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Steve Koczela of The MassINC Polling Group and Lauren Dezenski of Politico Massachusetts deliver weekly updates on every twist, turn, poll, and scoop you need to know on the Massachusetts mayoral, congressional, and statewide races worth watching. THE HORSE RACE: Steve Koczela, host; Lauren Dezenski, host; Hannah Chanatry, producer; Maureen McInerney, graphic designer.

Steve Koczela of The MassINC Polling Group and Lauren Dezenski of Politico Massachusetts deliver weekly updates on every twist, turn, poll, and scoop you need to know on the Massachusetts mayoral, congressional, and statewide races worth watching. THE HORSE RACE: Steve Koczela, host; Lauren Dezenski, host; Hannah Chanatry, producer; Maureen McInerney, graphic designer.
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Steve Koczela of The MassINC Polling Group and Lauren Dezenski of Politico Massachusetts deliver weekly updates on every twist, turn, poll, and scoop you need to know on the Massachusetts mayoral, congressional, and statewide races worth watching. THE HORSE RACE: Steve Koczela, host; Lauren Dezenski, host; Hannah Chanatry, producer; Maureen McInerney, graphic designer.




Episode 78: How Wasted Are We?

4/17/2019-- Listeners, it's happening. The Horse Race is, in fact, going to the races. Mark your calendars for June 9 and join us for a live recording of The Horse Race at Suffolk Downs. Come eat, drink, gamble, watch some races and listen to some political conversation. Really, what more could you possibly want? Keep your eyes and ears open for details to come. Meanwhile in the bunker, Steve and Jenn have much to discuss. About one week into the Stop & Shop strike that's been visited by...


Episode 77: Fevered Pitches

4/10/2019--Movie madness abounds this week on The Horse Race as Steve and Jenn collect responses from their Twitter question: "What's one essential Massachusetts movie?" This naturally spurred (pun intended) a conversation about the infamous 2004 romantic comedy Fever Pitch starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Sides were taken. Impassioned arguments were put forth. Eye rolls and groans were emitted (mainly by Steve). MassINC Polling Group Research Director (and...


Episode 76: The Family Juuls

4/3/2019--This week on the racetrack, Steve and Jenn begin with a familiar topic: the electoral college. Should it stay or should it go? The hosts review results of polling that asked the public this very question. Later, they're joined by Allyson Perron of the American Heart Association to discuss recently proposed legislation that would impose an excise tax on sugary drinks. And, of course, they get her feedback on the announcement that former state Attorney General Martha Coakley will be...


Episode 75: #PollMAPoli

3/27/2019--If you're at all interested in Massachusetts politics, chances are you've seen the hashtag 'mapoli' crop up on Twitter once or twice. Jenn and Steve are back in the bunker to answer the important questions, and top of their minds is this: How do you *pronounce* that hashtag that you see all the time but never say aloud (unless you're Jenn and Steve)? After a pronunciation is agreed upon, they welcome Rep. Lori Ehrlich. She's introduced legislation that would form a commission to...


Episode 74: On Your Markey

3/20/2019--With polls to discuss, candidates to watch, and bills to break down, Steve and Jenn are joined on this episode by research director at The MassINC Polling Group (and, more importantly, vice president of the political sports polling analysis department at Horse Race Global Media Headquarters) Maeve Duggan. She analyzes results of polling that asked people whether they felt Patriots players should attend the White House after their Super Bowl victory. Next, Boston Globe reporter...


Episode 73: The Young and the Vote-less

3/13/2019-- Steve and Jenn are back on the racetrack. Right out of the gate, they're talking Fall River's shocking election, during which a majority of voters chose to recall Mayor Jasiel Correia. However, because Correia placed first among five contenders for office, he resumed his role as Mayor. As debate swirls on the national stage about what's an appropriate age to vote, moves are being made on the state level. State Rep. Andy Vargas filed legislation alongside Sen. Harriette Chandler...


Episode 72: Crossing The Atlantic

3/6/2019-- Steve and Jenn are back in the saddle and boy, do they have a lot to discuss. First, who was that guy with local ties who mentioned running against Trump as a Republican? Oh, yeah. Bill Weld, who has not made a peep in recent weeks. Next up, the hosts have a bone to pick with a certain Atlantic article that's been circulating, which maps levels of political intolerance throughout the country. They argue that while Suffolk County may in fact be extremely politically intolerant,...


Episode 71: Poll Position

2/27/2019--Jenn and Steve are back in the bunker, and one of them has a spooky secret to share. Plus, they're eager to tear open their first-ever mailbag and read your #mapoli comments, questions and concerns in a segment they've dubbed--what else?--The Pony Express. But first, it's time to talk polls. Steve and Jenn chat through the recent round of national and New Hampshire polls centered on the announced 2020 presidential candidates. They're joined next by someone who supersedes the...


Episode 70: Census & Sensibility

2/20/2019-- Steve and Jenn are in the bunker, together again, and back with a special announcement: they want to hear from you, dear listeners. So send in your #mapoli questions to us via the Pony Express, a.k.a. The Horse Race's version of a mailbag. Hit us up on Twitter @The_HorseRace, or email us at In other news, Jenn and Steve sit down with Luc Schuster of the Boston Foundation to discuss the current state of the 2020 Census, how it works, and what's at...


