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Kavanaugh-Or-Nothing and Urban Meyer Redux

A accuser has stepped forward against Kavanaugh, hitting the pause button on his nomination. Urban Meyer needs to hush, a Russiagate update and more. Show Rundown: Big POS: Christine Blasey Ford has stepped forward with allegations of Kavanaugh holding her down and groping her in high school. The Senate is set to hear from them both, under oath. We discuss both of their credibility and what’s next. Hot Takes: Bama is ridiculous, and Ted Cruz is up to his old tricks. POS Nuggets: Urban Meyer...


Disaster Porn, Manafort Pleads, and Predictions

With Hurricane Florence bearing down, we discuss how the media covers disasters. Paul Manafort cops a plea. Plus, Botham Jean, Cynthia Nixon, and football talk. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Does the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Florence constitute “disaster porn?” When every storm is the storm of the century, does the media begin to sound like the boy who cried wolf? We weigh in, and discuss Trump’s boneheaded comments on Puerto Rico. Hot Takes - An off duty officer tragically...


Looking back at 9/11 and Some Lighter Stuff, Too

The guys look at the legacy of 9/11 and what it meant for our world and our politics. In sports, we break down the NFL Week 1 and the Serena Williams controversy. Show Rundown: The Big POS: 17 years after the 9/11 attacks, our world is a different place and our politics are more divided than ever before. We recall the 9/11 attacks, some of the mistakes we made afterward, and what it has meant for our politics and geopolitics as a whole. Hot Takes: Don’t listen to Joel’s football advice. JC...


Racing to Rock Bottom, and Who Wrote the Letter?

We break down the Kavanaugh hearing, the Woodward book, and an anonymous op-ed in the New York times. Plus, NFL and College football talk and predictions. Show Rundown: The Big POS - It’s been a wild week in Washington DC. The Kavanaugh hearings have been an absolute train wreck, save for Senator Ben Sasse making a whole lot of sense. Excerpts from Bob Woodward’s new Trump book are out, and it ain’t pretty. Plus, an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times has sparked a massive guessing game in...


College Football is In, Don McGahn is Out

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! College Football is finally here, and we preview the big games. In politics, we look at Don McGahn’s departure from the White House. Show Rundown: The Big POS - It’s the first weekend of college football, and some significant games are already on tap. We look at several big matchups, including Washington-Auburn, Miami-LSU, and Virginia Tech-Florida State. Hot Takes - Joel dispenses some free advice regarding proper context for the word monkey. JC...


Remembering McCain, Googling Yourself, and Hella Football

We reflect on the life and legacy of John McCain. In other news, the President Googles himself, ESPN stays woke, and football is almost here. Show Rundown: The Big POS - America lost a legitimate hero when John McCain passed. We reflect on his military service, his taking the road less traveled in politics, his mistakes, and the flap over President Trump not lowering the White House flag initially. Hot Takes - ESPN needs to stop politicizing everything, and Donald Trump needs to stop...


Interview with Rick Wilson, author of Everything Trump Touches Dies

We interview Rick Wilson, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book Everything Trump Touches Dies. In sports, Urban Meyer fallout. Show Rundown: Interview with Rick Wilson - Rick Wilson is a GOP ad maker and strategist, a leading “Never Trumper," and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” We talk with Rick about Trump’s terrible week, what’s next for the GOP, and what Republican has disappointed him the most. Hot Takes - JC and Joel are...


Let’s Make a Deal and the Top 25 Breakdown

Michael Cohen may be ready to make a deal, and Rudy gonna Rudy. In sports, the NCAAF AP Top 25 is out, plus more scandalous details from Ohio State. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Michael Cohen may be ready to cut a deal. Rudy Giuliani steps in it on the Sunday shows when he says, “Truth isn’t truth.” Trump’s lawyer spent 30-plus hours with Mueller. The Manafort jury is still deliberating. We break it all down. Hot Takes - We get it hate Trump. Plus, a gutless anonymous source....


The 1st Amendment, Trash Talking, and Wisdom from Jerry Maguire

Newspapers across the country editorialized against Trump’s attacks on the press, a cornerback talked some solid NFL smack, and a security clearance was revoked. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Newspapers across the country this week launched a coordinated counterstrike on Trump’s attacks on the press. But what kind of message does it really send? We break down bias in the press (real and perceived), opinion pages generally, and what Trump is actually doing. Hot Takes - Politics is checkers, not...


Omarosa, Manafort, Maryland Football, and the Media

Omarosa’s tapes are bolstering some of her claims about Trump. A coach is fired in the wake of tragedy at Maryland. Plus, Strzok-out at the FBI. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Omarosa Manigault is out with a tell-all about Trump with some explosive claims. She doesn’t have a ton of credibility after a history of falsehoods, but some of her claims are gaining traction as she drips out various tapes of interactions with Trump and others in his inner circle. Hot Takes - Manafort throws a Hail...


