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A Podcast for Politics…Or…Sports. With JC Shurburtt and Joel Sawyer.

A Podcast for Politics…Or…Sports. With JC Shurburtt and Joel Sawyer.


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A Podcast for Politics…Or…Sports. With JC Shurburtt and Joel Sawyer.






A Real SCIF Show and the Three Amigos Administration

The latest on impeachment, with an incredibly apt movie comparison. Congress demonstrates internet ignorance. In sports, Harbaugh rumors and the World Series. Show Rundown:- The national SCIF show- Is he saying this on purpose?- Congressional internet ignorance- Harbaugh and negative recruiting- World Series update- Predictions!


We’re Back with Plenty to Get to, So Let’s Get Right to It

Impeachment, indictments, and Syria - Oh My! An unbelievable letter and reality show setup. The NBA and China, and Romney comes for the NCAA. Show Rundown:- All the latest on impeachment and Syria- The letter is real, and it’s spectacular- When reality television goes wrong- Lebron, the NBA and China- Mitt vs. the NCAA- Predictions!


Steamed Over Vaping, Jemele Hill and HBCU Athletics, and Blinking

A federal kneejerk over vaping. An Obama-Warren rift. Reaction to Jemele Hill’s argument on HBCU’s and athletics. Showdown between CA and the NCAA. Show Rundown:- The Feds stupidly crack down on vaping- SCOTUS gives Trump temporary win on immigration- Exploiting an Obama-Warren rift- Jemele Hill argues black athletes should go to HBCU’s- Who blinks first, the NCAA or CA?- Predictions!


Meteorological Mania and Shocking Surprises

Meteorological media taking things to the extreme. No one in politics shocks us, but college football has plenty of surprises. Show Rundown: Dorian and the media Trump’s Sharpie Dems debate the climate Dabo, faith and football A topsy-turvy start to college football Predictions!


Clusters, China, Citizenship, Comey and College Football

The next Dem debate will be less clustery. Bernie loves China. A bad citizenship move. College football is here, with some predictions! Show rundown: Dem2020: Starting to clarify? Bernie hearts China Bad Citizenship policy Breaking news on Comey College Football Preview Extravaganza Predictions!


Local Man Takes Pill, Becomes Chosen One

Trump’s latest blade-side chat was a doozy. Also…Greenland. Old white dudes prevailing in Dem contest. NFL draft busts and kicker butthurt. Show Rundown:- Trump spins, helicopter-side- Greenland or bust- Democrats are so woke- Widespread NFL draft busts- Butthurt at Bears camp- True Champion / Prediction!


Escalations, Outrage, and Entitlement Culture

Trade war with China ramps up amid Hong Kong protests. Our greatest export remains outrage. Sports villainy and entitlement. AOC vs. Barstool. Show Rundown:- The politics of Chinese trade and Hong Kong- An outrage-inducing headline- The Hunt is off- Dabo the villain- Tate Martell and entitlement- AOC vs. El Presidente


Telling It Like It Is, and Like It Ain’t

Tragedy strikes again in the form of mass shootings. We talk solutions. A couple of politicians and coaches tell it like it is, others tell it like it ain’t. Show Rundown- Mass shootings, rhetoric, and solutions- Ilhan Omar: math is hard- Coach Leach on QBs- Rahm says don’t eat your own- Dabo’s dubious conference comparison- A True Champion- A Prediction


And the Winner Is…Woke White Twitter!

