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36 - Senator Cory Bernardi, Australian Conservatives

This was an interesting chat. The first part recorded on March 7 covers Senator Bernardi's recent journey and decision to start his own party - the Australian Conservatives - something we covered briefly in the second ever episode of Pollie Wanna Cracker. He talks in detail about what led to the decision while also discussing the political landscape as a whole, including whether corruption exists in Aussie politics. Twenty-four hours later, a Fairfax Media report was published alleging...


35 - Senator Janet Rice, Greens Australia

Greens Senator Janet Rice is an advocate for the LGBTIQ community and climate change in particular. A climate scientist, Janet was once stuck on a Russian ship when it became lodged in thick ice on an expedition to the Antarctic. In this show, Janet has plenty to say about climate change, the formation of the Greens Australia and same sex marriage. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @polliepodcast


34 - Senator Stirling Griff, Nick Xenophon Team

NXT Senator Stirling Griff has been by Senator Nick Xenophon's side almost the entire way. He helped piece the Nick Xenophon Team together and plays a large role as Nick's deputy. Here he talks at length about the make up of NXT, how decisions are made as an "independent" team and extends on colleague Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore's thoughts on the recent Murray Darling Basin and ABCC talks with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition Government. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on...


33 - Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore, Nick Xenophon Team

It was an interesting week in the lead up to this chat with Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore and the Nick Xenophon Team a playing a crucial role in the bills for the Murray Darling Basin and the ABCC. Skye opens up about those negotiations, talks about her time in parliament so far, discusses her campaigns for Carly's Law, problem gambling and more. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com


32 - Senator Sue Lines, Australian Labor Party

Western Australia Senator Sue Lines has some strong views on the Government, conservative politics and their most recent refugee policy. But Sue also talks about what the Australian Labor Party is doing to engage with young voters and gives an insight into how she thinks and what she is passionate about. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com


31 - Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Greens Australia

Senator Surfer, Peter Whish-Wilson has a background in mining and banking having spent time working on Wall Street and once upon a time studied at the Australian Defence Force Academy. It's not the archetypal resume for a Greens Senator but it has given Peter unique perspective that he applies to his political career. Peter discusses inequality, economics, environment, surfing and the celebrity culture invading Australian politics. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter,...


30 - Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens Australia

Greens Senator for Western Australia Rachel Siewert shares her concerns after a week of estimates in Canberra. Mental health, Newstart allowances and other benefits, indigenous affairs and the marriage equality plebiscite are all on the agenda. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @polliepodcast Email: polliepodcast@gmail.com www.radelaidemedia.com Thumbnail credit: The Australian


29 - MP Rebekha Sharkie, Nick Xenophon Team

NXT's Rebekha Sharkie upset the apple cart in South Australia winning a blue ribbon seat in the electorate of Mayo from Liberal MP Jamie Briggs. In doing so Rebekha became the first woman in 115 years to represent the area and the first non-Liberal member since the seat's creation. Rebekha opens up about the campaign, her first few months in Parliament and talks about what goes into hers and NXT's decision making. Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...


28 - Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Liberal Party Of Australia

Liberal Party Senator and Minister for International Development and the Pacific Concetta Fierravanti-Wells joins Pollie Wanna Cracker for a bite sized podcast to talk about the assistance to nations in the Asia-Pacific region and a portfolio that doesn't garner as much media attention as others. #auspol Follow Pollie Wanna Cracker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com Thumbnail image: ABC.net.au


27 - MP Tony Burke, Australian Labor Party

Labor Member for Watson, Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Australia, Shadow Minister for Environment and Water and Shadow Minister for The Arts; Tony Burke shares his views on Muslim immigration and the poll to stop Muslim migration into Australia. He also opens up about his passions which just happen to be the environment and The Arts, playing guitar, the make up of Parliament and politics and his recent appearance alongside Jimmy Barnes on ABC's Q&A. Follow Pollie Wanna...


26 - Senator Claire Moore, Australian Labor Party

This was a wide ranging chat about Senator Claire Moore's background, political ideals, her Catholic faith, Senator Pauline Hanson and THAT speech, womens issues and of course what has been going on recently in Parliament and Australian Politics. #auspol Please subscribe/follow and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com


25 - Michelle Rowland MP, Australian Labor Party

Recorded at the end of a week that saw Labor Senator Sam Dastyari resign from the front bench, Shadow Minister for Communications and Federal Labor Member for Greenway Michelle Rowland warns the Government to be careful what they wish for when it comes to political donations. The Minister also has some strong words regarding the NBN and the "outdated technology" implemented by the Coalition Government. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com


24 - Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Australian Labor Party

This episode was recorded before Mark held a press conference to comment about the AFP NBN raids on August 24, 2016. But he does have plenty to say about Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition Government, the Nauru files and section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com


23 - Senator Bob Day, Family First Party

Senator Bob Day studied science and owned a plumbing business before entering politics. That experience gives him a grounding in his approach to the issues and in his own words "we keep the Liberal Party honest." Bob opens up about Family First values, Greens Senator Robert Simms' Rob or Bob campaign, his rationale behind calls to close Federal Health and Education Departments, negative gearing and more. Search for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast www.radelaidemedia.com


22 - Senator Richard Di Natale, Greens Australia

The son of Italian migrants, Senator and Leader of the Greens Richard Di Natale grew up a Catholic boy. In his teenage years he began to move toward a different value set and has risen through the ranks to lead the Greens into the 2016 Election. Listen as he shares about his life, key policies in renewables and Australia becoming a renewable superpower, refugees, immigration and a lack of creativity and imagination in Australian politics. Search @polliepodcast on Facebook, Twitter and...


21 - Terence Crawford, The Arts Party

Terence Crawford is an actor, teacher and Senate candidate for The Arts Party in South Australia. The Party is about more than just the arts and in Terence' words it could have been called The Culture Party. Listen in as Terence explains what he and the Party are all about. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast and Facebook. www.radelaidemedia.com


20 - Joe Hill, Nick Xenophon Team Candidate For Adelaide

Support for the Nick Xenophon Team is on the rise particularly in key South Australian seats. While the Labor Party are seemingly more concerned with the Greens potentially stealing seats, could Joe Hill rise to steal the seat of Adelaide? Get to know Joe, what he is about and what NXT are standing for. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast and Facebook. www.radelaidemedia.com


19 - Senator Robert Simms, Greens Australia

Greens Senator Robert Simms returns to PWC to chat about his time in the Senate so far, what he thinks of Malcolm Turnbull as "the biggest flop since Gretel Killeen hosted the Logies", Family First Senator Bob Day, Roz Ward and Safe Schools plus the immigration debate. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast and Facebook www.radelaidemedia.com


18 - Senator Simon Birmingham, Liberal Party Of Australia

Liberal Senator and Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham is a hard man to pin down. As a result we go heavy on Education and the election campaign. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast and www.facebook.com/Pollie-Wanna-Cracker-1064437466920267/ www.radelaidemedia.com


17 - MP Amanda Rishworth, Australian Labor Party

Never intending to enter politics Labor MP for Kingston Amanda Rishworth was a student of psychology, working in the field, prior to her political career. Amanda leans on that experience in her approach, and perhaps sometimes in her parliamentary dealings. We also get an insight into who Amanda is plus hear her views on the AFP raids on Labor Senator Stephen Conroy, the NBN, education and more. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @polliepodcast and...