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Talking Politics is a weekly program on local politics, hosted by Scott Kanowsky.

Talking Politics is a weekly program on local politics, hosted by Scott Kanowsky.
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Columbia, MO


Talking Politics is a weekly program on local politics, hosted by Scott Kanowsky.






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Talking Politics: End of Spring Legislative Session

Missouri lawmakers are scrambling this week to finalize and pass legislation before the end of the legislative session on Friday, May 16. As Missouri...


Talking Politics: Petition initiatives and sunshine laws

Initiative petitions touching on 19 different issues are circulating right now to get on the ballot in November. They range from allowing early voting...


Talking Politics: Voters head to the polls for municipal elections

Mid-Missourians headed out to the polls today to cast their votes on school board, city council, and mayoral candidates and a range of issues on ballots...


Talking Politics: Right to Work and Missouri blue laws

Since the early 1800s in Missouri, there have been laws against selling certain items on Sundays. These laws are called Blue Laws, and they were...


Talking Politics: Missouri mulls LGBT changes

Last week, it was hard to miss the huge news coming out of Columbia. Former University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam came out to ESPN last...


Pre-filed legislation would restore cap on damages in medical malpractice l

Republican legislators in Missouri will try again next year to restore caps on damages awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits. In 2005 lawmakers passed...


Senator Blunt touts bill reducing 'Starbucks of the petroleum business,' or

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt was in Missouri on Thursday to promote legislation that would reduce the number of so-called "boutique" fuels.Under the Clean Air


Worried about concealed carry? Well, the government can share other stuff a

This week on the show: what information does the government have about you… and how is it using it? Plus, hundreds of MU faculty members finally get a

Columbia Mayoral candidates make their case

On this week’s Talking Politics, we hear from Columbia’s Mayoral candidates. We’re just two weeks away from the Municipal election on April 2nd.

What a 3/8 sales tax would do

This week: why Boone County leaders are asking for a 3/8 cent sales tax in April. Plus, economists and business owners in Mid-Missouri react to President

Governor Nixon continues to push business side of Medicaid expansion

This week on the show: the Medicaid expansion debate continues. Plus: what Mid-Missourians are concerned about as the President prepares for his State of


Talking Politics: State of the medicaid expansion debate

Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon delivered his state of the state speech Monday night; to a legislature that this year again has enough Republican

Commentary: What politicians can learn from Stan Musial

At the first major league baseball game I ever saw, as a Cub Scout in old Sportsmans Park in north St. Louis, Stan Musial got his 2500 th hit, a home run.

Talking Politics: Organic labels, right to work, and performance-based fund

This week on the show – New enforcement creates questions about whether organic certification is worth it for farmers. Plus, details about the likelihood of Missouri becoming a right to work state, and a report from Jefferson City about the possibility of Missouri switching to performance based funding for higher education.Since the U. S. Department of Agriculture launched its federal organic certification program in 2002, the number of organic farms in the country has more than doubled....

Jo Ann Emerson retires, the fiscal cliff and MU

This week on Talking Politics: the latest on Jo Ann Emerson’s retirement and the rush to find a replacement in the US House. Plus, the so-called fiscal cliff, and what it would mean for the University of Missouri system.On Monday, U-S House member Jo Ann Emerson announced she will be retiring from her post on February 8th. According to a release from her Washington office, she is leaving to become the president and CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.Emerson says she...


Montee: A Democrat, but "Conservative in a fiscal way"

This week on Talking Politics, Columbia College political scientist Terry Smith makes his predictions for November 6th. Plus, our “candidate conversation,” Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Susan Montee.We hear again from Columbia College political scientist Terry Smith, who is a regular contributor to the show. In this commentary, he has his predictions for November 6th.Here at KBIA, we’ve contacted the candidates in all of those state and local races Terry mentioned; to book them for in...

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MU Presidential debate expert says Wednesday's showdown could have impact

This week on the show: What to expect during Wednesday’s Presidential debate. Plus, we talk with Republican women in Boone County.According to a Rutgers University study, during every Presidential election since 1964, more women have turned out to vote than men. That proportion has been increasing significantly in the last few elections, in 2008, almost 10 million more women voted than men, out of about 130 million votes cast. And, again, according to Rutgers, ever since the 1980’s more...

Talking Politics: Akin in Senate race for good, more from Senate and Govern

All eyes were on Columbia as the candidates for Governor and the US Senate squared off in the first debate of this election cycle on Friday. This week on the show we have more in-depth reporting on what happened at the debates.There is no doubt now – Todd Akin is the race to stay. The final deadline just passed at 5:00pm Tuesday and Representative Akin can’t get his name off the ballot now. KBIA’s Jessica Reese will tell us a bit later about what that means for the Republican party.Follow...

Who would be a better President for farmers?

This week, Harvest Public Media has a report from a surrogate debate, where each side tried to prove their candidate is best for agriculture. Plus, commentator Terry Smith talks about two political-types, one from each party, that could both have a major impact on the presidential race this year.Last week in Des Moines, Iowa, ag leaders from across the country came together for a “Presidential Forum on Agriculture - which featured Midwestern leaders standing in for presidential candidates...