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75 - Close-Range American Sniper

This week we're still covering the story of Botham Jean's murder at the hands of a Dallas Police Officer, including the "breaking" "news" that they found marijuana in his apartment. We address this horrid smear tactic, Fox 4 News' complicity in broadcasting this information, and, after social media outrage, their subsequent backpedaling and a complete overhaul of the initial report. Also, of course, the worst responses social media has to offer. Plus: A heroic reporter on the scenes of...


74 - Official 9/11 Episode (Preview)

We celebrate 9/11 by reading a bunch of dumb, racist comments that remind us of what it was like directly after 9/11. Joe Scarborough thinks Trump making America look bad is literally worse than 9/11, trump fans literally want him executed on the White House lawn. Also: Orange County high schoolers are racist, and patriotism is weird. Listen to the full episode at


73 - Joe Brogan Weedsperience #42069 - Elon Musk (Cali Edition)

This week: Just when you thought Elon Musk couldn't get any weirder, or more eccentric, dude goes on Joe Rogan and RIPS A FAT BLUNT. Of course, the nerds on Wall Street got triggered about it and sent Tesla stocks plummeting, but you know, it just made me like that sick bastard even more. Oh, and a cop shot a man in his own apartment because she thought she was the one who lived there. Think that's bizarre? You should hear the takes from Fox News. Watch and Subscribe on YouTube Support...


Sketchers Hires A Conservative Ad Consultant

What would it be like if corporations consulted REAL Americans before producing ads? I think it would go a little something like the intro to this week's bonus episode. Plus: An Anon Op Ed saves the day by proclaiming that the author is good. Alex Jones picks on Marco Rubio in a bizarre fashion and a man electrocutes children to keep them off his lawn. Subscribe at


71 - Just Do It To 'Em

In honor of Labor Day, we're talking workers' rights, the unfortunate strength of police unions, and a potential new holiday: Capital Day Also: Nike debuts a new ad featuring Colin Kapernick, and wouldn't you know it? White people are freakin' pissed! MY DAD DESERVES TO BE IN THAT AD, YOU PIECE OF SH*T. Watch and subscribe on Youtube: Support on patreon and get a bonus episode every week:


70 - Wot In Tarnationalism

Get a bonus episode every week at Subscribe to the youtube page at Preorder the t-shirt at This week, last week, and every week for the rest of our lives, the right wing will be exploiting the murder of Mollie Tibbetts to further their nationalist agenda. Milo Yiannopoulos has a particularly deranged take, and his facebook follows are worried about him! We're documenting it.


69 - Nazi, Deported

Listen to the full episode at UNC students just dont care about history and tear down another confederate statue. The US just doesn't care about old age and deports a 95 year-old Nazi. Millennials just dont care about boobs, and another Hooters closes. We're documenting it.


68 - Satantifa

The world is ending. The Antichrist and The Antifa are responsible, we're documenting it. Thanks to mean ol' Antifa, the Unite The Right Rally 2 was a huge bust. Hope you're happy. It's lock and load time. Also: Satanist unveiled their monument on at the Little Rock capital building! Probably permanently! I'm damn pissed as hell! It's lock and load time. Watch on Youtube:


67 Preview - Y'all Need To Go Bed (feat. Terrence K Williams)

Support the show and listen to the full episode at The world is ending. Being racist against people being racist against reverse racism is responsible. We're documenting it. Fox News brought on Terrence K Williams as part of their effort to be outraged against a New York Times reporter's supposed anti-white racism, and he ended up making fortune cookie and panda jokes about her. Several times over. Literally the same jokes about 3 times each. Oops! We go...


66 - "Criminals Burn As Readily As Anyone Else"

Our world is on fire. We're documenting it. Paying inmates for life-threatening work: is it wrong to? We're covering the inmate firefighters in California, the atrocious pay and even worse treatment the receive once they're out. Watch and subscribe on Youtube!:


64 - Internet Age

The world is ending. Catching feelings instead of pop flies is responsible. We're documenting it. A guest joins us to talk about how yahoo tries to make its readers gay by subjecting them to video baseball players comforting each other in the dugout. Also, an entire police department quits, and we all agree to hunger strike until their demands are met. Youtube:


63 - Yacht To Trot (Preview)

Listen to every episode of Minion Death Cult for $3.11/mo at The world is ending. Yacht untiers and thot deniers are responsible. We're documenting it. This week we have two stories, each with only one good take possible. We discuss the others 1. A story of female-on-male sexual harassment goes viral, leading some to say "it's good that this is getting some recognition in media" and leading others to say "that guy is gay." 2. Betsy DeVos has her Yacht...


62 - Prayer's in the House!!!

The world is ending. Facebook is cops. We're documenting it. A woman has her praying hand pried apart by police in her own home; who does facebook side with?? Alex Jones gets temporarily banned from facebook. Who does Ted Cruz side with?? Watch our first full video episode on Youtube and subscribe to help us get our custom url!


61 - Minion's Law (Preview)

Subscribe at for every episode of Minion Death Cult. The world is ending. Sidewalk-Slammin' Socialists are responsible. We're documenting it. In one of the wildest, most MDC episodes ever, the Daily Caller has a story about a harrowing DSA rally, wherein the author nearly found her humanity. The comments section reacts to this news with nazi comparisons, ACDC references, and the threat of shooting civilians. Plus, Donald Trump gets his Hollywood star...


60 - Billy Club Joel

The world is ending. Opinionated, political piano men are responsible. We're documenting it. Billy Joel wants to crack Nazi skulls. People who totally aren't nazis don't like that. We get one of our most repulsive comment sections from Mediaite. "Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos": the meme that launched 50k laugh reacts. If God wanted you to have that many holes, he would've given them to you at birth, etc. Subscribe to for a bonus episode every...


58 - Pod Save the Queen

The world is ending. PC Pizza Traitors and Un-decorous anti-monarchists are responsible. We're documenting it. Papa John goes to racial sensitivity training and promptly says the N word. Trump goes to England and befouls the queen with his impertinent walking style. Libs are furious.


57 - The Unsilent Minority (Preview)

This week we do a deep-dive on the closed feedback loop of the #walkaway campaign, a "movement" that purports to represent liberals walking away from the Democratic Party by the thousands. Join our own movement at to hear this episode


56 - Burger King Cop

Support the show and get a bonus episode every week at This week we have a cult leader shake-up, and Leigh joins us to talk about a couple very serious issues: How the emasculation of modern dogs is making them afraid of fireworks and a Police Officer posts a call-to-action on his facebook page about the dirty burger he was served at Burger King


55 - Socialism Sukcs :)

This week we cover the Supreme Court's Janus ruling and Anthony Kennedy's subsequent retirement. [Anime Butterfly Meme] The butterfly is labeled "the destruction of public sector unions." Anime boy labeled "Fox News": "Is this a win for government workers?" We also cover Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's DSA victory in New York, and how for some reason the coporate media isn't cool with that. Subscribe at for a bonus episode every week.


54 - MABA

Subscribe at to hear every episode This week, Liberals and Liberal publications like USA Today and The Washington Post clutch their pearls at leftist activism while the president of the United States repeatedly calls a sitting congresswoman a stupid man. A conservative facebook page argues that if conservatives want to win this civil war, they must be willing to do the unthinkable--protest outside of Maxine Waters' house. Finally, the libs celebrate victory as...