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Entertaining Daily Politics, Award Winning Long-Form Interviews and Irreverent, Independent Analysis. For more info see Majority.FM

Entertaining Daily Politics, Award Winning Long-Form Interviews and Irreverent, Independent Analysis. For more info see Majority.FM


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Entertaining Daily Politics, Award Winning Long-Form Interviews and Irreverent, Independent Analysis. For more info see Majority.FM








2572 - How Nationalist Vaccine IP-Hoarding Will Prolong the Pandemic w/ Ann Neumann

Sam and Emma host journalist and author Ann Neumann to discuss her new piece in the Baffler – “Who Owns Vaccines?" – on the barriers of IP patents and how US vaccine hoarding risks needless COVID deaths abroad. They touch on Bill Gates and the exploitative nature of capitalist philanthropy, how the West has socialized the costs while privatizing the profits of vaccines, and what the Biden Administration would need to do to help. Next, Sam and Emma cover the raging COVID situation in India,...


2571 - How Wall Street and Commercial Real Estate Could Lead to Another Financial Collapse w/ Ryan Grim

Sam and Emma host Ryan Grim, DC Bureau Chief at The Intercept, to discuss his new bombshell report "The Bigger Short" on how the Wall St housing crisis of 2008 could happen again, this time in commercial real estate. Grim shares foreboding research that shows up to a third of all commercial real estate loans might be fraudulent in their valuation. Ryan details how the Fed might address this potential fraud and what the ripple effects are in the market. And in the Fun Half: Sam unveils the...


2570 - Drug Use for Grown-Ups w/ Dr. Carl Hart

Sam and Emma host Dr. Carl Hart, professor of psychology at Columbia University, to discuss his new book Drug Use for Grown-Ups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear on the culture of drug use and why we should reframe drug use in a more empathetic light. And in the Fun Half: how to enforce meaningful drug reform policies, the Obama era GOP leadership is trying to retcon the GOP before Trump, the insanity of the Florida anti-protest bill, Trump sits down with Hannity, FTV is a patented left...


2569 - How Domestic Slave Traders Shaped America w/ Joshua D. Rothman

Sam and Emma host Joshua D. Rothman, University of Alabama professor of history, to discuss his new book, The Ledger and the Chain: How Domestic Slave Traders Shaped America, the myths around the slave trade industry, the deep ties between slavery and US imperialism, and Racial capitalism’s exploitative innovation. Prof. Rothman walks us through the financialization of the exploitation, and explores how our economy was built on money from the domestic slave trade. Next, Sam and Emma chat...


2568 - The Cycle of Police Violence & Assessing the Afghan Troop Withdrawal w/ Digby & David Feldman

Sam hosts Heather Parton, columnist at and proprietor of the überblog “Digby’s Hullabaloo,” and friend and known pacifist David Feldman. With the former, they chat about the U.S.’s relationship with both domestic and foreign violence, discussing the devastating tragedies of gun violence and police brutality that never seem to cease, and how to get police off the streets, before exploring Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan by the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, and the failure to...


2567 - The Bessemer Amazon Union Campaign Autopsy w/ Rich Yeselson

Sam and Emma host Richard Yeselson. strategic campaigner and editorial board member at Dissent Magazine, to discuss his recent essay in Jacobin "The Defeat at Amazon and the Union Fights to Come.” They contextualize what happened in Bessemer within broader Union history, explore how the Democrats’ failure to push for Union Card Check has led to a pressing need for the PRO Act, and chat what this means for the future of labor in the U.S. Additionally, Kristen Clarke’s evergreen satire turns...


2566 - How Athletes Are Changing the Way Owners Treat Political Issues w/ Dave Zirin

Sam and Emma host Dave Zirin, sports editor at The Nation, to discuss the politics in sports including the MLB pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta, NCAA athlete pay, and push back on Olympics real estate development in Los Angeles. And in the Fun Half: who will get the windfall of prescription drug savings CMS or ACA, Ted Cruz tries to talk about protests in Minnesota without reminding people of his role in Jan 6 riots, John Boehner sees Trump and the GOP as a force of nature he had no...


2565 - White Evangelical Racism & The Politics of Morality in America w/ Anthea Butler

Sam and Emma host Anthea Butler, religious studies professor at the University of Pennsylvania, to discuss her new book White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America and why the evangelical vote is still the strongest and most unified voting bloc in American politics. And in the Fun Half: thoughts on Biden's plans to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, Tucker Carlson sleight of hand on "replacement theory," Jesse Watters contributes to the American Conservative...


2564 - The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America w/ Gabriel Winant

Sam and Emma host Gabe Winant, professor of history at the University of Chicago, to discuss his new book, The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America. They explore how a healthcare complex was built up around the failing industrial sector, the destabilizing switch from retroactive to prospective billing, and the “trilemma” facing the U.S. government’s handling of a privatized healthcare industry. Next, Sam and Emma cover Rep. Pelosi’s...


2563 - The Manchinian Presidency & The Snyder Cut w/ David Sirota & Matthew Film Guy

Sam chats with the Daily Poster’s David Sirota about Joe Manchin’s filibuster turn around, the Democrats’ blame game with the Senate Parliamentarian, and progressive intra-party dealmaking troubles. Sam also touches on the progressive shift in New York State politics as Cuomo continues to be embroiled in scandal. Then, Casual Friday sees Matthew Film Guy return to talk about his new cut, the Snyder Cut, and his late-pandemic movie recs. And in the Fun Half: Tom calls in with a civil war...


