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The Right Way Today Political Podcast- Episode 3 - The Right Way Today Podcast

Check out episode 3 of The Right Way Today political podcast where we break down President Obama's town hall on guns, the State of the Union, the Iran prisoner swap and how Bernie Sanders is catching Hillary Clinton and why having a socialist is no better then her. Dylan Conner examines why President Obama ignores the fact that the majority of gun violence takes place in inner city's with youths and handguns not adults with rifles. In our Intelligence Report this week the State of the...


Hillary's vote-for-my-vagina campaign won't work. - The Right Way Today Podcast

Episode 2 of The Right Way Today Podcast with Dylan Conner - Hillary Clinton's Vote-for-My-Vagina-Campaign Will Not Work. She is trying to pander to women and expects them to vote for just because of what's in her pants. It won't work. Women are smarter than she's giving them credit for. It is of the utmost importance to stop Hillary before she leads us straight off of a cliff. She has her best interests in mind and not the country's. We discuss several issues including the recent $15...


The Republican Path to the White House - The Right Way Today Podcast

Tune into episode 1 of The Right Way Today Podcast featuring the republicans easiest path to the white house and what it will take to win the 2016 election and change the course of this country. We must stop what President Obama and the Democrats are trying to do. We have gotten so liberal and politically correct that we don't even make smart decisions. This is our year and don't forget to vote. The post The Right Way Today-Episode 1-The Republican Path to the White House appeared first on...