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Good Person Syndrome w/ Guest Jonathan Mason

In this episode we're talking about masculinity myths we're growing out of... Why good people have a sense of entitelement they dont know about and how it's causing them to lose in life. We also take a look at why masculinity & femininity are starting to feel the same and why accepting the fact that you're a hater can help you be a better person. Enjoy the episode and follow us on social media @OneCouldArgue


Internet Ecology: Metrics That Don't Measure Up w/ Alex Wolf

Relax and take notes. I have Brooklyn-native, author and artist Alex Wolf (Forbes, Fast Company) discussing social media and why the metrics we're really looking for are the ones we can't see when it comes to truly building a brand. We talk about life, communication, new cars and grandpas, lol. It all ties together in the most enlightening of ways. Enjoy the episode and go get a copy of her new book "Resonate: For Anyone Who Wants to Build an Audience" available on Amazon Prime.


Mindful Monday: Be Impressed... It's Ok

Life is full of moments that can bring us excitement, whether you decide to acknowldge them or not is another thing.


Mindful Monday: Stop Giving God All Your Credit

Contrary to popular belief, a big part of doing everything you do... is YOU. (Hear me out on this one... you'll be better for it.)


Stranger Danger: The Guise of Fake Support

"It's crazy how people you just met support you more than the ones you've known your whole life." Oh, Really?...


Passion is pain... Literally

Passion isn't all its cracked up to be... and maybe that's our fault. In this episode, we talk about what passion means (literally and figuratively), how it relates to hard work and why at the end of the day, we should try to find something else.


Big Mad Wednesdays: Who is "Everyone" again?

In this episode, we discuss what the situation at Starbucks really means and why boycotting the company at this point is absolutely necessary. If you actually care about seeing a change in the world in regards to race-related issues, you can't let this one slide.


Know Your Wrongs: The Dangers of an "Unapologetically Me" mindset

This week we're talking about a child's place in protests, why this "unapologetically me" movement seems to be a two-edged sword and the twitter argument that still has me upset, lol. We also have my buddy Ramelro, the "Well, actually" community chairman on this episode as we discuss the art of communication... because who can afford to not get better at that?


Process & Perspective: Derailing Myths of Gun Ownership w/ Sam Hayes

On this Episode of One Could Argue we’re discussing Gun Control with Premiere Firearms and Security Trainer Sam Hayes (CNN, FOX, NYT, USA TODAY) of Caliber Training Group. We talk about common misconceptions about gun ownership, mass shootings, the NRA, Women Who Carry and more. Through his 20+ years of experience, we highlight and examine tangible solutions that can start today vs taking years or even worse... never happening at all.


Dont Weight Up: Evaluating Self Worth and Health in your late 20's

It's birthday week here at OCA! So we're discussing some mindsets that are changing as we approach 30. One being self-worth and how our opinions on what value is has changed. The other being health. Jonathan discusses his weight-loss journey of 150 lbs, finding confidence in the right places and the importance of knowing your REAL community (this doesn't include social media followers).


Parents: A Numbers Game Pt. 2 w/ Jonathan Mason

In part 2 of this conversation, we discuss the side effects of a parents' love. Why you may need to step away from it and why accepting your parents is the only way to find a sense of peace and enjoyment from having them in your life. Regardless of how many you have.


Parents: A Numbers Game Pt. 1 w/ Jonathan Mason

Too often I've been told (and heard) that one should feel fortunate to have two parents as opposed to just one. Without having any idea of who the child's parents are as people or their living conditions, AT ALL! So today with my friend Rup we're discussing parents; the benefits of only having one, the downsides of having two and everything in between from finances to religion. Check it out!


Permission vs. Progress: The many faces of accountability w/ Hope Hyder

Permission is tricky. It can be hidden in words like "inclusion" or "acknowledgment" or "approval". I think the goal is to find the balance between "permission" and guidance. This week I have my friend Hope on the pod and we're discussing how waiting for permission could very well be the underlying issue keeping revolutions from being revolutionary, whether it's within a cultural, country or human being in general. Using the power we have and building a lasting sense of confidence whether...


Big Mad Wednesdays: Stop the Monkey Business

For the second episode of BMW, the obvious idiot of the week is H&M for their "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" hoodie ad photo that features an African American child. I have my good pal Rup on this episode as well so it's not just my voice! MILESTONES PEOPLE!!! lol... We're gonna talk about measuring progress when it comes to nostalgia vs. actuality and a few other things. Have a listen!


Big Mad Wednesdays: Keaton Jones... I'll buy your belts.

For this new segment called "Big Mad Wednesdays", we'll be discussing one-off events that really just get me tight or "BIG MAD", if you will. In this episode, we're discussing everything wrong with the Keaton Jones situation from his racist mama, to America's problem with trying to use money and celebrity as a solution for everything. Also, a message for Black people who are tired of sticking up for white people that don't stick up for them. Trust me... I know it's an uphill battle.


Bullying: Adjusting Perspectives on Deadly Misconceptions

Bullying is often limited to being one of the biggest causes of suicide and depression amongst school-aged youth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bullying affects people of ALL ages and walks of life. In this episode, we discuss this and other misconceptions about bullying: what it means, the role of vulnerability, setting proper expectations, self-defense, and a path forward for those looking to conquer the effects of bullying, not cope with them. Ending bullying is a false hope --...


Defining and Utilizing Leaders

Leaders change us and our world, for better and for worse. This week we discuss what a leader REALLY is. How being sensitive can keep you from having one and how to properly utilize the one(s) we do have. We also take a look at Mahatma Gandhi’s racist history. The side effects of dehumanizing parents and how to keep people that care about you jeopardizing your future. Kool-Aid Jim Jones vs. Hustlers P.O.M.E. Jim Jones and more… One Could Argue Episode one has arrived!


The Introductory Stream of Consciousness

One Could Argue is an open discussion about all things worth questioning. Coming soon!