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Methods Devour Themselves: Science Fiction & Political Philosphy

Do you like political philosophy? Do you like science fiction and fantasy? Do you like breaking down the artificial cultural and intellectual barriers between the two? Then we have a treat for you! This episode is a totally novel collaboration between our show, PoliTreks (a podcast which combines Trekky Fandom with cultural and political analysis), Benjanun Sriduangkaew and J-Moufawad Paul (co-authors of Methods Devour Themselves). DESCRIPTION OF THE BOOK: "Methods Devour Themselves...


Historical Materialism: A Marxist Theory of History

This episode is a unique collaboration between Rev Left Radio and Proles of the Roundtable. Both of us are publishing this episode through our own separate hosting sites at the same time, so you can listen to the episode on either feed! Breht sits down at the Roundtable *in person* to discuss historical materialism, the Marxist theory of truth, science and the humanities, the concept of Nature, anthropology, dialectics, and much more! Check out and support Proles of the Roundtable...


Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club

Redneck Revolt was founded in 2016 as an anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense formation. Mathias and Pooja from Redneck Revolt / John Brown Gun Club join Breht and Dr. Bones (from The Conjure House, Gods and Radicals, and The Guillotine) to discuss counter-recruitment, leftist gun culture, building feminism into the fabric of an organization, arming and training marginalized people, and much more! Find, learn more about, and support Redneck Revolt here:...


Settler Colonialism and Decolonization: An Anarchist Perspective

Members of the Indigenous Anarchist Federation (Federación Anarquista Indígena) join Breht to discuss Settler Colonialism and Decolonization. Follow and support the IAF on twitter @IAF__FAI Music in the show, in order of appearance: La Migra by War of Icaza: Black Snakes by Prolific the Rapper: An Act of Liberation by Klee Benally: Punch a Nazi by War of Icaza:...


Settler Colonialism and Decolonization: A Communist Perspective

Andrea is Lakota, wíŋkte, a Marxist, and studies Hispanic Studies. Andrea joins Brett to discuss Settler Colonialism and Decolonization. Find Andrea on Twitter @Andrea_Lakota Find Andrea's writings here: Music for this episode, in order of appearance: R.E.D. by A Tribe Called Red Ft. Yasiin Bey and Black Bear: Warsongs by Savage FAMbam: Resilient by Moch Man:...


Post-Structuralism, Postmodernism, and... Metamodernism?

Austin Hayden Smidt (Political philosopher, filmmaker, actor, writer, podcast host, and all around wonderful guy) joins Breht to discuss the philosophy and political relevance of post-structuralism, postmodernism, and post-postmodernism aka "metamodernism". They explore the connections between these philosophies and Leftism, exploring both the contradictions between postmodernism and Marxism as well as the connection between postmodernism and post-left anarchism! Topics include: Liberation...


Battleground Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro, the Military Dictatorship, & Fascism

Diogo and Luiza, two professors from Brazil and members of “Professores Contra o Escola Sem Partido” (PCESP) join Breht to talk about the current state of Brazilian politics, the election of Bolsonaro, Fascism, Brazilian memory, the parallels between Brazil and the US, the importance of international solidarity, and what leftists abroad can do to assist our Brazilian comrades. It gets pretty emotional towards the end, but I hope you appreciate the love and value the discussion! Follow...


The Vietnam War

Historian David Parsons joins Breht to talk about the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh, American Imperial War Crimes, Historical Memory, and much more! David Parsons is an author, historian, and leftist podcast host of The Nostalgia Trap. Find The Nostalgia Trap here: Support The Nostalgia Trap here: Find his book, Dangerous Grounds: Antiwar Coffeehouses and Military Dissent in the Vietnam Era here:...

Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, & Existentialism (w/ Existential Comics)

Existential Comics (aka Corey Mohler) joins Brett to discuss the philosophy, politics, and historical context of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. Together they investigate the contradictions between Marxism and Existentialism and discuss the public dispute that ended Camus and Sartre's friendship. Find and Support Existential Comics here: Follow Existential Comics on Twitter @ExistentialComs here:...


Stalin: A Marxist-Leninist Perspective

Justin and Jeremy from Proles of the Round Table join Breht to elucidate the Marxist-Leninist perspective on Joseph Stalin. Listen to Proles of the Round Table here: Support Proles of the Round Table here: Sources for this episode include, but are not limited to, the following: "Another View of Stalin" by Ludo Martins "Fraud, Famine and Fascism" by Douglas Tottle "Khrushchev Lied" by Grover Furr "Class Struggles in...