More Urban, More Kneeling, More Problems

Urban Meyer’s situation is looking murkier, which may be a good thing for him. Kneeling is back in the NFL. Plus, Devin Nunes and Kris Kobach in politics. Show Rundown: Big POS - With the self-imposed deadline for the Urban Meyer investigation rapidly approaching, more shoes are dropping every day. Both Zach Smith’s mom AND his former mother-in-law have weighed in on Smith’s side. But, it was revealed this week there were as many as either other police contacts between the couple and law...


Rick Rolls and The Fantasy Football Extravaganza

Former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager Rick Gates has given up, let down and deserted Paul Manafort, we give Fantasy Football advice, and more. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Rick Gates has officially rolled on former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, giving damning testimony in Federal Court on a litany of crimes. There’s a renewed interest in the infamous Trump Tower meeting after a tweet from Trump this weekend. Where will it all lead? Hot Takes - Alex Jones is banned from social media and...


Meyer-ed in Controversy, Twitter Mobs, and Feats of Strength

Urban Meyer is on administrative leave following revelations of alleged domestic abuse by former Assistant Coach Zach Smith. Plus, a White House rundown and the NCAAF Coaches' Top 25. Show rundown Big POS: We go in-depth on the Urban Meyer story, looking at the history of the allegations against Assistant Zach Smith, Urban Meyer’s story, and Ohio State’s response. Hot Takes: Sarah Huckabee Sanders loses more credibility every day, and the Twitter Mob is after Dak Prescott. POS Nuggets: The...


Interview with Bill Browder, the Man Putin Loves to Hate

Our guest today is the man living rent-free in Vladimir Putin’s head - human rights activist and driving force behind the Magnitsky Acts, Bill Browder. Show Rundown - Interview with Bill Browder: At one time the largest foreign investor in Russia, Bill Browder was banned from the country in 2005 for refusing to play ball with Russia’s corrupt oligarchy. Not long afterward, his friend and attorney Sergei Magnitsky was killed in a Russian prison after being arrested for continuing Browder’s...


Lordy: There Are Tapes, and it Sucks to Zuck

Michael Cohen was a-tapin’ and now he’s a-talkin’. But will it matter the court of law, or public opinion? Also, Jameis gonna’ Jameis, and Zuck’s very bad day. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Michael Cohen has formally turned on his former master, and it’s already getting ugly for the Donald. The real question is though...will it matter? Does Cohen have the goods, or will he just reveal a string of embarrassing news stories? Hot Takes - Digging through old tweets, and Jameis gonna Jameis. POS...


Warrants, Wiretaps, a Strip Tease, and Sandwich Eating

Is this week Trump’s worst week ever? The hits keep on coming. Plus, newspaper layoffs, a controversial strip tease at Clemson, and making the NBA Great Again. Show Rundown - The Big POS: President Trump is having a very bad past 10 days. After bombing at Helsinki, the warrant authorizing the surveillance of Carter Page was released, undercutting a lot of the GOP narrative. News broke that Michael Cohen taped conversations with Trump, and Paul Manafort’s trial begins. We break it all down....


Larry Fedora, Football Safety, and the Social Media Cesspool

UNC Football Coach Larry Fedora sparked an uproar with comments on head injuries and CTE. Social media is a terrible place, and the Browns suck. Show Rundown: The Big POS - UNC Football Coach Larry Fedora is being vilified for stating a fact: there is not yet scientific consensus on CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) from playing football. Part of the problem? CTE has become part of an anti-football narrative by Social Justice Warriors who want the game to go away. Hot Takes - The Browns...


Putin’ on a Brave Face

The reviews are in from Trump’s Helsinki appearance with Putin, and it ain’t good. In sports, a World Cup recap and franchise tag news for the NFL. Show Rundown: The Big POS: President Trump had an opportunity to hold Vladimir Putin accountable on a world stage and struck out. Meanwhile, a Russian national close to the NRA gets indicted and arrested in the United States for espionage. Hot Takes: The world is not ending because of Brett Kavanaugh, and Paul Finebaum is staying where he belongs...


The Future of Live Sports, Scott Pruitt, and Trade War

Conference realignments and streaming deals are changing the landscape of sports viewing. What does it mean for NCAA Football? Scott Pruitt resigns, and the Trade War begins in earnest. Hot takes on hot dogs and soccer. Plus, who gets the SCOTUS nod, and how good will the Lakers be next year? Show Rundown: The Big POS - College athletic conferences continue to realign and trade teams in ways that make no geographic sense, while the popularity of a la carte live sports programming is on the...


Interview with Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis

We interview a sports host, author, and someone never shy about political opinions - founder and Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis. We ask Clay about the intersection of politics and sports, LeBron to LA, the Tennessee Volunteers and SEC football. JC and Joel also dive into news about Michael Cohen, the Capital Gazette shooting, and have a unanimous vote on this week’s True Champion. Don’t miss it! Show Rundown: Interview with Clay Travis - Clay discusses the...