This week Minion Death Cult gets a visit from the Street Fight boys to talk Traditional Masculinity and Taco Bell's extreme hatred of senior citizen veterans. "Why doesn't anyone criticize traditional women's roles?" "Why shouldn't I teach my 5 year-old son to go beast on his classmates?" "I pray that God will give this 70 year-old veteran a job at Taco Bell" "Millennials gave me diarrhea" Listen to Street Fight Radio at or wherever you get podcasts


87 - Dancing Queen

This week the right wing is frothing over two incredibly disrespectful congresswomen: Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez The first, guilty of calling Trump a motherf*cker as well as calling for his impeachment, is sentence to be eaten alive by pigs (we think this is a muslim reference? Everything else in the comments is) Second, guilt of the heinous crime of earnestly reenacting a dance number from Breakfast Club. There are three types of response to this video, and we bet you can...


86 - "I know my gender, I am Santa claus"

Baby Jesus in a cage, North Carolina Sheriffs refusing to cooperate with ICE, genderqueer Santa Clauses. It's a rough time for conservatives this year.


85 - Baby, It's Cold Inside

This week we address the plethora of bad takes surrounding holiday media, including A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Baby, It's Cold Outside. Also: Wall Street Bros are threatening to withhold their charms from female colleagues if this whole "#metoo" thing continues.


84 - I Post Alone

This week we take a look at the way the right wing feels about gassing refugees: pretty good! Either the crisis is real and good, or fake and bad (because it's fake.) Also, Ammon Bundy comes out in favor of refugees and migrant workers, probably not for any ulterior motives, and his "anti-government" fanbase immediately turns on him. Finally, Marc Lamont Hill speaks out in support of Palestinians at the UN, and is fired by CNN, thanks to right wing internet chuds. Orange County DSA is...


83 - The White Obama

This week we talk about the humanitarian refugee crisis at the southern border of the United States, and Hillary Clinton's plan to combat the racist right wing by enacting their agenda. Also, we address the "excitement" around Beto O'Rourke, and its roots in optics, armchair political strategy, and the donor class. Support immigrants and refugees at Support Minion Death Cult at


82 - Here's To The Black & The Blue

Jemel Robinson is killed by a trigger-happy police officer after subduing a shooting suspect at his bar. Facebook and Fox News are horrified that his race was reported. Kanye West donates $150k to Jemel's family, but gives no money to the victims of white genocide. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can't afford an apartment in Washington DC and this is somehow a critique of socialism. Support the show at Watch the video feed at