Episode 69: An Inconvenient Mapoli

2/13/2019-- As Steve continues sailing the seven seas, Jenn is joined by State House News Service reporter and opposing podcast host Katie Lannan. Jenn and Katie put their bitter rivalry aside to discuss the global issue of climate change and what state and local leaders and lawmakers are doing to address it. First, Lou Antonellis of IBEW Local 103 joins the show. He explains why the labor union showed support for Ed Markey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal and what he hopes from...


Episode 68: We Have Issues

2/6/2019-- Jenn returns unhappily to Boston after having spent a blissful week in the Utah mountains basking in the sun and snow and artistic films. Steve and co. are here to bring her back to reality. Matt Murphy of the Statehouse News Service stops by to talk about Right to Repair, which determines who should be able to fix your car, and billionaire Tom Steyer's effort to impeach Trump as well as his recruitment of Rep. Richie Neal. Jenn and Steve ask CommonWealth Magazine reporter Andy...


Episode 67: Hammar Nails It

1/30/2019-- With Jenn living it up at Sundance, Steve is joined by guest host, friend of the pod and #mapoli enthusiast Sam Hammar. The two sit down to talk about the future of Massachusetts politics, and who better to offer their thoughts and predictions than a trio of thinkers and insiders from across the political spectrum? Ed Lyons, Massachusetts GOP insider, is hopeful but unconvinced that the GOP will see much success in 2020, especially given the election of ultra-conservative Jim...


Episode 66: Bet the House

1/23/2019-- As the government shutdown rages on, Steve and Jenn lament the issues it's inflicting upon local employees of the federal government. With hope for a speedy resolution, they look ahead to bills coming up before the Massachusetts legislature. One such bill has to do with sports betting. State Sen. Brendan Crighton drops by The Horse Race to discuss his proposed bill that would allow for Massachusetts casinos and online platforms to apply for licenses to operate sports books. But...


Episode 65: Churchill "Shut" Downs

1/16/2019 -- Amidst the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, Steve Koczela and Jennifer Smith chat with Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts' 5th congressional district, who is co-sponsoring a bill aimed at protecting federal workers from such hardships as eviction, foreclosure and loan default. Politico reporter Stephanie Murray joins to discuss Elizabeth Warren's recent trip to New Hampshire and chats through how she stacks up against other recently announced candidates...


Episode 64: The Horse Race Live - Starting Gate

January 9, 2019: We're LIVE from WeWork at 1 Beacon! While Massachusetts is sending two new members to the US Congress where Democrats control the House, the State Legislature will be gaveling in a new session after a tumultuous year, and Charlie Baker will be starting his second lap around the gubernatorial track. Oh, and the first group of presidential candidates are out of the gate and charging down the backstretch. Steve Koczela, President of The MassINC Polling Group and Jennifer Smith,...


Episode 63: 'Tis the Trahan

12/26/2018 -- Happiest of Holidays from The Horse Race! Joining Steve Koczela and Jennifer Smith on this special holiday edition is Congresswoman-elect, Lori Trahan, of Massachusetts' 3rd congressional district. She takes us back through the highly contested race for the House and looks ahead at what we can expect from the new cohort of members. We'll take a short break and see you all in the new year at our live recording of "The Starting Gate" from 6-8pm at WeWork One Beacon. Spots are...


Episode 62: The House Rules

On this special episode of The Horse Race, Steve Koczela and Jennifer Smith continue their quest to speak with every MA member of the House of Representatives. Joining us this week is Congressman Jim McGovern from the state’s 2nd congressional district who is also the incoming chair for the House Rules Committee. With a new incoming class, whispers of presidential impeachment, and another election on the horizon, Congressman McGovern gives us an inside look at what we can expect from of D.C....


Episode 61: That's Amore!

December 12, 2018: Just one more week until our 2018 #mapoli horse racing season comes to a close! Jennifer Smith and Steve Koczela take a look at what work is already being done by new members of Congress, namely, the plan for Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" and which MA legislators are supporting it. Then, we check in with Katie Lannan of the State House News Service for a look ahead at potential MA elections. And finally we welcome Anthony Amore who challenged the now-reelected Bill...


Episode 60: Red Island in a Blue Wave

December 5, 2018: Just as one election ends, another one begins! On this episode of the podcast, we discuss the art of political moderation in Massachusetts campaigns with Will Keyser and Eileen O’Connor of Keyser Public Strategies who have helped advise Governor Baker's campaign and newly elected Congresswoman Lori Trahan's campaign respectively. Then, we look to Elizabeth Warren and the 2020 Presidential murmurings with supreme Horse Race alumna, Lauren Dezenski, all the way from her post...


Episode 59: Moulton Fire of the Vanities

With just a couple of episodes left for the 2018 season, Steve Koczela and Jennifer Smith break down the post-election roll out both locally and nationally. With the vote for Speaker of the House today, Anthony Brooks, political reporter for WBUR, walks us through Congressman Seth Moulton's opposition to Nancy Pelosi and how this reflects on other MA legislators. Then, State Representative from Cambridge, Mike Connolly joins us to discuss a bill he has proposed to bring rank choice voting to...