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Midterms: The Aftermath, and College Coaching Nuggets

JC and Joel explore the aftermath of the Midterms elections. Plus, Jim Acosta, Les Miles, Jeff Sessions, and Will Muschamp. Plus...predictions!


House Preview Extravaganza…and Go Vote!

JC and Joel break down the race for control of the US House, and give their official predictions and races to watch. In sports, Bama, the Gators, and the Saints.


The Senate Midterm Preview and Lots of Fail

State by state, race by race, we break down the Senate midterms and give our definitive predictions and analysis. Plus, plenty of fail to discuss, from the Raiders to Jacob Wohl. Show Rundown: - Senate Preview - The Raiders - A Patino comeback? - Jacob Wohl and the failed effort to smear Mueller - Sportscasting app wars - Predictions!


Playing the Blame Game, and a Bunch of Ohio

The one constant in our politics is the blame game. Hillary makes a racist joke. Sports and politics in the great state of Ohio.


On Mail Bombs and Metaphorical Bombs

We give you the latest on the mail bomb news and the unfortunate rhetoric surrounding it. Plus, LeBron, Bannon, Avenatti, CTE, and football picks.


That Time We Forgot Our Own Birthday

Happy Birthday to us, which we totally forgot about! To celebrate one year of POS, we’re giving YOU a jam-packed show with tons of politics and sports. Show Rundown: The Big POS - “It’s closing time…” for both political parties as they make their final case to voters. Trump is spending a lot of time talking about a migrant caravan, and Democrats are spending a lot of time talking about not being Donald Trump. Hot Takes - Did you know Lou Holtz and Mark May have a show on YouTube? Neither did...


American Moral Authority, Trump Rallies, and One & Done

The stakes are high on our response to the Khashoggi murder. MAGA rallies. The One-And-Done rule revisited. Plus...predictions! Show Rundown: The Big POS - What will America’s response to Khashoggi be? There are both charitable and uncharitable explanations for Trump declining to speak for forcefully thus far. And, he’s not helping when he praises the result of a reporter in Montana from a now-Congressman. Hot Takes - People are understandably reticent to testify before the House Oversight...


(Insert Clever Native American Pun Here)

Elizabeth Warren’s Native American debacle, and more Democratic blundering. Plus, the MLB playoffs and NBA tipoff. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Senator Elizabeth Warren made a boneheaded tactical decision in releasing DNA test results that don’t actually say what she wants them to say. She’s become the center of the conversation that Democrats don’t need three weeks out from the election. Hot Takes - Speaking of bungling...the Buccaneers had an interesting trick play go awry. Plus, kudos to...


Everything You Should Be Talking About but Probably Aren’t

There are more important things than Trump and Kanye but you’d hardly know it. In sports, plenty of NFL QB talk, plus predictions. Show Rundown: Big POS - This week’s biggest story has been Trump and Kanye. What the hell is wrong with us? We talk about all the things that should be in the news, namely the NYT Trump tax story, and the probable murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Hot Takes - Joel fixes illegal immigration. JC puts odds on a potential Avenatti - Trump Jr. MMA fight. POS...


JC and Joel Fix America, NCAA Idiocy, and Haley Resigns

We fix America in about 20 minutes, and Washington should take note. Also, T-Swift speaks, the NCAA is dumb, and Nikki Haley is out at the UN Show Rundown: Big POS - Since Kavanaugh’s confirmation, liberals have professed a dumbfounding level of misunderstanding about how America is supposed to work. Washington is definitely broken, though, so Joel and JC fixed it for you...assuming anyone listens. Hot Takes - Taylor Swift breaks her political silence. Networks preempt football for a dumb...


Behind the Trump Creation Myth, with the NYT’s Susanne Craig

Donald Trump is not self-made, and maybe not a billionaire. New York Times investigative reporter Susanne Craig joins us to recap their explosive investigation. Show Rundown: Interview with Susanne Craig - A year and a half in the making, the New York Times dug through Trump empire financial records from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and arrived at some incontrovertible truths: Donald Trump is not self made, and in fact received hundreds of millions worth of financial help from his father - some...