State and Revolution: Marx, Lenin, & the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Alyson Escalante joins Breht to discuss Lenin's major work of political theory, State and Revolution. Here is a previous show we here at Rev Left did specifically on the Paris Commune entitled "The Paris Commune: A Brief Blossoming of Proletarian Power", for anyone interested in taking a deeper dive: Find, Follow, and Support Alyson here: Articles:...


The Film Vanguard: Easy Rider (1969)

The Film Vanguard comes together once again to discuss the 1969 film directed by Dennis Hopper "Easy Rider". Topics include: differing definitions of freedom, hippies, communes, reactionary violence, Boomers, why a death wish is required to ride motorcycles, and more. Get in on the ground floor of our brand new Film Vanguard spin off show, Hammer and Camera at Follow Hammer and Camera on twitter @hammercamera Intro music by Captain Planet. You can find and...


Socialist Rifle Association: Firearms Education, Mutual Aid, & Disaster Relief

Breht O'Shea and Dr. Bones (Breht's co-host on The Guillotine) interview Faye and Alex from the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA). Learn more about, support, *and JOIN*, the Socialist Rifle Association here: Learn about and support Mutual Aid Disaster Relief here: Intro Music by Captain Planet. Listen to, and support, his music here: Outro Music by Ramshackle Glory, find and support...


Big Announcement! - Plus: A Response to Joe Rogan Regarding Socialism

Support the show (at whatever tier you prefer) at: Make a one time donation to our PayPal at: -------- Follow and Support Black Banner Magic here: Contact Black Banner Magic at: Follow them on Twitter @BlackBannerPod -------- Follow and Support Hammer and Camera here: Email them at:...


The Marxist Center: Base-Building Toward Dual Power

Sophia Burns (from God’s and Radicals and Seattle Communists) and Tim Horras (from Philly Socialists) join Breht to discuss The Marxist Center Network, Base-Building, strategic unity over ideological unity, Party Building, the four tendencies on the left, and much more! Check out Philly Socialists here: Check out Sophia’s writings here: Outro Music: Prey'er (featuring Killer Mike) by Bambu, you can...


Polynesian Politics: Māori Indigenous History & Marxist Prison Abolition

Emmy Rakete, a Māori communist and organizer from New Zealand, joins Breht to discuss Māori indigenous history in Polynesia, Marxism-Leninism, Prison Abolition, Colonialism, Climate Change, culture, and much more! Learn about and support her prison abolitionist organization PAPA here: Read the free PDF version of the book "Abolitionist Demands" that she contributed to and recommended in the interview here:...


The History of Fascism (feat. Yale Historian Dr. John Merriman)

In this episode, esteemed Yale historian and scholar of European history, Dr. John Merriman, joins Brett to discuss the history of Fascism in the 20th century, and its insurgent RE-rise in the US and Europe today. If you want to hear Dr. Merriman's full history lecture on Fascism, you can find that here: You can find out more about John, including all of his books, here: Intro music by Captain...


Demand Utopia & PopMob: Art, Imagination, & Coalition Building on the Left Coast

In part one, Breht sits down with two organizers from Demand Utopia to talk about social ecology, imagination and creativity in organizing, the importance of Art, Rojava, Green Anarchism, and more. In part two, Effie from Popular Mobilization joins Breht to discuss Coalition Building, effective organizing, and the importance of mass movements and popular fronts. Find and Support Demand Utopia (@DemandUtopia) here: Find and Support Popular Mobilization here:...


Marxist Film Analysis: RoboCop (1987)

The Film Vanguard adds new member Abby to the squad and reunites to analyze the 1987 Sci-Fi film, RoboCop Please Rate and Review our show on iTunes or whatever podcast app you use. This dramatically helps increase our reach. Support the Show and get access to bonus content on Patreon here: Follow us on Twitter @RevLeftRadio This podcast is officially affiliated with The Nebraska Left Coalition, the Nebraska IWW, the Omaha GDC, and the Marxist...


Disability Justice and Liberation w/ Lateef McLeod

Lateef McLeod is building his career as a scholar and an author. He has earned a BA in English from UC Berkeley and a MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College. He is now a student in the Anthropology and Social Change Doctoral program at California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. He published his first poetry book entitled A Declaration Of A Body Of Love in 2010 chronicling his life as a black man with a disability and tackling various topics on family, dating, religion,...