2562 - What's Happening in Yemen & Biden's NatSec Consultant Problem w/ Dr. Annelle Sheline & Jonathan Guyer

Sam and Emma host Quincy Institute Middle East Research Fellow Dr. Annelle Sheline to discuss the Biden Administration’s Yemen policy and relationship with Saudi Arabia. Next, Jonathan Guyer, managing editor at the American Prospect, joins us to discuss the domestic incentives of Big Tech-consultants that drive our National Security State. And in the Fun Half: We talk Brandon’s ghosting, Joe Manchin’s filibuster obstinance, and the republicans’ grift against cancel culture. Then Eve from...


2561 - The 2022 Progressive Candidates You Should Know w/ Tom Nelson, Nina Turner, & Isiah James

Sam and Emma host three progressive candidates for the 2022 election cycle including Tom Nelson challenging Ron Johnson in the Wisconsin Senate, Nina Turner vying for Marcia Fudge's special election seat in Ohio's 11th, and Isiah James progressive primary challenge of Yvette Clark in New York's 9th district. And in the Fun Half: John from San Antonio shares his thoughts on lefty candidate chances in 2022, the role of Prop 22 on Biden's infrastructure plan, Tucker Carlson's trans panic, the...


2560 - How Domestic Policy Has Limited Immigrant Rights in Modern America w/ Sarah R. Coleman & Nabilah Islam

Sam and Emma host Texas State history professor Sarah R. Coleman to discuss her new book The Walls Within: The Politics of Immigration in Modern America on how immigration law has evolved in the last 50 years in America. And progressive activist Nabilah Islam joins us in the Fun Half to discuss what's happening in Georgia. And in the Fun Half: Nabilah Islam gives us an update of what's happening in Georgia, caller with concerns over immigration anxiety in Europe, the material degradation of...


2559 - Is Infrastructure Week Finally Here? And the GOP's Continued Political Wanderings w/ MR Crew

Sam is back this week and covering the stories leading the headlines including the voting rights and culture war clash in Georgia, the race against a fourth Covid wave, and the arrival of infrastructure week. Sam and Emma discuss the kabuki theater of infrastructure week, Sam remembers when MAGA was Pat Buchannan's conservative populism and the GOP's action memo for how they'll win the working class vote of the future. And in the Fun Half: Sam's last film role, gold-bugs are now...


2558 - Biden's Too Small Infrastructure Plan, Gaetz's Big Trouble & AOC on Border Culpability w/ Manny Fidel

Emma begins by discussing the relevant developments in the Derek Chauvin trail and the disintegration of the defenses’ case. Then, Manny Fidel, opinion writer for Business Insider, joins the podcast to talk about the biggest news stories of the week. Manny, Emma, and Matt begin by discussing the breaking news pertaining to the sex trafficing investigation of Matt Gaetz, which now involves him and Joel Greenberg breaking into a license facility to make fake IDs. Manny, then, discusses Biden’s...


2557 - Anti-Worker Amazon Exposed, Melting Down w/ Ken Klippenstein

Emma hosts Ken Klippenstein, reporter for The Intercept, to discuss his three recent articles on the horrible experiences of Amazon employees and their unionization efforts. First, Ken talks about his reporting on delivery associates who routinely have to urinate in bottles in order to meet daily quotas. Despite Amazon’s claims, Ken uncovered documents that show that management has not only been aware of this issue, but that they actively tell their employees to keep this practice a secret....


2556 - Learning to Fight in a World on Fire w/ Andreas Malm

Andreas Malm joins Sam to discuss his new book, “How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Leaning to Fight in a World on Fire.” Andreas begins by explaining that while the pandemic has temporarily tamped down the climate movement, it has simultaneously led to a 7% drop in world-wide emissions and demonstrated how government can effectively intervene in the private sector during a crisis. Then, Sam asks Andreas to explain the two strategies of the climate movement, one being putting pressure on the...


2555 - The Success of the Right Wing in Israel w/ Edo Konrad

Emma hosts Edo Konrad, Editor-in-Chief of +972 Magazine, to discuss the rise and success of the Irsraeli right and last week’s election results. Edo begins by explaining the political failure of centrist left candidate Benny Gantz and his decision to join Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right wing coalition in last year's election. Then, Edo dives into Palestinian politics in Israel, explaining the consolidation of the four Palestinian political parties, the disintegration of the Joint...


2554 - The War on Public Education w/ Jennifer Berkshire & Jack Schneider

Sam interviews Jennifer Berkshire & Jack Schneider of the Have You Heard podcast about their book, A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door: The Dismantling of Public Education and the Future of School.” Jack begins by giving a brief history on the origins of the anti-public education movement in Bary Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign, as a response, in part, to the civil rights movement. Jennifer explains how the right has already begun laying the groundwork for the total privatization of...


2553 - Georgia Suppresses Votes Again & Is Sam a Socialist? w/ Alex Pareene & Carl Beijer

Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, staff writer at The New Republic and co-host of “The Politics of Everything” podcast, to discuss the passage of voter suppression legislation in Georgia, Joe Manchin’s role in the filibuster negotiations, and Kyrsten Sinema’s political strategy in Arizona. Alex assesses the Biden presidency thus far and critiques Biden’s failure to play a leading role in spreading vaccines to the Global South and requiring vaccine companies to share their patents. Then,...