What we have here is…a Failure to Communicate

JC and Joel pound their two favorite whipping posts - DC Pols and the NCAA - for unforced errors and failures in public relations.


Everything is Awful. Except maybe the Rams.

Brett Kavanaugh is hurdling toward confirmation after a dramatic hearing that highlights everything terrible about our politics. But at least there’s football. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Thursday offered a compelling day of testimony from Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh that changed literally no one’s mind. We break down the dumbest takes, what should happen next, and what likely will happen next. Hot Takes - The Murphy Brown reboot with Hillary Clinton is pretty darn awful. The...


Breathless Reporting, As the Brett Turns, and Kentucky Props

Now more than ever, the media needs to pause and take a breath, particularly when it comes to the Mueller probe. Plus, Kavanaugh, Barstool Sports, and Kentucky Football. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Rod Rosenstein was out then he was in then he was out again in the span of a few minutes on social media Monday. We discuss the media’s breathless rush to be first and if it’s eroding their credibility. Plus, if Rosenstein does indeed go, who takes over? Hot Takes - Roughing the passer is out of...


The Confirmation Circus, International Relations, and the Browns Win!

The Kavanaugh confirmation is a full on circus. Iran sanctions may be working, but trouble with China is on the horizon. And the Browns won a game! Show Rundown - The Big POS: The Kavanaugh confirmation drags on, with demands and counter demands to and from accuser Christine Blasey Ford. All signs point to testimony next week, but when and how remain an open question. Hot Takes: Iran sanctions may be working, and even the New York Times says so. And the Browns won a game! POS Nuggets:...


Kavanaugh-Or-Nothing and Urban Meyer Redux

A accuser has stepped forward against Kavanaugh, hitting the pause button on his nomination. Urban Meyer needs to hush, a Russiagate update and more. Show Rundown: Big POS: Christine Blasey Ford has stepped forward with allegations of Kavanaugh holding her down and groping her in high school. The Senate is set to hear from them both, under oath. We discuss both of their credibility and what’s next. Hot Takes: Bama is ridiculous, and Ted Cruz is up to his old tricks. POS Nuggets: Urban Meyer...


Disaster Porn, Manafort Pleads, and Predictions

With Hurricane Florence bearing down, we discuss how the media covers disasters. Paul Manafort cops a plea. Plus, Botham Jean, Cynthia Nixon, and football talk. Show Rundown: The Big POS - Does the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Florence constitute “disaster porn?” When every storm is the storm of the century, does the media begin to sound like the boy who cried wolf? We weigh in, and discuss Trump’s boneheaded comments on Puerto Rico. Hot Takes - An off duty officer tragically...


Looking back at 9/11 and Some Lighter Stuff, Too

The guys look at the legacy of 9/11 and what it meant for our world and our politics. In sports, we break down the NFL Week 1 and the Serena Williams controversy. Show Rundown: The Big POS: 17 years after the 9/11 attacks, our world is a different place and our politics are more divided than ever before. We recall the 9/11 attacks, some of the mistakes we made afterward, and what it has meant for our politics and geopolitics as a whole. Hot Takes: Don’t listen to Joel’s football advice. JC...


Racing to Rock Bottom, and Who Wrote the Letter?

We break down the Kavanaugh hearing, the Woodward book, and an anonymous op-ed in the New York times. Plus, NFL and College football talk and predictions. Show Rundown: The Big POS - It’s been a wild week in Washington DC. The Kavanaugh hearings have been an absolute train wreck, save for Senator Ben Sasse making a whole lot of sense. Excerpts from Bob Woodward’s new Trump book are out, and it ain’t pretty. Plus, an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times has sparked a massive guessing game in...


College Football is In, Don McGahn is Out

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! College Football is finally here, and we preview the big games. In politics, we look at Don McGahn’s departure from the White House. Show Rundown: The Big POS - It’s the first weekend of college football, and some significant games are already on tap. We look at several big matchups, including Washington-Auburn, Miami-LSU, and Virginia Tech-Florida State. Hot Takes - Joel dispenses some free advice regarding proper context for the word monkey. JC...