The Democratic debates show how a small group drives a large conversation. Also in politics, optics and the nanny state. In sports, college football storylines and possible playoff changes. Show rundown:- The Democratic Debate Breakdown- Nanny State Social Media Regulation- College Football Storyline Drought- Mueller Optics- CFB Playoff Format Changes?- True Champions- A Prediction


Squad Goals, Thinning the Herd, and Kobe

Trump’s contemptible tweets at The Squad. Area 51. How big a threat is Elizabeth Warren? Mueller delayed. In sports, a Lakers debate. Show Rundown: Trump unites the DemocratsPlease storm Area 51, moronsElizabeth Warren: most formidable? Mueller’s testimony delayedIs Kobe among the greatest Lakers?True Champions


Political Theater, Vanity Projects, and New Kings of LA

Mueller is back in the news with impending Congressional testimony. Tom Steyer and the ultimate vanity project. The 2020 Horse Race. In sports…the Clippers! Show Rundown:- Mueller Heading to the Capitol- Vanity, Thy Name is Tom- As The Dossier Turns- 2020 Dem Horserace- The Clippers!- True Champions


Debating Debates, Hating to Love SCOTUS, and Try-Hards

Reaction to the Dem debates, SCOTUS gets it right, Trump gonna Trump, the NCAA-Cali standoff, the Lakers try hard and predictions! Show Rundown:- Dem debate redux- SCOTUS decisions we hate to love- Trump at his worst- NCAA-California sports standoff- The Lakers are trying hard- Predictions!


Biden One’s Time and Actual Debacles

Joe Biden is doing just fine, despite the numerous non-troverseys. Trouble in Oregon, and Iran gets a reprieve. In sports, legal gambling hurdles and parents behaving badly. Show Rundown: The Biden / Media disconnect Oregon legislators in hiding Sports gambling hurdles Iran: Still complicated Parents, do better True Champions


Iran, Iran So Far Away and Other Poop Shows

Iran Status: It’s complicated. Trump again ramps up immigration rhetoric. The first Dem debate is a debacle in the making. The Lakers make moves. Show Rundown: Iran Showdown Kyle Kashuv Controversy Trump Threatens Mass Deportations The Dem Debate Doo Doo Show Lonzo Traded and Other Lakers Moves True Champions


Doubling Down, A New Nickname, and Jon Stewart

Trump doubles down on Russia. The guys coin a new nickname for the prez. Plus, more Canadian-tics, Jon Stewart, the Raptors and predictions! Show Rundown: Trump doubles down on foreign dirt Canadians talk sportsmanship A New Dem 2020 Litmus test Jon Stewart goes to DC Raptors win Predictions!


Deal Making, More Political Theater, and Crummy Canadians

Trump’s tariff threats may have worked, and we stress may. Everybody in DC wants attention. And Canadian hoops fans are kind of jerks. Show Rundown: Mexico agrees to…something Impeachment theater Jim Acosta writes a book Newspaper legislation doesn’t fix the real issue Boo-birds in Toronto True Champions


Snowflake Conservatism, Flip-Flops, and Tightropes

The Right’s social media persecution complex. Biden flip-flops. Don Lemon talks toxicity. More on trade. In sports, the Raptors-Warriors finals. Show Rundown: Steven Crowder and the Right’s persecution complex Biden flip-flops on Hyde Don Lemon talks toxicity Trade and tariffs The Raptors continue to impress Predictions!


British Accents, Low Bars, and Bad Precedents

Trump travels abroad. Manafort to Rikers. A college receiver transfers twice before taking a snap. NBA talk, and more! Show Rundown: Trump to London Manafort to Rikers You’re Campaigning Where? The Bru McCoy Saga NBA Finals True Champions


Political Layups and Actual Hoops Talk

Trump turns a state visit from a layup to a half-court shot. Also in politics…do crowd sizes matter? In sports, we talk the Raptors and the Lakers. Show Rundown: Trump Visits Japan Another Media Trust Issue Crowds and Biden The Raptors’ Success The Lakers’ Failure True Champions


Amash Paradise, Buttigieg-hurt, and Sporting Ridiculousness

Rep. Justin Amish takes a bold stand. Subpoena-palooza continues. Trump’s severe case of Buttigieg-hurt. A too young recruit and NCAA to NFL coaching speculation. Show Rundown: Amash, Primary Politics, and Taking Stands Subpoena-palooza Buttigieg-hurt at Fox A 7-Year-Old Recruit? College to NFL Coaching True Champions